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Posted in: Ill-fitting suit tips police off to con man in Tokyo See in context

so police were deliberately on the lookout for a man with fashion issues.

Yes, it does happen in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's women sailors serve on frontline of gender equality See in context

It's nice when they're communicating to public about their female member of SDF, they might do this to attract more people to join SDF.

From JT Articles few weeks ago:

Empty recruiting tables and disinterested audiences are becoming more common for the SDF

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to receive ¥107 mil after marriage to commoner See in context

will receive 106,750,000 yen from the state

Not from Emperor, not from Imperial Household Agency, it's from commoner tax payer.

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Posted in: Japan hosts ministers from 52 African nations See in context

 in Tokyo for a two-day ministerial meeting

Sorry but China already ahead for this one.

Twice as many African presidents made it to China’s Africa summit than to the UN general assembly

UN shows fewer African presidents attended the general assembly in New York than were at the third summit of the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation that took place in Beijing two weeks earlier in September.

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Posted in: Senate confirms Kavanaugh for Supreme Court by vote of 50-48 See in context


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Posted in: Gov't starts work on new growth strategy, with focus on labor reform See in context

companies to continue employing workers past the age of 65.

Well, 70 even more from outside point of view those people still can work but if they really measure efficiency is not that good. When people getting older their mental and physical fitness are getting decline, yes I know there are some exceptions but sorry to say most of them just getting decline.

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Posted in: Do aging SME owners face the end of their business? See in context

 SME owner had risen from 47 years in 1995 to 66 years in 2015. 

By using simple math 1995 to 2015 it’s 20 years. 

Survey from 1995 yield average age of SME owner is 47, in 2015 is 66. So average age of SME owner is increasing 19 years. Well that’s no coincidence.

It was also noted that, of the 300,000 SME owners interviewed by the agency who would be turning 70 between 2015 and 2020, fully 60 percent said they had not been able to identify a successor.

Any person who went to recruiting process in Japan can tell that one of question that might being asked during interview is, what’s your plan for 10 years or even more. But when those SME owner facing some question, they just don’t have the answer do they.

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

Finally dispute about WW2 between Korea and Japan take toll from another party.

Japan, no sign of make things better, like every years heir officials go to Yasukuni and recently they use rising sun flag during joint naval exercise, even Korean has objection for that. Of course I understand it’s official Japan’s naval ensign.

No wonder Korea now try to push more and more for memorial to remind what happened during WW2.

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Posted in: Over half of survey participants unfamiliar with katakana words used by government See in context

More and more fancy katakana loan words were used by business and government these days. After some time finally they start to wonder whether people understand those meaning or not.

Even there was someone who sued NHK for using too many loan ward and this happened for a reason

Nevertheless this is a sign that lot of new things just don't have kanji, the world is being moving in fast pace and kanji just couldn't keep up.

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Posted in: Student who was using smartphone while riding bike indicted for hitting, killing pedestrian See in context

Lot of people in here don't even have basic skill to ride a bike. Now you add that with earphone and smart phone.

For foreigners even not using smart phone and earphone, follow all rules, chance is you'll get stopped for bike registration and additional questioning.

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Posted in: Japanese firms reluctant to hire unskilled foreign laborers: poll See in context

But just 38 percent favored allowing unskilled workers into the country to ease labor shortages.

Unskilled foreign workers already filled position in many small-medium firm like construction, agriculture and fisheries. For those firms they even can not survive if they don't have foreign workers. Other firms they still can attract Japanese workers, at least for now, having foreigners in their company is never crossed their mind at all.

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Posted in: Foreign interns being used in quake-hit Kumamoto reconstruction work See in context


No they don't know that detail, before coming to Japan they might know location and which sector they'll work like construction, farm, fisheries etc. In their home countries, actual intern condition almost unheard. They have no clue what they'll face in detail until they are really working there like work in weekend, no overtime getting paid, need to clean up hazardous power plant etc.

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Posted in: Black flag: How to avoid working for a shady Japanese company See in context

@reckless, yes sometimes a sole owner of a small/medium company in here can do everything what he/she want in here. While in big companies at least they have HRD that employee can fill complain about abusive manager, although that's not 100% guarantee problem can be solved either.

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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

Japan should protect all workers from any labor abuse from their employer.

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Posted in: Missing 2-year-old boy found safe in Yamaguchi Pref See in context

Glad that boy discovered alive. That boy was discovered by 78-year-old volunteer from Oita and he brought that boy directly to his parent. In TV that volunteer was escorted by an officer and that officer's hand in such gesture as trying to stop that volunteer to run away as like he was a suspect.

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Posted in: Black flag: How to avoid working for a shady Japanese company See in context

. In fact, every year since 2012, companies have been nominated for “Most Evil Corporation” at the Black Company Awards (Japanese) by a team of anonymous journalists. While you might think the list of companies comprises lesser-known organizations (it does), it also includes some heavy hitters in the Japanese business world (for example, the 2017 list of nominees includes names such as Yamato Transport, Daiwa House, Taisei Construction, NHK, Niigata Municipal Hospital, Panasonic, Inazaya supermarket chain

Those Journalists save many new recruits lives from being overworked by Black Companies.

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Posted in: Serious rail congestion expected during Tokyo Olympics See in context

Make that two weeks in 2020 as holiday in Tokyo

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police finally allowed to carry drinks on duty during summer See in context

Previously officers were required to wait until they returned to their assigned guardhouse or vehicle to drink water or otherwise rehydrate.

Water and food most important aspect but people can suffer dehydration pretty quickly that's why you can see canteen bottle for people who are doing activity outdoor.

Japan becoming more get into their sense to handle summer heat, starting from Cool Biz initiated by Koizumi. No need to follow customs that's not necessary.

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Posted in: Record 70,000 people sent to hospitals over past 3 months due to heat wave See in context

About 40 percent or 29,070 people of the total were taken from their homes, while 5,068 people fell sick at educational facilities, including elementary schools and kindergartens

Those are places where air conditioner can be used, so either they just don't use it or they just set temperature still high to avoid high electricity bill.

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japan's transport operators found to have breached labor rules See in context

No wonder they have such practice, those industries encounter difficulties to find new recruits.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

turn on their air conditioners and the same time and open their doors and windows to help cool down the spectators

I agree people should turn on their air conditioners during these heat but open their doors to cooling down their surrounding, well try water sprinklers.

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Posted in: These are the 11 most crowded trains in Japan…and they’re all in the Tokyo area See in context

And still there are new and taller office building development for those mentioned stations that were passed by those lines, so expect more crowd in the future.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant tries image overhaul See in context

In Japan lot of things are messed up.

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Posted in: Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings See in context

Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings

How about

Record heat broils Japan, prompting urge for nationwide to turn on Air Conditioning

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Posted in: 82 car accidents caused by automatic brake malfunctions reported in Japan last year See in context

Japan has pushed for passenger cars to be equipped with automatic braking systems to curb accidents.

For some insurance, they will asked whether your car have AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), your insurance premium will become less if your car have this. Now we know it can cause accident and will make your insurance premium higher in following year.

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Posted in: Video game bar managers arrested for alleged copyright violations See in context

No wonder Japan businesses couldn't make money outside japan, their business model really depend on custom and law that exist in Japan.

Outside Japan once you own an item you can do whatever you like with it, it yours.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes stripping ownership rights to unattended land See in context

Most of rightful owner that inherit land in rural area unless they have way to monetize that land they'll abandon since it will difficult for them to sale. So it will cost for them to claim that land and ruin them financially.

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Posted in: Idol group AKB48 sells 2.5 million copies of new CD; bags full of them end up in trash days later See in context

hardcore fans consider it their solemn duty to vote for their personal favorite idol

As a matter of fact, fans are encouraged to vote multiple times, by purchasing multiple CDs, of course

It will skew their CD record sales which their management can brag. At the same time, don't forget environmental impact every time their voting session started.

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Posted in: Top court accepts wage gap between rehired seniors, regular workers See in context

There are some position that will pay more for people who already pass retirement age because their specific skills, network etc. But most of job in staff level won’t need this. 

Another disadvantage for old people even they are look healthy outside they becoming slower both physically and mentally. They’ll start getting muscle atrophy, cognitively they become less aware what they missed in their task. Most of people wound’t notice this unless they becoming side to side with them.

Of course there are some cases some old people they are still in good condition but most of them get performance decline.

@kurisupisu, yes at the end it’s all about job market.

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Posted in: Japanese consulting police more than ever on non-urgent matters See in context

When we lived in Nagano City some restaurants put out their garbage at the back of their buildings which attracted black rats the size of cats.

Bunch crows alone can really make garbages that already inside wrap to become a total mess, within few hours before garbage truck show up.

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