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Posted in: Gov't OKs cash handout to struggling students See in context

It may just be my cynical thinking, but I’m guessing that they want students to have more disposable income because they know that they will likely go out shopping or to eat in restaurants right away. If they were to give more money to struggling families, workers or the elderly, it may not trickle back to them as quickly. I wish they would have stuck with the initial plan of helping those in need first. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their jobs or have a very reduced income with no parents to help them pick up the tab.

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Posted in: Tokyo aquarium seeks video-chats for eels See in context

I wonder how well this will work? It seems time that they would be more sensitive to the glass tapping and general movements that people bring. Hopefully just having people talking to them will allow them to be be used to people again.

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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

Defiantly nothing to do with the low testing or denying people to test. It’s all thanks to the amazing Japanese people and spirit. Why can’t everyone be like this amazing country with such great manners and hygiene?

I think now that the Olympics are called off and people are actually able to get tested more easily, we will see many more cases that would have previously gone undiagnosed.

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee appeals to public for blood donations as virus causes shortage See in context

I wish I could donate. Last time I did, I fainted and I think they blacklisted my name. I felt so bad for the nurse who had to deal with me and don’t want to traumatize others.

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Posted in: Kumamoto strives to attract visitors 4 years after earthquakes See in context

Laguana: Are you sure? I’m researching for a trip there next month and mostly everything I’ve come across is for the castle or Aso, which also isn’t the best place to be due to activity. I hope I’ve just somehow missed what else is being promoted.

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of foreign travelers from China's Hubei Province See in context

Seems like the precautions are too late. Hopefully the virus can be contain and people with it prevented from spreading it, but it seems like we should be prepared to hear about the cases increasing over the next couple of weeks. lets hope common sense prevails and those who may have been infected quarantine themselves properly and get the correct treatment.

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Posted in: More larcenous foreign visitors vexing their Japanese hosts See in context

I’ll admit that I’ve stolen a yukata before. I actually went to the front desk and requested to buy it. The staff said that they couldn’t sell it and they didn’t have any for sale. However, they did say that if one went missing, it wouldn’t be a big concern for them and smiled. I took that as permission and packed it up in the morning. I still feel bad about it, but it was such a rarity: lime green and yellow tropical print!

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Posted in: Tokyo’s AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure See in context

Catchy title made me wonder if there was another stocking incident or deeper meaning for the shut down. And what do I find:

sudden = over a month away

permanent = may not be if they can find another place

I know sensationalism gets clicks but I think I may just ignore stuff like this from now on.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for dealing with the growing problem of "over-tourism" that some popular destinations around the world (Kyoto, for example) are facing? See in context

There are lots of possible ways to deal with it by making places less convenient such as making places only accessible by applying in advance, increasing the price of tickets or gating off certain areas and making people pay a fee to enter.

However, I think that if tourism were to be spread out more, it would have more positive results. Maybe someone can make a sightseeing comparison guide that can recommend other similar places by search criteria. The alternative places would be in lesser known cities, but still accessible by public transport. So for example, if people like visiting Kyoto for the atmosphere, maybe another city like Inuyama might pop up. It could help spread tourism a bit more.

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Posted in: Olympic golf must be moved because of heat, politician tells IOC See in context

This could get interesting. I hope for the sake of the athletes that the heat is properly taken into account and venues changed for their safety. That being said, I hope nothing comes to my prefecture. I don’t want to give even 1 yen more than I have to to the greedy IOC and JOC. Im boycotting the whole thing until the put people over profit.

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Posted in: Shun nuisance 'obligations' and do what you want to do See in context

There are lots of social obligations that I already shun.

End of year work party - nope! No need to spend 10,000 yen when I don’t drink, don’t eat half of what’s served and get stuck to someone I don’t want to chat with.

Daycare PTA - I work and daycare is a business to take my kids while I work. No need for all the events that are forced upon us on our rare family days.

Weddings - I go to ones I would like and didn’t have one myself.

I still go to family funeral anniverseries Erie’s because I enjoy seeing my relatives. I host dinner parties for my family and friends. However, I have no problem saying no if I have too much on my plate.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

What I am getting from this article is that more needs to be looked into properly. Look into the international schools to see if it covers the remainder. If not, it is time for the family to get a visit to help them navigate their children's education. Or, to make note that the children are not in Japan so that parents cannot collect the child raising money that is given to parents unless there is a good reason to continue to do so (on exchange / family emergency / temporary leave). It seems that there is no need for anyone to fall through the cracks if things are investigated properly.

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Posted in: Forget Olympic lodging worries with rentable 'Japanese hotel on wheels' See in context

This is not a great plan. People who are unfamiliar with driving RVs, driving in Japan, parking styles in the city or the combination of will make for some frustrated visitors and worst traffic than what is needed. Hopefully that hefty price includes overnight parking locations for the poor suckers who go this route.

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Posted in: What are some tips for keeping motivated if you're in a repetitive job, doing the same thing all day every day? See in context

I used to work in a recycling plant sorting paper and crushing cardboard. It was dull but found ways to make it better. I set goals to beat, found new songs that match the pace of my work, divided work up into sets to see if a similar set would appear again within the hour, and most importantly, asked to be rotated out every few hours to doing a different (monotonous) task. It can be done, but personally is not something I would want to do long term.

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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

4 or 5 fewer fireworks events isn’t really a lot. Cities outside of the Olympic circus area will probably continue as normal. Maybe it will allow more of the locals to go explore their own backyards.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers, FINA test water quality, temperature See in context

How come I can picture volunteers shoveling ice into the sea just in front of the swimmers? I really hope that for everyone’s sake, next year will be much cooler than it has been in the past decade.

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Posted in: Solo activities grow in popularity among women seeking independence See in context

Reckless: Not all solo women aren’t married. I’m married with 2 kids and also enjoy having my me time by traveling or dining solo. Luckily my husband understands and is supportive to that. Do you allow the same for your wife?

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Posted in: Scepters and silk: The kit and garb of Japan's enthronement See in context

The junihitoe is so beautiful and I wish the empress all the luck in wearing it. Hopefully they won’t use a wig or have it properly fitted; the golden hairpiece at the front really digs into the head otherwise.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

Why not have communities have (young) elderly care for the children for a bit. I think around my city they have a service like this for those in need of a few hour break. Prople on pensions won’t likely be going anywhere during the vacation because they know how insane it is to travel then and would be glad to be of service.

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Posted in: Trump declares emergency for border wall; House panel launches probe See in context

I don’t know much about politics but it seems odd to declare a national emergency and then head off on vacation.

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Posted in: New service connects elderly Japanese and foreigners wishing to learn Japanese See in context

I know a few elederlybthat are fine with smart phones but their way of speaking, logic and advice are not well suited for learners. I went to a community class where my elderly teacher berated me for not knowing all the kanji for the JLPT N2 test. I explained that’s why I was there and he claimed I just needed to remember them and then I would be fine. Not helpful at all!

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Posted in: Understanding the Japanese health insurance system Part 2/2 See in context

Paid child raising leave is only given under shakai hoken (after 2 years of payment) which is different from Kenko hoken. Can someone please have the author amend this? There are so many women that are ill informed and end up losing out on paid child raising leave due to misinformation like this.

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Posted in: Understanding the Japanese health insurance system Part 1/2: How much does it cost? See in context

Seems like a rather simplified view which misses out on some big differences.

Kokumin Kenko Hoken will cover most peoples basic needs. This insurance is probably fine for people coming to Japan for a very limited stay.

However, SHAKAI Hoken, the one that people are rightfully allowed to have if employed for over 30 hours per week, will allow paid child-raising leave (after 2 years of payment) and assistance for disabilities as well as other benefits. With shakai hoken about 80% of my bill is covered, but doesn't cover preventative care such as health checks or birth control pills. Shakai Hoken also includes your pension payments, which you should also be paying into. The rate is decided by looking at your salary for the months or March - May in which you work over 20 days (I think...).

I think the author should dig deeper into the differences and address them in his next article.

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Posted in: Gov't orders quake shock absorber maker to replace parts after fake data revealed See in context

Just our of curiosity, where are the shock absorbent shocks located? If they are under large buildings, how difficult would it be to replace them? It seems like quite a task.

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Posted in: Melania Trump says she might be 'the most bullied person in the world' See in context

When you are being bullied, it can really feel like you out life is horrible and that you have it worse than everyone else. It’s hard to know what’s going on behind closed doors. I feel the hyperbole may just be the way she is used to speaking due to who she is in close proximity with. Hopefully she will find a way to stand up to her bullies and help others stand up to theirs.

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

Serrano: yes, that’s a good start, but actions have to be consistent. His tweets and official statements reflect a difference in thought that is saddening. Also, if he sincerely felt the losses of life were unacceptable, he would focus on improving response rates.

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

I think the saddest thing about this whole story isn’t the numbers being disputed but the lack of decency. I would expect a president to say that ever life lost was a tragedy and to show not only the progress timeline of help that was provided but also show a readiness for the current season. Making it all about numbers doesn’t help anyone and shows a disrespect to people who were severely effected by last year’s storms

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Posted in: Going to an 'onsen' while on your period: Cultural taboo or well-prepared OK experience? See in context

I agree with the above poster about how little blood may be in the diluted water. If people are taking the proper precautions then it should be fine. I personally can’t because I have extreme blood loss (300 ml) and am risk of fainting. But I still go to swimming pools because they aren’t as hot and don’t trigger me to faint.

Fun fact: some people may have minor urine leakage during a sneeze, especially the elderly or women who have given birth vaginally. Those people can enter the hot spring anytime. No water is going to be prestige and as long as you aren’t drinking in it and have a quick rinse after you bathe, it should be fine!

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Posted in: U.S. associate of indicted Russian pleads guilty, to cooperate with Mueller See in context

I think the whole point of this investigation was to see if there was collusion with the Russians. It very much appears that there were Russian influences, which is not a good thing for America’s democracy. It’s good that it is shedding a light on the shady backdoor dealings that have happened, and I hope this will encourage all politicians, on both sides, to look at cleaning up their acts. Trump said he would drain the swamp...maybe this is what he was talking about.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

What a stupid idea! They are getting desperate though so maybe..just maybe...they may come to the logical solution of changing the date or having events at night. Night events would help ease the burden of the morning commutes and could create a stunning backdrop through illumination and fireworks.

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