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In the Ururun island, there is "Takeshima material pavilion". "Japanese cabinet decision sentence" of Japanese Government has been exhibited here. The South Korean doesn't want to show this to the Japanese. United States garrisoned Japan political adviser Seybold admitted, "Takeshima was a Japanese territory" in November, 1949. It was described to the content of the San Francisco agreement, and 49 countries signed. At this time, "Takeshima was Japanese territory" and the world admitted. However, South Korea is an illegal occupancy in 1952 as for Takeshima. Japan proposes the solution by "International Court of Justice" to South Korea in 1954 and 1962. However, South Korea refused everything. This is true. South Korea is skillful in the mean trick political, doing sports, and all. And, the national flag of the large country such as Japan, the United States, and France is burnt every time there are some events. A cultural level is the same as North Korea. They are the people of low-level.

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