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Well here we go again: China distorting the facts and twisting History around again - as usual.

"Some Japanese politicians chose this day to visit the shrine, which honors ‘Class A’ war criminals and glorifies the aggressive war,” the ministry said in a statement.

-WRONG - Try again Mr. Foreign Minister. The Yasukuni Shrine was constructed in 1869 by the order of Emperor Meiji. The Shrine was established to Honor ALL Japanese who have died in the service of the Emperor.

“It demonstrates again Japan’s erroneous attitudes toward the historical issues,” it added. “China lodges its resolute opposition and strong dissatisfaction.”

-WRONG Again - The Shrine demonstrates Japan's respect to those who died for The Emperor, Their Families, AND Their Nation.

BTW Mr. Foreign Minister, What historical issues are you referring too?

Historical issues from The Bonin War for when the Shrine was established? The Satsuma Rebellion? The Russo-Japan War? The Sino-Japan War? The Pacific War? You have quite a few Historical Events to choose from.

The shrine does list the names of 2,466,532 men, women and children, including 1,068 war criminals; 14 of whom are considered A-Class, HOWEVER, there is not a single human body or human remains inside Yasukuni Shrine.

That's right - nobody is buried there.

Those War Criminals that China keeps pointing at are buried at their ancestral graves in their ancestral hometowns and NOT at Yasukuni Shrine.

Mr. Foreign Minister, please unblock your Google and do some "Historical Reasesrch" before popping a cork next time?

Gosh, this is why young people in China are so brainwashed & mislead by their own Theocratic Maoist Communist Government to hate the Japanese & the young Chinese will never learn the truth for why the Japanese really visit the Yasukuni Shrine and it's NOT to pay respects to War Criminals - it's to pay respects for those who died for Japan & to pray for World Peace.

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Care to elaborate?

I can tell you that China's "Historical Map" claim of the Senkakku Islands was illegal & challenged by the International Community by offering China to make their claim at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and China refused to take it up with the ICJ and instead they established an Air Defense Zone (ADIZ) over the ENTIRE East China Sea which is international waters and air space, plus a Chinese Destroyer locked its Weapons Radar onto a Japanese Coast Guard Vessel while it was on routine patrol near the Senkakku Islands - That was China's 1st attempt at trying to change The Status Quo.

South Korea has also overlapped ADIZ's in The Sea of Japan including and over the Takeshima Island and they illegally placed a military base on the Islet and there has been repeated calls from Japan for South Korea to dismantle the base and remove themselves from the Japnese Islet and they have bluntly refused to leave - That is South Korea attempting to change The Status Quo (anything to do with Comfort Women Ms. Park?). When japan sent a team of politicians to talk to the South Koreans on the Japanese Takeshima Islands - Ms. Park responded by scrambling S. Korean F-15 Fighter Jets & threatened to shoot down the helicopter and kill all the lives onboard. Real diplomatic of her eh?

While on patrol in the South China Sea (international waters) the USS Cowpens was nearly rammed by a Chinese Warship just 6 months ago because the Cowpens was on a routine deployment patrol - China's 2nd attempt tat changing the Status Quo in the South China And now they are making a 3rd attempt at changing the Status Quo by dredging sand onto coral reefs in The South China Sea and by doing so, they are not only planting military bases on these reefs that an accommodate Fighter/Bobmbers, they are destroying the reefs and the environment all around The Spratley Islands, just to make Land, Air, and Sea Base Claims over the ENTIRE South China Sea - Again their 3rd attempt at Changing The Status Quo.

So, when has The U.S. attempted to change the Status Quo?

I am just curious.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated and I quote:

"We must never forget that there were women behind the battlefields whose honour and dignity were severely injured."

So why is Park Guen-hye STILL BARKING about this so called and alleged "Comfort Women" issue. Despite that lack of evidence PM Abe conceded to Park and offered a special apologetic recognition that is still disputable by all means of the standard.

And within the same statement (and directed at squarely at China) PM Abe stated and I quote:

"Also in countries that fought against Japan, countless lives were lost among young people with promising futures. In China, Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and elsewhere that became the battlefields, numerous innocent citizens suffered and fell victim to battles as well as hardships such as severe deprivation of food."

Does China get it now? Here's your apology and I don't know how much further and how much more The Japanese have to go or say to apologize?

What would make China and South Korea happy from this point forward? Do they want what's left of a 95 Year Old Aging Japanese Population put in prison for being drafted by the Japanese Government and ordered to Shoot and Kill Chinese and Koreans during the War? Sorry but we (The U.S.) already executed their Leaders & The War Criminals who forced their population into that nightmare and ordered 16 Year Old boys to fly Zero's (Kamikaze's) into U.S. Carriers and forced troops to Banzai Charge into a line of gun fire until they were shot to death or ordered to blow themselves up with hand grenades inside caves like Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima.

What does China and S. Korea want at this point? More Political Leverage? More Islands? More Money? More Japanese Territory?

They got their apology - Loud and Clear.

Now China and South Korea can make the "Right Choice" and accept Japan's apology or they can continue to be counterproductive and continue to harass Japan on alleged Historical Events that cannot be changed just in order to "Unbalance The Status Quo" in the Pacific Region and that will be "Their Choice" and their choice to make all by themselves, but beware China & South Korea; ANY attempts at using Historical Events in order to alter the "Status Quo" will be met with U.S., Japan, and Australian Deterrence.

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Well as usual, China is being counterproductive and this is their way of keeping things at "the boiling point" in the region and furthermore this is their way of getting attention.

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At this point I could really care less what China has to say and as predicted - It wasn't a "sincere apology".

I am certain that this "Choice of Attitude" from China will be the pretext China will use to try and unbalance the Status Quo in the Pacific Region.

For now, I am more interested in how the U.S. Ambassador - Caroline Kennedy felt about Shinzo Abe's speech today?

Did his words far enough and did Washington feel Japan has atoned for their aggressions from WW2?

Did we sense Japan's steadfast sincerity at keeping Peace with Honor?

I know I sure did.

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Actually, The Japnese have been teaching their children about the horrors of War (mainly WW2) and they have been very transparent about the reasons Japan went to war. Japanese students are very well educated on the impacts and the aftermath war.

Did you know that both Peace Parks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki draw over 1 Million visitors a year?

Out of those 1 Million Visitors - 66,000 (2/3rds) are Japanese Students from all around Japan visiting the Memorials and speaking to the survivors and talking about the War.

Is that not educating "The Truth" like right in front of their eyes about WW2 and the cost for going to War?

If not, then I don't know what or how more transparent the Japanese can be.

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On the contrary Japan has done more than just apologize.

And there is something about the Japanese if you all have not learned by now living in Japan is that the Japanese do not engage in Bragging Rights - it's just not in their culture.

But I can tell you that in addition to Millions of Yen paid out to Koreans and Chinese who suffered under Japan's Militarism during WW2, Japan also built Airports, Schools, Roads, Bridges, Railways, and Industrial Infrastructure inside South Korea and China - Post WW2 at No Cost to those Nations. Plus the Japanese had sent Milllions in economic aid to Post-War China and South Korea AND North Korea.

Did they get 1 Thank You from The Korea's or China?

Nope - Just more rhetoric and bitterness.

Japan has contributed SO MUCH to 3rd World Countries around The World after WW2 because they really are remorseful and reflective of the events that their former government and they have not rattled a sword at ANYONE since then.

And China and The Korea's had better understand that despite their "Choice" not to accept Japan's Apology (pending their remarks) Japan will protect their respective boarders and they will work with The U.S. at maintaining "The Status Quo" even if that means engaging in Collective Self Defense in order to help out a friend.

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Shinzo Abe did address the Comfort Women issue by stating that Japan remembered: "...women behind the battlefields whose honor and dignity were severely injured..." - That sounds like an apology to me.

Plus he used the words "Profound Grief" for the millions killed during WW2. - Again, that sounds like an Apology to me.

Finally, he said, "Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war".

ALL sounds like an Apology to me.

Guarantee you will never hear Washington use phrases like that with respects to the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But then again, The Japanese have never asked nor demanded an Apology from The United States, but if I were the President I would offer it voluntarily do to the Human Suffering just like the Japanese have for the past 70 Years since the end of WW2.

History cannot be changed by just words alone, but if China and The Korea's do not want to accept this Apology from Japan then that is their "Choice" not to do so, and that means they plan to use Historical Events as a Pretext to change the Status Quo in the Asian Pacific Region and possibly attack Japan someday based upon Historical Events that cannot be changed.

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Spoken like a true gentleman and I believe he was very sincere in his remorseful speech today.

And keep in mind, that The Abe Administration did not start the events that led Japan into World War II

Therefore I continue to see no reason and no need for Shinzo Abbe to apologize and I 100% agree with him that future generations and I'm sure he is meaning future administrations of the Japanese government should not have to keep apologizing for crimes against humanity that they did not commit.

Those individuals in the Japanese government during World War II that did commit crimes against humanity were prosecuted by the United States and they were punished accordingly.

But I am sure China and South Korea will "split hairs" on his words and they will spin this as they usually do as this not being a "sincere" nor the word "apology" came out of his mouth, and the cycle of this never ending rhetoric that comes out of China and South Korea will never end because ithis issue the only political leverage that these 2 nations have against Japan in order to acquire - illegally - the wealth away from good and sincere Japanese.

Well done Mr. Abe

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@ Kenny Iyekawa

That's impossible.

Hypothetically Speaking, and if this is the standard moving forward, then every single nation that has gone to War throughout history MUST apologize for going to War no matter the method nor the outcome of the War - Win or Lose - All current and future Administrations of every Nation that has gone to War must develop a practice of apologizing for going to War.

Ok - Sorry for going to War: Great Britain, Mexico, Tripoli, Union & Confederates, Spain, Germany, Germany again, Italy, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and The World on Terror?

Did I miss anyone?

Oh, and Sorry Mankind for Darwin pointing out that we really are the smartest tool using fire making animals on the planet.

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I just want to know why the Abe Administration has to apologize for events that were never initiated by the Abe Administration?

The events of WW2 where initiated by the Tojo Administration under the blessings of The Emperor.

The Chinese and Koreans keep saying "The Japanese Government" but which government? Tojo is dead and so is Emeror Hirohito.

Should The Obama Administration apologize to The Japanese for a decision made by The Truman Administration for the Fire Bombings of over 60 Cities in Japan and for the Atomic Bombs being dropped on Hitoshima & Nagasaki that killed

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Ok, let me this correct: The Male Suspect - a 24 Year Old; severs off "the unit" of a 42 Year Old Male whom the suspects Wife was having an affair with at the time of the attack.

Well, judging by the suspects extreme violence in this case, it doesn't surprise me to learn why the suspects wife was having an affair. She was probably ready to end the marriage because that kind of behavior is not normal by any standards of conduct unless rape is involved then I understand the severing of "the unit" to ensure that doesn't happen again.

But this guy was just venting rage beyond what is to be considered the normal way of handling things.

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Ok, why is China and South Korea piling on Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe was not even born until 1954.

I mean, why is Shnzo Abe being treated like HE started The War?

Shinzo Abe did not order the Invasion of China or the rape Korea, nor did he order the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

To best of my knowledge it was a General Hideki Tojo "Razor" who initiated a "Coup d'état" on February 26, 1934 that overthrew the Democratic Parliament of Japan & assassinated Japanese Politicians and Japanese Citizens who refused or did not want to go along with his vision of Japan's militarization of Asia.

All of that led to the Invasion of China, Korea, and the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Shinzo Abe has nothing to apologize for since he nor his administration did not initiate these events nor where they there to stop Tojo.

Maybe if Abe was there, he would've stopped Tojo or even brokered a deal with The U.S. to form a resistance to STOP The War & Tojo before The Nightmare began.

Yes, Abe now has to build up his National Defence to protect his country because Japan is being constantly threatened by China, North & South Korea, and Russia over decisions made by an out of control now Prime Minister - 70 Years Ago.

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I've said it once before and I'll say it again, You go to bed with Commie Dogs, then you are sure to wake up with Commie Fleas.

Think I feel sorry for Wall Street & The Foreign Investors who are getting sapped by China by dropping the value of their currency in order to save their own worthless disloyal hides because they Bull-Ran their markets instead of recessing?


Loosing Money Apple? Loosing Money Microsoft? Goodyear? General Motors? Toyota? Cadillac?

Can't sell to the Chinese like you sell here in the States or Japan eh?

Look out Apple and Samsung - Xiomi is moving in for the kill.

BTW: When have The Japanese ever devalued the Yen in order to get a more competitive edge in the Global Markets or Trade? - Never

They Recess and play fair on the Competitive Markets and how does Wall Street & The Foreign Invrstors repay Japan for that Fair and Loyal Maket Practice? They order the NSA to spy on The Japanese and then LIE to The Japanese - THE ABANDON The Japanese Manufacturers because "Made In Japan" takes a bit longer to produce due to The Japanese very close attention to detail & precision manufacturing & cost a little bit more than Cheap, Quick, & Half-A** "Made In China" BUT despite all of the rhetoric; The Japnese Recess their markets so Wall Street can shuffle their cards around in order to keep their stock values in tact without losing value.

But does China? Will China make a sacrifice and tecess their markets? Nope - Never. They devalue their currency causing Wall Street to tumble send Global Stocks into the toilet before they will sacrifice 1 Yuan.

China has never been known to demonstrate ANY LOYALTY to anything but Communist China and ONLY Communist China.

Finally, The Oil and Energy Giants that import Gas & Oil are next. This is why China has been actively engaged in "Land Reclaimation" in The South China Sea. They are targeting the rich Oil & Gas reserves near Malaysia and with a strong Military Presence in place - who's going to stop China from thieving away the Oil & Gas? That will really drive the markets down.

Enjoy the Flat-Spin Wall Street - You've Earned it.

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Ok, let me get this right:

Pyongyang will be forcing their people to get up at 4:24AM instead of 4:54AM when there is actual sunlight and that's Snubbing Japan?

And when it's 6:39PM and getting DARK in North Korea, Pyongyang will make their people continue to work in the DARK because it's now 6:09PM.

Have you all seen the satellite images of North Korea before and after sunset? It's really DARK.

Hey Pyongyang, what's the difference between a grape and a raisin?

I'll let them figure out that question out while they stumble sround in the DARK.

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@Haa Nemui

Oh Yea! That's right - The Commies in China are gearing up for "Victory Over Japan" Day.

They should also be celebrating "Victory Over The Chinese Repuplic" Day while they are at it.

After all it was "Chairman Mao" that actually murdered 40 Milllion of his own people just to put himself into power AFTER WW2.

So The Communist Mao Loving Media in China thought they would initiate a disgusting and distasteful insinuation that Japan "deserved" to be Bombed with Atomic Weapons by pointing out that Japan focus's more on the "Victimization" of their citizens from the aftermath of the bombings instead of focusing on "why" they were bombed.

That's Communist China's focus - They deserved it - right?

There is no doubt in my mind that The World had better be On Guard and Very Focused on Communist China and Do Not turn a blind eye for 1 Second.

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@overchan - Yes, I agree.

@elephant200 - I think you are missing my point. Communost China is trying to "justify" The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki as if the Japanese "Citizens" deserved it.

That is what boiled my blood. Look, I know The Republic of China was conventionally bombed (Airstrikes) by Japan in the 1930's by Japan BUT the Japanese never justified it nor did they EVER say the Chinese Republic deserved it. The Japanese were misguided by over ambition, murdered Chinese (yes) & they apologized to The Chinese after WW2 and they NEVER raised another weapon against another country since then nor did the Japnese ever try to start an insurgency against their American Occupiers.

It seems like to me that if Communist China finds a justifiable reason or a deserving reason to start a War with another country then I believe they'll do it.

The United States dropped the bombes on Hiroshima & Nagasaki because Washington felt it would save American Lives by not engaging in "Operation Downfall" - The full blown invasion of U.S. & Allied Forces into mainland Japan. I personally do not agree with Truman deciding to use The Bomb, but he did what he felt was necessary to end the War and unlike Communist China - not to justify reasons to start new ones.

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Boy the BS is getting deep in Communist China !

So according to Communist China it is OK to get bombed if you find justifiable reasons to bomb another country – that is what Communist China is saying by putting a spin on this .

This infuriates me more than anything that I've ever heard come out of Communist China and if I were president of the United States I would feel like I would want to launch a war on China right now based on that attitude alone and especially since they are militarizing the South China Sea in the East China Sea I find this country a direct threat to the world .

By the way Mao Zedong murdered over 40 million pro republic Chinese to put his selfish self into power so what are the comparisons hear them?

We are talking about the annihilation of Japanese citizens women and children by the flash of an atomic bomb court was dropped into hero Shima and Nagasaki – and not a military target .

All the Japanese are trying to say is we – the world – should never try to go to war again because war is such a horrible thing.

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"In 1945 ... , Secretary of War Stimson visited my headquarters in Germany, [and] informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act.... During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and second because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of 'face.' The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude, almost angrily refuting the reasons I gave for my quick conclusions." - General Dwight D. Eisenhower

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@Kenny Iyekawa

Well this situation highlights how pathetic Washington coupled with the U.S. Automaker Unions have become. What ever happen to the term "Innovation"? Hey, if you cannot innovate or compete, then step aside and let the real thinkers do the innovating right?

Spying is just a quick & lazy attempt a getting ahead of the competition or opponent. That's a standard I normally expect from Communist China AND NOT The United States.

Plus what was purpose at collecting data on Japan's Climate Change Initiatives? Is Washington planning to halt and or disrupt Japan's Initiatives in some form or another? If so, what's the reason? To appease China? Why not? Washington took a blind eye to China's Island Reclamation in the South China Sea then played STUPID after the Media broke the story as of they didn't know?

Perhaps the Japanese simply want to drink cleaner water and breath cleaner air - has that ever donged on Washington?

The Japnese are our friends and allies in the Asian Region and Washington & The U.S. Auto Unions had better get comfortable with that reality and keep their noses where it belongs.

Looks like those Jiji's & Baba's in the Abe administration are going to have to start having their meetings at the Onsens and not in their offices where the NSA is bugging their Phones and intercepting their emails.


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OMG - I am utterly SHOCKED and Extremely Disappointed in Washington about this Spying Program called "Target Tokyo" via the NSA collecting and passing along sensitive information that belongs to the Japanese - our only honorable and trustworthy allied nation in Asia to the "Five Eyes" - The U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand (and The U.S)??

What if any of those nations sold that information to Communist China or Russia? How much damage may have been caused to the Japanese? Or could that information backfire on us one day?

Oh BTW - The Chinese and Russian Media's is Eating This UP!

It's "Look at The U.S. Double Standard Day" in China and Russia

The President needs to get on Air Force 1 and fly to Japan ASAP!

Yes, not only the Vice President but The President himself needs to personally apologize to Prime Minister Abe & The Japanese People as an act of Honor for the misbehavior of the NSA.

The truth needs to be brought to light here and a Full Explanation and Accountability of the data collected and the damage it may have caused to Japan and potentially us for that matter.

Finally, we've been working tirelessly at trying to get the people of Okinawa to trust us - How does Washington think this news going to settle with them?

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Oh who does Mr. Aida think he's fooling here?

This was a clear and concise Swipe Right in Face at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Riveting & Revolting for a Japanese Citizen.

Dont believe me?

Go ask the nearest Hippie.

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"... a lot of countries took part in that war."

The only Country (other than The United States) that actually engaged the Imperial Japanese Army & Navy was Australia. They sent the HMAS Canberra (D33) to assist The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, but unfortunately the HMAS Canberra was sunk during The Battle of Savo Island and she rests next to American and Japanese warships at the bottom of "Iron Bottom Sound".

The British tried to get back in The Pacific War, but the bulk of their forces where defeated & driven out of Singapore and their entire Pacific Garrison taken prisoner by the Japanese before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. That knocked Great Britain out of the Pacific War.

The United States took on 99.9% of ALL of the decisive engagements against the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy & WE defeated them Island by Island, Plane by Plane & Ship by Ship.

Again, Mao Zedong and his useless Revolutionist coward in the slums until WE Liberated The Chinese and drove the Imperial Japanese OFF Mainland China.

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Oh why stop with the Japanese Communist China?

Don't forget to celebrate Victory Over The U.S. since Communist China was directly involved with supplying Troops, Weapons, Pilots, & Warplanes to North Korea that directly contributed to the United States losing over 26,000 Young Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines during The Korean War. AND pat yourselves in the back for sending 100's of Chinese Military Advisors while under the directives of Mao Zedong to shoot down Dozens of U.S. Aircraft and 52 Bombers during "Operation Linebacker" over Hanoi during The Vietnam War. Any idea where our POW's and MIA's are China? You should know, you took several captive into mainland China never to be seen again.

Besides, Mao Zedong was just a Street Thug cowering in the hideouts of Shanghai with his useless band of Communist "Revolutionist" until The U.S. Drove out the Imperial Japanese OFF mainland China.

Let's not distort history here, The Communist "Revolution" during WW2 was about as useless as The Fench Resistance in France and again it wasn't until The U.S. Rolled into Paris that France was Liberated from the Nazi's.

It's just regretful that we Liberated those ungrateful, distrustful, backstabbing, murdering, genoicidal Communist Chinese in China.

Very Regretful.

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"China says it has every right to drill in the East China Sea"

Not when their siphoning Gas & Oil out from the Japanese side of the line violating their 2008 Exclusive Economic Zone Treaty with Japan.

Look, simple rules of when it comes to dealing with Communist China: #1 - Any Promise made by China is a Promise Written on Water. #2 - If You offer China 5" they will take 15" and if you compromise to 15" they will take 6 Feet.

China wants it ALL - They want The Pacific Region as envisioned by Mao Zedong in the early 1950's and they want the Worlds Economic Wealth, and then the Moon, then Mars and if they have their way The Entire Solar System and I wouldn't be surprised if they are already planning to rename the Roman Named Planets to Chinese Names and probably have already planning to rename Jupiter to Zedong - The Forbiddden Planet (or something crazy like that).

Anyway, Good Job Japan - Stay on your guard.

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Shall I remind you that Mao Zedong committed acts of genocide by murdering over 40 Million Chinese after WW2 in an all out effort to bring the Comminist Party to power?

The Chinese Government disputes those numbers but that's history So who's White-Washing history now?

Also, we did not "invade" Korea nor Vietnam - we were attempting to STOP the spread of Communism into the Asian Region by an all out attempt at bringing Freedom & Democracy to the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam but again, thanks to Communist China and The Communist Soviet Union (Russia) at that time - our Faithful Attempt at bring Freedom & Democracy to the entire Korean Peninsula and Vietnam was defeated.

And Flowers - A Human Being is a Human Being, plus the average age of a U.S. Soldier is just 19 Years Old - Our most precious blood was lost due to the expansion of Communism in Asia and I will never forgive China nor Russia.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a Patriotic American who LOVES Japan and as "childish" as you may characterize my posts, the fact is: I will state my opinions and I will say the things that those cowards in Washington are too afraid to say because they're too worried about their stock portfolio's going bust, but since China's Economy is about to hit the skids snyways - they might as well grow a spine and start defending Japan instead throwing them candy and empty promises.

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Mr. Chenyong Hua - In 1950 Your country under the leadership of Mao Zedong invaded Korea with over 1.3 Million Communist Chinese Soldiers and along side 26,000 Russians and killed over 36,000 American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and over 2.5 Korean Civilians killed - Where is our apology? Where is the remorse from YOUR Communist Country for all innocent that your country murdered?

In 1972 Communist China again under the leadership of Mao Zedong directly Supplied Surface to Air Missiles, and Anti Aircraft Guns to North Vietnamese - Trained, and with Communist Chinese Military Advisors on the ground - engaged and shot down over 17 B-52's during "Operation Linebacker" killing over 136 U.S. Airmen and an additional 134 Aircraft with pilots either being killed or taken captive and still listed a Missing In Action (MIA) - Where is our apology? Where is your remorse?

Saigon fell to North Vietnam thanks to the direct intervention of Communist China leading to the deaths of over 50,000 U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines lost during the entire War in Vietnam. Where is our apology? Where is your remorse?

The Japanese was defeated, bombed, nuked, and their leaders hung by their necks until their deaths. They have repeatedly apologized for their sins during World War 2 & since then they have not risen a Sword nor Fired 1 Shot at ANYONE AT ANY GIVEN TIME since the end of World War 2. They have honored and kept their promise and they hold no grudges AND THEY HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!!!!!!!

Take a real good look in that mirror Communist China and ask yourselves if you were ever apologetic or remorseful for YOUR SINS during The Korean War and The Vietnam War and have those sins been forgiven?

I'll let History adjudicate that question.

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I have the Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel - Black Leather Band - Classic Bucke and I wear it all day and I really like it.

It fits real nice on my wrist and it has a Premium Look and it feels like I am wearing an expensive watch because the Stainless Steel has some weight to it but it doesn't feel heavy or clunky.

When screen is off - the watch appears more like the Men's Carteir Tank watch.

The user interface isn't hard to figure out and the APPS bubble in out and that's really cute and fun to use.

Making a phone call on it is interesting, but dictation on the Text APP sometimes doesn't work but Ian sure there's a bug fix coming in on OS2.

I use the Workout App to do workouts and the Apple Watch has really motivated me to says in shape.

I am excited for Warch OS2 BUT Apple needs to add Tokyo to the Time-Lapse - they completely forgot about Tokyo!!!

Come On Apple! Tokyo is the most Awesome City in The World yet you casually forgot to add Tokyo as a Time-Lapse Watch Face?

Funny how Shanghai and Hong Kong made the Time-Lapse Watch Face but not Tokyo?

Guess I'll have to keep my "Solar" Watch Face or customize my own Tokyo Warch Face for when Apple releases Watch OS2.

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Posted in: China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation See in context


I thought I would chime-in and help you out with helping you understand why most posters here have reservations when it comes to China and their motives.

And You have made a lot of good points however your points are side-stepping 1 single aspect about China - The Fact that China is a Communist - 1 Party Ruled Maoist Doctrine Nation that does not believe in a Democracy nor do they allow their people to voice themselves on how the people would like to decide their Nations future by having Free & Fair Elections in China ; nor will the Communist Party ever adopt a Democratic Constitution along with a Bill of Rigjts for their people. This form of government is Despotic and Dangerous not only to their own people but to their own future as well.

And Yes, China has made several direct threats to the Asian Region & International Community.

They told the Ukraine when they purchased that old Kuznestv Soviet Class Aircraft Carrier (now the Liaoning) a few years back that their intention of purchasing the carrier was to turn it into a floating Casino.

Last time I checked the Liaoning, I didn't see any Slot Machines on the flight deck but plenty of Fighter Aircraft performing launch and recovery maneuvers in the South China Sea and when the USS Cowpens went to investigate, they were ordered out of the South China Sea by the "Floating Casino Liaoning" and they almost collided with a Chinese Naval Warship that cut directly in front of USS Cowpens.

And I am not totally biased here because I have been to China 4 times and I didn't like what I saw when I was there & nobody really needs to open a History Book to know what Communist China is up too and I would never defend their sick & twisted facaded agenda of Communist Regional Expansion and Domination the Pacific Region

Investors are pulling out of Communist China and soon Communist China is going to find themselves isolated, sanctioned, and wondering why they have become their own worst enemy and believe me that is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN".

I hope this helped you out.

BTW: I still wanna see that floating casino.

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Posted in: China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation See in context

I have come to the conclusion that China really is their own worst enemy.

How can China accuse any other nation of provocation when THEY are invading the South China Sea with "Land Reclamation" provoking Vietnam, The Philippines, Australia, and Malaysia THEN they incur upon Japan's exclusive Economic Zone's violating s 2008 Economic Agreement with Japan and then they they turn around and begin the incursions of The Senkakku Islands - hence accusing Japan of provoking confrontation by exposing China's attempt at Domestic Oil Exploration cutting back Foreign Importation of oil?

You can't have it both ways.

This is another sneaky distrusted attempt by China at trying to change the "Status Quo" and this is why Foreign Investors are Bailing on China - They simply don't trust China anymore and I have asserted many times that ANY Promise made by China is a Promise Written On Water.

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