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Posted in: Japan seeks defense ties with ASEAN See in context

Good story but the country it self dont have a consciousness and most who live in Japan today have nothing to do with whatever happen during WW2. USA seem quite serious in their alliance with Japan/Korea so at the moment there isnt alot to fear. Still reaching out a hand to other ASEAN countries sounds like a good thing to do to keep the powerbalance. If China was a democratic country or if the bilateral economic ties where stronger that could work too but as it looks now this was almost to be expected.

The only reason they would have to be affraid, isnt because of the peoples consciousness because its quite clean. Its because China as we all know is one of the most rapid growing countries in the world, not a democracy and that they have military ambitions. That combined with existing territorial disputes could be a war recipe.

And I have a slight memory of China declaring war on more then one country through history.. China/India 1962, China/Vietnam 1979, China/Tibet 1932. So IRobin, history will most likley repeat it self no matter if you claim that the people of Japan have or should have a bad consciousness because of their war history or not.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit town concerned over shark protection pact See in context

Uncontrollable human growth and technological advancement is the reason why some people have to stand up for endangerd spices, because the animals cant do it them self. Most parts of the world have some kind of regulations when it comes to fishing. When I was born we where people living on this earth, today we are around and when I die I assume we will be around Therefore we have to proceed into the future with care and not short term maximal profit but insted an ecological long term profit.

It has nothing to do with "bashing" "bullying" "envy" or even Japan for that sake, it could have been any country. The reason why Japan have more problem with this then other nations is because you have one of the worlds biggest and most efficent fishing fleets.

People think diffrent but I regard humans to have a responsibility to save endagerd spices and not let selfish economic interests come first. Your children might want to eat sharkfin in the future too.

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