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Posted in: JR Kyushu runs 'Kiss My Nagasaki' campaign See in context

Seven girls on a poster doesn't sell it to me. Sorry Nagasaki.

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Posted in: Australia disappointed by Japan's continued whale hunt in Southern Ocean See in context

At the end of the day Australians don't need to think of whales as a resource like fish, but they shouldn't get on a high horse and tell people of other cultures how to behave.

Australia's not telling others how to behave, rather they are trying to protect a reserve where about 80% of the world's whales feed. This protection will increase whale populations world wide.

So it's a win for Japan if they want to continue whaling because their quotas would increase as whales numbers grow.

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Posted in: Report: More than 16,000 Iraqis killed by violence in 2016 See in context

Gee I wonder if the US government has won the Iraqis' "hearts and minds".

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Posted in: Thousands of demonstrators plan to disrupt Trump inauguration See in context

Security will include more than 3,200 police officers from departments across the country, 8,000 members of the National Guard and an additional 5,000 active-duty military members.

Really hope I'm wrong, but I predict violence.

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Posted in: Jury condemns white supremacist to death for South Carolina church massacre See in context

Also, left to spend the rest of his life in prison is a worse punishment than death.

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Posted in: U2 plans tour to mark 30 years since 'Joshua Tree' See in context

“It seems like we have come full circle from when ‘The Joshua Tree’ songs were originally written, with global upheaval, extreme right-wing politics and some fundamental human rights at risk,” he said in a statement.

Yes, the USSR was on its last legs, Japan was forecast to buy up most of the US, the Iraq Iran war was dragging on, Apartheid was a national policy and Margaret Thatcher was leading the UK. Maybe the world has always been in turmoil...

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Posted in: Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' becomes German bestseller See in context

"The Man in the High Castle" TV series may be driving sales. Interesting book and show.

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Posted in: Nomura sees opportunities from Trump's pro-business agenda See in context

The Affordable Care Act

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Posted in: Mariah Carey bungles her New Year's Eve show; stops singing See in context

She handled it in good spirit.

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Posted in: Actress Debbie Reynolds dies at 84, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher's death See in context

I feel bad for Carrie's brother

Agree, truly tragic.

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Posted in: 2016 begins and ends with music deaths See in context

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy.

Eldon Tyrell

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Posted in: Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate See in context

Bankruptcy lawyers: ethically sound.

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Posted in: Japan closely monitoring China's aircraft carrier See in context

There'll be US, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese subs a few clicks behind it.

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Posted in: After Berlin attack, Europe weighs freedom against security See in context

it's pretty obvious that open boarders can work.Look at the US. You can freely travel between states but that doesn't stop LEOs from tracking criminals from state to state...

European states speak different languages, have centuries old different systems. Stick to the day job.

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Posted in: Yoyogi Park Christmas See in context

Well, as I live and breathe - Christmas lights in Japan?

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Posted in: Christmas Day terror plot foiled in Australia: police See in context

You can imagine Germany's bill for monitoring terrorism, after accepting 1m of the ME's finest.

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Posted in: Trump: Deadly violence in Germany is 'attack on humanity' See in context

The German leadership were wise in bringing such cultural enrichment for all Germans.

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Posted in: Younger employees increasingly resisting transfers See in context

This, theoretically, would lead to less cronyism, graft, bribes, etc.

Well, the system has utterly failed.

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Posted in: Q&A: Sigourney Weaver on an unexpected life in sci-fi See in context

The alien was a bit of a nuisance at times, but being onboard Nostromo with Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, would have been pleasant.

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Posted in: Snake disguises itself as tinsel on Christmas tree in Melbourne See in context

Cheryl was calm and collected. The world needs more Cheryls and Barrys.

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Posted in: Why is nationalist sentiment rising in politics around the developed world at this point in time? See in context

Simply because globalization has not delivered the promises made by previous governments.

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Posted in: Japanese man revisits Guam cave where he hid in World War II See in context

residents began leaving bananas and other food outside for him.

After the atrocities the Japanese committed in Guam, this says a lot about the Guam people.

What a pathetic end to the IJA - to have it's dying soldiers left fruit by its victims.

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Posted in: Spain: 400 migrants storm North African border fence See in context

More cultural enrichment for Europe.

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Posted in: Matt Damon defends being cast for 'Great Wall' See in context

At least change his name from Matt Damon to "Mah Dah Mon".

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Posted in: Both Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima have mythic symbolism in their respective countries. Without Pearl Harbor there would have been no Hiroshima, goes one argument. Another is that a conventional attack o See in context

a conventional attack on a military base is not the moral equivalent of targeting civilians with nuclear weapons

It wasn't a conventional attack at all - Japan didn't declare war - it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Posted in: Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan president's call See in context

A calculated and strong move in shifting the US-Chicom relationship.

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Posted in: All Blacks, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland win rugby clashes See in context

The Springbok woes continue...

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Posted in: What do you think about Japanese beer and beer-like drinks? Tasted anything you like? See in context

Super Dry was developed to go with food, particularly Japanese cuisine. Works well with fish apparently.

In those humid summers, Kirin Ichiban works well, particularly around a charcoal grill with good conversation.

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