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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to 7-year-old girl See in context

On at least two occasions I've been to onsens where men brought their (approx.) 7-year-old daughters in with them. It made me feel uncomfortable but no one else seemed to blink an eye. To this day I'm not sure what to make of it. I know that fathers here in Japan sometimes bathe with their daughters well into elementary school, but this was a public onsen. Any thoughts?

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Posted in: Step in See in context

"Welcome Foreigner." Oxymoron of the day.

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Posted in: What part of 'slow it down' doesn't the IOC get? See in context

At 89 mph, anyone could come out of a turn late and not compensate for it in time. How could they call it “such an extremely exceptional accident”? Considering the races haven't even started and this has already happened, it doesn't seem so exceptional...

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