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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Oh yeah.... lets be benevolent and let everyone fish in our waters...... that is total idiocy! You've got 1.4 Billion Chinese sitting just 150 kilometers across from you and you say.... "live and let live". No.... its protect what is yours so you can take care of your people. If Japan opened its waters to everybody.... there would be no fish in about 5 years.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

It didn't come out of the blue.... it came because a recent marathon that was run in extreme heat turned into a medical disaster for all.

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Posted in: Nobel laureate Yoshino craves more research discoveries See in context

All too often the wrong people are being rewarded..... this guy got a Nobel doing what he loves. What about the people that are doing what they do not enjoy but doing it anyway for the good of others.

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Posted in: Japanese scientist among 3 winners of Nobel Chemistry prize for battery work See in context

In the states.... you barely get any air time for this story. In Japan, all the Channels run the story.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

I'm sure these kids are being "educated", they're just falling between the cracks when it comes to verifying it.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

This is music to Military Arms Manufacturers ears..... bought and paid for by them in various forms.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers ask gov't for more help after U.S. trade deal signed See in context

So they're crying over a 2.5% tariff while U.S. Beef imports are tariffed at 26.6%. This is a demonstration in name only.... they are not really looking for any meaningful progress, they just want things to remain the same. It is good for appearances only.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

Before this new "Deal" Japan imposed a 38.5% tariff on U.S. Beef, versus TPP members 26.6%. Japan will now lower tariffs on U.S. Beef to be in line with the TPP schedule. That is it.... no major leg up on the competition for the USA. Trump basically put the USA behind those that agreed to the deal two years ago.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

It is the same "deal" as TPP.... Trump ended up getting Zero more than any other country that signed 2 years ago. Japan Won this Trade War.

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Posted in: Japan refers U.S. military pilot to prosecutors over Osprey crash See in context

There is no way this U.S. Pilot will be disciplined by any Japanese Authority. No one died and it was a U.S. asset that took the loss. They don't even have jurisdiction in this case.

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Posted in: Trump says meeting with Kim Jong Un 'could happen soon' See in context

"Unspecified New Method"... lets see, the USA will give N. Korea massive agricultural and monetary support in exchange for a complete stop in the development of Nukes. Meanwhile N. Korea will hide away their nukes and tout them at a later date in order to get more assistance.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi says Singapore-based oil trader lost $320 mil in unauthorized trades See in context

Damn! $320 Million... the person had been continually hiding the losses since January. The heads of both Risk and Compliance in both Singapore and Japan should be fired. Mitsubishi Corp., also is the majority stakeholder in Lawson's Convenience stores, 32%.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

Lets hope they start installing power lines, whenever possible, underground from now on. It will make neighborhoods look better and be more reliable.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

Basically the USA will sign the same TPP agreement that everyone else was on board with two years ago. The U.S. may get to export some cars to Japan without stringent inspections but that is about it.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't backs Nissan CEO Saikawa's resignation See in context

Of course they back it.... they also colluded with Nissan when Ghosn was arrested. So they have to try to go after Saikawa just to make things appear fair. Appearances are important in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. farmers hope Trump delivers on trade deal with Japan See in context

American farmers are screwed if they think Trump will deliver in any meaningful way with Japan. When, when, in the last 50 years, or even more, have you ever seen Japan actually give any ground to foreign countries regarding food and agriculture? Especially it threatens current domestic agriculture.

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Posted in: Japan won't join U.S.-led maritime coalition in Gulf: Yomiuri See in context

The might join if Trump lets up on his trade demands though.

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Posted in: Tax body finds Facebook Japan failed to report ¥500 mil in income See in context

Tax evasion in Japan is a National Pastime.... it is bigger than Sumo, Soccer and Baseball put together. Why do think people cash is still used so much in Japan... so earnings won't have to be reported. All of those foreign cars you see... they buy those under a company name as a tax write off. But when a foreign company messes up a few numbers... its big news. Bunch of hypocrites.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

@expat.... so you've read everything and no enlightenment? Let us start with the subject itself. "Abe pledges to boost Investment in Africa". expat.... what does that headline tell you? What did you expect us to add to that... especially anything with real insight. Me, because of the subject, I went cynical with a touch of the sarcastic. That you expected to gain knowledge off of this is amazing. Or did you just have nothing else to say and could only come up with that. And.... and.... amazingly enough someone even gave you a thumbs up. Another brain dead idiot. They say "great minds think alike", the reverse is often true.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

As long as the Yen stays strong and nobody cares about Japan's massive National Debt., I say keep printing the money and spend it as you like. In addition to helping out foreign countries with investments and such, the Japanese Govt. should be buying massive amounts of natural resources and stockpiling them while the Yen is still strong. I wish I could just print up money and have it actually be worth something.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

He'll probably boost Aid to Africa too.... all the corn he buys from the USA he'll donate to various African countries. Kill three birds with one stone. USA is happy, Japanese Farmers happy and African countries also happy. Win, win, win.

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Posted in: TEPCO may mothball reactors at world's biggest nuclear plant See in context

Looks like putting Solar Panels on my roof was a smart move.

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Posted in: Japan denies it gave away too much in trade talks with U.S. See in context

People... don't fall for this headline.... the deal hasn't even been finalized. I'll bet it won't be finalized for at least 6 months to year too. And if for some reason it gets done.... Japan won't be on the losing side. Trump is between a rock and a hard place... he's the one that needs to get something done, not Abe.

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Posted in: Japan denies it gave away too much in trade talks with U.S. See in context

No way Abe gave away too much.... I've been in Japan for 37 years and I've never seen any Japanese Government give in... especially when it comes to trade. If Abe bought certain farm food and such... it may never see a market in Japan. They'll just store it until it goes bad. They don't care if they lose money... as long as their exports continue they're good.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

This concern is good. Without it these municipalities will not take steps to be prepared for eventual problems the will normally come. Especially translators when medical problems occur. Regular stuff... no big deal, but life and death situations, they need to be prepared. These Travel and Cruise companies need to help the municipalities in being prepared if they're going to unload a bunch of people speaking all sorts of languages.

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Posted in: China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong See in context

Great... so they'll also give Shenzen the ability to rule Democratically and will face zero chance of being extradited to Communist China in the future. Sounds better to me.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows faster than expected on new imperial era holidays See in context

And YoY next year, it will be down.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

Ahhhh..... did you know that "shotgun wedding" actually was taken from Japan? Yes... its true... Katana Kekkon, existed well before shotgun.

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Posted in: Japan's food self-sufficiency rate lowest in 25 years See in context

And yet.... the Japanese farmers that are left still don't want do give up any market share to imports. The government needs to let imports do as they will but they need a backup plan too. Basically they need to identify agricultural land and ensure it is available when needed along with seed warehouses.

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Posted in: NEC shows 'flying car' hovering steadily for minute See in context

This is so stupid..... show me a flying car that has a range of 100 miles. Other companies out there are already vastly surpassing Japanese companies.

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