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Same as Monty. I have no idea when I will fly again.

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He wasn’t proven guilty of his Nissan misconduct but he did skip bail and leave the country. For that he is a criminal.

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I’m sorry to ask but if anyone has a link to this info in Japanese could you post it? I can’t find it... maybe because I’m on day 3 of a migraine since I don’t have a job to go to now!

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You have to pay hefty fines for pressing those buttons.

Definitely no fine in an emergency. A few months ago I was at a crossing as the guards came down and an old man was walking through and got his foot stuck in the road at the track! As I got out of my car to rush to get him out a lady in a house nearby ran out and pushed the emergency stop. The train stopped and the the conductor walked along the track and the fire department was there within a few minutes. It was a long time to get him settled then get things moving. The fireman walked me back to my car and the lady who pushed the button told me next time to push the button before going on to the track. I just hadn’t thought of it, my mind was only on getting that old man out!

There were others in cars that sat there nobody thought to sound the emergency button. I suppose the same was in this case. I shudder to think if she hadn’t noticed from her house!

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I watched a news program recently where the doctor asked these old people why they weren’t using the a/c (they were obviously in hospital for heat stroke) and they were replying they didn’t like air conditioners. So even if they have them and even if they can afford the electricity to use them they don’t.

Its really sad!

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I live nearby where this happened. They were in a k car and the car was so smashed up! Window smashed in. Heart wrenching! Mother and baby in the back seat. My husband said she was probably holding the baby either feeding or sleeping. Maybe in a car seat the baby would have survived. The Japanese news did not mention a car seat or not tho. The truck was pretty smashed up too. I can only hope mom and baby were asleep and didn’t feel anything. I drove a k car for 10 years. I was on the highway for work 3 days a week doing 90kms a day. My friends begged me to use a safer car, which I have been doing since 2005.

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I also was 6 when I had a key on a chain around my neck and stayed alone. I had to call my mother as soon as I got home from school and if I wanted to go outside to play. I was not allowed to use knives yet but she left food cut for me. As a single mom with a responsible kid she had no choice. I was home alone a lot longer than 4 hours. In this case the mother was out shopping, why didn’t she bring the child with her? Maybe she was doing her summer homework or watching tv or playing with dolls. But obviously the mother had done it before and there were no troubles. The mother is grieving and we shouldn’t judge her. I hope this girl makes a quick and full recovery!

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What can I say? I lost my gold license 6 years ago in the same situation! It was 2am and I was the only one on the Highway... well except for the unmarked car.... I wasn’t going this fast but I did get stopped then they led me to the next rest area and waited for me to finish before getting my ticket.

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What if he had been drinking at home or outside but was at home in time for curfew, all ok until this point...but as is very common in the military got called on to work for whatever reason.... Next action would be to say "you have to come and get me, I've been drinking" but unfortunately he thought he was ok to drive..... 1130 is not a normal shift schedule so I think he may have been called in! Still stupid for driving drunk but not intentionally getting his drink on before a usual shift! Just my two yen....

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When I looked at his Facebook pictures and saw his enthusiasm for climbing my first thought was being drunk and thinking "if I can climb a mountain I can climb this train" I have been around the military my whole life and I have seen it all..... And 99% of it happens when people are drunk. Whether or not JT has all the facts or has them straight I would guess he climbed the train maybe drank some more, maybe assed out, slipped and got electrocuted then fell. If we had photos of the scene we may all understand more. The only conspiracy I would accept with the info at hand was that he was drinking with someone else who may have dared him to do such a thing and that person may have run away after the accident as they knew they would get it no trouble. Just my two cents!

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