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Posted in: EU approves first shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Japan See in context

Many Brexit fanboys don't get their news right, still. First of all, any country within the EU could order vaccine separately. Yet they chose to order as one for better conditions. Britain would've ordered separately anyway if it was still in the EU, never seen much solidarity from there. Second, British based AstraZeneca, sponsored with millions of Euros from the EU, did not fulfill the contract (cut by more than 60% to EU only) by diverting vaccines to the UK, hence this was the reason the EU had to impose export control on vaccines. Nevertheless, the EU never seized any vaccine to third countries so far and probably never will do so, this was even declared when the export control neccessity has been decided on. Since the US basically doesn't allow export of BionTech/Pfizer vaccine produced in the states, the EU plants still serve the rest of the world. Since Britain is in desparate need of any vaccines, they decided to even delay the neccessary and important second shot by months. One shot is not very effecitve so whether this is the right way to do, nobody knows. But hey, statistics of vaccinated people go up. So despite all of this I'm positive Japan will have enough vaccine once they start the inoculating process for its people.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers reiterate 'we will hold the Games' See in context

Many might not like my comment but I welcome the decision to continue with the games' countdown. It's still half a year and IMHO the pandemic will be much under control by then. Just my forecast but since the inoculations are starting everywhere and the production amount of vaccine also is improving there is good hope that this summer the Olympics can be a messenger for the end of the pandemic. BTW also sponsors start to use the Olympic rings e.g. NBC is what caught my attention recently. So for many the games are on and one could still cut the cord in 2-3 month like last year.

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Posted in: S Korea drops description of Japan as 'partner' in defense white paper See in context

South Korea, what a despicable country concerning the government and its brainwashing techniques towards historical education and unfortunately also in disinforming the world. I feel really bad for the people there who know better but cannot speak up due to concerns of harassment.

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Posted in: After outcry, EU reverses plan to restrict vaccine exports through Irish border See in context

The recent act of the EU to secure vaccine is purely the fault of British-Swedish AstraZeneca behavior. The company decided to reduce delivery to the EU (after receiving billions of Euros to set up production sites also within the UK from them) by more than half(!) but continued to supply other countries, especially UK even from production sites within the EU!

EU politicians are always sensitive about other countries in the world and already confirmed any possible seizure would only be as much as the equivalent to the broken treaty by AstraZeneca.

The published contract, in which deleted sections by AstraZenica were possible to make visible again, showed clearly the position of the EU is correct. And still also plants in the EU produce and export the much more effective BionTech-Pfizer vaccine although there is also much demand within the EU. No export restricions at all.

Overall, any EU country could've ordered separately, no law against that so Brexit had no influence here, but the EU stayed together getting better deals out of it. Law experts stated the EU would win on the breaches of the AstraZeneca contract, but vaccine is needed now and has no time to go through years of conflict. AstraZeneca is a shame in this game, causing even political problems, probably hoping to get a better standing in the UK.

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Posted in: Japan says no truth to Times report on canceling Tokyo Olympics See in context

Many people argue with corruption in the IOC not to pursue any olympics but use the pandemic as the excuse. This is sad. I think that the Tokyo olympics this summer will be safe. Last year the postponement happened just three months before they were about to start. Many people aound the world went for holidays during that summer. Now after that mistake we have the winter situation with easy spreading of viruses and again calls to postpone - but there will only be cancelation if so, no more potponement. Nevertheless, it is still 6 month to the start and on the other hand, we also have a vaccination now that is highly effective and Japan ordered enough for all of its population. All athlethes will have to be tested or vaccinated upon attending, should be no problem, that is a comparably very small number. The pandemic will not continue after this summer I'm sure, there'll be enough vaccine for everybody who's open to be inoculated. These world games could be the sign to the world, that the pandemic has been defeated. If during the next 3 months the virus will get out of control again, then there will still be enough time to cancel the games - until then it is just attempted opinion forming of do-gooders.

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Posted in: Berlin district to keep 'comfort women' statue for now See in context

This has nothing to do with Germany itself, it was a wrong decision by a tiny credulous left Green Party mayor of a part of Berlin who got successfully tricked. He has no guts to stand up for the right thing to remove the statue after finding out about the wrong application contents and rather buckles down to the famously known crying of Koreans. The goal is clear to keep the ugly statue up also after August next year. Federalism in Germany prevents higher administrative offices to interfere here. Only a strong reaction of opposing groups may work here. Unfortunately due to the perfect Korean wave coordinated by their government this is difficult since one would be stigmatized to glorify war crimes. Remember Berlin is run by a coalition of Left (direct descendant of the Marxist-Leninistruling party of the former East Germany), Green (Left oriented environmental party) and Red (cenbter-Left Social Democrats). No chance for an intervention there.

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Posted in: WTO largely backs Japan over South Korean steel duties See in context

South Korean investigating authorities had not been objective in evaluating...

Noooo! Never could've imagined... No wonder they're afraid of neutral 3rd parties ruling about the other problems they maintain with Japan.

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Posted in: Japan explains 'comfort women' stance in German after statue set up in Berlin See in context

The original paper is written quite ok:


I missed the link the article! The context mentioned in the article above is only a short passage from it. Nevertheless, exactly that is what I find Japan should not have written into that explanation, rather that those statues are an unfriendly actof accusation despite settlements were undertaken.

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Posted in: S Korean court to soon start weighing sale of Mitsubishi Heavy assets See in context

The blind escalation of SK is astounding, typically Moon doesn't take any steps to de-escalate. Japan needs to become louder in the world showing the treaty breaches of SK since they successfully rely on the victim role for decades already - and it still is working. To many the story told by the SK propaganda channels is that Japan denied supply of important goods because they don't apologize and pay up their imaginary debts to the Korean people. Japan must become more active in also sneaking the correct information out in the world media so people start also feeling with them how they become betrayed and still try to settle things in a sophisticated manner. For a start I'd like to clearly hear demands to abide by the arbitration clause.

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context

Article states: the South Korean side said, "The Japanese government and the defendant companies need to show a more sincere attitude toward a resolution.

ROTFL, who continues sincerely breaking internationbal contracts all the time... Oh, wait, the UK is currently trying to join there...

SJ wrote: S. Korean negotiators wanted 'reparation money', but Japanese counterparts refused it because 'reparation' means Japan did something wrong during the WWII in Korea.

Newsflash, Japan never was at war with Korea. Sometimes I think Koreans make the mistake to blame Japan for the Korean war.

SJ wrote: Can you detail why the Japanese government never brought and will never bring this issue to the International Court of Justice?

(Hint: Japan can not get anything, but can lose huge whatever the verdict is. The consequences will be catastrophic.)

Newsflash, in your case SK must bring this to the ICJ and on many other issues, Japan tried several times to settle in front of the ICJ, South Korea rejected every single time. SK doesn't even follow the 1965 treaty on this, since it states should any conflict further occur, it shall be resolved through international arbitration. SK keeps failing its promises and treaties and it's time, Japan will not stay quiet about this any more.

Samit Basu wrote: Korea already did. There are two possible solutions;

ROTFL, those are not the solutions, those are the reasons that there are problems!

SJ wrote several times: That is a typical claim of naive Japanese brainwashed by the politicians and the media

Wonder who actually is brainswashed by Korean politics and media. To my knowledge until these days Japanese productions are not even allowed on the major terrestrial TV or radio networks unless there's a Korean cooperation. Just sad. How about first, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye.

Kazuaki Shimazaki wrote:As far as international law is concerned, treaties between States ...[...] ...Which means Korea has Unjustly Enriched itself.

Thank you for so much good research and quotes, I'm afraid some people here will not want to learn about it.

itsonlyrocknroll wrote: No country or state can circumvent Treaty Law in a domestic court for any reason ……Simple as that, game over

Also thank you for a long explanation, I hope Japan will become more importunate about these matters internationally in the future so SK does not take up the full stage as it currently is the case.

OssanAmerica wrote: That 1965 Treaty contains an Arbitration Clause for when any difference in interpretation arises. This is obviously a difference in interpretation yet South Korea continues to refuse to abide by this clause. Only if it were determined in Arbitration in South Korea's favor would the South Korean Court actions not be in contradiction of the Treaty. But South Korea refuses knowing they would be ruled against.

The same way that South Korea has refused ICJ settlement over the Liancourt Rocks three times.

One cannot emphasize that enough!

I'm waiting desperately to the Korean government coming to its senses and finally grows up taking responsibilty instead of whining around all the time even causing relationship problems internationally with the mindless statues... In business terms one would say to first get some training experience before trying to govern around yourself.

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Posted in: Save the sea See in context

Nothing new from SK, it's not "save our sea" it's "let's bash Japan". BTW "our" sea? Do they want to rename the whole Pacific into East Sea?

Concerning the water, it is a common practice around the world to do exactly that since it is harmless: Neutral report, posted a couple of times already: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww1.wdr.de%2Fwissen%2Ftechnik%2Ffukushima-radioaktives-wasser-meer-100.html

It's "Dangerous especially for the image", as the articles explains and SK hits exactly there, of course with some enviromental activists as expected. Overall the procedure is safe and done by numerous plants around the world on a regular basis. Those plants wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe now would they?

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

All is fine until the Brits find a reason to violate the agreement.

Don't worry, Japan has experience with South Korea in that matter ^^;

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Japan is always in a defence position when SK spreads out its propaganda. Japan also does not publicly admonish SK on its education propaganda against Japan. Just recently I realized Arirang TV (that SK government propaganda channel) will use a new satellite in Europe for its program so there were links to koreaDOTnet about this station in forums but when clicked on the direct link you are rerouted to the welcome page with information about Dokdo, the East Sea, the comfot women and Japanese aggressiontowards Korean... Just despiteful. Therefore those unfavorable survey numbers come to no surprise. Much worse I think is the ongoing false information to the world from SK while Japan stays in a defending position only and with just boring facts can hardly compete about the volume SK uses.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

If the water is cleaned from radioactive particles, only tritium will be released. Like it is done by any other nuclear power plant around the world - of which some release more Bequerel than now planned at Fukushima. The undertaking is basically nothing but an image problem which of course will be exploit by some countries or people.

Here is a neutral fact report about it: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww1.wdr.de%2Fwissen%2Ftechnik%2Ffukushima-radioaktives-wasser-meer-100.html

Once the release started, there will be numerous NGOs measuring the radioactivity, there will be numbers and they will be tiny - if at all sticking out of random noise - but boosted up by certain people and familiar countries.

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Posted in: Berlin allows 'comfort woman' statue to remain for time being See in context

Time for some Japanese activists to "inform" the German embassy about the real meaning and wrong information on that billboard next to the statue.

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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea it will skip trilateral summit over wartime labor dispute See in context

1965 agreement is a pile of crap in which most of the money went in to pockets of politicians, but not to the people that it was supposed to go to...

Right, but this is not Japan's fault.

Japan and Korea settled reparations with the 1965 agreement. Official Korean documents revealed that Korea had promised to never bring up war compensations again, and that the Korean government was responsible for compensating its citizens. Instead, Park Chung-hee used the money intended for the laborers to fuel the chaebol. On top of that, Japan paid Korea several times and set up a comfort women fund which was dissolved by the Moon administration. It is long past time for Korea needs to move on instead of constantly victimizing itself.

The fact, that you get a lot of thumps down on sinmply writing down facts proves again, that recently there were a lot of pro Korean accounts registered here.

Same happens to OssanAmercia, who just points out the facts and corrects other's wrong statements.

Fair enough Paul, however poo, Treaties serve a primary focus after extreme conflict. The question still remains though, whether Treaties should/must be reviewed in the course of time.

Interesting idea, usually a treaty is signed to be followed by both parties in good faith. Usually such treaties function to set certain standards between the two parties, not to alter and interpret it by one party changing it.

I honestly think that Suga should've attended since these meetings give the opportunity to bring up such issues. Nevertheless I also understand that SK would've just said no and Suga leaves the meeting in SK being told to learn about separation of powers. He would've given the picture of being thrown out of the country after not getting his will. After all SK did, not just locally but worldwide to hurt Japan after Moon took power, no wonder Suga stays away since nothing will change.

BTW, very good observation by you, Kazuaki Shimazaki.

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Posted in: Who pays for the extra toilet paper? The big questions of the work-from-home era See in context

So you have the benefit of working from home, no need to get ready and get dressed for work, no need for commute, saving lots of money and lifetime, can do household stuff on the side - and want more money because of that? How about the poor people that cannot work from home, risking getting infected when boarding the trains, rushing though the weather, having to pay to get to work and basically are under surveillance during office hours. Those are the true heroes that need a pay rise for just doing that - not the ones making it comfortable at home. Just my two cents.

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Posted in: Berlin rescinds approval of 'comfort women' statue installation See in context

Good decision after being tricked in granting the statue. Similar thing happened some years ago in Freiburg/Germany, where the mayor of Freiburg's new sister city Suwan/SK was to be given a present from the Suwan mayor: A statue remembering about womens rights... and so on. It was almost set up in the central park of the city but luckily the city was informed of the real meaning just days before it's planned installation. Now the statue is in a private park somewhere in Bavaria I think... I wonder how much more often cities around the world needs to be informed about the real meaning of these statues.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

I find it amazing how especially during certain times, a massive anti-Japanese downvoting is happening here, when it comes to Koreans involved. Then suddenly newer comments get upvotied when later during a short period of time, a massive downvoting happens. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

The fact, that still until today activist groups from abroad continue the well intended and fact based (those diaries exist!) NHK work to discredit ist shameful. Well, they probably modelled on the last years anti-Japan rages in SK. Always woth a press release when it is anti-Japan. Regrettable, so sad.

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Posted in: Suga won't visit S Korea without guarantee on wartime labor dispute See in context

Another Comfort Woman statue built in Germany, Berlin September 30th, 2020

It was errected under false information and partly secret applications for a permit. In the German press releases you can only find the Korean point of view including giving false colors... For example it is published, that South Korea closed the 2015 deal on comfort women because of recent bilateral problems arising from Japan. Apparently the government of Berlin Mitte, consisting of Left Party, Greens and Social Democrats apparently didn't care so much about historic truth. That is the other side of Germany being stuck-up on other nations who are not as humble-minded. They hear peace statue, immediate thought: Peace=Good. But again kudos for SK for this perfect merchandise of distortion of history. Suga gave the only adequate reply there is.

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Posted in: S Korea's 1st novel on 'comfort women' history appears in English See in context

Very good intro, oldman_13 and very good summary, ReasonandWisdomNippon

William77, Germans these days don't see themselves as Nazi-Germans any more, therefore it is quite easy to distinguish Nazi-Germany from todays Germany and be sorry for that. Youth these days also don't want to be complained about it any more. Also the cold war forced other nations to accept Germany in their common work together. This is different to Japan. Germany was lucky to have forgiving neighbors! Altough even to these days reparation requests pop up here and there - which also are not pursued any more. Again something different to Japan.

The problem SK has is that its Japan-related publications is always biased, supported by the government. The voices from Korea as a victim are heard much easier around the world than correction facts brought up by other countries.

Me, I cannot judge this book since I didn't read and don't intend to buy it but I can assume the goal behind it. I prefer to stick to scientific research and unbiased historians. There is a problem with Japan not being fully open to teach about its past but it's no problem to continue research about it here. In SK anything brought up to weaken SK biased views is being brandmarked treason with consequences on possible careers. I assume many Koreans also mix up the devastating Korean War as a responsibility of Japan.

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Posted in: EU chief says UK cannot change EU-UK withdrawal agreement See in context

It will become interesting whether Japan will act on its trade deal with the UK learning that they might behave like South Korea not obeying international binding contracts.

On the other hand, concerning South Korea other nations don't give a s since it only affects Japan, maybe the same will apply to the UK. But interestingly both contries have their old blaming enemy to always accuse if something goes wrong in domestic politics.

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Posted in: UK announces first major post-Brexit trade deal -- with Japan See in context

Well, it's basically just the EU-deal taken over but let's see how Japan will handle the UK if they continue to break international binding agreements as they just did with the EU. On the other hand, Japan already has a lot of experience in this area considering how South Korea treats international agreements with Japan, therefore I think, the UK is safe, not much gonna happen.

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Posted in: BTS hit 'Dynamite' worth $1.4 billion to South Korea: gov't See in context

K-Pop, especially the five major labels, is for a long time already largely financially aided by the SK-government in order bring congenial feelings to the world, the Ministry of Culture has dedicated a department solely to K-pop. It is part of the plan to also influence in political areas. Personally I don't listen much to K-pop although some bands in the 2000-decade and one-hit wonders like Gangnam Style were quite good. The response this English BTS song also in the foreign press gets, proves, that the combined influence works.

I always stated that SK does a pretty darn good job in promoting their views to the world, this also includes TV shows etc. Also SK is much less strict about airing entertaining SK TV world wide for free most of the time, many shows subtitled in English. Japanese TV (except the tourist promotion channel NHK World) is much harder to find outside Japan and usually costs a lot when a subscription is necessary.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

So despite of the recent typical downvoting when it comes to point out wrong Korean POVs, what we have here is a simple experience of a Japanese at that time. It's written down, that's fact, in a diary and all NHK did was to put it into a modern tweet. What could be more wrong to accuse NHK of racism here!? Because some Koreans didn't like to read about their behavior (again), although all that happened was citing a diary from that time and it was even marked as such. Same goes for pointing out uncomfortable events in the Korean history like some commentators did here.

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Posted in: TikTok grab could extend -- or undermine -- U.S. online dominance See in context

It appears the US is giving the CCP a taste of its own medicine only it isn’t to prove a point but is actually adopting Communist China’s ways.

Don’t forget about the evidence. Where’s the evidence?

Well concluded and something many posters in the other article about TikTok are not aware of.

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Posted in: China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations See in context

TikTok is successful. Anything that could compete not in sight. But not controlled by the US - must be bad. It's ridiculous to blame information theft when other huge western companies and apps do this since day one in a much wider area. What information could you retrieve via mainly anonymous TikTok? Yeah, Trump was angry as hell and totally flipped after he found out TikTok ruined Tulsa for him, but there's no need for Japan to follow any more ridiculous unproven crap coming from the current US government.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel to appeal S Korea ruling allowing seizure of assets See in context

Following the ruling, Japan last year said it would stop preferential treatment for shipments to South Korea

Wait, following the ruling? Sounds like because of the ruling. To my knowledge Japan ended this preferential treatment because of other reasons. Again a storytale SK wants to bring to the world? Well, it did already like many others, too. Disgraceful. I would like to pay this country more respect for what they achieved but it it just not possible with this deplorable politics!

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Posted in: South Korea-Japan trade fight moves to global dispute panel See in context

This old chestnut again. [...]

True. The problem is, that SK is just loud, loud as it can be when it comes to anything against Japan. Examples are endless. And this then is, what most of the foreign press hears, often nicely packed in good English. Japan as the adult stays factual and silent in its explanations, which is not heard since it sounds boring. SK acts like a populist yellow press and does a damn good job. Japan must finally find a way to counter this.

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

Wait, Germany did! As a German national I was allowed into the country at all the time. However, there was a time when my Japanese husband would not have been allowed to enter Germany, I am pretty sure, because actually we had planned to visit my family in May, so I did some research back then

So what you're saying is that you wanted to go on a vacation trip to Germany while you and your Japanese spouse reside in Japan. Don't you realize that this is different from having your residence in Germany and you including your Japanese spouse simply wanted to return? In the latter he would've been allowed in - contrary to Japan.

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