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Posted in: Dairy farmer shoots man in head with air gun while attempting to exterminate crows See in context

The guy shot is in a Coma still, so the story of what happened is coming from the shooter himself? As usual the article itself leaves out a couple of important details. He might not have been "shooting at crows". Think about it, you're aiming a rifle and you hit a 21 YO kid in the head. For anyone that has shot a rifle before, generally, you hit what is directly between the sights within reason and distance. I'm a bit skeptical on the Crow story.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic: study See in context

No doubt, not having those few extra chances to meet and greet people due to Covid is having a sad effect. Hoping very badly that this current Omicron wave will subside and put the worst finally behind us.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

How many times have we seen this... "we want better ties" and then when they get a little better, they start asking for War reparations again. What cracks me up the most... try buying a Korean made car in Japan, or a Nissan in S. Korea, good luck. Just agree to go with the flow for the next few centuries because diplomacy and overtures will not work anytime soon.

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Posted in: Injured motorcyclist returned to accident scene after hospital refuses to take him due to positive COVID test See in context

I guess a great selling point for any area to tout would be... our local Hospitals accept 90% of patients on the first call from the ambulance and 100% by the 2nd call. Jokes that makes sense aside... before covid this has been a problem. If you mention it to a citizen... they just shrug and accept it... when actually it is unacceptable. I love Japan's socialized medical system overall, but this is a glaring problem that needs to be addressed.

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Posted in: Drunk police officer falls asleep on street, losing case documents See in context

This makes little sense to me. I just get the feeling that losing those documents in the way he did was made up. I mean really... how often does anyone actually lose something in Japan. Any law abiding citizen would have turned his bag into the nearest Koban. This stinks of some sort of a payoff whereby he conveniently looses the information.

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

I gotta think that 99% of politicians could care one way or the other about Yasukuni but if one does go there it proves that that he or she supports the powerful right wing faction that is the backbone of the LDP. Abe Soridaijin himself went to Yasukuni in December of 2012, right after he took office for the 2nd time. Visiting Yasukuni by a politician shows loyalty, regardless of what the politician actually thinks. Abe even told the U.S. Govt. before he went to visit Yasukuni. The CIA got the news and then probably told Bush or Obama that it is a visit mainly done to prove his loyalty to the LDB and not necessarily a show of how he might fervently support Japan's prewar imperialism. When China or S. Korea protest the visit and their media highlights it... they too know this, but by highlighting the issue it increases any potential negotiating stance they'll have on other contentious issues. Going to Yasukuni is a test of loyalty... not a show of belief.

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

I just don't like the timing of this Unification Church witch hunt. Sure it is needed but the further the fallout this quickly after Abe's assassination the more it somewhat validates the means in which it was started.

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Posted in: Turkey charges pilots, 3 others, over Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

Sure.... you can bet a few Turkish politicians were well compensated by the Japanese Government in order to get this done.

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Posted in: Japan to revise criteria on symptoms for being tested for virus See in context

They only changed the criteria because they're still unable to do a high volume of testing. 20,000 tests a day... at that rate it would take almost 17 years to test everyone in Japan. Heck, by that time Japan's population will have dropped by around 10 million.... so I revise my estimate to 13 years.

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Posted in: Abe to consider starting academic year in September See in context

It would align Japan's school calendar with much of the rest of the world. Germany, France, the UK and USA all have school year's starting around September. Germany starts in August but not that different. It would make it a lot easier for Japanese students to study abroad timing wise. Also, with a longer summer vacation it might decrease the concentration of summer travel since it would be spread out over a longer time. And... students from abroad would have it much easier too. I thinks it is a fantastic idea.

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

When Covid-19 initially became news over two months ago we saw a lot of news out of S. Korea regarding it here in Japan. But now that S. Korea is doing a great job of keeping the numbers down the Japanese media for some reason never reports about it. The Japanese hate to be shown up by the S. Koreans.... to the point that even if they could learn from them they will not copy them.

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Posted in: Darvish speaks of anti-Asian discrimination in U.S. amid outbreak See in context

Hate to say it.... but it is mainly the uneducated and narrow minded people that react to issues and act in a racist way. The USA does not have a total monopoly on just plain Dumb and Ignorant people... everywhere you go they exist. Darvish is frustrated because the President of the USA, a Dumb and Ignorant person himself, it stirring up the pot against Asians overall. You'd think, the leader of a Nation like the USA, would do his best to keep racist remarks and ideas out of his agenda. Sadly.... he's an idiot and uses Race for political gain with little thought of the consequences.

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

Maybe this is the time for the "hikkikomori" to shine.... with their help and instruction I'm sure we all can get through a Quarintine / Lockdown.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

Since Japan is not massively testing for the virus.... we need to lock the country down until after golden week. Only absolutely necessary stores, businesses and institutions should be open. The pain we bear now will bear dividends later.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan See in context

A child crying for attention.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

We need testing. We need to identify those that are the walking spreaders of the virus. At this point the only people they're identifying seem to be those that have become visibly ill from the virus. When will massive testing begin?

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

The newest catch word "overshoot". They've been using this word like it is some sort of justification to do practically nothing. But when you're fighting something.... isn't it better to "overshoot" and solve the problem? They say they've been making calculated moves in order to save the economy and Olympics, when actually they were woefully unprepared in the first place. Look at the number of people Hospitalized and the number of people found with the virus. To me the telling ratio would be the number of people hospitalized versus the number infected. Does anyone have that figure.... can't find it?

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

This is Japan.... the crap won't hit the fan. Hardly anyone ever questions the Government and its actions. You want to know why South Korea has done a great job containing this virus? Because in S. Korea, if the Government didn't do everything it could, it would absolutely hit the fan. They'd be protesting up and down the country. I often think the S. Korean's are protest crazy.... but in this case, it has served them well.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

In the news they were saying that many of the new cases were from Japanese returning from overseas trips. Why were they letting people back in without testing them first? It is not like they didn't know about this weeks ago. They only have themselves to blame. S. Korea has done a much better job than Japan at containing this virus. They went out and tested massively right away.... Japan, there are no figures on how many people have been tested.... because so very few have and it would be embarrassing to admit it.

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Posted in: Online gaming booms as virus lockdowns keep millions at home See in context

I've seen plenty of used Mah Jong games for sale at those 2nd hand stores.... myself, I bought a Cribbage Board. If the internet were to go down it will back to manual style "analog", type games.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

The day after the Olympics were postponed, for some reason the number of cases skyrocketed. Hmmmm.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

It is all part of being Japanese.... you're expected to take one for the team sometimes. It is all for the overall survival of the race in a harmonious manner.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl’s dress See in context

Good to see things are getting back to normal.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

Yes... and most voting Americans voted for Trump, so you can see how wrong these people can be.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

We need millions of test kits, everyone does. The only way to identify and isolate this is with massive testing.

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Posted in: Fukushima brewers look to push sake globally See in context

Great timing for that.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Japan should ban all unnecessary travel abroad. It should require all those coming to Japan to be tested before they can leave the airport. It should ban all unnecessary travel out of one's area in Japan unless tested first. Only shipping, delivery and grocery stores should be open. They need to go hard on this if they want to beat it.

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Posted in: Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics See in context

One "silver lining", kids.... they're out and about playing everywhere in my area. It appears they have loads of time on their hands and are enjoying themselves. It reminds me of when I was young in the USA and enjoyed long summers... loads of free time with nothing to do other than get inventive and try to find something fun to do that did not cost money. I'm happy the kids are having this freedom and are enjoying themselves.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

So when asked about what he thought regarding the Olympics.... "Maybe they postpone it for a year", was the answer. Never occurred to him to say "well that is a decision for Japan to make". He is so used to adding his "two cents" regarding everything, without really thinking anything through, that he just naturally answered the question.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

He'll probably borrow even more money to do it. Softbank is in debt up to its ears... this is a publicity ploy more than anything.

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