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Posted in: Suspect in Yokohama street stabbing questioned over Saitama incidents See in context

"I do not recall..."

a company employee, has denied stabbing the man at around 8:10 p.m. last Wednesday in Hodogaya Ward.

street surveillance camera footage taken near the scene of the stabbing in Hodogaya Ward.

Perhaps because he didn't do it at all, check that footage is not in really good quality at all, it's hard to determine whether it's him or not.

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Posted in: Chinese balloon soars across U.S.; Blinken scraps Beijing trip See in context

"the presence of this balloon in our airspace ... is a clear violation of our sovereignty as well as international law and it is unacceptable this occurred.”

That statement come from a nation that regularly flew their assets to other sovereign nation airspace either for taking live or just collecting some intel.

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

Government said it will be in May, they might let mask off

However a minister dropping its recommendation that people wear face masks at school graduation and entrance ceremonies this spring earlier than than, March/April.

Do they really coordinate with each other?

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

an elite bureaucrat who serves as executive secretary to the prime minister, quickly retracted the comments 

You need to reach minister position or prime minister to do gaffe like that, bellow that is not acceptable.

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Posted in: Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal See in context

Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal

They change they way do business because one sick customer do stupid things?

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Posted in: U.N. member states urge Japan to improve treatment of migrants, asylum seekers See in context

Imafuku told the body that Japan has introduced on-site inspections and a consultation service for such workers.

Just inspection and consultation but now actual follow up.

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Posted in: Random street stabbings reported in Saitama, Kanagawa prefectures See in context

black top, black pants and a face mask.

That just like most criminal depiction in Japan.

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

misusing and licking unused cups and sushi racked up millions of views online.

a customer applying wasabi to sushi that appears to be traveling on a belt for food ordered by other diners.

That's the origin of Japanese secret of umami.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

statue must be returned to Japan

There are so many statues in Japan, why Japan really need more.

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Posted in: 30-month sentence sought for ex-chairman in Olympic bribery trial See in context

30-month sentence sought for ex-chairman in Olympic bribery trial

These people is not really the master mind, they almost reach retirement age to take that risk. How long the sentence for the actual master mind?

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Posted in: Chemicals found in Tokyo residents' blood may be due to contaminated water from U.S. base See in context

A Tokyo citizens' group said Monday it has detected high concentrations of potentially harmful substances known as PFAS in some western Tokyo residents' blood, suggesting it could be due to contamination

So US not only want to share their arsenal to fight against Japan unfriendly neighbor, they also want to share carcinogenic material along with their partner nation's citizen.

Feel really sorry for people who really live in their bases, since they need to stay there for their job while exposing themselves with those hazard material.

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Posted in: Manila considers deporting all 4 robbery suspects to Japan at once See in context

a pending case against Kiyoto Imamura, 38, was dropped at a local court on Jan 25.

Intervention to court system? Previously I just don't trust Philipines jail system, now this lead me no to trust entire judicial system.

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

If she didn't do it, it will become another news with new victims from time to time.

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Posted in: Over 500 women in Japan used overseas sperm bank as demand grows See in context

Over 500 women in Japan used overseas sperm bank as demand grows

These ladies want kids but doesn't want husband or in laws that need to be taken care of.

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Posted in: Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance See in context

 deal rebalancing the rocky alliance between the two companies

So one of them give up their stake in the alliance, even they have their country law backing them up. However that means nothing now.

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Posted in: Philippines to return 1 of 4 robbery suspects to Japan in coming days See in context

As Japan and the Philippines do not have an extradition treaty, local cases must first be cleared before deportation.

Japan, please respect other country jurisdiction and just wait.

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Posted in: Nitori furniture store guard arrested for shoplifting from Nitori furniture store See in context

 flea market website and finding an account that listed over 700 Nitori items,

He stole 700 items?

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Posted in: Philippines willing to deport alleged robbery ringleader 'Luffy' to Japan See in context

the investigative source said he was "surprised" that Watanabe has still not been sent to Japan.

Why surprised, Philippines has its own jurisdiction, Japan need to respect that they also have pending cases against him. Only after he finished his sentence then he can be deported.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

You can request a refund of the tax payments when you leave, up to 5 years. So if you are here working short-term, that is the way to go.

I know that, you got only less the ammount you pay, that's how they make money.

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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

The saitaiho form of re-arresting is a systematic tool used by police to prolong a suspect’s detention in order to prepare for a trial.

In Japan they bring many charges against someone, break down as many as they can if possible. For example burglary it also can also be charged with trespassing, that two charges. Also homicide, can be charged with abandoning corps that also two charges.

Also sometimes when someone really being convicted is not because of the main charge it could be secondary charges that somehow doesn't really important. However when someone being guilty, news in Japan rarely telling which charge is being use for conviction.

the police rarely provide details of ongoing investigations so we may never know.

There's no transparency in Japan, if official someone is guilty then Japanese people will just believe they are guilty no matter how confession were made.

Then, you might instantly be re-arrested

What happen is when perperator released from first charge, there are people who will in the exit to bring in again for second charge, or even more. That's rarely being discussed in the news.

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Posted in: Kishida says return to deflation can't be ruled out See in context

"The government and the BOJ have agreed to closely cooperate towards economic growth in tandem with structural wage hikes and the sustainable, stable achievement of the inflation target," Kishida said, reiterating his previous remarks.

Still price is increasing and people wages still flat.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

1.82 million foreigners were working in Japan as of the end of October last year, government data showed Friday, in a 5.5 percent

Japan really need more that 5.5% increase

Those foreign workers only earn less compare to Japanese, they still need to pay taxes and mandatory pension even most of them won't live in Japan that long until retirement. Pension services still can maintain they payment really need to thanks to this people.

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Posted in: Japan online watchdog gets power to request removal of harmful content sites See in context

The IHC considers information on drug trafficking, child pornography and other acts as illegal content.

Illegal content what are they? Like criticizing government?

adding to the types of content that can be requested for removal by internet service providers, it aims to prevent crimes before they occur.To strengthen its online surveillance, the agency said it will also consider using artificial intelligence to analyze social media posts.

Do they have jurisdiction world wide? Even where jurisdiction they working, they couldn't do nothing with church solicitation prior to 2022.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

"We need to be extremely careful in considering the matter as it could affect the structure of family life in Japan,

Family structure in Japan? Don't blame that on same-sex marriage all.

No joint custody

Any single mother in Japan then number for being below poverty line is higher.

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Posted in: Luxury giant LVMH sales, profit hit new highs See in context

Who really said that the world in recession?

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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

Usually government will pledge to do something, where are those pledge?

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Posted in: 8 arrested in case linked to 'Luffy' group robberies across Japan See in context

Probably those people really like particular anime.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

It is said in spring, May still spring? Just after golden week, does it really matters?

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Posted in: Toyota to replace Akio Toyoda as president and CEO See in context

Sato, 53, would also become operating officer when the changes to its executive structure take effect on April 1.

53? Average CEO in Japan is 61 so what's wrong here?

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Posted in: Opposition questions Kishida in Diet over tax hike plan See in context

Opposition questions Kishida in Diet over tax hike plan

Not only opposition, everyone question tax hike while wage still flat.

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