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Posted in: Gov't approves taxi ride-sharing from November See in context

Long approval for something that new, so Japanese ride sharing is not ride-sharing like original Uber. It similar like Uberpool vs Lyft shared, with additional requirement that it can be only used for Japanese taxi company that already exist.

As users enter their pickup location, destination and the time they wish to a ride on an operator's smartphone app, they can be paired with other users going in the same direction. 

In same area already exist even with app, just make phone for certain shuttle reservation that own by taxi or bus company. It has specific time for its schedule, more like bus with less pick up point and drop point.

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Posted in: ANA to cut workforce by 9,000 within 5 years See in context

Japan Inc slashing employee but company still exist and not went bankrupt? It shouldn't happen, that against Japanese norm. In Japan the norm is Japanese company just that don't adapt to fast changing world so it went bankrupt and lay off employee at the end.

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Posted in: U.S. woman in Bali 'suitcase murder' freed from jail See in context

People get 20 years for marijuana smuggling in Indonesia, yet this woman gets out in only 7, and her boyfriend 18 years or less for cold blooded murder?

I guess in Indonesia lives are cheap, sadly.

It's depend on each case, some murder case can lead to death sentence.

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Posted in: Sexual assault suspect who fled from police custody arrested 6 hours later See in context

asked him to accompany them to the police station on a voluntary basis

Guess what, they are not voluntary!

To go with them from his house is voluntarily but when that boy step inside police property that will be another new deal. If that boy is real criminal even he refuse initial, they'll back with warrant another time.

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Posted in: In final hearing, Kelly's lawyer says his client not involved in Ghosn payment dealings See in context

@Richard  Gallagher

Egor Matveyev, who teaches at the MIT Sloan School of Management, calls the Ghosn case “a clear example of corporate governance failure.”

Corporate governance? It's not the first time take look on Toshiba's and Olympus's case

So far Carlos Ghosn and his lawyer share his case to University of Tokyo professor an expert of corporate law, Wataru Tanaka about his case. He even said even if there is such punishment it should be fine not jail time.

The Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (金融商品取引法, Kin'yū shōhin torihiki-hō) is the applicable law. It is quite clear that Kelly, conspired with Ghosn to violate sections of the Act. Ghosn violated Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”) [15 U.S.C. § 78j(b)] and SEC Rule 10b-5 [17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5], and also aided and abetted Nissan’s violations of Section 10(b) and SEC Rule 10b-5. Kelly aided and abetted Ghosn’s and Nissan’s violations of the same.

Please check again how many people is being involved to make that happen, is not only Kelly. If you check Kelly's case carefully even by the time he being consulted, those plan already exist.

When Ghosn and Kelly need to settle with SEC, please check again when was it? It's time where they are in custody, with very limited access to document from their previous company.

 structure payment after Ghosn’s retirement without disclosure in the periods when the compensation had been earned and fixed.

What they try to do and not being finalized and approved, is a way to pay post retirement scheme that exist and common in Japan. Even for Ghosn case that agreement will require him not to go to rival companies, using non-compete agreement.

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Posted in: Japan's top 3 mobile carriers to scrap cancelation fees See in context

Internet service provider still charging cancellation fee, for now.

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Posted in: Japan to become world's No. 3 donor of COVID vaccine doses See in context

That just means Japan horded them in the first place.

Right, horded also almost not used, Japan use Moderna and Pfizer mostly. Just give other brand for donation.

Japan has been providing domestically-made doses of AstraZeneca Plc's vaccine to other countries and regions that need them. An additional 300,000 doses are scheduled to be delivered to Taiwan on Wednesday, bringing the total to 4.2 million.

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Posted in: There are many cases where foreigners get involved in gambling as they feel that they cannot return home without a large sum of money and end up accumulating debt. See in context

There are many cases where foreigners get involved in gambling as they feel that they cannot return home without a large sum of money and end up accumulating debt.

That's for not general foreigners in Japan but specific people that are in Japan's trainee program. Some of them they have debt to be in Japan since they need to pay many things for their preparation to be in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to become world's No. 3 donor of COVID vaccine doses See in context

Japan will become the world's third-largest provider of COVID-19 vaccine doses, with donations to 20 countries and regions set to reach 30 million

How many doses for first and second largest provider?

US 200 Million, China 100 Million, Japan 30 Million

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Posted in: Kishida urges gov't panel to craft proposals for 'new capitalism' soon See in context

proposals for 'new capitalism' soon

Is there anything new? New re-branding?

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Posted in: LDP to lose seats, but keep comfortable majority with Komeito: poll See in context

 spark economic growth

How? With other pledges?

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Posted in: Kyoto police using targeted YouTube ads to warn would-be voyeurs See in context

The ads will run until the middle of November,

After next month it'll be gone

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Posted in: Political parties promise increased child aid, but more than money needed See in context

The government of former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga decided to abolish the monthly provision of 5,000 yen per child up to 15 years old to households whose heads annually earn 12 million yen or more, beginning October 2022, to secure funds to increase day-care facilities.

Where's those day-care facilities now?

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Posted in: Man arrested after using AI to 'destroy' censor mosaics in Japanese adult videos See in context

Destroy? Nothing is being really destroy, those movie can be put back to original if necessary.

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Posted in: Japan institute to receive int'l scholars as exception to COVID rules See in context

"The country has been 'closed' for a long time but we should not put out the light of Japanese studies (abroad)," said the official

Japan has history for being closed from other countries in the past, during pandemic Japan do that again.

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Posted in: Thieves steal 60,000 persimmons from Gifu orchard See in context

Thieves steal 60,000 persimmons from Gifu orchard

How to store 60 thousands persimmons?

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Posted in: Ghosn determined to restore his reputation See in context

@Takaaki Oishi

If he thinks he is innocent, show the evidence, and fight with your energy. Why did he need to run away illegally in the first place while on bail ? Do as the Japanese do when in Japan.

Do as Japanese do? What Japanese do when being forced to make confession? Most of Japanese just confess to a crime that never happened.

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Posted in: Ghosn determined to restore his reputation See in context

@Peter Neil

Ghosn and Kelly agreed to pay the penalty before Ghosn was arrested. The settlement was only published on that date.

I'm just stating facts that were not part of the article and many people do not know about. If you don't like the facts, complain to... well, there is no one to complain to. Facts are simply facts.

Which fact? Inquiry for both Ghosn and his former company from SEC started in January 2019, nothing has been settled during that time

At that time Ghosn already spent his days inside solitary confinement in detention center, starting from November 19th, 2018

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Posted in: Ghosn determined to restore his reputation See in context

@Peter Neil

US Securities and Exchange Commission filed this in 2019

SEC decision was made on September 2019, where Ghosn during that time? He was in custody in Japan, still trying to fight his case with limited access to necessary documents. So it's not necessary he is guilty, he just couldn't prove he was innocent at that time. 

If you check again Ghosn's case, all people that become witness they are more guilty than Greg Kelly that now is still fighting for his case.

People that was in that company now speaking about conflict of interest among people who reported Ghosn.

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Posted in: Ghosn determined to restore his reputation See in context

Tokyo prosecutors have refused to send his files to Lebanon for the criminal case to be tried there.

Japan's vice minister went there to meet with Lebanon Official.

Lebanon willing to corporate and asked for files about Ghosn to be sent to Lebanon from last year until today those files never arrived,

Is it because Japan really rely on confession not actual evidence?

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

If a foreigner return lost item to koban they'll be interrogated for almost one hour while they'll be asking to fill many form of papers. Lucky enough if they don't accuse you stole that in the beginning.

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context

For now just a trial, next thing you know it will be required for everything, for shopping jobs, schools, public service and others.

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Posted in: Facebook announces 10,000 EU jobs to build 'metaverse' See in context

EU alternate metaverse after Brexit.

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $3.4 bil in U.S. battery production See in context

What will happen to fuel cell?

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Posted in: Kishida calls for greater military capability, spending See in context

More expenditure? Is it really necessary? Where Japan get all money needed for those?

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Posted in: LDP most popular; nearly 40% of voters undecided ahead of election See in context

In the nationwide telephone survey conducted on Saturday and Sunday, 29.6 percent of respondents said they will vote for the LDP

Less than 30% is popular? Beside that 40% of voters still undecided.

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Posted in: Man steals police car after being left alone in back seat See in context

he just wanted to go home.

He got himself another way for transportation to go home.

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Posted in: Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed See in context

government will do its utmost to address concerns the water disposal will hurt local fishing and other industries.

After that Japan will force other countries to accept their farm and fish products.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel sues Toyota, Chinese company over patent See in context

Japan Inc sue another Japan Inc?

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 2 people at Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

So, Japan is still a relatively safe place. 

Yes it's safe until recently

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