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Posted in: Japan inflation rises to 2.8% in February See in context

And at some point, BOJ may just get more inflation than it wants. Hopefully not Argentina-level or Zimbabwe-level, but with the public debt twice the size of the GDP, printing more and more money eventually leads to this.

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Posted in: Man arrested after beating daughter for ‘not helping with chores’ See in context

Thankfully only minor injuries after a child was punched in the face by an adult man. He could have disfigured her for life or broken her neck.

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Posted in: Who is Ippei Mizuhara, Ohtani's interpreter? See in context

Mr. Mizuhara needs to sue the Dodgers for wrongful termination, as the reported acts occurred when Mr. Mizuhara worked for the Angels and there is no report that these transactions occurred during his Dodgers employment...

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Posted in: Ohtani's 'perfect person' image could take a hit with firing of interpreter over gambling See in context

This is the second time Mr. Ohtani is in financial trouble. He took money from a failed cryptocurrency company to hawk their product, and has been sued for fraud for promoting a Ponzi scheme. His defense was "I am Japanese and I do all my business in the Japanese language. I have no idea about English-language business. I just take the money people throw at me to advertise their products." Good luck with that, and good luck with telling everyone you and your accountant had no idea the interpreter was running off with $5M. This athlete has a team of lawyers and accountants (and agents). He and his lawyers are in self-preservation mode right now to claim there was a theft. It's the least damaging choice to the Ohtani brand. Throw your long-time friends under the bus. But Mr. Mizuhara has the scoop on everything Mr. Ohtani has been doing for the last six years. An orange jumpsuit will make Mr. Mizuhara rat Mr. Ohtani out pretty fast, maybe even halfway through this season.

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Posted in: Ohtani's 'perfect person' image could take a hit with firing of interpreter over gambling See in context

In the USA, there are tax issues from giving "no-interest" loans (even to friends), especially at that magnitude. There are also rules on the "gift tax", that limit how much of your own money you can give someone without it becoming a taxable event. There is a reason the USA Internal Revenue Service is looking at this, and it isn't because someone "lost" $5M. The IRS doesn't care about someone losing money. They do care about failing to report income or failing to report gifts or failing to properly account for "loans".

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Posted in: Heavy snow in northern England causes havoc on highways and knocks out power See in context

Looks like winter at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

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Posted in: Former pro baseball player gets 16 months in prison for stealing whisky from supermarket See in context

His situation is reflective of many high school athletic prodigies. He didn't study or learn anything in high school other than baseball. Maybe junior high school too. He was what was called a "baseball baka". And when the career didn't pan out, and any signing bonus dissipated, he wound up as an uneducated man with no marketable skills. His gambling debts may be to shady characters - it's not that he couldn't help himself and avoid stealing, but he needed to come up with some cash quickly to satisfy the hoods who lent it to him ... or else.

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Posted in: Australian PM Albanese heads to China as relations thaw See in context

PM Albanese continues the historic tradition of foreign leaders traveling to the Middle Kingdom and kowtowing to the emperor. Every country will have to do it, sooner or later.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

Give them only children's diapers and infant formula. I can't see any way that Hamas would seize those and misuse them, other than seizing them and redistributing them to loyal followers first and not to the apathetic or disillusioned residents in Gaza.

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Posted in: Injuries to key NFL players piling up See in context

American football is so different from rugby. There is no tackling anymore. Instead, huge men launch themselves like projectiles at the ball carrier in an effort to knock the ball loose. Given their size and speed and powerful collision impacts, of course the players will all get injured at some point.

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Posted in: Voting closes in New Zealand's election, with polls indicating people favor conservative change See in context

I also spend only about $60 on my food, so I see nothing wrong with his answer. If the question was how much does my family spend, the answer would be far higher since my wife does most of the shopping.

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Posted in: French authorities link school stabbing that killed teacher to Islamic extremism See in context

I've read in Western media that there is no such thing as Islamic extremism. Each person who does some act like this really was is just a poorly understood victim (of something), and was affected with mental problems. Islamic teaching and Islamic theology could never, ever cause a sane, normal person to act violently since everyone knows that Islam is the Religion of Peace. (And if you don't know it, repeat it over and over until you agree.)

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Posted in: Youth gang member briefly snatches firearm from Tokyo police officer See in context

Why bother snatching it? If you wait long enough, some cop will leave his firearm in a convenience story toilet.

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Posted in: China's first international cruise in 3 years sets sail from Shanghai See in context

Just like the Diamond Princess. A virtual floating petri dish, coming to a Kyushu City near you.

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Posted in: North Korea warns of flood damage after tropical storm drenches South See in context

Chumps like Uncle Sam will offer aid anyway. The US has given more than $2B in aid to the Taliban since the US fled Afghanistan. Someone in the Biden Administration will think that offering unconditional humanitarian aid will somehow make Rocket Man and his Twisted Sister become nice and friendly.

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Posted in: Maui wildfire death toll hits 67 as questions raised over warnings See in context

May the dead rest in peace and I pray the living will receive succor and help with basic living necessities. How can the government provide for a whole city of people who are homeless and destitute?

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Posted in: Family to face murder charges over decapitated man found in Sapporo See in context

The police subsequently discovered the severed head at the Tamura's residence, suspecting it was removed post-mortem.

LOL. I don't think it was removed pre-mortem.

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Posted in: Major-winner Morikawa pledges $1,000 per birdie to Hawaii fire relief See in context

This would be like me pledging the same proportion of my income for each par I make tomorrow. For me, it would be about $10 a hole.

This is all just virtue signalling by a vastly wealthy millionaire. Put your money where your mouth is, young man! There's no guarantee he gives a single cent.

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Posted in: Spain worries over 'lifeless land' amid creeping desertification See in context

So it seems that severe droughts must have occurred in Spain before, because it would have taken years to build that stone church in the middle of a lake, only to have it covered by water later on. What was the cause of the severe droughts many centuries ago? Manmade climate change too? If not, how can we believe this time that we did it, but it was something else back then?

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Posted in: Wildfires 'off the charts' in Canada as temperatures climb See in context

The wildfires will throw enough ash into the atmosphere to block the sunlight and stop global warming. The earth will rebalance itself in the cycle of Nature.

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Posted in: Abe shooter spends time reading; awaits unscheduled trial See in context

Will he really get the death sentence? I thought that death sentences were only given for either multiple-murders or for murders in connection with a robbery. One single murder, even a so-called assassination, should not be sufficient for a first-offender.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed outside Tokyo convenience store; suspect arrested See in context

This wasn't random, it was two people who knew each other escalating their argument. He will face charges for both the assault (possibly as an attempt to murder), and for possession of a bladed weapon without cause.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence for leaving body of newborn daughter in coin locker See in context

I had hoped she would be behind bars long enough until she was no longer physically able to breed and do this again.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after dismembered body parts of her mother found at home See in context

"So you're here to report that you killed yer mum? This whole neighborhood knows you're crazy. Gennosuke, stop harassing the bicyclists without helmets and go check it out!"

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Posted in: Japanese firm, U.N. to extend IT training to Ukrainian women See in context

Well, I hope these women will learn a skill that allows them to earn a living, because the casualty rate in the war will mean they won't have a male partner to be their breadwinner.

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Posted in: Debris from implosion of Titanic-bound submersible returned to land See in context

That was fast. I didn't know they had the technology to recover anything that large at that depth. Remember how long it took Japan to pick up a helicopter and a tour boat in just a few hundred meters of water.

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Posted in: Blinken says no nuclear deal on table with Iran See in context

Of course the deal is not ON the table, the deal with Iran is UNDER the table!

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Posted in: Soccer project tracking social media abuse identifies 300 people from World Cup posts See in context

“Discrimination is a criminal act. With the help of this tool, we are identifying the perpetrators and we are reporting them to the authorities so that they are punished for their actions,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in a statement.

What is the criminal code citation for discrimination? In what country is it considered to be a criminal act? Just because it is rude and an unwanted social practice doesn't make it criminal in nature. Same with 'abuse'. Early in this article, it was written:

The people made “abusive, discriminatory, or threatening posts (or) comments” on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube

I understand threats and violence likely transgress penal codes, but abuse and discrimination are not likely to be criminal. Perhaps in some civil court where a plaintiff could sue for tortious damages from emotional distress or loss of income, yes, but there is no jail associated with those.

There are far too many people in this world who want to criminalize discourtesy; Mr. Infantino seems to already have reached that point.

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Posted in: Wyndham Clark wins U.S. Open for his first major title See in context


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Posted in: NATO says peacekeepers 'unwavering' as Kosovo tensions flare See in context

a battalion of 500 reinforcements from Turkey was sent to Kosovo two weeks ago

This is not good. Serbians' original grievances go back to when Turks beat them in Kosovo eight centuries ago and brutally subjugated them for generations. Putting armed Turks in Kosovo is like throwing gasoline on the Balkan Powder Keg.

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