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I just want to say that the world is changing. Now in the world nobody could sure what is right or wrong. People think things in different standpoint, then they will draw different conclusion. It will be good for this people but bad for others. If there is a perfect law to make what is right or wrong. If there is a perfect law, the world would has no argue. There is no perfect law in the world so the world is in confusion and going more confuse

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Unbelievable, why ? Are the kitchen knives expensive? How many of 257 kitchen knives? Why they stolen so many kitchen knives? Do they use the to cook dinner, if so I think the dinner will be so unsavory, nobody will want to eat it. Or they are out of money. So poor men. Anyway so many kitchen knives have been stolen that is very dangerous, everybody be careful!!

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I could not understand that why people alway appeal peace, but they acting is not peace. I hope the world would be just one country, then the world all people would be a country's citizen. Then they donot need to fight for a island. People could be happy. Peace maybe come true.

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