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Posted in: Japanese firm offers spouses apartments to avoid 'coronavirus divorce' See in context

Holy mother... This kind of headlines makes me feel "haha funny joke.. Oh no wait, it's real". Only japan. Always. btw, I'm glad at least this kind of services exist, because back at my country there is nowhere to go if you have little money. The dark side of the lockdown unfortunately is domestic violence at every angle, not only wives. Children, girlfriend, grannies. It's something governments needs to actively tackle it. Oh well

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Posted in: Man gets 5 years for killing woman who ‘wanted to die’ See in context

5 years for murder is rediculous, he should be in for a minimum of 20 yrs if not the ultimate.

totally agree. unbelievable :/ this is not serious. So anyone can kill someone just because that person asked to die, but the murderer only gets 5 years imprisoned? no way...

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He was quoted as saying he would spot girls during his commute and follow them to find out where they lived and when they might be alone.

Omg!! This is the kind of stuff I've been saying about Japanese old creepy men who stalk girls around the neighbourhood. It doesn't matter how cute, old, tall, thin, chubby, whatever. They just wait until the prey is alone.

It reminds me of how scared I was when I first moved in the neighbourhood in Higashiosaka. It is a very lonely neighbourhood at night with many kogaishas (small companies). So the are many workers, mostly men walking around at night. One night after arubaito (around 11pm) one men in his bicycle approached me "neechan, neechan, asobi ni ikanai?" as soon as I saw him I shouted but that would not stop him. I just ran home almost crying, but we could not do anything as we could not confirm who was him. I feel japan is quite safe but not at night for girls to walk alone, unfortunately. I stopped working at that restaurant as I was afraid of coming back late from work.

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Posted in: Japanese rock legend Hyde rips into those not practicing social distancing and hitting up pubs during pandemic See in context

Well done, at least somebody is talking loud about this matter in Japan. Still cannot believe how my friends and acquaintances are going out to hanami, pubs, restaurants, etc :/ lack of a leader in the government.

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Posted in: Robot graduates See in context

They should have done this when Fukushima disaster. Cmon :/ this is completely disrespectful to all the people who are in quarantine and have family who's dying.

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