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Posted in: 2 men arrested over fatal car crash in Aomori in September See in context

Scum. Subhuman scum.

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Posted in: Princess Kako leaves for England to study at University of Leeds See in context

Please please please come back with a Yorkshire accent.

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Posted in: 15-year-old arrested for fatally stabbing ex-girlfriend's boyfriend See in context

It is to protect us - the general public

That makes no sense. Not naming teenage criminals doesn't make us any more safer. No doubt many young men lapped up the mass media coverage of Boy A, Akihabara massacre, Ichihashi etc.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese ship with slaughtered whale See in context

Neither of them cares. Any leader pushing TPP obviously doesn't care about the people or the environment.

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Posted in: Kyoto temple bans photography at famous autumn foliage viewing spots See in context

Those idiotic sticks should confiscated at the airport and their owners deported.

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Posted in: How Japan prepares its children for independence See in context

This is exactly how Battle Royale starts.

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Posted in: Neil Young relents on streaming See in context

It's amazing what people will sacrifice for the sake of "convenience".

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Posted in: Mourinho humiliated on Chelsea return as Man United lose 4-0 See in context

Specialists in failure. But the players don't seem bothered. Most of them are only there for the money.

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Posted in: X Japan's Yoshiki looks at what could have been See in context

And although I listen to rock every day, I can't recall one single song they sung or even hum one of those "distinct guitar riffs".

What rock exactly? Skynyrd and the The Eagles? X-Japan were predominantly a metal band - a genre you clearly know nothing about.

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Posted in: Dentsu received labor bureau warning 4 months before employee’s suicide See in context

This isn't just about the companies. Many Japanese clearly take pride in working long hours. I've lost count the number of times I've met up with friends and all they talked about was work.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

The only negative impact will be on Sea Shepherd themselves. Only a matter of time before there is a legal injunction against Sea Shepherd Global as well.

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Posted in: Proposed anti-conspiracy law stirs civil rights concerns in Japan See in context

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

This is just Japan following master's orders like they did for My Number. The faux threat of terrorism justifies every removal of what little freedom we have left.

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Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

The schoolgirl fetish is just that. A fetish and one that is in no way unique to Japan. Prostitution rings exist all over the world and nothing is being done about it anywhere. I would argue that the problem is much more serious in the UK where there has been a massive cover-up to protect high profile paedophiles.

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Posted in: Nintendo announces mini NES loaded with 30 games that attaches directly to your TV See in context

Wow, it actually attaches directly to your TV through a cable. Just like in the movies. Seriously though I'd rather just buy an original NES and choose my own games.

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Posted in: No. of children on waiting list for nurseries in Tokyo tops 8,000 See in context

Even if you get a place they don't take responsibility for any kid with body temperature of 37.5 or higher. Expect to take countless days off work and be called in by HR.

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Posted in: Talent Becky officially returns to Japanese TV after affair controversy See in context

Repulsive talentless brat. Deserved all the abuse she got.

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Posted in: Osborne warns of UK tax hikes, spending cuts if voters shun EU See in context

So many ignorant people unable to see past the blatant scaremongering. So what if some companies move out? You'd think England was some amazing prosperous utopia the way the remainers whine on and on. The country is a complete mess as it is and is no better for being united with a bunch of other equally corrupt countries. Leave them to rot.

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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

This is looking very much like the Japanese version of the McCann case.

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Posted in: Apple boss Tim Cook: Apps are future of TV See in context

TV died years ago. Clueless

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating 4-month-old daughter See in context

Putting aside the depression issue, if you can't imagine how someone could beat a baby you simply don't know enough about the world or human beings in general. We have been beating, raping, torturing and killing each other for centuries. No amount of "evolution", education or technological advance will ever change this.

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