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Posted in: Japanese restaurant chain starts new policy: Letting you take your leftovers home with you See in context

This has always been possible, it's just that people are embarrassed to ask.

In some place they will decline, you can order for take out but they won't help you handle left over.

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Posted in: Fake residence cards proliferating as more foreigners overstay visas See in context


If so many foreigners are overstaying due to jobs, then the root cause is the system itself meaning Immigration and those who set the rules.

Those trainee and also tokutei ginou their visa are being tied with specific industry and company, that they are working, even during pandemic there are some lay off but in another industry there is need for worker but it's not that easy to simpy swith their job, because the rules.

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Posted in: Fake residence cards proliferating as more foreigners overstay visas See in context

I was stopped at 10 pm walking home in a residential part of Tokyo 2 months ago and asked for my zairyuu card the only reason given was that there were a lot of foreigners in the area. I saw plainclothes police hanging around Ebisu station and stopping a foreign guy for no apparent reason.

Lot of foreginers or is it because look foreigners? There is a story about half person of Japanese national being treated like that, it covered in the news last year.

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

The database would list babysitters who have been accused of sexual assault,

This database for sure can protect children from those people. If this kind of database can be made, why database of black companies including its violation can not be made officially?

more than 12,000 children were unable to enroll at a nursery due to a lack of availability as of April this year.

Japan want more for population but even an existing families that really need, current nursery can not handle that?

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Posted in: Japanese restaurant chain starts new policy: Letting you take your leftovers home with you See in context

Letting you take your leftovers home with you

It’s possible that such businesses may have specialized licenses that restaurants would need to acquire, but even if that is the case, it doesn’t seem like it

No, it's not regulated, it really depends on each restaurant decide that. Some don't care at all, while others have certain reason like this

Some cite health concerns, saying that they don’t want customers to possibly become sick after eating food that wasn’t properly stored or refrigerated between when the customer leaves the restaurant and eventually eats it

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Posted in: Fake residence cards proliferating as more foreigners overstay visas See in context

Previously Japan use foreigners card that becoming now as residence card, even currently it has chip in it but visually speaking there's not much improvement, in such way that it can be difficult to counterfeit but easy enough to notice when it's fake.

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread

It's nothing to curb virus, it's about Go To Travel

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Posted in: Japan's populist, pragmatic new PM Suga pushes Abe's vision See in context

said Nishida. “His failure to articulate a mid- to long-term goal is worrisome ... It seems everything he does is for electoral gain.”

Long term goal, let's see in handling birthrate.

Tackling Japan's low birthrate and shrinking population head-on, he favors granting insurance coverage for infertility treatments.

By only favoring insurance for infertility treatment? There are plenty ways in improving birthrate.

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Posted in: Dentsu lobbied for and funded campaign for Tokyo Olympics, documents show See in context

Dentsu Group Inc donated more than $6 million to Tokyo's successful campaign to host the 2020 Olympics, according to bank records seen by Reuters,

It's Reuters who report this, where's Japanese media?

Article 10 of the IOC’s rules of conduct for cities vying to host the games states that its top tier of advertisers and marketing partners “shall refrain from supporting or promoting any of the cities” in order to “preserve the integrity and neutrality” of the bidding process.

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Posted in: Gov't asks universities, others to join mourning for late PM Nakasone See in context

The cost of the joint memorial service, which amounts to nearly 200 million yen ($1.9 million), is evenly split between the state and the LDP. The government has faced criticisms that such proceedings are too expensive after it appropriated around 96 million 

Not only asking universities and schools in Japan to join that , it also spend significant amount from tax payer money

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Posted in: Hunting for unicorns: Japanese start-ups see hope on horizon See in context

The country's shrinking population and stagnant economy mean "a lot of international companies are not really interested in Japan", he told AFP.

Industry players also point to cultural factors, saying Japan's education system is still designed to produce candidates for stable jobs at big companies

Should mention regulation and government aspect too, see what happened to Airbnb in Japan now.

Even if there's a startup that has similar ideas before Airbnb operate in Japan. That startup will be end up being busted because encouraging people to operate like hotel without license.

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Posted in: The number of doctoral students in Japan is now almost half of what it was 17 years ago See in context

“In America, once you have a PhD, your annual salary changes greatly,” he said. “In my field of aerospace mechanical engineering, getting a PhD in Japan has no effect on your pay and so doesn’t have any appeal.”

Especially in Japan, your previous background when entering company almost doesn't matter since many Japanese company will train anyone including those PhD graduate as other graduates.

There is no jobs in academia, if a department have a single postgraduate student a year, but it takes 10 years to have a vacancy it still means they are preparing 9 PhD graduates more than what they are going to take in a permanent position

Especially when the number of local students is declining so no new opening position except to replace those who retires. Also having new universities in Japan chance are really small .

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Posted in: Facebook's Libra must not start until properly regulated: G7 draft See in context

"The G7 continues to maintain that no global stablecoin project should begin operation until it adequately addresses relevant legal, regulatory, and oversight requirements through appropriate design and by adhering to applicable standards," the draft said.

Crypto assets arebeing transferred over and over again already and they still doing the draft?

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Posted in: 26 Nihon University volleyball team members infected with coronavirus See in context

Most of universities in Japan done everything online but universities' sports club still do their routine like usual, where there is chance for them to get infected.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 8,000 calls to Tohoku Electric Power Co See in context

he should have retained an attorney or contacted the proper municipal authorities!

Probably he try to save up some money to handle this thing by himself, not with lawyer. He has been asked five months to talk to people in charge utility poles. They just won't give him that.

Nakamura repeatedly asked to be connected with the department in charge of utility poles between October 2019 and February of this year. Police suspect that the company executive had an ongoing dispute involving utility poles on his land with Tohoku Electric Power Co.

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Posted in: Tokyo slips to 4th place in global financial hub ranking: report See in context

Tokyo has slipped one notch to fourth in the latest ranking of the world's leading financial hubs, with Shanghai now rounding up the top three after New York and London.

All effort to help foreigners to help business in Japan is only a PR rather than an actual integrated policy, final result like show that.

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Posted in: Suga faces backlash after refusing to appoint 6 science council members See in context

he decided not to appoint academics who have been critical of the nation's security and anti-conspiracy legislation to a science council that makes policy recommendations to the government.

So Matsumiya sensei and Ozawa sensei, they have critical point of view with certain issue not to a particular government official. That along enough for those sensei to be rejected as science council member.

"The council makes output based on studies independent from the government. Such basics should not change," Kajita told reporters.

Takaaki Matsumiya, a Ritsumeikan University professor specializing in penal code, who was among the excluded six

Matsumiya is known for speaking at the Diet in 2017 against what was known as the conspiracy bill, which was aimed at thwarting terrorism but which fanned concern for the suppression of civil liberties.

Ryuichi Ozawa, a Constitution professor at Jikei University School of Medicine, also criticized the move, calling it "a major infringement of academic freedom."

Ozawa said in 2015 at the Diet that Japan's security legislation enabling Tokyo to exercise the right to collective self-defense was unconstitutional.

How current government handle critics, by now is becoming clearer as time passes.

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Posted in: Japan considers making promotion of paternity leave mandatory for companies: Nikkei See in context

Also, a couple of men at a company I’m familiar with have said their wives and their mothers-in-law don’t want them underfoot while they are busy taking care of the new baby.

Japanese men can be really good salaryman but where they are in home, will they be really useful or just becoming other burden for their wife.

So their wife not only taking care of baby but also taking care of husband, when husband is at home.

After some years after marriage those couple already becoming different people, just wait until retirement age where finally they need to be stay again in home as actual husband and wife, will they get along? Especially now wife really need to take care husband all the time during retirement age.

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Posted in: Japan considers making promotion of paternity leave mandatory for companies: Nikkei See in context

Even if people would take it they just take the minimum due to pressure from their superior and their coworker. Other way if it happened, it will just becoming another teleworking which not really a leave, things that already normal in today environment after pandemic.

If those employee really insist to take there will be consequence, like happened before

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Posted in: Tokyo Stock Exchange officials promise to get trading back to normal by Friday See in context

The Japan Exchange Group is the world's third largest bourse after the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, with market capitalization of nearly $6 trillion.

The outage Thursday also affected other, smaller stock exchanges in Japan.

Is it the time for them to back to more reliable methods which are hanko and faxes?

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

How do you steal a whole cow?

 At around 6:30 a.m., a cow in the same area was discovered dead and partially dismantled,

That's only one case, try to explain the one 670 went missing! How they stole in that big numbers, do you still think foreigners can really arrange that?

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Posted in: Defense Ministry seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget See in context

Defense Spending

Japan $51 billion

China $200 billion

Russia $271 billion

The numbers say it all.

Check also other numbers, how big are the debt?

Countries Debt to GDP ratio

Japan   237%

China   50.5%

Russia   12.2

Seem high ammount of debt, how about economy growth?

Countries growth

Russian Federation

Japan 0.7%

China 6.1%

Russian Federation 1.3%

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

This sounds more like a crime ring than to just blame it on foreigners.

Yes, in rural area there are more thievery more than it being put on the news even before flux of people specified skilled worker visa, there many thievery that target various items with large quantities. Most of them really need transportation like trucks, which lot of foreigners can not afford.

So putting this in the news those foreigners will get all the blame for all those crime.

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Posted in: Japanese language school graduates in Aichi given 1 year of stay to find jobs See in context

Japanese language school graduates in Aichi given 1 year of stay to find jobs

Any school have ability to do this even before pandemic. However some schools would prefer those students just go home after they finished their study so they can concentrate with new students.

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Posted in: Rakuten launches 5G network for ¥2,980 per month See in context

Major mobile companies in Japan charge monthly rates exceeding ¥7,000 and fees for using 5G. Rakuten believes

Those major mobile companies that set usually set high price now are in trouble to adjust their business.

if more users join Rakuten Mobile, mobile prices, in general, could lower to match.

Most people love to use this with their Rakuten point.

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Posted in: High court orders gov't, TEPCO to pay ¥1 bil in damages over Fukushima disaster See in context

High court orders gov't, TEPCO to pay ¥1 bil in damages over Fukushima disaster

It almost 10 years from 3-11 tragedy, they haven't pay that out?

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

“In our field the coriander/cilantro was recently hit. They were caught red-handed but persistently said “I don’t understand Japanese” so please be careful. It’s sad, but we installed a surveillance camera.”

They were being caught red handed stealing coriander/cilantro in one case, now for every cases that involve of thief around rural Japan will be blamed to foreigner.

Whole pigs aren’t generally sold in Japan, and according to a report by TBS News, it’s common for Vietnamese people to eat whole pigs

Is there any evidence? Speculation alone is enough to do journalism? Is not generally sold it doesn't mean you couldn't get it in legal way!

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Posted in: Defense Ministry seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget See in context

seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget

Increase of beer price in another news just show how money is being collected, also tax that will becoming 20%

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Posted in: October to bring various price changes for Japan residents See in context

Of Japan's 47 prefectures, 40 -- not including Hokkaido, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi -- will raise minimum wages by between 1 yen and 3 yen, in steps.

There's wages hike but itemss hike are more, new administration first move.

The tax for what is known in the country as "third-category beers" will rise 9.8 yen per 350 milliliters and that for wine will be 7.5 yen higher for a regular-sized bottle.

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Posted in: Make yourself invaluable: Ghosn offers exec training in Lebanon See in context

Ghosn offers exec training in Lebanon

What he will do is much better than most of Japanese oyaji who won't step down from their position even they already over 80s. That lead to no innovation at all in their organization, preventing fresh idea and moves that needed for their organization.

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