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Sagiri Ikenaga comments

Posted in: Justin Bieber in Japan to promote album See in context

Sad day? Having a girlfriend as gorgeous as Selena, having tons and tons of money, being as attractive as he is now? You'd be crazy to not want his life. And may I ask when this interview was? Obviously the question was said differently, and 'does your name come from German' how would he know ? He's Canadian himself, and maybe a few centuries back he might have had some German relatives. Do you know what happened thousands of years ago ? I think he has better things to do as a famous artist than to research history. + This kid is a moron? He has a 4.0 grade point average, and his lyrics are quite catchy actually. & baby is a huge hit, being the most viewed video on YouTube. Before you judge him ONCE AGAIN WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, go write a song as amazing as all of his, with your "perfect" lyrics and we'll see if you'll become famous worldwide.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber in Japan to promote album See in context

You know, you all should really just admit that you're jealous of this 18 year old prodigy getting all this attention. Really. I'd like to see you become this successful at life, having fans from all over the world absolutely adore you. He came to Japan to promote his album, not to receive hate. @smithinjapan .. Honestly? His music is stupid? If his music is so stupid, how come he has over 24 million fans JUST on twitter? Sold out Madison Square Garden in 32 seconds? And dumb junior high students? I find that highly offensive, and most of them DO know some English and can probably use it better than you, considering your rude comment did not make much sense either. Also, his lyrics aren't dumb. You're right, "Swag" isn't the best lyric for people to use. BUT when he uses it, it's acceptable, because he's successful enough to use it and to not sound stupid. "I think anyone above the age of ten can agree to dislike this guy" HOW ABOUT NO. Once again, would you like me to write a list of achievements he has done? You haven't even met the guy, don't judge a book by it's cover.. So tell me why you dislike him? Because you don't like his music? Does that make him a bad person? You all are just too judgmental.

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