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Dear Jhagen I'm sure there is no instructions in muslims holy book that orders them to kill those who made that cartoon or who had associated with Salman Rushdie novel, and it is the same the bible didn't instruct christians (operation rescue organization ) to assassin doctors nurses and innocent people who are working in apportion centres USA and other countries and hindu books didn't instruct the assassin of Mahatma Ghandi by a hindu extremist because he had meeting with Pakistani muslim official... so the problem is not with religion it's with people.... let's live in world without hatred without racism...with all respect.

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""Discriminatory taxation is part of the early history of Islam, the intent being to coerce conversions. Better than conversion on pain of death, but hardly conversion of one's own free will""

I disagree with you in this point,it is impossible that 1.5 billion people converted because of that, if it was correct then why we see thousands of people in the US and the EU & other places in the world are converting to islam nonetheless there is no Discriminatory taxation.. I searched about that point & found that the taxation is same for muslims & non muslims the only difference is the name, for non-muslims it is called Jeziah & for muslims it's called zakah and it's given to support the poor and that was a long time ago. There is big Christian population in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and there are jews in Yemen and they have the same right & responsibilities like their muslims counterparts, and they have been living their for thousand years & no one forced them to convert or pay extra taxis.

Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons

those cartoons insulted Muhammad and Islam and that had offended them. Islam & Judaism have a strong tradition of aniconism. In many of EU & other countries laws the expressions of blasphemous act is considered a crime. If someone depicts Jesus in a funny cartoon I will be extremely outraged,. the one who made that cartoon is wrong & ignorance & Muslims have the right to feel angry and to deplore. freedom of speech doesn't give anyone the right to offend others in anyway & it does not mean that religious feelings should be made fun of at any price,, In many of our countries if you deny holocaust it's a big crime!!!! why there is no freedom of speech in this matter... It's double standard issue my friend. as we want them to respect our beliefs we should respect theirs...

""False. There is the death penalty for non-violent "crimes" such as apostasy and sex outside of marriage""..

All "Abrahamic" religions have a Capital punishment for adultry. Bible & Torah Leviticus 20:10 (ESV) Leviticus 20:13 (ESV) John 8:3-11 (ESV) even non Abrahamic religions consider adultery a major crime and deserve extreme punishment.

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Dear jhagen,

"I never use violence to anyone, I always listen different opinions without firing, so why shouldn't I be let to walk free?" "((There is a big price every country must pay for opening to Muslim. hope Japan can resist a little bit more, ganbatte)).".

you are using a hate speech against muslims and judge them as if they were "terrorist" and that is 100% violence. just to let you know every person of five persons in the world is a muslim, which means muslims population is more than 25% of the world population and it is the second largest religion in the world, if muslims are terrorist neither me nor you will be alive today to write a comment. If you really read about islam before you request countries to band muslims from entering their land, you will find that it's started more than 1400 years ago, so why only now they became "terrorists"!!!????. And in muslim's holy book Quran stated that no one have the write to force someone else to accept his faith or opinion, muslims became muslims by their own will & Arabs only 20% of muslims population, and the content of Quran is a copy of the original Bible and Torah, "Abrahamic religions", and If you make muslims terrorist because of their belief then you are making all "Abrahamic religions" believers terrorist and they consist of more than 60% of world population.!!!!!!!.. I do understand you because I had the same opinion and image about Islam when I saw in the media & internet how those monsters from ISIS and AlQaida groups kill innocent people in a brutal way without mercy, but the problem is that there are people who are controlling what we see and want us to have that image about Islam and they want us to hate muslims so when they kill a muslim regardless of his crime they want us to watch & say no problem he is a "muslim" he deserved to be killed & they want us to have "Islam-O-phobia', and they never show us the ordinary muslims and they don't show us their struggle in Palestine, Myanmar, China, Somalia, Libya, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Chechnya and everywhere. That is why I don't want anyone to get to their trap, you must search for the truth and see what the others are doing also. Al Qaida ISIS & all terrorist groups don't represent any religion and they don't represent even humans. so let us stop blaming religions, bad people are everywhere and from all beliefs.

that "without a reason" you're talking about does not make me feel safe at all.

The only reason in Islam to take someone's life is if that person killed another person and only the government is allowed to carry out death sentence.

so if they kill only muslims it is not a big issue. wow.

that question is for you!! if you are implying that muslims are terrorists or supporting terrorism then you are mistaken because they are the main target and victims of those terrorists groups.

Dear I suggest you know more about islam so you can have clear picture and understanding.. this is one of the websites I found to know about Islam:

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It is fight between two group of terrorist one group is throwing bombs from the sky using F16 and one group in the ground using tanks and rifles and both groups are killing innocent people and destroying whole nation. and both of them are using fake titles to cover their crimes, one is using the name of "religion" which they don't know anything about, and the other group using the name of "democracy and freedom" which they don't want it for the middle east countries so that they can keep their interests protected.

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There is a big price every country must pay for opening to Muslim. hope Japan can resist a little bit more, ganbatte. !!!!!!

Mr/Ms jhagen or waterer your title is, I think people like you are the one who is realy dangerous and shouldn't be let to walk freely because you have the same mind set as the terrorist of ISIS. for your info, the one who killed hundred of thousand in a brutal way using nuclear bombs as if they were experiments mice are Christians, and the one who killed millions of people in world war 1&2 most of them were Christians such as Adolph Hitler, Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm,Franco, Mussolini, Gen. Pinochet, and in the 21st century we have George w bush, and so many others. That was the Christians list and now for the jews killers list: Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyah, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and there are thousands more. For the Buddhist killers list: Bao Dai, Chiang Kai shel, Chun Doo Hwan,Rakhine Organization. For Islam list: Muammar Qadafi, Hussni Mubarak, Abulfatah Al-sisi, Bashar Al-Assad, Nori Al-Maliki, Talat Pasha,Ruhollah Khomeini, Idi Amin. As you can see from the list, the world most brutal cold blood killers are from all religions which means they use the religion to cover their crimes. From what I see and hear from the media I had a bad image about Islam but when I thoroughly searched and read about the real Islam I found that It's really nice and peaceful religion, you can even tell from the name itself (Islam) which means in arabic peace and the greeting of Islam is "peace be upon you", I read also in Islam textbooks that it's prohibited to kill even an animal without reason and if you kill only one human regardless of his/her religion or belief it's considered as you have killed all mankind and you will go to hell, and I think the media is being controlled to give a bad image about Islam and make people believe that it's violent religion which in reality it's the opposite. Regarding ISIS they are killing mainly Muslims in Syria & Iraq and all muslim religious leaders declared them non muslims not only that they even considered them wolves in human shape and the one who is really fighting them are the muslims from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait ..etc . In regard to their power and support they have gained power and support from the people in Iraq, Syria & the rest of the world because they claim that they came to help the Syrian & Iraqi people in their revolution against the dictators: Bashar Al-Assad in Syria & Nori Al Maliki in Iraq whom are killing their people to stay in power. Most of people who are joining ISIS have lost their trust in and the UN, US and western countries because they are only watching and doing nothing to stop those dictator, and also the gain support because of the US military continuous intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan. I think the Muslim people feel that they are being targeted by the US and their allies, Not to forget that they have bad history with western countries which occupied their land, killed millions of them, stole their resources, divided their countries, appointed dictators to rule them so they can secure their interests, and also the hate USA because of its unlimited support to Israel which is considered to them the world number one terrorist nation. It is the same anytime and everywere if feel that you existence or beliefs are being targeted you will fight to protect it, so the solution for this problem is first by stopping the killing innocent people in middle east that is being carried by the US and western countries for decades, second to force Bashar Al Assad to step down, third establish democratic governments in Syria & Iraq forth stop Iran interventions in Arab countries, if that happen those terrorist will not find anyone to support, believe or provide shelter for them and no one will get infected by their poisonous ideology.

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