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Sakamotodesuga comments

Posted in: Truck driver gets 14 years in fatal drunk driving case See in context

He deserved life sentence in jail ...

Those kids won't come back. But this ossan will come back to society one day. Unacceptable

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Posted in: Relatives of Sri Lankan detainee who died at immigration center to sue gov't See in context

El rata:

Japanese and foreigners alike know how terrible detention and prision is in this country that's why most people are advised to avoid troubles with the law. If she had just followed that simple advise she would probably still be alive.

Man, she just needed a good normal person who could call an ambulance on time and bring her a doctor, or take her to hospital.

Are you ever sober to re-read what you just wrote?? What a bunch of fascist comments we can read all over these sections. They compare Japan to china or North Korea. What I am reading?? Holy moly....

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Posted in: Japan to focus on greener society, digital for pandemic recovery See in context

What "greenery" are you talking about? Osaka doesn't have enough green spaces and we literally die in summer. No tree's shadow, only concrete

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Posted in: Teenage girl's suicide highlights toxic side of social media See in context

Suicide is never the result of external actors, it is the result of unhealthy thinking patterns and a lack of coping strategies

Are you a psychologist to reassure that?

Do you know how important for such early stages of human being, children and teenagers, is to have a "good environment" in which you grow yourself enough confidence cuz you feel protected and loved in this world? Kinda "I've a safe space here somewhere to go..."

I believe this must be tackled by 2 sides, one is like you've said, invest on mental health awareness. The other one should be teaching at schools and homes that undermine and bully someone is never an option. That's simply can be called a violent act, in Japan, in Papúa Guinea or Brazil, e-ve-rywhere! And such acts could be taken to the justice.

Cooperation above competition, no? ....

There's so little social and emotional education in this world.... That's why there're many irresponsible adults living in society.

RIP to Noa Tsukino.. . She deserved to be listened and contemplated. I don't wanna talk on how japan still lacks of a psychological assistance

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

Why didn’t they stay in Japan and complain instead of going on vacation thinking things would workout if the complained enough?

Do you really think everyone who's abroad by now was on vacations?? We had tickets to return, but they got cancelled by the airline.

After my husband and I got married, we decided it would be a nice idea to meet my parents, who are elders by now, so he decided to keep working until I come back 2 weeks after. Then the outbreak started in March.

We have been talking with japanese embassy, lawyers, and searched a lot in the Internet.

Nothing else to do for us. Just wait.

Job, the house, kids, everything is waiting for me in Japan. Who to blame? I want to ask same to the japanese government.

Why my husband would be allowed to come back but I can't do same?

It doesn't matter how much I read on this, the family is separated and we're heart broken.

The only hope is the ban to be stopped and allow expats to come home safely. Take a PCR and everything, like a Japanese National would do. All people doing same.

We've also heard that Germany put a ban to japanese people to re entry to EU, until japan allows Germans to re enter japan.


As per China, Japan, and South Korea, their residents will be allowed to travel to Germany only if they grant Germans with entry into their territory, as the three of them have entry bans for Germans in place.

This is how all countries should act. Claps on Germany.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

Why hasn't anyone started a petition on this?

Yes, there's a petition on this, started by クラーマー スベン.

Name is:

"Stop the entry ban on legal foreign residents of Japan"


We believe that this petition should have more diffusion on media. We yet are not reaching the 25k signs. If only this is translated in Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippines, among other southern Eastern Asian languages we would have reached the goal long ago..

I feel so helpless, unable to meet my husband since end of March, beginning of April. The embassy is not helping enough, and the lawyers are saying we must keep waiting.. We're speechless and helpless.

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Posted in: Japanese firm offers spouses apartments to avoid 'coronavirus divorce' See in context

Holy mother... This kind of headlines makes me feel "haha funny joke.. Oh no wait, it's real". Only japan. Always. btw, I'm glad at least this kind of services exist, because back at my country there is nowhere to go if you have little money. The dark side of the lockdown unfortunately is domestic violence at every angle, not only wives. Children, girlfriend, grannies. It's something governments needs to actively tackle it. Oh well

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Posted in: Man gets 5 years for killing woman who ‘wanted to die’ See in context

5 years for murder is rediculous, he should be in for a minimum of 20 yrs if not the ultimate.

totally agree. unbelievable :/ this is not serious. So anyone can kill someone just because that person asked to die, but the murderer only gets 5 years imprisoned? no way...

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

He was quoted as saying he would spot girls during his commute and follow them to find out where they lived and when they might be alone.

Omg!! This is the kind of stuff I've been saying about Japanese old creepy men who stalk girls around the neighbourhood. It doesn't matter how cute, old, tall, thin, chubby, whatever. They just wait until the prey is alone.

It reminds me of how scared I was when I first moved in the neighbourhood in Higashiosaka. It is a very lonely neighbourhood at night with many kogaishas (small companies). So the are many workers, mostly men walking around at night. One night after arubaito (around 11pm) one men in his bicycle approached me "neechan, neechan, asobi ni ikanai?" as soon as I saw him I shouted but that would not stop him. I just ran home almost crying, but we could not do anything as we could not confirm who was him. I feel japan is quite safe but not at night for girls to walk alone, unfortunately. I stopped working at that restaurant as I was afraid of coming back late from work.

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Posted in: Japanese rock legend Hyde rips into those not practicing social distancing and hitting up pubs during pandemic See in context

Well done, at least somebody is talking loud about this matter in Japan. Still cannot believe how my friends and acquaintances are going out to hanami, pubs, restaurants, etc :/ lack of a leader in the government.

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Posted in: Robot graduates See in context

They should have done this when Fukushima disaster. Cmon :/ this is completely disrespectful to all the people who are in quarantine and have family who's dying.

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