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Posted in: What do you think is causing the recent spate of random stabbings in Japan and how can society address the problem? See in context

Totally Agreed with jadedsun. removing the death penality,and replacing it with life sentence is a good medecine for the mentality (sickness?) that chinpira was talking about. sorry for the short comment.

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Posted in: Years ago, business was the main motivation for young foreigners to learn the Japanese language. But nowadays, people learn Japanese because they want to read Japanese manga, play Japanese games and r See in context

i'm not thinking the same way they described.yeah,i've got to "discover" the real existence of Japan and japanese through anime,manga..etc.but,my objective was not learning the language to just easily understand/read anime and manga,it was to learn "Japan" (Japan=> Language,Culture,Philosophy ,"Reasonings",morals..).so, i was like missing something. after,i got to like Jpop...,unusual excellent lyrics, was the thing that interested me the most. so my idea about Japan changed.now i'm looking to japan as a Behaviour-Developped country,not just as a Technology-Developped one. you only feel the importance of a thing afer loosing it.

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Posted in: Japan ranked 5th most peaceful country in world See in context

i think it was expected. (?)

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Posted in: Avril Lavigne to perform with Ai Otsuka, Puffy in Tokyo See in context

wouldn't Lavigne say the same :" it's an honor to take part of this concert " or something similar,she have to i think.well nevermind.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for killing friend's mother in Mie See in context

well,in other countries, crimes like these are hidden from the general public (newspaper),as examples : here, in a 50,000 population town ,the last two months there was many incidents: a 20 years-old man killed his father ,a 13 years-old kid killed his friend with a kitchen knife...and three others i don't remember the details.plus,three suicides cases. none of these were reported or anything (except for the 13 years-old kid's case).hiding these crimes,casualities's real numbers, makes my town and country a peaceful place.while, in japan, where everything is reported, and crime cases are less than other countries (USA?!),is looked as an unpeacefull place. btw: generally agree with Eizenhauer and almost everyone.

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