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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

My whole family here in Japan as well as my parents-in-law have all been double vaccinated. The vaccines are available to any who want to get them. 500,000 people are getting jabbed every day, 3 million a week. Japan is on target for herd immunity this Fall.

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Posted in: Olympic champ Korda shares lead at Women's British Open See in context

The problem with the British Women's Open is that it does not get shown on our Japanese cable or BS series. It would be more enjoyable to watch than one of the Japanese women's 10-person elimination events that J-TV likes to show.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Turkey is not Europe's 'refugee warehouse' See in context

Mr. Erdogan, it is the duty of Muslim nations to accept refugees from other Muslim nations and practice the tenet of charity to others. (He claims to be a leader in the global Muslim community but when it comes to basic principles, he is just another hypocritical politician.)

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Posted in: New Zealand virus outbreak grows to 31 cases See in context

COVID Zero is now COVID 31. I'll be back tomorrow with an updated number.

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Posted in: Motegi pledges more humanitarian assistance for Gaza See in context

The problem is that high percentages of all aid donated to the Gaza and West Bank enclaves disappears in the pockets of the corrupt leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Stop throwing good money after bad!

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Posted in: T-Mobile confirms data breach, says it's investigating scope See in context

Instead of another credit monitoring service, how about giving out a free phone upgrade as compensation?

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Posted in: Ballet dancer arrested over sex with 16-year-old girl at Tokyo hotel See in context

Police quoted Ito as saying he was advising the girl, who was a ballet student at the time.

So he took advantage of one of his students. That makes it a lot worse than just meeting some high school girl on the internet.

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Posted in: NHL teams OK'd to add sponsor patches on jerseys See in context

If I was a dentist who repaired missing teeth, I would jump on this ad opportunity with both feet! The chance to have my practice prominently displayed right below their mugs would be priceless...

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Posted in: Woman infected in Japan's 1st Lambda variant case linked to Olympics See in context

Coronavirus cases related to the Olympics that closed Sunday totaled 553.

Oh no you don't. We won't have a full accounting of coronavirus cases related to the Olympics until several weeks after the last visitor has left. There were plenty of Olympians and staff who violated the so-called 'bubble' after the closing ceremony and before they left, and then had the chance to infect all the staff at the exit airports as well. This number had better not be considered to be a fixed, finite number.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,094 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,151 See in context

It's a race. The vaccinations in Japan are also continuing at about 500,000 per day. The percentage of vaccinated population climbs about 3% each week. My whole family and all my wife's relatives here in Japan have been double-vaccinated. They are widely available. Between those already infected who gain natural immunity, and the increasing vaccinations, at some point the virus will not find enough hosts to replicate.

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Posted in: Weary U.S. businesses confront new round of mask mandates See in context

That angered Backer, who doesn’t want a repeat of a COVID-19 outbreak that sickened him and others at his workplace last year.

Mr. Backer, if you caught it, you now have natural immunities to getting it again. No need to get angry as a repeat outbreak will pass you by.

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Posted in: Man arrested over wife’s murder in car See in context

I am surprised. Normally they give the name of the dead victim in these kinds of stories. Of course, it was his wife, but nothing about her name, her age, or where she is from, as is written in other articles.

I can only hope they did not have children together, as the children will lose both parents (her to the afterlife and him to a Japanese jail for 12-18 years, followed by a deportation.)

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Posted in: Hamad International Airport in Qatar named world’s best airport 2021 by Skytrax; Haneda 2nd See in context

Be honest, these rankings from a private entity can be influenced by baksheesh and rashua - of which the Qataris have plenty to ladle out. (I guess the Narita and Haneda Airport authorities were not as generous.) Yes, just in time for the World Cup, too.

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Posted in: An off-grid getaway in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands See in context

The Navy Base was abandoned in 1997, when Russia was not a threat and Mr. Yeltsin was in charge. I am surprised the US has not reactivated this base, given the renewed Cold War with Russia. The Senators from Alaska would love to infuse some cash into their State's economy!

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Posted in: Ohtani pitches 6 innings, doubles in Angels' 6-3 win over Jays See in context

Spectator sports are intended to get people's minds off of their problems and drudgery of daily life, and to provide escapist entertainment. Mr. Ohtani is providing that and giving baseball fans something interesting to talk about other than COVID19, climate change, and politics. Thank you for doing that!

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Posted in: U.S. issues new terrorism threat warning ahead of 9/11 anniversary See in context

There is a reason the AQAP was unable to publish its Inspire magazine for over four years. Now, the USA's retrenchment and lack of leadership is enabling bad actors in the Middle East.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over possible collapse of Japan's medical system See in context

If it is a problem with the medical system, then have the Cabinet propose legislation focused on the medical system - forcing placement of patients in private hospitals and/or compelling the doctors who work at those facilities to serve turns in temporary government-run surge facilities.

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Posted in: Canada to take in 20,000 Afghan refugees targeted by Taliban See in context

Thank you Canada.

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Posted in: Entire Australian state goes into lockdown as virus surges See in context

They cannot be realistic to ever get to zero unless they forever ban all travel and travelers. COVID will exist around the planet forever, and Australians will either have to learn to live with it or else Australia will become a hermit state perpetually locked down from the rest of the world. As the vaccines are not stopping the current variants, even vaccinating one hundred percent of the population will not be foolproof, and cases will always pop up. Then what? At some point, the population will decide the lockdowns can't go on.

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Posted in: Pompeo got $5,800 whisky gift from Japan, but where is it? See in context

In addition, there are special statutes that allow for gifts to the President and Vice-President, both of whom get so many things that most just wind up in the Presidential museum (like the pair of Big Baller basketball shoes that Mr. Ball sent to Mr. Trump in 2017. Well, I don't know whether Mr. Trump will really want those there, but they could be.)

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Posted in: Pompeo got $5,800 whisky gift from Japan, but where is it? See in context

@theFu and @Tortoise, the US rule for gifts from foreign government officials is different than the rule for gifts from contractors and non-government officials. In my dealings with agencies wishing to gift US officials, it turns out that US government officials can accept (for their personal use) gifts valued up to $415 now (and $390 at the time of the gifts this story is describing), while gifts to US government officials from contractors and ordinary citizens (such as businessmen, Lions Club or Rotary Club members, IOC members) are limited to $20 on a single occasion. [I am not making this up. The source is Title 5, US Code of Federal Regulations, Section 2635.] In addition, US government officials can accept gifts of "meals, refreshment and entertainment" when in an overseas area at a value comparable to the daily per diem limit in the area. So I advise individuals from private (non-government) universities, think tanks, and trade groups to make sure their gifts are edible or drinkable (or sports/concert tickets) to be able to exceed the $20 limit while here in Japan.

Of course, these higher numbers do not account for $6000 bottle of whiskey, but I wanted to clear up the idea that US Government officials can actually accept certain gifts for their personal use without having to turn the items over to the US General Services Administration. Why in the world anyone would offer a gift to an official that he can't keep, especially if you are trying to influence him or gain his favor? How stupid! The trick is to give him a gift value immediately below the relevant limit.

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Posted in: Does a Trump endorsement make a difference? Yes, but not the way a candidate hopes it will See in context

While some Republican candidates may think the DJT name is gold, others may just be grifters looking for a fund-raising advantage. Win or lose, they leave with lots of campaign cash in the bank.

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Posted in: Will the 2020s be a decade of entrepreneurship in Japan? See in context

Rakuten was making far more than $160 million in e-commerce sales in 2019! Gross sales are in the billions. Profits are in the hundreds of millions.

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Posted in: With abortion heading back to U.S. Supreme Court, is it time to retire the 'my body, my choice' slogan? See in context

This Mississippi case is the reason the Democrats will not only NOT lose the US House or US Senate next year, but will gain seats. If the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade or makes significant cuts to it, such a flood of liberal money and causes will coalesce to win many seats in the elections four months following the decision next June, while the conservatives will sit on their hands thinking they have found their holy grail. If the Supreme Court upholds Roe v Wade and denies the Mississippi law, the conservatives will feel betrayed by their Trump Supreme Court picks and be dispirited and not see any point in voting any more.

Either way, it will result in the Democrats gaining seats and power after the November 2022 elections. This is not what the conservatives in Mississippi would want to occur, but they don't see it coming.

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Posted in: Messi's 20-year Barcelona career ends as scramble for signature begins See in context

"Other options include Manchester City at 7/2, or any MLS club at 11/1, while even a return to his homeland with Newell's Old Boys is a staggering 20/1."

They aren't even offering odds of him coming to play in the Japanese League. Well, maybe when he is 40 or so...

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Posted in: Cycling official injured after pileup See in context

Missed this one. Watched the men's marathon, Japan's women in the basketball final, and the USA-Brazil women's volleyball final. Passed the channel several times but never expected such excitement. It looks like one of those NASCAR crash aftermaths.

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Posted in: U.S. women beat Brazil to win 1st Olympic volleyball gold See in context

Andrea Drews plays on a club team here in Japan. Her left handed kills are extremely effective. She looked great against Brazil today. My wife and I hope to see her when the next season begins.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for abusing 2-year-old son See in context

The concerned citizen noticed the stigmata 16 days later! I wonder what the bruises looked like immediately after the assault on July 20!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,066 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 14,472 See in context


The absence of reporting on it could indicate there were no deaths (or very few deaths). Japanese people are good at math. If you give them a story that says 4066 people tested positive but only four people died, they do the mental soroban, calculate the odds, and then take their chances by heading out to their favorite bars and izakayas tonight, or go somewhere during their O-bon company vacation this week. (*Four deaths is used for an example, not a fact. It could be higher or lower. Later posters will surely add the numbers they find.)

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Posted in: Hezbollah leader vows retaliation for future Israeli attacks See in context

From the picture, there wasn't much of economic or military value in the location the IDF shelled. This was just an opportunity to flex their biceps.

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