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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

Dear North Korea:

The world is not your enemy. Who actually is eating well while most of you are starving? You are not starving because the world is your enemy. You are starving because a despot runs your country, and his clique is stealing from you.

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking taxi from Tokyo to Fukuoka and refusing to pay Y359,230 fare See in context

a taxi driver gave a near-homeless man back home from Tokyo. the government should foot the bill, because of their bad investments probably led to the guy's poverty.

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Posted in: Giant Internet worm set to change tactics April 1 See in context

Boy! Am I glad I switched to Ubuntu Linux for good three years ago!

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

it's not helpful to tell a young man to turn off his cellphone in a crowded train, so the lady was in battarian mode and verbally assaulting him.

his mistake was taking it personally.

quite obviously then, both the man and the older lady are equally at fault.

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Posted in: More Japanese shunning the outside world See in context

being a foreign-born Jpnz, i have to say Japan aint all hikikomori.

if the Jpnz youth have lost interest in all things foreign, then it could be because home is more important than conquering the world.

but then, what do i know? i may have Jpnz eyes but this heart is a West-East blend.

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Posted in: Walking, talking female robot to take part in fashion show See in context

that's a lovebot, isn't it?

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya introduces documentary on orphanage for Japanese-American children See in context

Tsuchiya was lucky. Japanese kids are notorious for being haiseke to foreigners, depending on the kind of parents they got stuck with.

Why, my mom and her sisters were badly treated by her cousins in post-war Japan after being forcibly deported by Canada after the war.

But karma got even when all the cousins became like geisha.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting 15-year-old girl with metal bat in Yamaguchi See in context

55 yr old drunkard hits son's ex GF with bat.

IMHO drinking is Japan's real problem, not drug abuse or smoking pot.

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Posted in: Foster mother arrested for piercing 7-year-old daughter with pin in Hokkaido See in context

the girl's teachers are making a mountain out of molehill.

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Posted in: Hibiya Park See in context

it is left to care for the poor'

yet consumerism is a an affront to true democracy.

the military industry complex profits when another homeless poor bites the dust.

however the poor's global carbon footprit is smaller than the free world's.

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Posted in: Microsoft issuing emergency fix for browser flaw See in context

Chrome for me is slow cos I use Linux, and CrossOver Chromium app runs under Wine!

Because Google Chrome is for Windows, and has proprietary code in it, Linux purists won't dare compile the Chrome source under GCC++ and whatever C++ can compile successfully. It's more cost-effective both bytewise and memory-wise to run Chrome under Crossover Chromium and Wine.

overall though, any browser that makes up most of the desktop and even the local file browser needs to be rethought. This is why Vista slowed down under IE7, and even why KDE is slow. In KDE's case, Konqueror is the browser for both files and the Internet. In addition, every instance of a KDE app also has KCOP and other related system software to run as well. It's like KDE's merry band of programmers are reinventing the Windows wheel in their own FSF- and GPL-of-all-flavored way.

as for Microsoft issuing anything that's a non-emergency... there is that app, i forgot the name of it, and is being pushed. The reason why I forgot its name is because I cannot see a use for its Linux analog as of yet.

At least it's better than that defunct Windows product that does very little, which I forget too.

However, I will point out that this problem could have been fixed faster if Windows code was more OS-compliant and less hobbled by lawyers pretending that software piracy is a big problem with Windows.

it isn't actually: the biggest problem is what Microsoft addresses with its emergency update for IE7.

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Posted in: Changing trends leaving Ebi-chan behind See in context

Does "bitchy" mean "exposed to parents whose idea of a good time is getting high on drugs and booze and making a hubbaloo in public, resulting in trauam that leads to a hard life including getting taken advantage by cads, drug dealers, prostitutes and would-be rapists"?

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Posted in: S Korea, China, Japan show unity at first summit See in context

who's the fourth economic partner of East Asia? we have japan, china and korea.

is that Taiwan? or Singapore?

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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

the irony is that a lot of Ford vehicles made today use Japanese parts.

the Mazda 626 model, for example.

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Posted in: Life beyond the universe See in context

hot yoga is vikram yoga. you basically have yoga in a room where the thermostat is cranked up above 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Posted in: Suicide on TV condemned in Britain See in context

Reality TV assisted suicide is tantamount to snuff.

This documentary was not.

Showing it on a relatively unwatched channel on SkyTV was only done to improve ratings for that channel.

And the debate in UK parliament is but a form of marketing to improve those ratings.

Thus, the UK powers-that-be are indirectly marketing the acceptance of assisted suicide by publicly debating it!!!!

You only need more coverage of this throughout most news channels worldwide to help market such acceptance.

Hey, if it works for teenaged use of drugs, it will work for the global snuff otaku.

A little known fact is that teenaged drug use increases when anti-drug education is introduced to the curriculum of a high school. Indeed, when such education is policy within a school district, that district has an increase in drug use among teenagers and young adults.

In contrast, in areas where there are no such program in place in school, illegal drug use is less prevalent.

What was found was that discussion of drug issues among teenagers acted like advertisement for the acceptance of any drug use that was once hidden and behind closed doors.

Once accepted, it was easier to accept drug abuse and the harm it causes.

Next thing you know, "everyone is doing it" and a drug "epidemic" among teenagers was noted.

Imagine how discussion about euthanasia is going to do for acceptance of assisted suicide.

All you need is a few doctors to admit to helping an ailing patient, and acceptance would be nearly guaranteed!

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Posted in: Australian rape victim loses case against police for bungling investigation See in context

Jane can have no justice due to American foreign policy regarding its servicemen.

She is a victim of the US military industrial complex.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl sets fire to her house in Gunma See in context

There is more than meets the eye, than "I expressed my anger thru pyromania!"

Does she bed wet and torture cats and dogs, too?

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Posted in: Woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband See in context

Only in Japan is this possible!

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Posted in: Toyota says new small iQ offers quality See in context

IQ for the masses!

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Posted in: NTT Communications to combine over 100 reward cards into cell phone See in context

Halfway to Neuromancy NTT is!

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context

Schizophrenia: the loony's ticket to get out of jail free!

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Posted in: New Nintendo DS portable will come with camera See in context

The wifi & cam means Mom & Dad can monitor their child.

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Posted in: North Korea reportedly fires two missiles into Yellow Sea See in context

It is merely a pissing contest!

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Posted in: For quality broadband, it's Japan by a mile See in context

Okinawa's pipe is hogged by USmil hence the slowness!

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Posted in: Baidu aims to be 2nd most popular search engine in Japan See in context

2 is better than yahoo!

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Posted in: Sony unveils world's slimmest LCD TV See in context

i guess then the 22 inch TV are cheaper now tha the newest 40 inch is out.

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Posted in: Sony unveils improved PlayStation Portable See in context

does the psp-3000 have bluetooth?

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Posted in: Japan to give WiMAX license to regional CATV firm See in context

Ubiquitous Wifi at the MAN level should lower added costs that currently burden cell phone users, if WiMAX licensees keep their fees to customers low.

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Posted in: 2 Channel founder says don't blame him for criminals' posts See in context

2Chan founder should pay more taxes!

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