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Posted in: Roy Moore campaign casts Alabama race as referendum on Trump See in context

I have been follwing US politics for a while now and see that the democrats haven't learned their lesson from the failure of Hillary. Don't rely on the scandle...the people who find it disgusting by now have already chosen to vote for someone else. Instead, they should be attacking his record, show how their candidate holds a better one for the people and straighten out facts (on both their candidate and on Moore). However, it seems that both sides of the political spectrum have become unable to use reasoning and will vote for anyone that will further their polical agenda.

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Posted in: Taking the scenic route: Osaka to Tokyo by local train See in context

ITaking the local train but not stopping at the smaller cities along the way seems rather bland and time consuming. I live in Shiga and know that it isn't a tourist destination but articles like this could focus on the countryside. There are lots of great stops that could have been talked about such as Hikone for the castle or Nagahama's kurokabe square for local art. However, if you want to skip those, just take a shinkansen or travel during the 18 kippu season to get to the next big city.

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Posted in: Kyoto to tax users of hotels, private lodging services See in context

Easy fix: stay in Shiga! It’s a small commute, the people are friendly and it’s cheaper. No need to stay in Kyoto unless you plan to be out all night.

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

That teacher can and should file a police report if he hasn’t already. There are reprucussions and they may not seem like a lot but sometimes can scare students a bit. I was punched by a student and he had to go to court and stand before a judge because of it. Same goes for another boy who nearly broke my friend’s jaw as she was trying to de-escalate an argument. If more teachers would take action, then maybe the law would take notice.

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Posted in: Bosses' reaction top concern for employees taking maternity leave: survey See in context

Goodlucktoyou: It's 6 weeks before giving birth and 8 after for the woman for physical reasons. However, fathers of mothers are both legally allowed to take a year off (or more if no childcare is available) for child raising leave. Many men don't take advantage of it but my husband did and said it was very beneficial. I chose to return to work.

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Posted in: Mysterious yellow liquid sent to Nagoya officials with message to 'end women-only train cars' See in context

Todd Gak, let me fix your comment for you.

So it seems men over here should really be taught how to be decent and not to molest and rape people on train. They should be more proactive in aiding women who look like they are being sexually assulted a little more and demand that perverts have their own carriages (behind bars) Can you imagine if laws were properly inforced to make women feel safer?

Really does work both ways for human rights.

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Posted in: Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Nagoya immigration facility See in context

Dango bong: I surely hope that you never find yourself in this situation. With the way police investigate things here, there is a possibilty that some of them are innocent. What about those lawful people who are wrongly accused? What about the people who had a small slip up that would have been dismissed if they were Japanese but someone has decided to make an example of the foreigner who did wrong? If someone truly has commited a serious crime without any doubts, then yes, they should be sent away as quickly as possible. But there needs to be a due process and hopefully they will streamline and give better care to those under their care.

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Posted in: Quebec mosque shooting suspect charged with murdering 6 people See in context

This is the exact problem that will come out of all the hateful rhetoric that has been spreading since Trump has become president. This was not a lone wolf. He was aided by the hate found on the internet, by those sharing his views and by the fear that has been spouted by the Trump administration. I wish Prime Minister Treaudeu would have told him that he should ease up on his vile campaign of hatred as a way to prevent future acts like this from happening. Stay strong Canada and let's go after all the other terrorist that pushed for this to happen.

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Posted in: Why appetizers are giving tourists and restaurant owners in Japan a headache See in context

I am not a fan of otoshi but I understand it works as a kind of cover charge. It ensures that even if a patron isn't drinking, they will have to pay for using the space. It makes sense in busy pubs where a non-drinking cutomer is taking the place of a potenially high paying customer. I think a simple solution would be to put a small message on English menus that states that the OO yen table charge includes a free small snack. Of course, this wouldn't work everywhere but if there are some areas constantly having to deal with the issue, this is a simple fix.

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I'm so happy to see this! One of those men is a former student of mine and I know how devoted, driven and focused he was on becoming a runner. It's great to see him on the world stage and can only hope he can continue to compete and win the gold on 2020!

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 4 trucks on Shiga expressway See in context

A sad situation all around. Maybe the man was thinking that if he let her out near an interchange that it would be relatively safe. The truck drivers wouldn't expect someone walking along the expressway, especially at night without any signs such as a car with hazards on the side of the road. Also, when her body was on the highway, it may have been difficult or dangerous to dodge it and most would just assume it was an animal. I hope that all of those effected by this accident get proper counciling.

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Posted in: Adachi Museum of Art among Shimane Prefecture’s many attractions See in context

An absolutely stunning museum and wonderful garden. I had the pleasure of visiting it a few years ago and found it very welcoming. It also had a very steep discounted price for foreign tourists. Worth the trip 100%. Also, my avi features a painting that was displayed at the museum

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Posted in: Breastfeeding linked to better childhood behavior: study See in context

I wonder what other factors were looked when designing this stdudy. I am especailly curious if they factored in mothers who were unable to breastfeed because they were pressured into returning to work before their child was 6 months old. Also, is it just breast feeding or breast milk? If one pumps, are the benifits lost with using a bottle and perhaps having someone other than the mother feed the baby? Sometimes links are just that and other factors are at play.

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Posted in: Try a guilt-free dessert with a pear and chocolate crumble See in context

And just to let JT know I'm serious about what I said...I will offer to write some columns. I have to cook anyway and live in the I aka so chances are of I can find the ingredients, almost anyone can. I can incorporate Japanese dishes as well as food from around the world. How about it JP?

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Posted in: Try a guilt-free dessert with a pear and chocolate crumble See in context

Mukashi: I see some non-sugar items on here from time to time but it all seems to be from New York which means it doesn't always reflect what ingredients are available for most Japan nor the season. It would be nice if this column could be locally sourced and used recipes that would match Japan's seasons and supermarkets.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Tokyo seeks crumbs of comfort from IOC See in context

It has gotten to the point that I think that changing the host city would be best for all involved. Tokyo doesn't have the venues even close to prepared, just chose a logo, can't accomodate all of the expected tourists that will come with the games and more than likely bribed their way to get them. The IOC should use this as a teaching opportunity to show that bribing and unattainable bibs will be dismissed.

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Posted in: World must tighten laws on breast-milk substitutes: U.N. report See in context

For those are down voting me...what's the reason? I have breastfed 2 children, suffered cracked, torn, bleeding nipples while being woken every 1.5 hours for weeks on end to nurse my daughters. I did it out of love and determination. However, looking back on it, I think I would have liked someone to tell me that it's ok to give some formula and get a 3.5 hour stretch of sleep. It's ok to give formula if your nipples are literally being shredded and need a few hours of relief. Yes, breastfeeding is good, but telling companies that they have to downplay their product when it can clearly help others is ridiculous. Also, free samples became an amazing benefit when I was so ill, that I had to be hospitalized and I didn't have enough breast milk frozen.

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Posted in: World must tighten laws on breast-milk substitutes: U.N. report See in context

I agree that breastfeeding is great and a good option but not everyone can or should. I wish that there was a balanced way to look at all the information and let women decide for themselves. Let's educate women on how to create a healthy breastmilk supply full of nutrients and stop berating those women who cannot produce of choose not to do to their own specific circumstances. Breastfeeding is hard work and no one should be made to feel that they are failing their children when it is the best option for the mother and child as a whole.

Also, JT, you may get more traffic on this article if you use one of the other 2 pictures...some workplaces aren't really a fan of a boob sticking out even if it is in such an innocent matter as this. I wish this wasn't the case but some people will be hesitant to read due to the photo.

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Posted in: Hot and handsome rickshaw pullers poised to become the newest crush of women across Japan See in context

I must admit...I've been tempted to take the rickshaw in my town just because the man is so friendly and handsome.

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Posted in: Teamwork or torture? Japan's bone-breaking school gymnastics See in context

I have participated in a few of these sports days and have done some of the "gymastics" even while pregnant. I enjoyed watching the students work together in their teams to do small formations. Some kids got injured doing something simple like handstands but nothing too serious. Others suffered from heat exhaustion because of the timing of the festival. However, the massive towers that students made were definitly dangerous and not needed. I think that sports days should continue but there should be strict restrictions on sizes of the towers.

For those who say that sports day isn't creating future athletes, you are misinformed about the event. CLubs are where atheltes are made. Sports day is a day to get everyone out and being active for the benifit of the group. It is a long day with usually each student only doing one or two events but it allows them to take a much needed study break and to make memories that will last. Those experiences are just as valubale in my opinion.

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Posted in: Video of apparent Japanese hostage surfaces with message to family See in context

His last words really do seem like they are out of place. Perhaps it's a code for something...I hope he makes it out safely.

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Posted in: Classic style See in context

Beautiful! I hope to get another kimono this year and would love something like this.

Aly: I want more baklavas! They are delicious :)

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Posted in: Friction between working moms, working non-moms can get complicated See in context

fds: They don't get an extra day off. They get an option to take a day off if they are not able to work and that will be taken out of their vacation leave. I am sure you would be able to take a day off too if you were vomiting, fainting and needing the washroom at least once an hour.

The other option to letting women leave for child related issues, is to let men leave...still haven't seen that mentioned by anyone and would probably be laughed at by most men in charge.

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Posted in: Friction between working moms, working non-moms can get complicated See in context

borscht: I was about to say the same thing! These situations are exactly the reason to hire temporary or part-time employees. This is what that kind of employement should be out there instead of being a way to keep people underpaid and worried about their future employment.

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Posted in: U.S. senator wants government to set airline seat-size rules See in context

I think this needs to phrased as a safety issue more than a comfort issue. I will start off by saying that I am not that big of a person (158 cm and fit a small in US sizing) and I feel it is difficult to squeeze out of the narrow space seats into the narrow isles during a regular flight. If people are panicked, I think that these narrow rows could cause a very real hazard. It is time that there is reglulation to keep people aboard safe.

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Posted in: Family of man with dementia killed by train wins liability appeal See in context

Tala: The wife tried her hardest to make sure he was safe. She DID lock the door. Do you think the family is happy that he died and others were disrupted? I'm sure that they grieved for the loss of this man and also felt the horrible responsibility for what happened. However to drag them to court for years on end and make them relive those emotions, especially when the wife's health is failing is just inhumane. However, JR could have invested their money into some fencing in populated areas to prevent things like this from happening.

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Posted in: Dying dad, sick son booted off plane to applause back home in Arizona See in context

Aizo: I agree. I think we are just getting the one side of the story. There seems to be a lot of reporting like this but then once all the facts are out, the story is quite different.

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Posted in: In Tokyo: the city's hottest new magazine See in context

I just looked at it and didn't find any specific gems that would be useful for people who have been in Tokyo for more than a few months or who have a guide book. Looks stylish though so point for that?

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Posted in: 8 students, staff stabbed at Canadian school See in context

Hopefully that girl gets the help she needs and all the students weren't too traumatized by this.

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Posted in: 57-year-old woman swindled out of Y11 million in telephone scam See in context

It isn't always easy to tell who you are talking to on the phone and the theif may have used a paniced voice, inducing panic in his victim. Many of these scam artists work in such a way to tug at heart strings and create urgency so questions are only asked later. However, I do think it was quite silly of her to leave money in the lockers especially with so many campaigns for the dangers of the ore ore scam but hopefully her loss will be a lesson for someone else.

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