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Posted in: Asahi tops as 3 of 4 major Japanese brewers post increased sales in 2022 See in context

My family and I significantly contributed to the increased sales.

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Posted in: Davos expects record turnout as resumes winter slot See in context

BTW, is there any snow this year at this "upmarket ski resort"?

"We are all stuck in a crisis mindset," WEF executive chairman and founder Klaus Schwab told the pre-meeting news conference.

(So never let a crisis go to waste, right? I'm sure Klaus and his team are looking to take advantage of this.)

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Posted in: Ex-Afghan female lawmaker, bodyguard shot dead at home See in context

A third security guard fled the scene with money and jewelry.

And it happened at 3 a.m., so this all sounds like an inside job. If the Taliban wanted to eliminate her, they could have done so way before now.

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Posted in: Hacker group Anonymous claims to have disrupted Shibuya Ward’s official website See in context

I'm with Michael Machida - can't they find better targets than a ward office in Tokyo?

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Posted in: NFL still considering scheduling options, Week 18 unchanged See in context

If there are no interleague games on the final weekend (Weekend 18) and I am pretty sure there are not (the plan was to have all divisions have intra-divisional games on the last weekend), then this is really just an AFC problem. Let the NFC stay on its normal schedule and the conference winner gets two weeks off before the Super Bowl; the AFC teams will all get a bye week while they make up this Bengals-Bills game but the conference winner will get no bye week before the Super Bowl. Having a rest right now for all potential playoff teams will produce better football in January than a planned rest for just the conference champion the first weekend in February.

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Posted in: Iran lashes out at France over new Charlie Hebdo cartoons See in context

Look, any country would probably summon the French ambassador if their own head of state was ridiculed with gross or disgusting comics, as this French magazine likes to do. Most countries have some kind of laws against ridicule of their supreme leaders (compare Thailand's, for example), so it's incomprehensible that someone outside the reach of their penal code can do it with impunity. But along those lines, since this is Iran, and since the French ambassador does have an embassy in Tehran that can be stormed by so-called student activists, perhaps there is a veiled threat here that Mr. Macron's government should evaluate.

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Posted in: Warm winter breaks temperature records in Europe See in context

It wasn't too many months ago when Europeans were praying for a mild winter so they wouldn't run out of power and freeze to death. So now their prayers have been answered, and there isn't much gratefulness.

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Posted in: Obey or leave: NGOs torn over Taliban ban on women staff See in context

"The Taliban have pushed us against a wall," said a senior official at a foreign NGO, who asked not to be identified.

Does this senior official really understand what the expression implies? With the Taliban, the next and last step is eminently possible. It's time to leave and go help the Rohinga in camps in Bangladesh, or displaced Kurds in Iraq and Syria. Save your lives now so you can save others elsewhere!

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Posted in: Sony unveils prototype EV, Afeela, to be made with Honda See in context

I like the vehicle but dislike the name. "I feel ya" or "Ah feel your pain" (Mr. Clinton's favorite expression.) And then how will it translate into Japanese? "A-fee-ra"? "Afu-eera"? (Disclaimer: I am a Honda stockholder, so I hope it sells great.)

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Posted in: 4 killed in vehicle collision in Fukushima; man arrested See in context

It was nighttime. Both cars would have been using headlights. Both drivers should presumably have seen the other, or at least seen the headlights. I would have expected both to slow to a speed that, even if a collision still occurred, would not have resulted in fatalities.

The J Police will get to the bottom of where the 25-year driver was coming from and where he was going, and whether he had consumed any alcohol before starting on his evening drive on a national holiday.

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Posted in: From F1 to CR7, oil-rich Saudi Arabia's sports shopping spree See in context

I'd rather them spend their money on all these sports activities rather than funding Wahhabi madrassas around the world, or (as their neighbor across the Persian Gulf does) funding terrorist activities around the world. Sports is peaceful endeavor that can bring nations together, as we saw with the recent World Cup.

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Posted in: FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to fraud See in context

So Ellison and Wang already agree that the FTX activities were fraudulent. SBF pleading not guilty is really just the opening step in negotiations up until the October trial date to minimize his sentence and allow him to serve it at the "Club Fed" minimum security prison at Eglin Airbase in Florida. Hard Labor there is raking the bunkers for the golfers on the base golf course or bagging groceries at the base grocery store.

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Posted in: Argentina president seeks to impeach Supreme Court chief after clash See in context

It's not going to work, and he knows it's not going to work, BUT it might have an intimidating effect on future rulings by the Supreme Court.

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Posted in: New Zealand won't require travelers from China to show COVID-19 test See in context

It's too late. The carriers have already arrived and are spreading it in all the tourist venues. So if it's too late, why bother closing the barn door now? Instead, start preparing for the next wave of cases throughout your country.

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Posted in: Iran president vows vengeance 3 years after general's death See in context

It's been three years. If they really had the capability, they would have done so already. If they are still working up to it, they will severely underestimate the USA's Biden regime's response. Striking at USA officials or military personnel is one thing that both American political parties will rally around. Even Mr. Clinton sent barrages of cruise missiles at those who attempted to assassinate former President George H.W. Bush.

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Posted in: Australia to require negative COVID tests for travelers from China See in context

It's too late, mate. The damage will be done by the 5th. I saw tens of thousands of Chinese tourists roaming throughout Sapporo this past week, many coughing and many happy to not be wearing masks. I do not doubt the same for Oz or the USA (which also is delaying its testing requirements until the 5th.) I'm sure tens of thousands of Chinese traveled down under without a test (or perhaps showing specious vaccination cards from Sinopharm or other next-to-useless vaccination.) Expect massive spikes in Japan and the USA and Australia to start next week with the tourist centers scoring first.

If there is to be any benefit from it, all these countries need to keep the requirement through the Lunar New Year a month from now.

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Posted in: Ex-ruling lawmaker faces summary indictment over funds underreporting See in context

Summary indictment = summary order (in other words, nothing but a fine.) That's not a good way to deter future misconduct, where you only have the risk of a fine to face and only when you get caught.

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Posted in: Top pair to miss Japan national championships after flight delay, lost baggage See in context

Air Canada? Oh Canada!

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Posted in: Holiday flights scrapped as massive winter storm sweeps U.S. See in context

It seems they have these "once in a generation" storms every year now, setting new records all the time.

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Posted in: Fuji demonstrates autonomous mobile robot for moving carts in retail stores See in context

I've experienced this in Gusto restaurants in Kanzawa and Nara in the last few months. The robot waiter brings the food to your table. The human in Nara broke a dish when he tried to clean up the table. As soon as they can get the robots to clean the table, he will be set loose.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for allegedly committing sexual acts with high school girl See in context

The Japanese military does not court-martial its members, so he will face justice from a Ministry of Justice court. The success rate for American sex crime court-martials is distressingly low, so it is good that the Japanese military does not get to judge its own personnel for real crimes.

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Posted in: Matchfixing sleuths driven by cheating on the rise See in context

Match-fixing sleuths are needed in the Grand Sumo Tournament, which is beginning the day after tomorrow.

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Posted in: France allows migrant rescue ship to dock after Italian refusal See in context

It is deceitful to say "57 children", when they are older teenage boys indistinguishable from the young men they are traveling with. "Children" as a word brings the connotation that they are in primary school or pre-school. These are not who are migrating to Europe.

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Posted in: Iran protests rage on streets as officials renew threats See in context

The mullahs have hijacked Islamic teachings in so many ways, and are as wealthy and despotic as the Shah ever was.

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Posted in: IOC president Bach meets with Meloni over 2026 Winter Olympics concerns See in context

Costly construction delays, a leadership vacancy linked to a volatile political climate and a lack of sponsors amid a spreading financial crisis have been areas of concern for the 2026 Games.

Oh, poor Mr. Bach, the IOC didn't pick as well-heeled a mark as Tokyo. Maybe your vastly wealthy organization can step in and fund a lot more so you won't be embarrassed as you preside over it.

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Posted in: Floods trap many in Florida as hurricane heads to South Carolina See in context

Build everything out of concrete like in Okinawa. Put everything on pillars so the residences and businesses are on the 2d story, and any flooding or storm surge only takes away the cars parked underneath.

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Posted in: Ohtani takes no-hitter into 8th as Angels beat Athletics 4-2 See in context

Unfortunately Justin Verlander has the American League Cy Young award already packed up and ready for display at his house.

Ohtani will not win either award.

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force issues rare apology over sexual harassment case See in context

As a military force that likes to pretend they are steeped in the samurai traditions, they should be told to atone for their embarrassing the general/the Ministry/Japan in the traditional manner shown on all the old Edo-era dramas.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly gain after Dow tumbles into bear market See in context

There will be a rebound in stocks this week as programs trigger buys at the bear market level, and active fund managers buy shares to window-dress their balances before the end-of-quarter statements need to be written.

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Posted in: Kipchoge clocks 2:01:09 for world record in Berlin Marathon See in context

This is the course where someone will break the 2-hour mark. It is pool-table flat and usually in a cool season.

Do the women still have men drafting for them? Several decades ago female runners like Paula Radcliffe and Mizuki Noguchi would set their world records after having "pacers" box them in and remove any wind resistance.

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