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Posted in: Doctor arrested for sexually molesting woman during examination See in context

"the incident occurred between 1 p.m. and 12 p.m."...Really?

Shouldn't it be "between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m.?

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the typo. It should be between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic Committee deputy head has coronavirus See in context

I want to think positive but I need to be realistic.....The way the coronavirus is spreading incrementally around the world; the IOC will need to, at the very least, reschedule the Summer Olympics for the athletes let alone the spectators coming from all over the world....

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Posted in: Fugitive gives himself up 10 days after fleeing from hospital See in context

He doesn't look too happy... ;-)

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Posted in: After sumo, golf and dinner, Trump and Abe get down to business See in context

Abe=Mr. Brown Nose

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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

Somethings are best unsaid.......

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Posted in: Fashion tycoon Maezawa says he is selling valuable paintings because he has no money See in context

Easy come....Easy go!

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Posted in: 5 members of Bad Lobster biker group arrested See in context

Rebel without a cause....

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Posted in: Man on turret truck dies in elevator accident at Tokyo fish market See in context

What a horrific and terrible way to die.....RIP.

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Posted in: Mariners, Ichiro near agreement on one-year deal See in context

Ichiro is the MAN!

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Posted in: Trial over Vietnamese girl's murder in Chiba to start June 4 See in context

Japan is a relatively safe country compared to most countries but when serious crime does happen, it's horrific.

RIP Le Thi Nhat Linh...

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Posted in: Luxury bag sharing app changing how people get their fashion fix See in context

Good business model....

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Posted in: Osaka arcade operator, 6 employees arrested over rigged claw machines See in context

Live by the claw, die by the claw......of justice.

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for pushing younger sister off train platform See in context

Not enough good Mental Health programs available in Japan. Japanese are very sensitive about the topic and do not openly discuss their problems thinking it would cause shame upon their family name if they are seen as mentally ill. Very unfortunate...

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Posted in: Man robs post office of Y1 mil after threatening to ignite gasoline See in context

"According to police, the man, who was wearing a black cap and black jacket"

OK, that narrows it down to about 90% of men in Japan....

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Posted in: Lost Australian diver swam miles to shore stalked by shark See in context

A very fishy story....Sakanafish!

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Posted in: Drop-dead beautiful: Undertakers tested on how to dress a corpse See in context

A little too morbid for me.....

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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

Japan has done so much to help Korea from a whence it was third world country. They are grateful only in the beginning and they soon forget and revert back to playing their guilt trip to obtain more favors.....

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Posted in: New hope for endangered eels, Japanese summer delicacy See in context

A well he-ell-ed customer doesn't mind how much it costs to eat the delicacy! Yuk yuk yuk!

If you don't get it....gomen na sai!

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Posted in: Japan approves U.S. Marine flights of Ospreys after crash See in context

Business as usual.....

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Posted in: Man served arrest warrant for allegedly killing Chinese sisters See in context

RIP Baolan sisters. There are a lot of good people, if not the majority of people, in Japan that feel the same way.....

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Posted in: Abe's support rebounds after cabinet reshuffle See in context

Abe is in a tail spin. There's too much negative news surrounding him. The LDP's popularity is out Abe, Yuriko Koike is becoming a lot more popular than you! I bet if she ever decided to take her party nationally, she'd have very good chance of becoming Prime Minister.

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Posted in: New defense minister upbeat on SDF strike ability See in context

Onodera is a much better choice than Inada. He has a proven track record as well.

Inada made Japan look weak.

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Posted in: Inada resigns; Defense Ministry probe denies her role in data coverup See in context

She should have never been appointed Defense Minister. Japan needs someone with a real military background, someone with a proven military track record.

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Posted in: Defense chief Inada gave nod to withholding info on peacekeeping logs See in context

Tomomi Inada makes Japan look WEAK....

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Posted in: China tells Japan 'negative' moves prevent improvement in ties See in context

There's always 2 sides to a story...

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Posted in: 89-year-old man beaten, stabbed to death in Chofu See in context

All the evidence point to a crime of passion rather than a random crime.

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Posted in: Trump tweets that Nordstrom treated Ivanka unfairly See in context

Show us your tax returns Don the CON!

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Posted in: 40% of Japanese women OK with 'Christmas Eve-only' boyfriend See in context

OK, I'm available......

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Posted in: What makes a Japanese woman think she and a guy have become lovers? See in context

" it can sometimes be heard to tell".....I have a hard time hearing....

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Posted in: Dean Fujioka tops Yahoo! Japan's most popular search list in 2016 See in context

What's Yahoo?......I think it's something extinct or something barely extant...

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