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As for Treaty of Peace with Japan, the territory etc. handed over to the territory and South Korea that Japan abandons by the end of the war agreement of WW2 have been decided. South Korea broke Treaty of Peace with Japan, and occupied Takeshima.

Japan was judged in Tokyo war crimes tribunal. Then, how does the crime of South Korea that broke a treaty become it?How does the crime to which 45 person bloodshed and 3000 people or more are abducting confined by the process of the occupation become it?

Moreover, there is no description "Dokto" in the history book that South Korea presents. Because it is a name that "Syngman Rhee" named after WW2. As for "Dokto" of the old document that South Korea means, the possibility of another island that is not "Liancourt Rocks" is higher. How the South Korean fabricated the history, "History in 5000 Korean" and "The kendo and the ninja are South Korea origins", etc. are how much.

I regret the thing that this journalist is cheated by the lie "Severe colonialization" very much. If magic that doubles the population exploiting by the draconian rule, and murdering it is found, the South Korean will be able to take Nobel prize.

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