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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

"In Japan, the only country that offers at least six months at full pay for fathers, only 1 in 20 took paid leave in 2017," a press release said.

While still remaining at a low level, the percentage edged up to 6.16 percent in 2018, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said last week

Six months, yes it's nice on the paper.

Of course employee can try to take it, like this guy try to take paternity leave less than one month. After he went back from his leave, his employer relocate him across Japan. Of course his company always try to maintain good image as family-friendly company.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context


once for looking "ayashii" (suspicious). They searched his car and found tools not put away in the tool box so they took it upon themselves to call it weapons.

They always use suspicious as reason to conduct a search, sometimes they could not explain why they consider you as suspicous. You can refuse and stand your ground since it's completely voluntarily. 

CaptDingleheimer's comment showed us that you have right to stand your ground.

They interrogated him for 6 hours!! They didn't allow him to call me or anyone else. At the end, they made him write and sign a memo saying he won't leave tools unattended.

These things they just made it up, of course they do all those things without lawyer presence so people have no clue what are their rights.

They just want to avoid apologizing to your husband since they couldn't prove any crime was committed or being committed . So what they is to make him feel guilty by signing that memo, I really doubt they have any ground for doing that.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

stressed that, unlike U.S. prisons, where violence might be common, his inmates were safe

Try to emphasis, detention in Japan is better no matter you are guilty or not?

The interrogation rooms, where prosecutors grill the suspects, were not shown during Monday's tour.

Of course why would they, that’s the most important part of judicial system, like whether lawyer or camera is exist during interogation.

This is just another guided tour they often do in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

as the country combats marine pollution by plastic waste.

It's nice to lesser use of plastic but for Japan main reason is not to combats marine pollution, it's more because Chinese already reject plastic waste from Japan.

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Posted in: Defendant in Sagamihara murder case acquitted See in context

prosecutors claimed that Oishi was “obviously the criminal” because his glasses were found at the crime scene and his bicycle with blood matching the victim’s was found in his apartment’s bicycle parking

How about weapon and motives? Where are they?

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Posted in: Interrogation recording in serious cases becomes mandatory in Japan See in context

But cases subject to the entire interrogation being recorded account for only about 3 percent of the total and the introduction of the measure to improve transparency will be limited to the questioning of suspects who have been arrested or detained, not those who come under investigation on a voluntary basis.

When those people being questioned they have no clue is it voluntary or not, so investigator can choose which part they want to record.

If they really care about uncovering the truth not only part of confession from suspect, all session should be being recorded. So do they care?

obliged to record interrogations of suspects in serious criminal cases as legal revisions to criminal proceedings

These days the cost of storage media it's so cheap, so it's become of matter of willingness whether they want to do it or not.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut CEO's pay for overlooking Ghosn's alleged misconduct See in context

Nissan Motor Co plans to sharply cut CEO Hiroto Saikawa's remuneration for fiscal 2018 for overlooking former Chairman Carlos Ghosn's alleged financial misconduct

It should be more than misconduct, it's a profit drop more than half.

Group net profit plunged 57.3 percent to 319.14 billion yen

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

 Acting on hunches is effective even if it cannot always be articulated. It is a combination of many years experience acting on a subconscious level.

Do you mean stopping foreigners too, yeah that needs years experience.

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Posted in: Old partner Nissan left sidelined by Renault-Fiat merger See in context

Make Nissan great again, well these are what happen beside Nissan sales that dropped recently.

It is a bitter pill to swallow for Nissan, which appeared to be completely left in the dark about the project 

And in any case, after 20 years, Nissan is too closely integrated with Renault to consider a divorce, no matter how low relations sink.

While Renault and Fiat shares went through the roof, climbing 13 and 18 percent respectively at the open, Nissan stock enjoyed a muted rise of just more than one percent.

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

I wonder how many failed 'hunches' and stops it took to get this one that he could send to the media...

Exactly, of course after many stops they will find someone who involve in sort of crime. Once they find that person they need to come up with an explanation why that person is being stopped, they just don't have any, so they made it up something. So far they never reveal how many stops they've done before catching that person.

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

Well those officer like to check people not who only just out from convenience store also people who just hangout around of convenience store. Yet not to mention them checking foreign look people. From those countless check it's obvious they will find people who just committing a crime. After that they need justify why that person is being check in the first place, simple answer is they check people on regular basis around convenience store but of course they won't say that, so they come up with another reason, something wrong with his fashion.

“the officer hasn’t specified what exactly the fashion faux pas was, it was enough to make him stop the 20-year-old man and ask him who he was and what he’d been doing in the convenience store.

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Posted in: Japanese firms resist hiring foreign workers under new immigration law: poll See in context

 the bulk of the firms that may hire these immigrants do not plan to support them in securing housing, learning Japanese language skills or getting information on living in Japan, the Reuters Corporate Survey showed.

For the last few decades they already having less supportive attitude toward female who want to have a baby and raise their kids while still on their workforce. Not to mention is not easier for male employee to take paternal leave. Now most of them still want to have Japanese only workforce without giving contribution for society to prepare new workforce?

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Posted in: Watami restaurant to set up Singapore unit to source foreign workers See in context

You can check other black awards awardees, just search for ブラック企業.

One of Watami employee Mina Mori, committed suicide two months after joining Watami. She was forced to work until late every night, with no days off, each month she did 140 hours overtime. Finally Watami received Black Awards in 2013.

Izakaya is one business that really labor intensive, graveyard shift, pretty busy especially when you have plenty customers.

"We are in tie-up talks with a Japanese-language school in Cambodia. We also have a plan to form a staffing entity," 

Do these people know list of Japanese black companies?

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Posted in: Group referred to prosecutors for bed prank at Shibuya crossing See in context

lift up the bed with the YouTuber still inside to hurry to safety before the pedestrian lights turned red.

So they are guilty of what? Cars still can use that crossing after light turned to green.

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Posted in: Questions loom for Nissan in post-Ghosn era See in context

Nissan's vehicle sales in Japan tumbled 18% in March compared to a year earlier, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Nissan's overall sales fell 10% in the first quarter. In the U.S., Nissan's first quarter sales fell 12%,

The company recently has lost several other strong executives, including Jose Munoz, a Ghosn ally who had been Nissan's chief performance officer and has moved to Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co. Nissan's Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci, in charge of global marketing and zero-emission vehicles, left to become chief executive at Italian brake-maker Brembo

So Saikawa can be expected to rebuild all of those again?

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Posted in: Shibuya to ban drinking on streets during Halloween See in context

Tokyo's busy Shibuya district has decided to ban drinking alcohol on some streets during the Halloween season, officials said Monday.

Every year after this rule being enacted there must be people that have no clue there is prohibition for drinking in public on certain street in Shibuya. Especially in since in Japan there's no prohibition for drinking in public at all. I don't know whether this rule will be effective at all.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

You think? The dash cam will only help establish how much of the fault she bears. Was she too fast or not? Did she react in way, and if not why not? In Japan you can self incriminate with evidence you took.

In Japan for any accident that involved at least two cars, even innocent car driver that become a victim can not have 0 % responsibility , usually will get around 10%. So can you imagine if she didn't have that dashcam? She only can hope that investigation will clear her.

Thanks to her dashcam so those investigator rely on her cam to find out what is really going on at that time.

The driver of the light vehicle, Michiko Shimoyama, 62, was also arrested at the scene but was released later Wednesday as the police apparently deemed she did not have much responsibility in the accident.

Otherwise she'll be under custody like Fumiko

The driver of the car, Fumiko Shintate, 52, who was arrested at the scene of the Wednesday accident

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Posted in: Court allows Ghosn to change residence in Tokyo See in context

The 65-year-old ousted chairman, who has denied all charges of financial misconduct, made the request to move into a house in Minato Ward after he was released on 500 million yen ($4.5 million) bail on April 26.

For a person that only being indicted, compared to other white collar cases like Olympus, Livedoor and Tepco his bail is one the highest one.

Just read this article for number comparison.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

Of the 13 children hit by the light vehicle, two of them, both aged 2, were killed while another 2-year-old was left in critical condition.

I'm really sorry to those families.

The driver of the light vehicle, Michiko Shimoyama, 62, was also arrested at the scene but was released later Wednesday as the police apparently deemed she did not have much responsibility in the accident. Shimoyama's light vehicle was the only one equipped with a dashcam, according to the police.

She's pretty fortunate since her dashcam can be really useful in this kind of situation. Especially when it needs to determine who was driving carelessly that lead that fatal accident.

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage eats away at back-breaking work culture See in context

Some schools in Japan are making teachers clock out at 4:30 pm. They are only doing this so that on paper, it seems looks like teachers are not being overworked. However, the pressure is still there to continue working, even after having clocked out.

It should be simple, like teacher room will be locked after 5:00 pm but school management just failed to do this.

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage eats away at back-breaking work culture See in context

 took his wife's maternity leave as a husband, which are all perfectly legal under the local government which he works. After returning from his last maternity leave he was confronted by a fellow worker who demanded he apologise for taking long leave making them do extra work 

He took all 52 weeks, yes that should be a norm. Japan always complaining about declining birth rate but less steps are taken.

 if management wont hire an extra workers to take up the slack for vacationing staff then youll need to complain to them.

Those overtime or difficulty in taking paid holiday due to workload, it is because employer/management fault that won't spent extra to hire more people. Not employee that take valid legal paid holiday.

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage eats away at back-breaking work culture See in context

Japan is still at the bottom of the G7 for productivity.

Especially when you count those unaccounted overtime, productivity rate will become much lower.

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Posted in: Car being pursued by police crashes into another vehicle, killing its driver See in context

Except for the whole "running from the cops" thing... No, that's not suspicious at all.

Just FYI, running from the cops is illegal. Nothing to justify.

Check that youtube video that I gave you, in Japan they even love to play around with authority. They won't even go speeding if no one chase them.

Yes, at the fault of the driver who ran from the cops.

Well recent trends in Japan ran away while endangering other people in the street more and more becoming trend these days. That should take into account.

So they did do something illegal. They ran from the cops.

See the theme? Don't run from the cops. It's illegal.

I don't doubt about legality of running away.

In this case, another charge will be added like speeding.

But how many people lives becoming victim while trying to chase that driver, 10 lives? 20 lives?

Like Goodlucktoyou, Joe Blow, kurisupisu, mu-da, paradoxbox, farhaan, realization, said there should be a safer way to do this.

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Posted in: Car being pursued by police crashes into another vehicle, killing its driver See in context

A police patrol spotted a car with two men in the parking lot of a convenience store moving in a “suspicious” manner, 

This is another way to say, it just regular check without no reason at all, for car that park in convenience store 

They often use word "suspicious” without have ability to describe it. 


The driver was given a breathalyzer test but police did not release the results.

Well if the result was on their side, they would already release it. Now they need to justify why they need to chase this car in the first place.

The car crossed over the center line on a curve and hit a light car head-on. The driver of the light car, Tatsuya Kudo, a company employee, suffered severe injuries. He was taken to hospital where he died about 90 minutes later.

This another chase that cost people live on the street, 

Goodlucktoyou, Joe Blow, kurisupisu, mu-da, paradoxbox, farhaan, realization you guys are right, there should be a safer way to do this.  Still this week, few days ago there are accident in Yokosuka, involving car chase, caused driver to die and lead one of passenger to comma.

Is not necessary because they have done something illegal, some of them they do it for the rush. When got chased they love even more.

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Posted in: Train station employee, nabbed for taking upskirt film, causes delay due to being in custody See in context

was arrested on suspicion of disturbing the public peace just past 4 p.m. on April 30 at a shopping center in Kyotango City.

delay to train services when he failed to show up for work the next day and open the train station due to his being in custody

Whether that allegation against him is true or not, in Japan when they take you into their custody, nobody will know about your whearabout until several days, not your family nor your coworker. Only few officers know where you are.

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Posted in: Abe ready to meet N Korea's Kim unconditionally: media See in context

Last year Kim Jong-un willing to cross border by foot to meet Moo Jae-in South Korea president. 

In another time last year Kim Jong-un fly to Singapore to meet Trump. Well not only that he fly again to Vietnam this year to meet Trump . Still this year Kim Jon Un fly to Vladivostok to meet Putin.

North Korean authorities have given no public indication of any willingness to meet Abe.

Abe? For country that always broadcast Kim Jong-un on TV all the time, that's too sad.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested after barging into koban, demanding money See in context

 arrested a 63-year-old man

Now he get treatment that most 60-year-old need to struggle using their small pension money, he will get food, place to sleep and people to talk to.

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Posted in: Minibus-car collision leaves 85-year-old man dead, 14 high school students, teacher injured See in context

A minibus and a car collided on an expressway in Ishikawa Prefecture on Sunday afternoon, killing the 85-year-old man driving the car 

Few days back there was an accident involving 87-year-old-man driver in Ikebukuro, now there's another accident involving 85-year-old man. From other news that car was way off from its designated lane before it hit that minibus.

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Posted in: Number of abandoned homes hits record high in 2018 See in context

Yamanashi Prefecture in eastern Japan had the highest proportion of abandoned homes at 21.3 percent, followed by Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan at 20.3 percent.

The prefectures with the lowest proportions of vacant homes were Saitama, north of Tokyo, and Okinawa in southern Japan.

The Japanese tax is not making easier for inheritor, if they make wrong decision they'll end up with asset that has negative in value. So that percentage show people just won't take inheritance just like that, they do some calculation before they decide to take it or not.

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Posted in: Ghosn leaves detention center; agrees to limit contact with wife See in context

Carlos Ghosn walked out of a detention center for a second time late on Thursday, freed on 500 million yen bail after agreeing to curbs on contacting his wife as he awaits trial on financial misconduct charges.

500 million, anyone can check bails granted for other cases, there's none that near that number only for Ghosn. This article show that fact.

Along with restricted access to his wife, Ghosn's movements and communications will be closely monitored and restricted to prevent his fleeing the country and tampering with evidence,

Now they restrict him to interact with his wife, what next they'll limit to interact with his kids? They's how they break him down.

Tampering with evidence, that's argument always be used over and over again. They already restrict him to meet anyone from nissan, they already took necessary documents.

The only one that has been proven tampering evidence in Japan is Tsunehiko Maeda and he was part of legal system.

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