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Posted in: Taxi driver argues with man, runs him over, then drives into wall See in context

You've seen them.... the videos on YouTube warning "foreigners" on what not to do while in Japan. Hmmmm.

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Posted in: Japan considers withholding tax system on casino winnings by foreigners See in context

I guess the pop-up Yakuza casinos must already be paying Politicians pretty well, if they were not then Japan wouldn't be fighting to vigorously to keep them from actually opening.

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Posted in: Death-preparedness awareness poster featuring comedian draws complaints See in context

If the person has no Will, in Japan.... half of his assets will go to the spouse and the remainder would be evenly split between the children. That is the law in Japan. If spouse already passed.... all the assets would be evenly split. Again... this is in the case were there is no Will.

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Posted in: U.S. troop presence in Japan a concern for Russia: Lavrov See in context

Does Japan really even want close ties with Russia..... which is basically a country run by Organized Criminals.

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

This is not a "one off" type of story.... hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners suffer the same fate as this man. The problem lies with the Japanese culture itself.... they feel that Proximity is Thicker than Blood. Which basically means that if you've been shunned by the group or are outside of the group.... then even if you're a direct blood relative it does not matter. We have a grandchild in the states. Our son separated from his wife and they have a kid.... my Japanese wife wants Zero to do with this child while I feel a deep responsibility towards the child. Most Japanese kids from broken families never end up knowing the non custodial parent. Over the thousands of years of Japanese culture it came to be this way..... but it still does not make it right at all.

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

These people need to gather together.... get as many people as they can, heck I'll even go with them and protest on the sidewalk of the National Diet Building. This problem has been going on for decades now with no real progress. They need to organize and protest.

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display says exec embezzled ¥578 mil See in context

All the auditor results go to the head's of the company.... there they then edit the audit. You see... the auditor would not get the job unless it properly looks the other way. This is why Japan hates to have foreigners run their companies and its why mainly guys in the 50's, 60's and 70's hold positions of authority.... it takes that long before they can figure out who can be trusted to hide the companies dirty laundry.

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display says exec embezzled ¥578 mil See in context

Tip of the iceberg.... Japan is rife with embezzlement. Did you know that there is a law at Banks and Brokerage companies were people that handle money or securities have to, once a year, take a 2 week consecutive vacation. They passed this law in order to try to uncover embezzlement and other crimes. While said people are on vacation hopefully the person covering can figure out if a problem exists. And don't get yourself in the grips of the Yakuza.... especially if you work at a foreign firm that they can rip off. For the most part the Yakuza stay away from ripping off Japanese companies.... but foreign companies, they're open territory... to the point were the Police don't even investigate. I've seen it... this isn't speculation.

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Posted in: Japan needs extra budget of over ¥10 tril: LDP No. 2 Nikai See in context

I say they print up $200 Billion worth of yen.... use $100 Billion as stimulus and to fix up after the typhoons. Use the other $100 Billion to purchase and store precious metals and other non-perishable commodities. This way Japan can actually put some tangible assets on their balance sheet... Look... there is no way in hell Japan is ever going to pay down its massive debt... is isn't going to happen. At some point it will be written off. Why not just print the crap out of the Yen and buy Assets that have actual tangible value. The yen would finally weaken too and exports would climb as they've wanted all along.

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

He'll only testify in writing.... of course someone would have to properly write it for him. There is no way he'd get up in person like Bill Clinton did. Trump's ego would get in his way and he'd probably screw himself.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context

A lot of actors actresses and performers in Japan are caught with drugs. Every month a new story about one or two. Either these people are extremely stupid when it comes to keeping things hidden or people around them are rat finks. I think it is the latter.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

I did some math on what would probably be a "fair" number. Japan has 240,000 active military and their yearly military budget is around $50 billion. So the average cost per individual is roughly $210,000. Now take the 52,000 U.S. military in Japan and multiply each by $210,000..... you get around $10 Billion. U.S. Troops are paid more and cost more due to the equipment they're outfitted with.... so the per troop cost for those U.S. individuals should probably more like $300,000. That now puts it at $15 Billion. If Japan were to pay half that number $7.5 Billion. They would be getting the services of the U.S. Military at roughly a 50% discount and still cost less than their own troops. So the $8 Billion Trump is looking for.... is actually quite close to being a very fair number. Trump is looking at this from a perspective that the USA no longer needs to be in Japan.

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Posted in: S Korean court holds 1st hearing on 'comfort women' civil suit See in context

They should be filing this lawsuit against the S. Korean Government..... they are the one's that received Billions way back in the 1960's and never gave a dime to anybody other than Politicians and large Corporations.

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Posted in: Trump launches black outreach effort for 2020 See in context

The number of Black voters that participated in the 2016 Presidential Election was 16.4 million, or roughly 60% of those eligible to vote. If just 6% of them voted for Trump... that would equal around 984,000 overall. It is not so much that he himself needs the Black vote.... but he needs it to hold certain Congressional seats.

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Posted in: Trump launches black outreach effort for 2020 See in context

And the whole time he's reaching out to Black voters.... he'll also be trying to make sure he makes it difficult for those who do not support him to vote. You know what many Trump supporter's like most about him.... they like that he speaks their language. Now go and listen to him speak.

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Posted in: U.S. F-16 drops dummy bomb off firing range in Aomori Pref See in context

It is good to the that the U.S. Air Force is constantly training.... sure they'll have accidents, every military in the world does. But without proper training there will be even more and if and when the day comes Japan will have the support of a Trained U.S. Air Force.

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Posted in: 10 detainees go on hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

Just print some more money.... something Japan does quite well, and pay some country to take these people.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context

They're just using the "elderly" as an excuse.... Politicians and the Yakuza want to keep cash around for a long time. Much harder to trace.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

@titin.... but that would be a lie and it would do nothing to change what is happening.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya sees high turnout on Halloween despite drinking ban See in context

I thought the girl with the "peace sign" was not flashing a peace sign.... might have been more about a chosen proclivity.

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Posted in: Defiant Koike confronts IOC over moving Olympic marathon See in context

Heck, Tokyo paid all that money through "various" channels just to get the Olympics, you'd think they'd at least have the Marathon run in Tokyo.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines parachute into undesignated area during training See in context

Sure.... and when China attacks Japan because pretty much all Chinese are brought up to hate Japan, the U.S. will have left Okinawa because a bunch of idiots complained about anything they could. Why, because they want to develop Okinawa more for tourism. This isn't about a safe place for Japanese in Okinawa... it is, as usual, about greed.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. forces cornered IS leader in dead-end tunnel See in context

I think Trump sold out the Kurds for information on Baghdadi's location. Finding and killing Baghdadi just 2 weeks after selling out the Kurds seems a bit too coincidental.

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Posted in: Diamond worth ¥200 mil stolen in Yokohama See in context

Diamonds are a ripp-off in the first place.

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Posted in: Apples stolen from orchards in Aomori See in context

Easy pickens....

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Oh yeah.... lets be benevolent and let everyone fish in our waters...... that is total idiocy! You've got 1.4 Billion Chinese sitting just 150 kilometers across from you and you say.... "live and let live". No.... its protect what is yours so you can take care of your people. If Japan opened its waters to everybody.... there would be no fish in about 5 years.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

It didn't come out of the blue.... it came because a recent marathon that was run in extreme heat turned into a medical disaster for all.

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Posted in: Nobel laureate Yoshino craves more research discoveries See in context

All too often the wrong people are being rewarded..... this guy got a Nobel doing what he loves. What about the people that are doing what they do not enjoy but doing it anyway for the good of others.

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Posted in: Japanese scientist among 3 winners of Nobel Chemistry prize for battery work See in context

In the states.... you barely get any air time for this story. In Japan, all the Channels run the story.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

I'm sure these kids are being "educated", they're just falling between the cracks when it comes to verifying it.

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