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It seems the nurses are much more smarter than the idiot politicians! In a national health crisis you should not allow mass gatherings like an Olympics event, and hospital staff is much more needed to care of the really sick and critical care patients, not a few spectators who may feel unwell or just need their blood pressure taken. That is a total waste of manpower and endagering patients in ICUs! Thos Politcians dont understand that the number of beds in ICUs available is meaningless if NO staff is there to take care of patients needs!

The vaccination must be speded up now thats the only thing that will work to stop this health crisis.

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The idea of a worldwide standardized vaccination pass at first though may be attractive but how do we ensure this wont result in discrimination, granting of privileges to the well connected, disadvantaging those who cant get access to vaccines, and will it absolve travelers from still being Covid tested? Different vaccines have different efficacies, some offer mere reduction of symptoms some even prevent the infection completely meaning you cant infect other people . There also has to be a real practical solution about this as we all already being greatly inconvenienced by sometimes hours of queuing up in security checks because Airports do not provide enough staff at the gates we as passengers have to go all that hassle and a 2-4 hour flight within Asia become a 12-16 hour full day trip !

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Posted in: Tokyo slips to 4th place in global financial hub ranking: report See in context

I was very disappointed when the Government decided not to allow foreign residents to return to Japan in the last few months using the Covid pandemic as an excuse! It’s one of the many levels of anti foreigner and racism we encountering in Japan and for International Corporations it is a risk factor to well consider if it is worth posting staff or increasing investment in a country which simply behaves as if we were still living 200 years back! Shanghai and Singapore will only gain and Tokyo keep loosing out of such nonsense policies are used!

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

It is plain and simple Racists and Discrimination. Maybe Europe should ban Japanese from entering ?

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