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Saki Endo comments

Posted in: Kyoto study finds nearly 500 translation errors for foreign tourists; new guidelines released See in context

I hate pointing these things out because I understand how difficult it can be to learn another language, and therefore mistakes can and do happen. But the best example of this gone wrong has to be in Aichi prefecture where signs on the beach day in Japanese no barbecues. They literally have the word barbecue written in katakana. All they had to do was use the English word it comes from, barbecue and all would be well. Nope…

the signs on the beach in English read “No Cock Outs”

Someone over complicated their job and swung so hard they ended up face down in the ground.

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Posted in: 'Foreign travelers are Japan’s guests' – Governor against charging tourists more than locals See in context

I will say this, if in my country, some foreign visitors were visiting, and they were charged more money, there would be outrage.

As I have said before, this is a result of Japan's 35 year long economic stagnation, combined with a recent pandemic that put a lot of pressure on these kinds of sectors, and combined, some business operators are seeing this as a way to claw back lost income due to the pandemic, and, a way of alleviating the stress of a stagnant economy.

The wealth of everyone needs raising, Japan deserves better than developing two tier economy, its people should not be becoming poorer like they are on the whole. The miserliness of Japan can sometimes be seen all around, in the more provincial towns, it's astonishing how tatty and run down Japan can actually be. My local supermarket run by a very well known chain "that has been around for a long time" just looks so tired.

The whole economy needs to face some harsh realities to get it truly moving again, and you can't do that by dissolving the yen's worth with flaccid economic policies of low to minus interest rates, throwing good US currency reserves at it, and pork barrel politics.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

It's not a good thing. If this spreads, it will further entrench the justification for Japan's low pay by the corporate overlords. The locals won't be able to afford the prices if they are raised to the "tourist" level, creating something a two-tier economy, making Japan's economy in tourist destinations even more vulnerable to "shocks" such as experienced during a recent pandemic... The bottom line is Japan needs to take some hard decisions to shake off the 35 year long economic stagnation off its back.

The reviews on this place also shed light on the owner's reasoning, that supporting non-Japanese patrons and their food waste due tourists not being able to appreciate the differences in food culture. Whether that's a valid reason/logic I'll let the patron of the restaurant decide.

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Posted in: Arrest proves a common Japanese saying about apologies and police See in context

Where's the article about police recently holding a 70+ year old woman for interrogation for 3 days allegedly for stealing some inarizushi, which after a few days turned out she was telling the truth that a friend had given it to her?

These kinds of news stories do a disservice to Japan by trying to "cutesify" or play down the nature of the crime because the outcome was "Oh so Japanese", rather than doing some actual investigative journalism to shine a light needs to be shone on "the law" overstepping their mark.


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Posted in: Kishida questioned over scantily clad dancers at LDP party See in context

It's interesting reading the excuses given for things in Japan, once translated into English they seem like the words of a child caught with its hand in the candy jar by a parent.

"The suspect can't remember what happened."

"The suspect didn't feel like talking about it."

"We invited the dancers after studying from various viewpoints, including whether it matches the theme of diversity,"


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Posted in: Japan to revise official romanization rules for 1st time in 70 years See in context

This makes a lot more sense. If the major form of romanization in public was Kunrei style, then fine, but it's not, pretty much anywhere where Romaji is used uses Hepburn style.

In addition this causes no end of confusion at school at the elementary level and continues all the way through school and adulthood as there is a conflict between the romaji system taught at 3rd grade EHS, which directly conflicts with the dominant target foreign language taught in school (English) and so Kunrei style directly conflicts with everything they've been taught about romaji as they see at that point leading to a heck of a lot of confusion. It leads to continued issues with spelling and reading English, issues with pronunciation (compounded by the near absence of teaching of phonics decently in English due to time constraints).

This is just one of the many things that chips away at the chance of kids getting a basic handle on English, it's difficult enough for them as it is given the big differences between the languages and Kunrei-shiki has only compounded the issue.

Romanization of Japanese is fraught with issues, but at least this is a step in the right direction to remove one of the biggest issues with it. Then we can go back to deciding whether it's Ohtani, Ootani, Ôtani, Ōtani, Otani....

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Japan law prevails..


This is part of the problem, if somehow any part of Japan is criticized or scrutinized, many people can't separate the problem from Japan itself, and they get all offended like Japan can never do any wrong. Like how dare you criticize my country.

The reality is Japan can, just as any country can sometimes do wrong. Repeatedly stopping and searching people based on racial profiling is a problem in Japan, some areas more so than others. If you're on the receiving end of it, repeatedly, then that is reason enough to complain. The fact that this has been raised over and over and no noticeable change in attitude in some areas by the police means it needs to be taken further.

If this problem can be addressed, Japan will be stronger and better for it. If it doesn't avail itself to any criticism or scrutiny, then the entrenched problems get worse and worse; this is how corruption and stagnation breeds.

Change doesn't preclude Japan from being Japan, but it helps it grow and advance as a nation; but this reflex of any criticism of the country as being bad is just too sensitive. You can love your country whilst acknowledging it's not perfect.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

They've just become Adults, yet go to hangouts designed for children. Ironic.

I agree, next year get them to hang out at the local nenkinjimusho and have it large.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit biggest LDP faction execs asked for voluntary questioning See in context

"We deeply regret our actions, and will be renaming the faction to Hush Up, which should resolve all remaining issues and concerns."

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Posted in: Japan considers raising truck speed limit for faster goods deliveries See in context

Absolutely not. Japanese drivers are some of the worst tailgaters I have known in my 20+ years of driving in countries all over the world. All this will do is increase the overall speed of some vehicles to 130kph or more leading to even more tailgaiting. I rarely see a truck on the Meihan doing the signed 60/70kph limit.

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