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Posted in: Suga, Bill Gates agree vaccines key for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Bill Gates is one of the very very few super-rich who actually puts his money into making the world a better place. Everything from vaccinations in poor countries to innovating technologies.

How many other super-rich are doing this? If you're gonna hate on Bill just because, there are more qualified people to hate on, like bezos with his slave labor.

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Posted in: Japan 'extremely behind' in promoting gender equality, gov't admits See in context

It's not going to change until they kick out all the freaking old people in leading positions and let the young people lead their and the next generation with fresh thinking. Young people want change, but they are unable to make it happen due to seniority-based company structures.

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Posted in: 273 teachers in Japan punished in fiscal 2019 for sexual misconduct See in context

The number must be higher. Japanese adult industry as well as the whole 'idol' phenomena is sexualizing children and they know it. There also ought to be a lot of ALT/JET who are guilty of this, but not caught, as well. Everytime I mention this the moderators here delete my comment.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

Look at all these old people.

No offense to being old, but in this line of work, what about a younger and fresh thinking mind with a reaction speed not comparable to snails.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film 'Rogue Squadron' due in 2023 See in context

So fun to see all these star wars 'fans' in the comments who then go onto saying they practically only like 1 third or half of star wars. if you're not into the majority of the star wars content, you're not a fan, you're a casual viewer, it's simple logic.

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Posted in: Japan boosts AI funding to match lonely hearts See in context

@smithinjapan AI does not need to be a synthetic brain.

Most AI is very simple, and even the complex stuff is simple in its core. This is AI as we know it.

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Posted in: Japan’s Chubby Airlines offers box of Infinity Fried Chicken 'as big as your face' See in context

Fat shaming needs to return. Join me. There is nothing brave or beautiful looking like a beached whale at KFC.

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Posted in: Teenage girl's suicide highlights toxic side of social media See in context

Social media is online cancer, it spreads hate, and it is designed to breed arguments.

However, why are Japanese people's first instinct when there is a problem to just off themselves? I'm pretty sure there are other options in the range between Feeling hurt suicide.

So, maybe in Japan, moreso than social media, there is an older, more underlying major social problem that has been bred for generations, dealing with seniority, honor, dumb rules made by old people, and stigma of being close with family and friends to discuss issues.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context


I agree with what you say, but Okinawa has not been 'given back'. Same with mainland Japan.

What do you think all these US bases really are? Excuse-wise they say it's to protect Japan from nearby threats such as nazi china. In reality it's to control Japan and its territories itself. I guess you have to be a non-US foreigner to see this.

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Posted in: What’s the best way to close the gender gap in Japan? Japanese women weigh in See in context

A lot of Japanese girls just want to live the disney princess fantasy, have everything paid for while they go shopping. First of all they need to be instilled some proper ambitions.

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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation 5 goes on sale, pre-orders overwhelm supply See in context

@Paul books for stimulation? sure, that's fine. But WW2 is over. We can use games to stimulate the mind even further now, if it's the right type of game.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

2050 is TOO slow. The earth is dying right now, and has been for a while. We're now past the point where even if we go 100% clean we cant repair all the damage done to various ecosystems. I wish ppl would get educated and realize these things.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Japan did some incredibly horrible things during the war, unit 731 comes to mind, but SK is not one to speak as they let crazy NK exist to threaten the entire world due to their lack of action.

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Posted in: Japanese cinema must adapt to survive, warns rising star director See in context

Maybe not charge the current insane prices and don't spend months after major blockbuster has released internationally to add japanese voice over before releasing it here.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

Can't get the blame for fishing the oceans empty if you kill all the fish with poison first. Big brain time.

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Posted in: Meiji brings back much-loved Tea and Biscuits flavor ice cream tubs See in context

How about ice cream with proper cream and quality, not this watery stuff that melts the moment you take it out?

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Even if you undertake surgery to get rid of your sex organs, you are not gender neutral. It's hardcoded in your DNA. Basic elementary school science.

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Posted in: Van Morrison rails against virus restrictions in new songs See in context

Just because someone is widely famous doesn't mean they know anything. This guy for example, is a moron.

If you can't get your head around the basic science that explains how virus and infection works, then you might as well get buzzed off by the virus and make the gene pool better.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for beating 20-year-old wife to death with fishing rod See in context

how does an old dirty taxi driver get a 20 year old girlfriend? smells like papa-katsu to me.

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Posted in: Oil industry placing risky bet on plastics: report See in context

Every fish we fish out have microplastics in them. Even the deepest points in the ocean have plastic in them. Who's to blame? coca cola company is the biggest polluter in the world. cruise ships also pollute incredible a lot because it costs money to have your trash taken care of at the port, so they dump it in the ocean.

But give it time and china will have fishes every ocean in the world dry anyway, so we dont need to worry about plastic in the fish.

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Posted in: China tries to flip the pandemic script, starring a 'reborn' Wuhan See in context

Don't trust anything that china says. the country's got concentration camps and are committing genocide.

Are you goint to delete this comment, too? it's the truth.

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Posted in: More than 12,000 people taken to hospital nationwide for heatstroke Aug 17-23 See in context

@since1981 it's not about body fat. stuff like your body temperature is different depending on where you are from which can affect how you feel the outside temperature a lot. young or old, it doesn't matter. if you're pushing 60 you should have obtained this kind of knowledge by now.

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Posted in: Abe ties Sato for longest uninterrupted term as PM See in context

Even if he was a good leader, it's healthy for the political climate to get some fresh faces in with new thinking. Oyaji japan is never going to improve if people like this keeps leading all parts of society.

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Posted in: 'Hanko' specialist gives coronavirus his stamp of disapproval See in context

Hanko is a useless relic of the past

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Posted in: China's fishing suspension near disputed islands in East China Sea ends See in context

china's fishing fleet come with armed forces along with them, so that they can bully their way after entering sovereign waters of other countries. china is cancer, all of it.

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

What does they expect? It's a pandemic. NOT the time to be travelling around. If all of us cant do our part, this pandemic is going to last until next year and it won't even end immediately with a vaccine due to the sheer number of people who are going to need it. Then there are mutations of the virus. Just stay home, visit close family if u have to go somewhere. Wear a mask. It's shouganai, not just for us, but for the whole world who failed to take this seriously.

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Posted in: Japanese student criticized for campaign against excess plastic packaging See in context

Japan sorely needs a garbage revolution. The overly luxurious wrappings for candy is such nonsense.

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Posted in: Postponed Tokyo Olympics hit 1-year-to-go mark — again See in context

Cancel it and bill china.

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Posted in: Asian shares fall as investors mull Chinese growth data See in context

china's economy is probably half lies anyway, just how their gold reserves were found out to not be what they said it was.

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

Went to ueno zoo once, never going back.

All the animals just pacing back and forth, stressed out of their minds... so sad to watch. It's animal cruelty.

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