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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

Japan, a country so associated with development and the latest tech, sure are faaar behind on the human side of things. And it's the dumbest and simplest issues of all. Just legalize it. Literally nothing in your lives will be affected, except some others may be more equal to you.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill 15-year-old girl at her request See in context

People are so freaking dumb. That includes both of them.

Japanese people give up so easily, and death is the only way out? Come on... how weak.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Straight up unreasonable and discriminating.

This would never happen if the person in question was Japanese. I guess we're still living in the old times, eh.

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Posted in: Crazy in love? The Japanese man 'married' to a hologram See in context

Let's not celebrate mental illnesses by posting articles like these.

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Posted in: 10 ways to get spooky for Halloween 2018 in Japan See in context

Japan: where they celebrate a day so unrelated from their own culture that they have to start early and people are gathering in shibuya in cosplay days before. It's not about being spooky, it's 'look at my boobs'.

Is this because of the stockholm syndrome japanese have with the us?

Been to shibuya on halloween two times, no more will I force my way through such an ocean of people.

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Posted in: Swedish PM Lofven ousted; anti-immigrant party pushing for policy role See in context

Sweden has to push for anti-immigration if they want to save themselves.

Europe is basically ruined now from all of the immigration.

Sooo many problems, always caused by the same group of people.

And before you call them "refugees", many go back to their countries on vacation, and send back money, materials. So how bad was it really?

Anyone saying anything else has not lived there and seen these problems develop.

The only way to help other countries is to help them where they are, not bring them here.

If Japan was like Europe I would never have come here.

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Lmao this guy standing in line from 5:30 AM to buy an extensively overpriced iphone for the camera? sure sure.

If he really cared about taking pictures he'd not waste this money and rather buy a real camera.

What is it with Japanese people and have to do everything in their power to be "cool" with the latest "fashion" ?

That's what iphone is. It's not a smartphone, it's a fashion item, in the minds of these people, and by thinking this way, these customers are without any second thought giving apple the power that they have in the consumer market. which is not good.

/rant over.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl, 2-year-old brother killed in car crash See in context

@Vince Black yup, they don't wear seatbelts.

It seems they don't understand their purpose lol.

My gf told me it's not required for those in the backseat in Japan.

I told her that can't be true.

It certainly doesn't help that their driving skill isn't exactly the best either..

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I wonder if the decline in babies being born has anything to do with harassing and firing women from the workplace for becoming pregnant, and at the same time complain about the state of Japan? hmmm

What a hard nut to crack. I'm sure no other country in the world has a solution to this.

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Posted in: Gov't panel begins discussions to slash plastic waste See in context

Hey, Japan,

what about not forcing us to pay for two+ different garbage bags at the store for the high price that they are, and instead let us use the bags we receive at the supermarkets for trash.

By the current system, you are already over-producing plastic bags because of this ineffective system. Let the convenience stores and supermarkets, who sell the plastic, pay a tax instead. Don't force it on the consumers. We never asked for any of this.

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

@Ganbare Japan!

China will NEVER drive wedge between Japan and USA.

Between Japan and USA?

Do you mean the forcefully occupation of Japan since WW2 and the stockholm syndrome Japan has developed towards the USA?

I'm not on scumbag china's side, but all parties are rotten here.

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