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saeiry comments

Posted in: Ghana, Uruguay reach quarterfinals See in context

Go Ghana, goooo!!! So happy to see USA out.

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Posted in: Slovakia sends Italy packing; Paraguay, Dutch also advance to 2nd round See in context

Can't wait til USA and Germany are out too! I'm gonna laugh sooooo hard! XDD

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

KAKKOII!!!!!! <3

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Posted in: Johnny Depp voted 'Sexiest Man Alive' title See in context

All men should look like Johnny Depp!

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Posted in: Authorities drop child-snatching case against American man See in context

Whats the deal with this marry a Japanese woman only to have her take your haafu kids back to her native Japan?

Most white guys do that for getting spouse Visa. Then they get tired of Japan, no fun anymore, and they leave taking away their children. Sad and pitiful, but happens all the time. No sympathy at all for that father, feel bad for the mother though.

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Posted in: Fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc, are frequently criticized. What do you think of them? See in context

Crappy american food. Stay away from it.

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Posted in: Kumamoto man arrested after fatally stabbing his daughter’s 38-year-old boyfriend See in context

Such an age gap means there's something wrong in their personalities. The girl is looking for a father-like figure, the guy is looking for a weak girl to dominate... Not a crime of course, but there's definitely some psychological problem. Normal people can deal with people their age. If you can't you go for a father-daughter like relationship. Not sure that's gonna work though...

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for taking photos up skirts of school girls See in context

I would blame the pervert that created Japanese school girl uniform instead of the guy taking pics. Seriously. I'm sure that was a man...

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Posted in: Mao Inoue and Jonathan Sherr to star in 'My Darling is a Foreigner' See in context

A western girl and Japanese guy would be sooooo much more romantic!!!! ^__^ I know we are minority, but western girl/japanese guy couples, WE ROCK! ^^

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Posted in: 'Liar Game' sees second season and movie See in context

Matsuda Shota is so sexy!!! Luv him!

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Posted in: U.S. looks to Vietnam war experience for Afghan tips See in context

Why do you Americans love domination so much? Why don't you stop wars and invasions? I come from a little country, not particularly rich, not powerful, and I'm perfectly fine with that, we live in peace. What's wrong with that? Why don't you leave the world alone? Leave it in peace... Power is not everything... sorry for saying what I'm thinking...

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