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Posted in: Inventor of Post-it Notes adhesive dies at age 80 See in context

Thank you, Mr. Silver. I appreciate people who invented things that make our lives better. I trust that your other patents also contribute to the common good.

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Posted in: Players announce plan to keep All Blacks in Kiwi hands See in context

I would like to be one of the sharemarket float "mum and dad" investors. Other professional sports teams have sold stock shares, such as Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, and once upon a time the Boston Celtics. If NZR needs a capital infusion, let it come from loyal fans rather than private equity firms and hedge fund owners.

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

@Kurispisu, no, Mr. Musk's team will be the first humans on Mars.

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are the most corrupt regimes in the region. Billions of dollars have been sent by the USA, by Europe, by various UN agencies, and by other Muslim lands and the wealth has been squandered on weapons and tunnels and stashed in secret Swiss and Cayman Island accounts. The biggest tragedy for the Palestinians in both territories is that they will never get better leaders and will never get accountability for the wasted resources over many decades.

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun fined ¥100,000 for domestic abuse See in context

Celebrities get different sentences than the rest of us. He also checked the blocks for employed or well-off, first-time in court, apologetic, and Japanese citizen as the judge used the sentencing formulae to see where he winds up. Another offense and he will have a more severe punishment!

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Posted in: Kremlin-imposed cuts at U.S. Embassy leave thousands adrift See in context

Calling Mr. Putin a killer has consequences, like these impacts to businessmen and American citizens. And maybe Russian hackers disrupting US petroleum supplies. This is a tremendous self-own by the US side.

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Posted in: Williams' 1,000th match ends in defeat at Italian Open; Osaka ousted See in context

Let's focus on the positives, which include some sense of normalcy with professional sports moving again and giving us people to root for and things to talk about other than politics and COVID. I've always enjoyed the chance to watch the Williams sisters over the last two decades.

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Posted in: Frustration in Japan as Suga pushes Olympics despite virus See in context

This will be the cause of an LDP avalanche. His approval ratings will be down around the 8% that Prime Minister Mori had when he left office.

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Posted in: U.S. track and field team cancel Olympic training camp in Japan over COVID See in context

And most of the US personnel could have been vaccinated if they had wanted to be. It sends a significant message. When the US leads, others will follow.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,010 new coronavirus cases; record high 712 in Hokkaido See in context

1010 is not a coincidence - it is a secret code. It all makes sense when you realize that all the phone numbers of the ToTo toilet company have 1010 in them. This is someone's way of telling us these Tokyo numbers are full of ____.

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Posted in: Australia begins vaccinating Olympic athletes See in context

Let's jab everyone as fast as possible. Now is the time to get the Olympic athletes, as they will be a little busy in June, July and August. We can get the non-athletes next in line.

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Posted in: Porn site operator arrested over female athletes' images on website See in context

Athletes may be in public but they have a right to prevent their images from being used for someone else's profit (other than legitimate news media organizations, which sell ads based on clicks or subscribers). These athletes have a right to prevent their name and image being used to raise revenue on Mr. Koyama's nine websites.

And the photographers who took the original photos have a right to be compensated or even decline to let their creative work be used in a disreputable manner. But as @kohakuebisu wrote above, is copyright infringement really a crime in Japan? I also thought it was a civil offense that a plaintiff could complain for damages about.

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Posted in: Brisbane edges closer to securing 2032 Olympic Games See in context

All recent awards of the Olympics have followed secret money transfers to the IOC selection committee members' secret bank accounts. Who is making the payoff on behalf of Brisbane?

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Posted in: Ohtani making history with 2-way success for Angels See in context

0-for-5 on Monday night and struck out three times. Average down to .266. He'll eventually wind up like Hideki Matsui with a decent number of homeruns each year and a .240 average.

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Posted in: U.S. ship fires warning shots in encounter with Iranian boats See in context

If the Iranian government is hoping to get the Americans back into the nuclear accord and reduce sanctions, it is going about it in a most blockheaded way.

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

This is merely misinformation before an election. Nothing to get alarmed about.

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Posted in: 7 students, 1 teacher shot dead at school in Russian city of Kazan See in context

With 21 people wounded, many of them children, the death toll will increase beyond the current total of 8. School shootings only happen in America. Right?

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Posted in: People in Japan can now earn ¥10,000 bounties for scamming scammers See in context

@GBR48, I completely agree with increasing the reward. I would not want the associates of these criminal gangs coming back to visit me afterwards, or the scammers themselves coming back after they are released from jail. 80 Euros is far too small for THAT kind of future trouble.

Mrs. Affist's father had to sign and hanko-stamp a document at the bank when he withdrew a significant amount of cash, stating it would be used for his grandchildren's college. This was not intended, however, as a protection against scammers but against senior citizens depleting their accounts (or transferring them away) prior to their deaths and the chance for the government to take a significant amount from the estate. Nevertheless, the scammers highly prefer to find elderly who have their cash at home rather than in the banks.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for burying infant’s body in garden of vacant house See in context

Poor little child. There are orphanages still in Japan, she could have transferred the girl to one of them and let her live.

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Posted in: Taliban declare three-day Afghan ceasefire for Eid holiday See in context

When they run out of infidel Westerners, the Taliban will increase the slaughter of all other non-Sunnis. It remains to be seen if Shiite Iran will come to the aid of the Shiites in Afghanistan. The Ayatollah may be the next foolish leader to attempt to intervene in Afghan tribal conflicts.

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Posted in: Man shot to death at Vancouver airport in gang incident See in context

No worries, the Mounties always get their man!

But shootings in shopping malls and airport terminals make Vancouver sound like Kenya or Sicily. Oh Canada!

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon says 'time to take action' on N Korea See in context

With a 29% approval rating, his party will lose in a landslide and then he will get the Park treatment of special prosecutions and jail sentences.

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Posted in: Shhhh, they're listening – inside the coming voice-profiling revolution See in context

JT, thank you for this article. I had no idea that the tech firms would do this or be able to do this. I guess I will have to revert to my hostile Mediterranean accent every time I am near an electronic device, so it gets the image of someone they should not mess with.

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Posted in: Osaka loses to Muchova in 3 sets at Madrid Open See in context

Nothing was wrong with the headline. I learned who was competing, who won, and because it took 3 sets it was a competitive match.

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Posted in: Japan Sumo Association to hold first-aid lecture after wrestler's death See in context

Agreed and make that doctor a woman

@Lamilly, women cannot enter the sumo ring.

My question is why the Japanese Police have not arrested anyone yet. They are so quick to scoop up all sorts of other negligent actors for a wide variety of offenses in this country. Leaving the poor man to lie there for five minutes unattended has to be criminal negligence.

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Posted in: Britain to send 1,000 more ventilators to India See in context

The United States has many unused ventilators created because of Mr. Trump invoking the Defense Production Act. Why is Mr. Biden not offering to ship those to India?

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Posted in: Russia turns to China to produce Sputnik vaccine See in context

 after the successful technology transfer, they will start with an order of 80 million doses to sell back to Russia.

I thought Mr. Putin was smarter than this - transfer your precious vaccine technology to China, and then pay them for the service. He should have licensed it with the price being free vaccines for Russia and the Chinese could keep the rest of their profits.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern says differences with China becoming harder to reconcile See in context

Ardern said there are things on which China and New Zealand "do not, cannot, and will not agree", but added these differences need not define their relationship.

Madam Prime Minister, there are some universal values and human rights that you either support or you do not. If it was not for your double standards, you would have no standards at all.

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Posted in: Australia defends decision to penalize its citizens returning from COVID-ravaged India See in context

I am baffled by what opponents of this move want. "Let's fix our quarantine system rather than leave our fellow Australians stranded..."

That's a sound bite or a tweet. What's a realistic policy that will protect the rest of the Australian population? Frankly speaking, I cannot think of anything other than assuming they have been exposed and quarantining them for 10+ days and testing them regularly.

Maybe the complaint stems from these people having to quarantine in a hotel at their own expense?

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

the suspect, Kazuhiro Arita, is a company employee from Osaka Prefecture,

He will soon be an unemployed man from Osaka.

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