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Posted in: Kerry praises Japanese resilience on 2nd anniversary of disaster See in context

The news coverage reminds us the massive destructive role of the nature, that affected Japan and Japanese people two years ago. Like the VIP and diplomats my heart, which is a common man's heart cries for the lost kith and kins of the victims. ****

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

Japanese people are lagging behind the regular and flourished language ,English ,by following the complicated pattern of alphabets( Hiragana, Katakana and Kanjis) , pronunciation and vocabulary. English is one of the easiest languages of this world. This language , depending on the alphabet, containing only 26 letters. This language has good grammar, including the regular usages of three tenses consisted of four sub-classification.In Japanese the letter like"L" is left out and vowel sound are not clearly expressed. Hence "Asit" becomes "Asito" in Japanese. Such a great differences in between English and Japanese are also to blame .

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context

The word "gaijin" or "gaikokujin" are particular words to mention foreigner. Since the native Japanese people have their nationality sense, the may discriminate between Japanese and foreigners and this is very normal to the people of other countries also. The author has written his experiences in relation to Japanese and others living in that country very acutely from his feelings and so I love such a valuable article, since I dream of visiting that country, in future.

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Posted in: Manga artist back in the frame after Japan disasters See in context

The determined action of the Manga artist, even in the destruction , caused by the enormous tsunami of 11.3.2011, that ravaged the coastal parts of Japan, is the real inspiration for the survivors. A lot of thanks for such an indomitable human being, is conveyed through the Japan Today. From India , Asit Saha

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Posted in: The graduates See in context

After doing graduation most of the creative minds find joy in exposing and expressing themselves in the activities of life and professions and on the basis of such creative passion , Japanese educated students were assembled to mingle with one another through taking photos, is a good and inspiring news. Thanks to the young chaps from a senior Indian of 54 years. Wish your success in enjoying the life meaningfully.

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Posted in: Japan falls silent for tsunami victims See in context

I express my heart felt condolence to the victims of tsunami of 11th March,11.

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Posted in: Author found strangled to death in Yokohama apartment See in context

It is a sad news for other authors who feel for the humanity.

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Posted in: Japanese, U.S. tourists report rapes in Argentina See in context

The reports of raping are appearing almost regularly in different news papers and in electronic media throughout this planet. Though sad to think about the helpless condition of the victims, the ruling administration must chalk out some fruitful programs to avert such occurrences in future. The women travellers should also avoid those parts of this world, where the governments fail to give proper security for traveling.

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Posted in: NHK wins UK’s Television Journalism Awards for March 11 coverage See in context

I, being a fan of NHK world for its elaborate programs, including the teaching Nihongo to the foreigner, really find pleasure when it wins the popular award for authentic journalism , covered the shivering dangers after and during the natural disasters in Japan.

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