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Fortunately for countries like Japan, 'progressive form of morality' has been implemented and tried in (specially) America. They are crying over their losses. Their society has become, and is rushing towards oblivion, like many other societies who have acquired the same creed.

Until Man evolves into something other than what he is now - a human - the morals will remain what Confucius, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and others from The Creator taught. Nations have always progressed by following these guides, and fallen when they sought to change what they had been taught.

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Answers to prayers CAN be tested.

Can any sane scientist claim that life evolved on earth through natural selection, taking multiple steps forward, each time with extreme precision but that all this happened by chance.

Would any scientist like to throw 26 Ludo dices and see if he can get the alphabet A-Z every time for numerous times.

I don't believe any scientist can claim that he has discovered without inspiration, though he may call it a brain wave rather than guidance from the One in whose hands the scientist was a tool.

The Bible, The Quran and other scriptures lay the fundamental bases of human knowledge. Man is then expected to toil for his needs - technological and otherwise.

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