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Posted in: 5 South Koreans die after getting flu shots, sparking vaccine fears See in context

My wife, my son and myself all received our influenza shots this month. No complications. A little soreness that Voltaren tapes can remedy. If they work for us, and also keep us from getting a flu to give to neighbors, family and coworkers, then no one should criticize.

I will not criticize your personal choices if you choose to not get the influenza shot. Let's respect our differences.

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Posted in: Netflix reports slowing subscriber growth; shares slide See in context

How many cancellations after the "Cuties" controversy? It's so hard to determine whether a few vocal people on Twitter really spoke for millions of allegedly disgusted subscribers. It would be interesting to know whether the 2.2 million really is the number of new subscribers in the quarter, or whether it is just the net number from the 6 million they thought they were adding after subtracting the cancellations.

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Posted in: Appeal filed for former top bureaucrat accused of killing reclusive son See in context

So his appeal trial is actually a trial de novo, but litigated at a higher level? So he gets to re-do the whole thing, fix what didn't work so well last time, and hope for a better result? While I am no fan of the Tokyo Prosecutors office for many other reasons and cases, I wish them success in Round 2. Hopefully they can get a stiffer sentence this time.

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context


the sentence was for 2 years imprisonment, but the imposition of the confinement is delayed ("suspended") for 4 years. During that time, they are on the equivalent of a "probation" in some Western countries. If they commit another offense in that 4-year period, they will be subjected to a hearing to unsuspend the 2 year sentence (in addition to facing a new trial for whatever the new offense was.) However, if they complete the 4-year suspended-sentence period successfully, then they are free and clear and face no further consequences for this crime.

Of course, even years from now, should they commit other offenses, they will be treated as recidivists and the formula-based sentencing system moves a column over on the judge's page where virtually all options are unsuspended periods of confinement.

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Posted in: Few fans, masked umps, muted celebrations for World Series See in context

Uggh. Artificial turf. I thought the stadium had a movable roof so they could have real grass. What's the point of letting Texas heat and humidity in if they keep the plastic turf? I'd rather play down the road in Houston where the whole thing is air conditioned and the plastic grass doesn't absorb the hot sunshine.

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Posted in: Man suspected of fatally stabbing woman in car found dead in hotel room See in context

Her going to the police four times takes away any likelihood that she was extorting him or blackmailing him over their office affair.

While his name hasn't been released yet, it will be. Soon. And surely he will leave his family destitute, as they will suffer in shame and ridicule, and Ms. Osawa's family will sue them for every yen in his estate. This loser harmed so many people with his crime.

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Posted in: Man gets 14 years for killing student in 2018 See in context

I'm sure the lay judges were traumatized if they were shown the evidence, or pictures of the evidence. The career, professional Ministry of Justice judges may be more used to seeing graphic pictures, but the average citizen should not have to see something like that. I wonder if they have any impact on the sentencing. One dynamic of juries called together for one time, is that they have not been lied to before, and human nature is such that they may give more credence to defense attorney requests for sympathy and claims of mitigation. If they were to sit repeatedly and hear the same sorry stories, and repeatedly see evil in front of them, they would vote for progressively higher sentences each time until they got to the life sentences that some of us posters here think would have been appropriate.

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Posted in: Japanese firms fall woefully short of meeting gov't goals on women in management See in context

My daughters in university have little interest in joining a Japanese firm and working slave-like hours for several decades in the hopes of making management-level. Fix the work-life balance in Japan, and many things might improve, including the number of women in the workforce and in management positions; the birthrate; the suicide rate [improve it by reducing it]; and possibly even the marriage rate.

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Posted in: Unilever's makeover: 'woke-washing' or the real thing? See in context

In the short term, finding alternate packaging sources will increase prices, causing a loss of market share. Will 'prioritizing climate action' really bring in enough revenue or brand loyalty to offset the expected losses?

But the zero-deforestation program is not difficult or costly to implement.

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Posted in: Buyer of Takata looks at possible seatbelt faults See in context

Imagine that! I'm shocked, simply shocked that Takata might have failed to provide accurate test data on yet another safety restraint system.

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Posted in: Man on death row since 1999 dies at 88 See in context

So how do they pick which of the 110 to hang when they have one of those events? Does anyone know? I'm asking because it doesn't seem like they have a first-come-first-served approach if this man could be on death row that long. Maybe they put numbers in a drum like a New Year's lottery? And if your number is chosen, it is your fateful day... (of course there is some paperwork to take to the Minister of Justice after the decision, but this story makes me curious about the selection process). ... Although they did get rid of the Aum cultists all on the same day.

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Posted in: 30-year-old woman fatally stabbed in car See in context

The noise of trains passing overhead might have drowned out any screams. But the area near such a major station will have plenty of cameras, and no doubt they are tracking down the renter of the car to have a word with him (and search his premises.)

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder, robbery of woman in hotel room See in context

He stole HER bag with 110,000 yen but 'lost' his phone?? I wonder if they were both trying to rob each other after a trick.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for throwing bodily fluid on woman’s bag linked to 2 other incidents See in context

So he was originally caught by station camera footage. I wonder what the next step was. Remember, this was in Shinagawa but Kasuya worked for Kanagawa Prefectural Police, so it wasn't likely the Shinagawa Police would have recognized him by sight. And even though they may have analyzed the DNA in the fluids, do they keep a database of DNA of police in a different prefecture? I thought DNA in Japan was not allowed to be kept except after an arrest or criminal conviction. So how did they get the connection to him and his DNA? I would have expected the case to have gone cold after analyzing the DNA in the fluid and not finding the DNA in the criminal suspect database. Yes, these incidents were in February and April, but it still seems like it would have been a dead-end after that. Something must have happened recently to allow Shinagawa Police to link him to these offenses.

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Posted in: Teenager asked pupils to identify French teacher before beheading him See in context

There would have been no Chechen refugees needing haven in the West if it wasn't for Mr. Putin and his repeated wars in Chechnya. The Boston Marathon bombers were also Chechens. Mr. Putin must be laughing each time the refugees he drove out of the Caucasus commit some violent attack in the countries which took them in. The imams who lead in the refugee communities should be steering the anger back towards the genesis of their current situation, and not towards the hosts who welcomed them.

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Posted in: Rays top Astros 4-2 in Game 7 to reach reach World Series See in context

I hope the Japanese networks will carry the World Series. Since at least one of the teams will have a Japanese player (Yoshi Tsutsugo on Tampa Bay), there may be enough Japanese fan interest to make the networks carry it. And since the Climax Series is still a long way from now (and the Central League of NPB is already over), Japanese fans can watch some great baseball starting next week.

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern credits virus response for election win See in context

I'd like to be able to be in a cafe with so many people sitting so close, and no masks and no plastic sheets or plexiglass anywhere in the picture. The Kiwis gave her a renewed mandate because they understand how good they have it, compared to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Australia's second-biggest city eases lockdown as virus cases plummet See in context

Up to two hours of socializing, as a permitted activity, up to 25km away. That's pretty reasonable, as we all need human contact and interaction, and surely you can find a mate or partner within that radius.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context

These funds are plowed back into the Japanese economy. The utility payments for the Americans go back to Japanese utility companies. The salaries for base workers go to Japanese (approximately 99 percent are Japanese) and they serve as another type of coveted government employment in the depressed areas around the bases. The construction projects (a large portion of this budget is for buildings and roads) employ Japanese contractors (usually LDP supporters) and construction workers. Very little is actually lost. So these funds, whether 200 billion yen or 800 billion yen*, will remain in Japan and be no different than any other central government outlays. But the Japanese government buys the protection of one of the world's premier military forces.

*I am skeptical about whether the US military could burn through 800 billion yen per year under these conditions. Employ more Japanese workers? (they presumably have what they need) Build more buildings? (they will run out of space) Use more electricity and water? (even if they are wasteful, it is hard to imagine a 4x increase) Well, maybe they could replace every building with a new building to get there...

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Posted in: Teacher beheaded in France; police shoot dead suspected killer See in context

I condemn this violence. It is the work of the devil infecting the heart of a youth.

I support free speech.

@Bob, you'll find the downvotes popping in because another commenter is online at the same time as you and is simultaneously providing a vote, but your page hasn't updated between the time they voted and the time the page refreshed for your vote (and it therefore captures all of the recent votes when it refreshes). Go to some other article with little interest and you are unlikely to be reading and voting at the time another JT commenter is also voting, and you won't see your votes being countered.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases See in context

Again, out of the 4851 tests, many had to be showing symptoms in order to convince a doctor to order a test (although there are some testing clinics that charge over 30,000 yen if you want a test and you don't have any symptoms). The rest would be people who need to be routinely tested, such as athletes and the international travelers arriving at Haneda. So let's estimate 3000 people had enough symptoms to convince a doctor to order a test. Of those, only 235 have coronavirus, and the rest have something else (some other flu or virus strain). And of those with the coronavirus, only 10% (23) have "severe symptoms" (which equates to hospitalization.) From this you can conclude that the coronavirus is a very minor ailment in Japan, if 8% of people sick enough to convince a doctor to order a test actually have it, and only .8% of those sick enough to convince a doctor to order a test have severe enough symptoms to be hospitalized. You doubters can disagree with my assumption of 3000 sick people, but no matter what denominator you choose (2000? 4000?), the reality is that there are not very many people sick with coronavirus in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Man dies after being found bleeding from knife wounds on Chiba street See in context

RIP. The blighter was my age. It's sad that a life would end in such a sudden and unceremonious manner. I hope they catch the suspect soon. Since the article doesn't say where in Chiba this was, I can't comment on the prevalence of surveillance cameras in that area.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and assaulting police officer See in context

The policeman is in his 20's. He doesn't have the experience to realize you don't try to hang on the bonnet of a moving vehicle, because you will get hurt. There was a cop show when I was young which starred William Shatner, called T.J. Hooker. I swear he was hanging on the bonnet of the bad guy's car in virtually every episode. (But he never got hurt. I don't know about the Hollywood stuntmen, however.)

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing nursing home resident See in context

I'm sure she will eventually claim it was an accident, that she bumped the woman and that caused the bruise. If there are no videos and she doesn't confess to striking the woman, Ms. Suzuki will not be indicted by the prosecutors.

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Posted in: The underground 'Parthenon' protecting Tokyo from floods See in context

The hall of pillars reminded me of the ones in the Mines of Moria, in Peter Jackson's version of The Lord of the Rings.

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Posted in: 6 teenage boys involved in pickup truck crash in Kagawa; 2 dead See in context

A pickup truck? There aren't many pickup trucks in Japan. Maybe one of those small utility farm trucks?

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Posted in: Otodasu, a special booth so musicians can practice without angering their neighbors See in context

Can't get my wife's piano into that little box. And even though the cartoon ad shows a violinist, I can't believe a bow won't be poking holes in it regularly.

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Posted in: Australian state premier had secret relationship with China-linked politician See in context

Let me get this straight: The state premier was sleeping with a male Member of Parliament for several years, and the guy was involved in several shady or illegal deals all involving China - falsified employment and visa fraud; an airport land deal; name-dropping when contacting Chinese companies; and use of his (or her) position to try to get on a lobbying junket. She kept it so secret she didn't even tell family and friends about it.

Nothing to see here. Move along. How dare any of you peasants question her about it!

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Posted in: Japan's cumulative total of coronavirus infections tops 90,000 See in context

90,099 over the last eight months. How many of those are still recovering? How many have fully recovered and returned to society? Maybe 70,000 or 80,000? That would be a good news story. After endless case counts, I'd like to see more positive news stories focused on the recovery rate or the minuscule fatality rate. Wouldn't the other readers on this website?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases See in context

But the number with severe symptoms is always around 25. At first I thought this was providing some statistical significance. Now I just think they stop counting after they get to 25.

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