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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,008 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,103 See in context

Perhaps this kind of news will frighten the Olympic team members and staff members enough to either stay home or else self-quarantine during their entire stay here. Fear of catching something may actually prevent them from unknowingly passing their variants to the residents of Japan.

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Posted in: FDA adds warning of rare reaction risk to J&J COVID vaccine See in context

Moderna and Pfizer are still the gold standards.

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Posted in: Alcohol linked to 1 in 25 global cancer cases: study See in context

Interesting that Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Romania made the list. I have consumed the firewater made in those countries and experienced esophageal and liver damage. It is believable that regular consumption could damage the organs enough to cause cancer. Nazdarovye!

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop indictment against woman arrested over 4-year-old daughter’s death See in context

The prosecutors in Japan will not take a case unless they are convinced they have a 100% chance for a conviction. Something bothered them here. Seven months indicates they were having mental status examinations of her and they are still not sure she had the mental intent to kill her child.

@Numan, she is now 42. The clock is fast running out on her ability to have another child.

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Posted in: German soccer team cuts short Olympic warmup after alleged racist abuse See in context

Remember, Germany-Brazil was THE final in the 2002 World Cup here in Japan, and now we get it as the first Group match. It's great to see high level football back in Japan! I love it!

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Posted in: California fire prompts evacuations; Oregon blaze balloons See in context

I have always wanted to visit the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Lake Tahoe area. It is a beautiful area on the planet. I hope they can contain this fire with little damage and no lives lost.

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Posted in: Padres-Nats game suspended after shooting outside DC stadium See in context

Ever since the movie Black Sunday I saw when I was young, I have wondered why there hasn't been a shooting or a terrorist event in an American sports stadium since then. Yes, there are metal detectors but a lot of the downtown stadiums are ringed with taller buildings that nutters like the Las Vegas shooter could use.

Does anyone else remember Black Sunday? The movie version was about a terrorist. They modified it for TV and added extra (confusing) plot details to try to make it seem like the person wasn't really a terrorist or prevent anyone from getting sick inspiration. They also tried to claim it was a Sunday NFL game but all the players were in USC Trojans uniforms.

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Posted in: Kabul, Taliban negotiators to meet in Qatar as Afghan fighting rages See in context

The only thing up for negotiation is which lightpost in Kabul the government reps will be hanged from. The Taliban have always said this. They know they will be disappointed that the richest and most corrupt of the government officials will be able to escape from the country and live like kings elsewhere in the world.

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Posted in: Marathon man Mohoric posts 2nd Tour de France stage win See in context

Why would they be so stupid as to keep any banned substances in their hotel rooms?

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Posted in: Ohtani donates HR Derby winnings to Angels' support staff See in context

This is great. Many of these people were laid off by the Angels last year during the COVID shutdown. (Some American baseball teams kept employees on the payroll to ensure they had medical care, but Mr. Moreno just fired the lot of them.) So they could use a small bonus or profit-sharing like this.

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Posted in: The greatest? Djokovic has time and momentum on his side See in context

I enjoy watching all three superstars and will be telling my grandchildren about this golden era in tennis where all three were playing at the same time. Of course, Novak may still be playing when I get some grandchildren...

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Posted in: Sydney virus lockdown extended by at least two weeks See in context

I highly doubt with the delayed vaccine rollout and all these lockdowns that Mr. Morrison will last his full term or be elected next year. He and his party will catch the blame by the voters.

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Posted in: Dutch COVID-19 infections soar by 500% in a week See in context

OMG - 52000 cases in a week! 500% increase! It's time to panic!

Oh, wait, 7th paragraph - Despite the alarming rise in confirmed cases, hospital admissions increased by a modest 11%, or 60 COVID-19 patients, over the week, the institute said. Twelve of the admissions were to intensive care units.

So hospital admissions went from 54 last week to 60 this week (that's an 11% gain). 12 people out of 52000 were admitted to the ICU - or one in 4,000 cases. And the article said nothing about any fatalities (it surely would have if there had been any to report.) Time to unpanic!

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Posted in: 92 die in fire at Iraqi hospital's COVID unit See in context

"the Turkish-built facility"

the corrupt Iraqi authorities will deflect and blame the builders rather than admit their negligence in using it was the real problem.

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Posted in: COVID case cuts short Singapore 'cruise to nowhere' See in context

"The passenger was fully vaccinated" - ummm, would that have been from a Sinovac jab? Many places in the world are finding out that Moderna and Pfizer are the gold standard, and everyone else is still at risk.

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Posted in: S Korea virus outbreak grows See in context

Seoul - 1179. Tokyo - 1149. Seoul wins! (but Tokyo is catching up fast in a competition no one wants)

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault in elevator See in context

As a father with two daughters in their twenties, I am glad this nutter was caught, as he seemed to be on the path to progressively more dangerous activities without this forcible intervention.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes confront mental health challenges See in context

Everyone is facing the same mental challenges from living in a COVID world. It will all even out in their performances.

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Posted in: Ohtani is AL starting pitcher; will bat leadoff in All-Star Game See in context

Mr. Smith gets paid to take a contrary position on many things, so it seems his statement was not really sincere but simply to offer an opposite opinion against Otani-san when everyone else is praising him. I recall similar things being said about the American LPGA when all the Korean golfers were winning in recent years. Important figures in the sport were complaining because the young ladies were not socializing and chatting with the high roller sponsors, which was apparently expected after the tournaments. "They are ruining the game!" because of their lack of English skills and were allegedly destroying fan interest in the American market and turning off the sponsors. So these comments from Mr. Smith are similar, and not very original.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter vow to tackle racial abuse of England soccer players See in context

Fines of up to 10 percent of global revenue? I like this very much! And if every country does the same, they will go out of business in no time!

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Posted in: Cuba's internet cutoff: The go-to tactic for global despots See in context

The despots' tool fifty years ago was to jam the radio frequencies that VOA and other democracies used. Thirty years ago they shut down the opposition TV stations. Now they shut down the internet. The playbook is always the same - keep their oppressed subjects from hearing concepts that might make them realize their tyrants are vulnerable, since the despots can never win the war of ideas.

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Posted in: U.S. summer camps hit with COVID outbreaks -- are schools next? See in context

Excuse me, the article didn't say how many summer campers actually died. Oh, that's right, COVID19 is less fatal than the common flu, measles, chicken pox and many other ailments for children in this age group. I'm sure AP would have announced a child's death in this story if they could have found one to write about. The takeaway is that these unvaccinated children will get it and recover, and have valuable antibodies the rest of their lives.

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Posted in: Atami mudslide evacuees take comfort from hotel accommodations See in context

I am surprised if it is solely altruistic. Surely these hotels hope for, or will be eligible for, some governmental disaster assistance that will repay them for their expenses.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man who drove wrong way on expressway, causing fatal crash, sent to prosecutors See in context

Deterrence of others is one rationale for all criminal sentences. Publicize that dangerous old drivers will be locked up the rest of their lives, and some still-rational senior citizens will be deterred AND some family members will also be deterred and take away the keys from Otoosan and Obaasan.

Mrs. Affist's parents recognize their eyesight and reactions are not so good anymore. They don't want to drive at night. They don't want to drive on the expressway. But the driver's license is still something they have pride in, for some reason. Perhaps surrendering it is an admission that the end is near...

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal assault of acquaintance See in context

Or the other old saying, "nothing good happens after midnight."

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Posted in: Ninja dojo opens in Tokyo’s Asakusa, offers courses in shuriken, stealth, and sensory perception See in context

I recommend going to the Ninja restaurant in Tokyo. At least there you get fed and entertained in exchange for parting with your yen.

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Posted in: Want to live in an abandoned house in Japan? Here’s why it’s not really ‘free’ See in context

@Zichi, and if you are purchasing it for the land parcel, the cost of tearing down and removing the old dwelling in an environmentally sound fashion is also far more than purchasing a ready-to-build lot would be.

Other than the abandoned houses in the Tokyo area, most of the akiya houses in the countryside are in areas with crumbling infrastructure and no ambulance service and no viable rail or bus service. No person raised in a first-world country would be accepting of the limits of these properties.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

If the children are 6 and 4, even if he succeeds and gets some kind of visitation right, it's a long time until the children are 20 and they can go wherever they want. A vindictive ex-spouse is likely to poison the children's minds over the next 15 years so that when they are 20 they will have little desire to see their biological father.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 593 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,670 See in context

Two thirds are people under 50. They will survive. It's the two hundred who are 50+ that I worry about. There are bound to be some fatalities among them. Vaccinations for the young are ongoing. My daughter in university got her first jab today on the Mita campus. Eventually everyone who wants one will be able to get them.

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Posted in: Rescuers struggle to locate dozens in mudslide-hit town; 4 confirmed dead See in context


"Okay, let's see, keitai, wallet, car keys, eyeglasses, umbrella, and slippers for the evacuation center" - all of which are FAR more important to bring than mum who cannot walk well. Anyone familiar with Japanese law who can say whether Mr. Suzuki will face some kind of criminal charges for abandoning his mother to a certain death? We read about 'abandoning a corpse' charges all the time in these JT stories - how about abandoning a parent?

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