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Posted in: Cosplay talent agency launches in Japan; offers representation to foreign cosplayers too See in context

That already exists in Japan since like ...forever.

Is this one in the spotlights because they are more focused on foreigners ?

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Posted in: Trump fires acting attorney general who defied him on immigrant ban See in context

Because in america, the "land of freedom" , you cant even have a different opinion.

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Posted in: An iPhone made in America? Not that simple See in context

It would be funny if all big companies stopped selling in america, leaving america to nothing till america begs them to come back on their own terms. Companies should have more right to decide what to do with their company, not lesser. Its already bad enough

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Posted in: Dress for success: Designer Yoshiko Saito targets foreign markets See in context

She will first have to learn "style" because what she designs, even my old grandmother would not want to wear even at home when doing the cleaning. Perhaps my grandgrandmother would like the style but she is already dead.

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Posted in: Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey See in context

If idols dont listen, contract and cooperation is cancelled. Career ends. And you can never work again with agency

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Posted in: Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey See in context

Dont forget these idols sign a contract with their agency that states that the agency owns their idol name AND that they can never work with another agency ever in their entire life. This is how agencies make tons of money from sponsors. Agencies force the the idol to exclusively date the big sponsors that make the agency rich. If the idol starts dating random people, it would be money loss for the agency . They dont care about your feelings. I am a model i japan and even i had trouble finding a agency that didnt try to do this with me, be so careful with signing contracts, this is a default danger in the career industy. It is really an abusive world.

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Posted in: New product aimed at creating slimmer, taller nose See in context

Hahahahaha hahahahahahaa hahahahhahahahahhah

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Posted in: Shock as peaceful Japanese town wakes to knife rampage See in context

Excuse me.. Why is the english version different ..? He was fired because he had a harmless tattoo and he wanted people to accept him and he got mentally crushed and yelled at by his boss... He felt unrightfully treated and he cried and raged on twitter but was attacked by people yet again that were telling him that body art is a sin (etc etc) and eventually after a very very very long time it led to him becoming this man that you write about in this article .

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Posted in: Another disappointing day for Pokemon Go fans in Japan See in context

How can anyone be against a mobile game that finally encourages players to get out of their couch, get outside and walk, excercise and learn about the history of your area to collect virtual monsters as a reward? Do you rather have your kids play games all day long inside behind a pc with microwaved food and cola af their side not moving an inch and still not knowing there is a temple a block away of your house? Anyone against pokemon Go is just a silly "im afraid of changes and am a stubborn nitwit" kind of person.

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