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Posted in: PGA Tour refuses to release players for Saudi-backed opener See in context

At some point, the PGA tour players will see they can make so much money on the Saudi-sponsored tour in 12 events as they could over a whole year on the PGA. They will leave, and in between the Saudi events, they will come to Japan and the various European tournaments and have quite a nice profitable career. The bigger question will be when will the American networks start to broadcast all the events?

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Posted in: Angels rookie Reid Detmers throws no-hitter against Rays See in context

Wonderful performance. I hope Mr. Otani will get to play in the postseason this year. The Rays are a pretty good team and the Angels have overpowered them. Now Mr. Otani gets to pitch tomorrow morning to close out the series. The Angels also have four series with losing teams like Oakland and Texas in the next few weeks, so hopefully they can continue their run of success.

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence officials questioned for misjudging Afghanistan, Ukraine See in context

The USA intelligence officials long ago lost the ability to do analysis of humans and get any human intelligence. Now everything is signals intelligence and intercepts and economic analyses (guesses). They have nothing that gets them connected with emotions and personalities.

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Posted in: New Zealand to fully reopen to the world in August: Ardern See in context

The Land that Time Forgot. 2 full years is such a long time.

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Posted in: Suzuki extends hitting streak to 9 as Cubs beat Rays 4-2 See in context

I wish him great success there. He is missed already this year in NPB!

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Posted in: Chebet leads 1st Kenyan sweep in Boston Marathon since 2012 See in context

Kawauchi-san was around 20th. Maybe he runs best in the cold and chilly weather?

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl stabbed to death at California high school See in context

Wait for more details to come out, to establish the relationship which caused him to hunt her down. This was not a mentally ill person, but someone with full clear intent and malice aforethought. A mentally ill person would have randomly slain anyone.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson to face MPs' fury over 'partygate' See in context

I defend everyone's right to party! Even BJ! But the confrontation with the MPs should be entertaining and I may learn a few new words (or words I haven't heard since English literature class in secondary school).

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Posted in: Couple at heart of Abe cronyism scandal found guilty again over fraud See in context

Now that they have sentences, why aren't they rolling over and singing about Mr. Abe's involvement? You know, cut a deal and save their skins? Provide state's evidence in exchange for a suspended sentence?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine indicted over sexual assault of woman in Okinawa See in context

@Monty, this was someone from the US marines and not the US army. The marines think they are elite killers. The army is a step up from security guards.

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Posted in: Potential jurors in Kardashian case air hate to their faces See in context

I could be neutral. I have never watched any of their shows, and the only one I recognize is Kim because she was part of the Kimye duo. But judging by what I have read here, I might come to despise them before the end of the trial.

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Posted in: Intruder arrested after entering woman’s apartment via balcony See in context

However, he was identified from personal belongings he dropped on the balcony.

I imagine what he dropped on the balcony as he fled had to be DNA-tested in order to identify him.

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Posted in: Heim puts on show with 5 RBIs off Ohtani in Rangers 10-5 win See in context

Mike Trout's second homer of the season was a massive 472-foot solo shot to straightaway center.

THAT is a blast. After the Astros CF pulled one back last weekend, Trout's first homerun of the season came several innings later, at 440 feet to center. Try pulling that one back!

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Posted in: Islamic State 'Beatle' found guilty of all charges in U.S. hostage deaths See in context

He wanted to be sent to Britain or the United States "where he could get a fair trial," she said.

It's great when you get what you hoped for in life.

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Posted in: North Korea marks key anniversary, but no word on army parade See in context

What happened to the nuclear test or ICBM launch that was supposed to occur with today's festivities? Another fizzle?

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Posted in: COVID pandemic exacerbated rise in STDs in United States: study See in context

It was the "Summer of Love" in Seattle and lots of "mostly peaceful" mass gatherings "among 16 to 24-year-olds. Racial minorities including Black, Hispanic and Native American people were disproportionately impacted".

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Posted in: Entire Tohoku bullet train line back in service a month after quake See in context

Good to get them running again before Golden week as passenger loads are expected to be 1.6x last year's amount, according to tonight's TV news.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

He called her mother because her mother is the only person his nutter girlfriend will listen to. He probably was unaware how seriously injured he was at the moment.

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Posted in: Man arrested after dropping bowling ball from 4th floor of apartment building See in context

If he has no criminal record, he is likely to receive a suspended sentence no matter what. But if he does not confess to anything, then the prosecutors will not even indict him.

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Posted in: Soccer coach apologizes for saying women 'more emotional than men' See in context

Well, we shall see how emotional he gets when he gets his walking papers, and then we can compare who is more emotional.

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Posted in: Western pressure mounts on Solomons to quash pact with China See in context

Nations act in their own self-interest. The Solomon Islands are no different.

"Hey, Western Governments, make us a better deal!"

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Posted in: Story, Castellanos among MLB's newest $100 million men See in context

Then the owners have to pay even more money to the insurance funds that cover the highly likely eventuality that these star players get injured and are unable to play. While Shohei Ohtani was earning about $4 million USD carrying his team, Mike Trout was paid about $27 million USD from the day in May he went on the injured list and never played again (after about $7 million for his month of service in April). Ohtani's teammate Rendon also "earned" over half his $30 million USD salary after shutting down for hip surgery in July.

Today's players are so fragile, and the fact that teams have committed to paying them obscene amounts over many years, leads to coddling players and letting them get paid for repeated DL stints in the hope that the player will recover for future years of service.

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Posted in: Sakamoto leads after short program at figure skating worlds See in context

@Ego, she's a young woman (age 21), not a girl. A joy to watch, at any age.

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Posted in: 'Wait and see': Barty coy on future after shock retirement See in context

Brady ... Barty ... retirement will not last long. Mark my words.

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Posted in: Devastated Afghan girls leave school hours after reopening See in context

This is straight from their twisted interpretations of the Quran and their concepts of what the hadiths say about the place of women.

The Taliban lie to everyone - their female subjects, the international community (do you not remember them demanding billions of Euros in aid last Autumn with stories that over a million would perish this past winter if they didn't get it? Well, they didn't get it, and there was no widespread starvation. The children in these pictures look pretty healthy for such a winter.)

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Posted in: Man arrested after confining ex-girlfriend with handcuffs, sexually assaulting her See in context

I don't know about the premise. Three days would mean taking off whatever was keeping her from crying out loud or screaming, such as when she would be given food or water; three days would mean allowing her to eliminate waste; and so on. There's nothing in this story about threatening her with a weapon so surely there must have been some opportunity to cry for help or depart the premises.

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Posted in: Russian war in world's 'breadbasket' threatens food supply See in context

It will soon be true in many lands, that one choenix of wheat will be sold for a day's wages, and three choenix of barley will be sold for a day's wages, as described in the original Greek text. (A choenix -χοῖνιξ (khoînix) is a dry measure equal to about two pints.) Workers all over the world will slave all day to gain a little meal to fill their stomachs and those of their families.

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Posted in: Honda, Sony joining forces on new electric vehicle See in context

The driver's cockpit will resemble a gaming console. The sound system will be immersive and out of this world. And with a Honda base, it will run forever.

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for killing woman, burying her body in Tochigi See in context

His family owns a holiday villa but he was burglarizing apartments? More likely he broke in to sexually assault or physically assault her, as SnowyMountain mentioned (about him stalking another woman).

The fact that he is going on trial indicates they haven't been able to squeeze any other confessions out of him, but the odds are high that this wasn't his first time and he may be connected to other unsolved assaults on women.

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Posted in: 25,000 runners take part in Tokyo Marathon See in context

And entry restrictions were waived for Mr. Kipchoge and Ms. Kosge?

There are many foreigners who still cannot get into Japan. But these two? Not a problem, and they even got paid to show (even before the winning purse).

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