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Posted in: Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger See in context

The placement of the holes reminds me of bowling balls (the full size ones), while the size of the melons are right around the size of the balls in lawn bowling.

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Posted in: Switch to electric vehicles could end oil era See in context

When the first world countries wean themselves away from petroleum products, the lack of competition for such resources will lower the demand-price and allow the developing and third world countries to be able to afford cheaper transportation and shipping. This will raise their standards of living. The Global South will become where all the fossil fuels will be consumed in the later parts of this century.

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Posted in: Trump planning to pardon ex-aide Flynn: U.S. media See in context

No one ever loses their Fifth Amendment rights against compelled self-incrimination. This protection always exists. These rights may be inapplicable once a person no longer is in danger of self-incrimination, but they always exist and given the intricacy of American laws it is quite likely there are other obscure statutes or rarely prosecuted code sections that will be outside the written parameters of the pardons. Therefore a pardon from Mr. Trump will not remove the right of his allies to continue to invoke the Fifth Amendment for their protection, and they do not need to specify (when invoking) what offense they think they might have violated.

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Posted in: Thai police revive royal defamation law ahead of protest See in context

GLTY, you are correct, the king is rarely in his own country. While his own suite might be $5000 per night, news reports indicated that he and his entourage rent out an entire hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Alps, so the nightly cost is easily hundreds of thousands of Euros.

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Posted in: Barcelona, Juventus join Chelsea and Sevilla in Champions League last 16 See in context

This is the best of the best of the Beautiful Game. My family and I are very much looking forward to this. The only challenge we face every year is our inability to see the games live, and then trying to avoid spoiler news before we settle in to watch the recorded matches.

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Posted in: Hawks beat Giants 4-0 to close in on 4th straight Japan Series title See in context

The Giants look like a team that only won 2 of its last 6 regular season games, and only played one game (and scored only one run) over a ten-day stretch before this series began. They simply lost their game focus. Meanwhile, SoftBank had a climax series and had to play competitive baseball (coming from behind) against Lotte - that allowed them to keep their mental and competitive edge. Central League executives were fools to skip a climax series. Don't do that again!

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Posted in: The five least stressful jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people See in context

The five least financially rewarding jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people. (There, fixed the headline for you.) It is often true that more on-the-job stress will result in more compensation, in order to entice workers to endure it.

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Posted in: Tokyo best city in the world to live in, study says See in context

I first came to Tokyo 35 years ago. The air and water are so much cleaner now. We can often see Mt. Fuji or Landmark Tower all the way down in Yokohama. The Bay is clean enough that (some) people actually eat the shellfish that now have returned to grow there. As we get older, we like the safe and clean public transportation, and perception of low crime rates. I love the weather for six months of the year (March 15 to June 15, and Sep 15 to Dec 15) and access to ski slopes in the winter. Yes, it is expensive, but so are Singapore, Munich, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Vancouver. Our only concern is that our children, as they begin their careers, will be unable to live nearby due to the high costs and low wages.

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Posted in: Burger King releases its first-ever 'buns-free' burger in Japan See in context

I assume it is wrapped in loads of napkins or serviettes? But the meat still can't be too hot for the fingers... I do have to say that I cannot recall seeing a Burger King in the Tokyo area. If there are more than a few, it must be because I looked right past them - from having no interest in their products. They certainly are not as ubiquitous as McDonalds.

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Posted in: Tigers waive Brandon Dixon so he can pursue job in Japan See in context

For those personnel on the bubble between the majors and AAA-level, Japan starts to look pretty good. 50% full stadiums, no jet lag, and only a handful of pitchers throw faster than 150km/hr. Salaries are much better than American AAA-level, too.

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Posted in: Japanese woman killed in Brazil died from blow to the head See in context

The 18-year old young man will also experience many things during his stay in Brazilian prisons. Some may be very much like the last things Ms. Akamatsu experienced. I hope her family can recover her remains or ashes and bring them back to Japan for a peaceful closure to her tragic life.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

Acknowledging his offense and turning himself in is the first step towards redemption and self-recognition of his crime. It also will significantly reduce his sentence. If he is a first offender, he probably gets 14-18 years confinement - so when he gets out, he will be the 64-year old homeless person sleeping on a bench.

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Posted in: Coronavirus pandemic brings some married couples closer: survey See in context

Happier couples spoke each day for an average of 140 minutes on weekdays, and 329 minutes on weekends and national holidays, while the corresponding figures for couples whose relationships had deteriorated were 88 minutes and 156 minutes.

Those are staggeringly long conversations, even for the deteriorated relationships. Mrs. Affist and I talk maybe 15 minutes a day. The telly is on a lot, and she spends the rest of her time looking at her phone and I spend my time on JT reading all of your comments. The pandemic has had no effect on our relationship.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

Japanese companies are looking for conformity and team players in their talent searches. They are not looking for personnel who will rock the boat's stability or be non-conformists. If these resume facets are eliminated, the companies will find other tools to weed out non-conformists, such as interviews, role-playing exercises, social media searches, and the like. Personnelists can be very clever at this.

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Posted in: 2 children die after being found unconscious in bathroom; mother found in nearby canal See in context

No signs of external injury on either body? It sounds like smothering with a pillow in the middle of the night. Premeditation to do it to one and then the next.

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Posted in: Man arrested after kicking woman in stomach See in context

There are plenty of security cameras in Naniwa Ward. He will change his story after the police show him the videos. Excuse Choice B ("I was drunk so I don't remember") probably isn't available since it was only 3pm. So he will be left with Excuse Choice C ("I always wanted to kick a woman in the stomach") or Excuse Choice D ("she laughed at me and I couldn't help it"). These seem to be the usual shallow and lame excuses we see from immature J-men perps.

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Posted in: New Zealand to crack down on defecating backpackers See in context

I thought this was about backpackers but then the article discussed people who travel in campers and relieve themselves outside the camper. A trowel, folding shovel or spade isn't too much to carry, in order to bury the waste. And even if there is a group, only one is really necessary among all of them.

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Posted in: Exploding Takata air bag inflator kills man in Arizona crash See in context

We were hunted down in Japan and invited to our nearby Honda dealership to have the airbags on both of our vehicles replaced at no expense. They did this by issuing a Recall notice for our vehicle identification numbers. We were told we would be unable to re-register the autos until the airbags were replaced and the Recall notices removed. We didn't have to do it immediately but definitely before our registrations expired.

Is this not the policy in all the other countries?

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Posted in: Putin, extending Russian footprint, approves new naval facility in Sudan See in context

It was hoped after al-Bashir was removed that the country would moderate its policies. The peace treaty with Israel was a step towards becoming a responsible global citizen. Perhaps this deal with Mr. Putin is simply realpolitik where an impoverished land is hoping to get some benefits in return. However, once the Russians are there, they will never leave, even if China makes a better offer in the future.

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Posted in: Almost 90,000 sexual abuse claims expected against U.S. Boy Scouts See in context

This is all public knowledge, yet the Boy Scouts are aggressively expanding all over the world. They have troops in most cities in Asia now (including Dhaka, Phnom Penh, Penang, Chiang Mai, etc.)

I don't understand the allure. We steered all of our children to youth sports and footracing, which also build character and fitness and self-confidence. And they weren't molested.

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Posted in: Hawks rally past Marines to advance to Japan Series See in context

Only Softbank has the capabilities to match up with the Giants. My whole family and I are looking forward to watching this - it will be a great contest.

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Posted in: President of Fujitsu subsidiary arrested over fatal car accident See in context

This is easy to do. When you are turning left onto a street, you look to the right, up the street in the direction from which traffic is coming. Since no cars are coming from the left, he probably failed to look left or relied on a traffic mirror that may not have been positioned correctly.

As a company president, he probably is well off and will be able to offer a settlement to the family of the victim. In addition to the 30 million yen from the compulsory insurance, the going value for an 83-year old man is another 30-40 million yen (since his productive years are behind him). Should he be able to come up with that and settle (or deposit it with the prosecutors as an offer of good faith), Mr. Hanaoka will likely get a 4 year suspended sentence. And he will lose his driver's license. And probably be forced into early retirement.

Drive carefully. Bicyclists and pedestrians are all over the place.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of woman in Hokkaido house See in context

Because of his turning himself in, his confession and cooperation (and assuming he has no criminal record), under Japan's formula for sentences he will get approximately 16 years confinement (and be out in 11 or 12 on parole) - still in his thirties and looking for another live-in girlfriend.

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Posted in: Woman dies from head injuries after being found on Tokyo street See in context

The police are after this one quickly, already finding the surveillance videos and giving an initial description of the suspect. Apparent murders get the highest priority of investigative resources. I hope they will be able to track him down soonest.

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Posted in: CEOs in U.S. weather pandemic with compensation largely intact See in context

I thought a condition of aid from the federal government was freezing or capping executive compensation. That is not mentioned here. At least some of the top 500 companies in American received assistance - especially those in transportation, industrial, and energy industries.

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Posted in: Suu Kyi's party wins absolute majority in Myanmar polls See in context

The military regime there was never a "benign dictatorship" in any one's viewpoint, other than their own.

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Posted in: Casey leads after best major start with Tiger in the hunt See in context

It's nice to see they didn't completely cancel it, but postponed until now. With the American cases increasing, I was expecting them to pull the plug in the last few days. The course looks different without the Spring flowers blooming, but it is still in great condition for November.

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Posted in: Tokyo Dome to hold shareholder meeting to vote on activist proposal See in context

The Dome is getting old, having opened in 1988. I can compare it to stadiums in America. At its age, most municipalities in the US face threats from the baseball team of moving elsewhere if they don't get a new stadium to play in (with more income-producing luxury boxes). Even if the management company is unwilling to raze it and build a new one, these shareholders understand that more money can be made from a renovation to maximize high-end revenue.

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Posted in: Russian peacekeepers deploy to secure Nagorno-Karabakh truce See in context

The ethnic Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh need to face the reality that an emboldened Erdogan will continue to use proxy Azeris to keep up the pressure on the enclave. He is a fan of all things about the Ottoman Empire, including its elimination of a million Armenians a century ago. The picture yesterday of hundreds of vehicles fleeing to Armenia will continue until all have fled the enclave. It may have been their homeland for a thousand years, but they have no future if they stay there.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested for smearing bodily fluid on girl on train See in context

He also must not work very hard, if he was an hour away from his school by 5pm on a Wednesday school day.

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