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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

Serrano: yes, that’s a good start, but actions have to be consistent. His tweets and official statements reflect a difference in thought that is saddening. Also, if he sincerely felt the losses of life were unacceptable, he would focus on improving response rates.

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

I think the saddest thing about this whole story isn’t the numbers being disputed but the lack of decency. I would expect a president to say that ever life lost was a tragedy and to show not only the progress timeline of help that was provided but also show a readiness for the current season. Making it all about numbers doesn’t help anyone and shows a disrespect to people who were severely effected by last year’s storms

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Posted in: Going to an 'onsen' while on your period: Cultural taboo or well-prepared OK experience? See in context

I agree with the above poster about how little blood may be in the diluted water. If people are taking the proper precautions then it should be fine. I personally can’t because I have extreme blood loss (300 ml) and am risk of fainting. But I still go to swimming pools because they aren’t as hot and don’t trigger me to faint.

Fun fact: some people may have minor urine leakage during a sneeze, especially the elderly or women who have given birth vaginally. Those people can enter the hot spring anytime. No water is going to be prestige and as long as you aren’t drinking in it and have a quick rinse after you bathe, it should be fine!

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Posted in: U.S. associate of indicted Russian pleads guilty, to cooperate with Mueller See in context

I think the whole point of this investigation was to see if there was collusion with the Russians. It very much appears that there were Russian influences, which is not a good thing for America’s democracy. It’s good that it is shedding a light on the shady backdoor dealings that have happened, and I hope this will encourage all politicians, on both sides, to look at cleaning up their acts. Trump said he would drain the swamp...maybe this is what he was talking about.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

What a stupid idea! They are getting desperate though so maybe..just maybe...they may come to the logical solution of changing the date or having events at night. Night events would help ease the burden of the morning commutes and could create a stunning backdrop through illumination and fireworks.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 triathlon to start early to beat the heat See in context

Why not do all the running events at night and have fireworks at the finish line for the winner? It would be cooler than what is planned and the excitement of fireworks will thrill everyone.

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Posted in: JR doing away with train departure chimes on Joban line in bid to stop dangerous mad dashes See in context

Dango Bong: my theory is the noise is to induce panic and induce impulse purchased. I avoid stores like the plague during the new year as it is especially bad then.

As for train stations, wayyy too loud. I hope they have all trains copy this style to reduce noise pollution.

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Posted in: UK's top envoy makes 'Japanese wife' gaffe in China See in context

Some people makes big mistakes while under pressure. I’m not sure about this guy, but I’ve slipped up a few times when it came to very serious conversations because of the pressure. Maybe he needs a less stressful job...

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Posted in: Legoland Japan to lower admission fee for children See in context

Legoland is actually great, but has quite short opening times for the price. However, the wait times are far shorter than USJ and TDR and the rides are better suited for smaller children. I think they have to advertise what’s in the park to draw more people in and hopefully by lo wring their price, they will get more customers to spread the word. I wish them luck!

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Posted in: Beat the heat: 5 destinations to escape to from Tokyo this summer See in context

AKA 5 other cities in Japan!

How about the countryside? Lake Biwa, Matsue and the nearby silver mine, Aomori’s forests, Yakushima, the Izu pinninsula’s beaches...almost anything beats the heat of concrete jungles in summer.

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Posted in: More building blocks of life found on Mars See in context

My mom brain read the title and thought: Well, someone should pick them up before they get stepped on.

I think it is interesting to see the search for life or life forming particles elsewhere. I hope that people are on the search of it to do good and not for anything malicious. There must be some significant reasons for this research to continue considering how expensive it is.

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Posted in: Cry if you want to: 13 governors back bawling babies See in context

Look where they are encouraging crying; businesses. They want to show that it’s ok babies cry to ensure the transition of money can occur. I also don’t think that anyone wants babies to cry but rather be understanding that parents can’t instantly stop the cries.

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Posted in: Brutally killed kittens, monkey with arrow in head found in Fukuoka, Shiga See in context

The kitten killer sounds ruthless. The monkey story though may have been an accident. Monkeys sometimes get into peoples gardens in Hikone and someone may have just tried to kill it and didn’t quite hit the mark.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes stripping ownership rights to unattended land See in context

I think this is a good idea. I live in an area with a few uninhabitabal houses that no one knows who owns. Pieces of the roof occasionally fall on the road and tanuki have taken up residence inside. If the government can take the land and demolish the house, it would help our community have less pest and fire hazards.

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Posted in: Japanese consulting police more than ever on non-urgent matters See in context

I think the police need to tackle the problem with a variety of solutions mentioned on here: Make a non-emergency line (or Koban) phone list with problems they are best to deal with an hand them out to the communities. There should also be fines for frivolous calls, or repeat calls that police are not meant to deal with. Also, the police need to be trained in how to talk sense into the public (although that is a tricky one) so that people like the  fish smoke man baby and garbage laugher above will understand why the police can or cannot assist them and what the issue truly is.

By the way, bugs love garbage and nasty, burnable garbage left out for a day, even in the locked containers, gets stinky and attracts all sorts of pests big and small. It is also illegal in a lot of places to put it out a day before pick up and you are lucky you didn't get a fine.

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Posted in: Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage See in context

cricky: I agree home that time should be set to the contract, but we all know that can't always be the case on big projects with short turn around. The fact is that there just isn't enough people with the skills in the market to be able to handle the whole workload around the country. Even with extra employees being hired, it is still difficult to get the work done on time. Some companies feel that testing the waters with robotics is the way forward. Many employees are happy with this as some tasks can be simplified, even if it is minimal at the moment. Until schools push people to do trades, companies pay people well for their work and the labor pool increases, robots may be the way forward .

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Posted in: Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage See in context

Cricky: Robots do help humans with families. My husband is a welder and is working horrifcly long hours because there isn't enough man power. He is finding ways to cut down his workload by making small auomated changes, but that is only shaving a few minutes off his workload. If robots can do a few small tasks, I am sure that some people are very grateful for it. I know I am.

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Posted in: Air Canada named 2018 Eco-Airline of the Year See in context

Ait Canada, what a joke! Here are a list of grievances I have:

constantly delayed fights

flights delays of 2+ hours being announced at boarding time

inability to provide a baby bassinet when called and asked to do so in advance, again upon check in and once more at the gate

Unwilling to me put my bag in the overhead department when I was holding a crying baby

being stuck on the tarmac for 4 hours due to an engine problem with no food being served

Waiting over 40 minutes in line for my hotel and food voucher because of missed connection due to their engine problem and being told to wait more once I get to the front of the line (screaming kids after a delayed 10+ hour international flight didn’t seem like an issue to them)

only in flight entertainment are rented iPads (rouge class)

I could easily go in but I am sadly stuck flying wit them again in 2 weeks and don’t want to curse it.

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Posted in: Gender gap: What paid holiday use reveals about parenting in Japan See in context

Burning bush: Sure...that’s the reason. It isn’t because mother’s have traditionally been expected to stay at home and thus have double duties thrusted on them. It’s not because the workplace often will undervalue women, giving them lesser jobs because they are unfairly thought to be unreliable in such cases when their kids get sick...it’s the years (usually 1-2 years only) that a mother breastfeeds (if she chooses to).

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Posted in: Facebook to use its News Feed to push more videos to users See in context

I actually like a lot of the random videos that are suggested for me now but find it frustrating that there are random ads. Seems like an ad within an ad so I scroll down to ignore it.

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Posted in: Six N Korean crew members to be deported See in context

Even if they wanted to stay, I think that they would decline because of what may happen to their families or relatives if they didn't return. It's sad that they may be killed upon their return but I hope they are spared.

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Posted in: Roy Moore campaign casts Alabama race as referendum on Trump See in context

I have been follwing US politics for a while now and see that the democrats haven't learned their lesson from the failure of Hillary. Don't rely on the scandle...the people who find it disgusting by now have already chosen to vote for someone else. Instead, they should be attacking his record, show how their candidate holds a better one for the people and straighten out facts (on both their candidate and on Moore). However, it seems that both sides of the political spectrum have become unable to use reasoning and will vote for anyone that will further their polical agenda.

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Posted in: Taking the scenic route: Osaka to Tokyo by local train See in context

ITaking the local train but not stopping at the smaller cities along the way seems rather bland and time consuming. I live in Shiga and know that it isn't a tourist destination but articles like this could focus on the countryside. There are lots of great stops that could have been talked about such as Hikone for the castle or Nagahama's kurokabe square for local art. However, if you want to skip those, just take a shinkansen or travel during the 18 kippu season to get to the next big city.

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Posted in: Kyoto to tax users of hotels, private lodging services See in context

Easy fix: stay in Shiga! It’s a small commute, the people are friendly and it’s cheaper. No need to stay in Kyoto unless you plan to be out all night.

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

That teacher can and should file a police report if he hasn’t already. There are reprucussions and they may not seem like a lot but sometimes can scare students a bit. I was punched by a student and he had to go to court and stand before a judge because of it. Same goes for another boy who nearly broke my friend’s jaw as she was trying to de-escalate an argument. If more teachers would take action, then maybe the law would take notice.

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Posted in: Bosses' reaction top concern for employees taking maternity leave: survey See in context

Goodlucktoyou: It's 6 weeks before giving birth and 8 after for the woman for physical reasons. However, fathers of mothers are both legally allowed to take a year off (or more if no childcare is available) for child raising leave. Many men don't take advantage of it but my husband did and said it was very beneficial. I chose to return to work.

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Posted in: Mysterious yellow liquid sent to Nagoya officials with message to 'end women-only train cars' See in context

Todd Gak, let me fix your comment for you.

So it seems men over here should really be taught how to be decent and not to molest and rape people on train. They should be more proactive in aiding women who look like they are being sexually assulted a little more and demand that perverts have their own carriages (behind bars) Can you imagine if laws were properly inforced to make women feel safer?

Really does work both ways for human rights.

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Posted in: Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Nagoya immigration facility See in context

Dango bong: I surely hope that you never find yourself in this situation. With the way police investigate things here, there is a possibilty that some of them are innocent. What about those lawful people who are wrongly accused? What about the people who had a small slip up that would have been dismissed if they were Japanese but someone has decided to make an example of the foreigner who did wrong? If someone truly has commited a serious crime without any doubts, then yes, they should be sent away as quickly as possible. But there needs to be a due process and hopefully they will streamline and give better care to those under their care.

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Posted in: Quebec mosque shooting suspect charged with murdering 6 people See in context

This is the exact problem that will come out of all the hateful rhetoric that has been spreading since Trump has become president. This was not a lone wolf. He was aided by the hate found on the internet, by those sharing his views and by the fear that has been spouted by the Trump administration. I wish Prime Minister Treaudeu would have told him that he should ease up on his vile campaign of hatred as a way to prevent future acts like this from happening. Stay strong Canada and let's go after all the other terrorist that pushed for this to happen.

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Posted in: Why appetizers are giving tourists and restaurant owners in Japan a headache See in context

I am not a fan of otoshi but I understand it works as a kind of cover charge. It ensures that even if a patron isn't drinking, they will have to pay for using the space. It makes sense in busy pubs where a non-drinking cutomer is taking the place of a potenially high paying customer. I think a simple solution would be to put a small message on English menus that states that the OO yen table charge includes a free small snack. Of course, this wouldn't work everywhere but if there are some areas constantly having to deal with the issue, this is a simple fix.

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