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Posted in: Waiting for a sign See in context

I believe the message.

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Posted in: SDF member flashes staff at drive-through restaurant in Saitama See in context

Note that his hobby is radio controlled toys.

This is another Peter Pan.

Him being SDF is not associated with his crime.

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Posted in: Groom kills bride, best man, then himself at wedding in Brazil See in context

This isn't a crime of passion; this is self-will at its worst.

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Posted in: Listen up See in context

iceashoecream said:

The guy on Kan's left side has a really cool hair cut. So is the second guy with the cool hair cut.

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Posted in: Baby girl in critical condition after getting head trapped in car window See in context

I'd like to know what kind of training a daycare worker gets regarding a one year old child.

Apart from that, this is a horrible incident which is preventable. Hopefully, this woman will be sacked.

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Posted in: Legs, legs, legs See in context

Beautiful legs and smiles go together!

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Posted in: 18-yr-old girl arrested for online sale of photos of herself naked See in context

So when are they going to bust the men?

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

i think i should stop using bluetooth, and let people hear both sides of my phone conversations instead. that way, they don't get weirded out by me appearing to be talking to myself!

IMHO the self appointed phone police caused the man who he punched to get a broken arm. This is proof that he wasn't so much objecting to the guy on his cell phone as to NOT being privy to the other side of the phone call.

If a cell phone user thinks his call on a bus or train is private, then he is sorely mistaken since people can hear only his side.

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Posted in: SATC2 See in context

As a mature woman, Kim is looking sexier as she ages.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' puts Japanese fishermen everywhere on the defense See in context

IMHO I'd rather maintain a balanced view of Taiji and whaling.

What's at play here is the marketing value of conservation vs culture & tradition.

So I agree with Kobekid that it's about money.

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Posted in: Iraq to reinstate 20,000 Saddam-era army personnel See in context

We'll only know the consequences of this "vote-buying" after March 7.

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Posted in: Japan offered to hide Bamiyan statues, but Taliban asked Japan to convert to Islam instead See in context

Qutbism influences the Taliban and other militant Muslims who embrace Islamic-Fascism.

Their kind of Islam is not mainstream Islam, since they may follow the writings of Sayyid Qutb and other writers who influenced Islamic-Fascism in the 1930s.

Mainstream Islam, represented by 54 member states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), did protest loudly, and condemned the Taliban's intention to destroy the Bamiyan statues.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE even condemned the destruction.

The good news, after occupation in 2003, Japanese researchers accurately dated newly discovered oil paintings found in 12 of the 50 caves revealed by the destruction of the statues.

It's probable that between 400 and 800 CE, artists on their way through Bamiyan stopped by to create these paintings out of religious devotion.

As well, a "sleeping" Buddha statue was discovered in 2008.

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Posted in: Teenager’s domestic violence leads to murder and abduction See in context

This makes me shake my head.

Although the lack of parental guidance may have contributed to this tragedy, it's on the boy's shoulders now for the murder of 2 innocent people.

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Posted in: Four youths arrested for beating student unconscious See in context

I'm certainly glad one of the boys had the sense to call the victim's brother.

This isn't vigilanteeism; this is school bullying at its cruelest.

IMHO there's more here than just three friends, there's a fourth student from a different middle school.

Could it be rather than talking to his best friends alone from the fourth, he resorted to shouting insults at them to vent frustration at possibly being estranged or feeling jealous of the other student? Yes, I know this is speculation, but it may fit the circumstances.

It's unknown if the fourth boy might have suggested the beating.

However, that no one who might have heard the beating wished to get involved shows how easy it is for four boys to evolve into a "gang".

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Posted in: NEC research chief arrested for molesting girl on train See in context

Train groping in Japan will never go away as long as the chauvinism is assumed to be inherent in Japanese society.

However, education in women's magazines and the "Train #1 for women only" policy makes it easier for train security and the cops to catch them red-handed.

In America, this is a sex crime, and a punishable offense.

In Japan, it's a crime with a fine.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to have armed guards on planes as an anti-terrorism measure? See in context

Imagine on a plane where passengers are fighting with someone, someone yells terrorist, air marshal shows up, head shot, and it turns out the guy was some ordinary drunk or someone who doesn't speak the language but was pointed out because he looks foreign.

The TSA also profiles people based on body language.

Back in August 2009 the TSA had Philedelphia police, and later the FBI, brought in because they had profiled a college student based on his body language. It turned out the student had been to Sudan and Egypt, and was on his way to Jordan to study.

When asked about his Arabic-to-English flashcards with the words "terrorist" and "explosion" among the words used, he explained that he was using them to help him understand al Jazeera news.

After questioning him for several hours, they let him go. And for making him miss his flight, they gave him another ticket to Jordan.

Let's hope this fellow is a student studying abroad.

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Posted in: Saitama woman arrested after stabbing lover in Nagano car park See in context

Suddenly all those enka come to mind about love lost.

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Posted in: Activists claim Japanese whalers were hurt by their own pepper spray See in context

All this fuss for protecting a whale species (the minke) which isn't being over hunted anymore. The cull rate by all countries still hunting whales is far below the birth rate of said whale. I am not saying this to condone whale hunting, even for "scientific" reasons.

I'm just stating what is known about the minke to date.

However, these whales are mammals, and social creatures to boot. So killing them isn't the killing of a "dumb animal", but almost akin to murder.

For culling the whales will disturb their community.

And I am not saying that because I condone the Sea Shepard's actions.

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Posted in: Woman held over fatal abuse of 5-year-old stepdaughter See in context

This is such a terrible tragedy that I'm not going to question the motives of the girl's father for marrying such a woman.

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Posted in: Stuffed teenage girls arrested for trying to eat and run at restaurant See in context

If this wasn't real life, it'd be hilarious.

Most definitely, they need to pay the restaurant back for what they ate.

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

Thumbs up to Sato's quick wits, smart thinking and calmness in a crisis which saved the woman's life!

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

True, these cameras are just to make people feel safe, and possibly to record criminals' movements after a crime's taken place.

I can't see how 10 million yen worth of video cameras will prevent the rare occurrence of violent crime like the tragedy which occurred a year and a half ago.

Though, it's obvious that the middle-man who brokered the video camera contract and the video camera company, profited from this deal.

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Posted in: Saitama woman arrested after stabbing lover in Nagano car park See in context

Hm, she is named because she stabbed her ex-lover, but he is unnamed.

IMHO she couldn't find a good job, but found a lover who couldn't commit instead, a man who prefers to remain anonymous because it would ruin his name.

This is no romance; this is a social tragedy.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to have armed guards on planes as an anti-terrorism measure? See in context

Air marshals incognito onboard, yes. Armed guards visible, no.

That'd only reassure the passengers wanting a visible presence.

I'd be more reassured that air marshals are on board a flight incognito.

Also I'd be even more reassured when vital information from concerned relatives of potential terrorists are listened to early enough to prevent future hijacking attempts from occurring.

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Posted in: Manga and anime, roughed up See in context

Why would any non-teenager care about manga?

Because DC and Marvel have lost their magic.

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

Bowing is a sign of respect since it is a form of politeness to bow.

It demonstrates only two things about the president: he is respectful of other leaders, and he knows protocol.

By reading more into that bow, the naysayers just make themselves look bad, for politicizing the situation.

IMHO Obama has now earned my respect.

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Posted in: Army psychiatrist kills 12, wounds 31 in shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas See in context

Here are the facts so far:

The shooter was dressed in army gear like an officer.

He used two handguns any civilian can get easily in Texas, legally.

IMHO I still insist alienation & fear motivated Hasan more so than Islam did.

His behavior as caught on a security camera at a convenience store also matches the profile of a shooter.

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Posted in: Army psychiatrist kills 12, wounds 31 in shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas See in context

alienation and fear are two motivating factors in this case.

he had to listen to a lot of war vet stories as part of his job as army psychiatrist, and appeared to dread being deployed.

also, there have been incidents of confrontation and harassment of Hasan due to differing opinions about Afghanistan and Iraq between himself and soldiers in training, which led to alienation.

as a result he tried to obtain an honorable military discharge before deployment.

however, IMHO I do feel he was not justified in shooting his fellow soldiers at all.

my sympathies go to all the family members involved in this tragedy.

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Posted in: Bufferin Plus S See in context

for people sensitive to Allylisopropyl acetylurea, there is a slight risk of symptomatic purpura (fixed eruption) for Bufferin Plus S when used regularly for pain over a year or more.

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Posted in: Another question mark over Totsuka school's education methods See in context

When totally abandoned by their elders, a shame-based youth culture will either become self-centred out of "rebellion" or worse, hide away from the world.

For there is a lack of self-discipline which cannot be inculcated in middle school by abandoning the child at some yacht school.

Parents, if you truly love your children in Japan, then it's time to emotionally support them even if it means you rent a small apaato and drive a Kei car.

Overall, urban life must be really harsh that parents both work, yet have no time to unconditionally accept their children.

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