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In 2010, Congolese fans incandescent at his performance in a Club World Cup game took rather misguided revenge by vandalising a Chinese restaurant in their country.


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Hanzawa naoki was a good drama. I hope they can make season 2. He was transfered atthe end eeven if he helped the big boss.. That boss has something to hide as well!

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Why the hate against the Nigeria new I don't go often anymore in Roppongi but back in the days I had a lot of fun... Those people made what roppongi is.. If you treat them with respect they will also respect you...

You go out to have fun. To meet new people, get drunk and party..

If you go to roppongi and want to be left alone and don't want to be annoyed just stay home or organize a house party!

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Will be in saitama as usual. No travel for me.....

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There are so much irresponsible people in this World. People have sex around, and are not responsible for their actions. Rest in peace little one.

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Why all the commercial ships have to go through this way?

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