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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

Abe is truely a great leader. What's done, is done. Just concentrate on present and future.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he lacked sensitivity to U.S. perception of prostitution See in context

The more negativity surrounding this guy, the more I support him. I'm tired of the PC brigade.

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Posted in: 42% of U.S. may be obese by 2030: study See in context

By 2030?? It looks like it already.

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Posted in: Strange drinks that come and go in the Japanese market See in context

It's good Japanese consumers have lot choices. Other countries offer nothing new, still has the same old boring drinks .

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to visit Britain for Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee See in context

Nice to know the Emperor and Empress will be visiting. Also looking forward for some Prince Philip gaffes! :)

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Posted in: Hello Kitty takes over food department at Tokyu Toyoko store See in context

They should also make Hello Kitty indigestion pills.

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Posted in: Do you support torture as an interrogation method if the objective is to prevent a terrorist attack or capture criminals? See in context

No way. It's a fast-rack to tyranny.

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Posted in: 8 elderly climbers perish on 3 mountains in Northern Alps See in context

To say they were climbers sound like they were professionals, but they are nothing more than tourists. What were they thinking?! they were wearing only T-shirts and light windbreakers. Japanese sense of 'Abunai' (危ない) is totally different to most people. They love to concentrate on silly things like what a child should know. But when it comes to stuff like this, common sense is out the window.

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Posted in: Japan needs to bite the bullet and start fixing public finances driven by swelling welfare costs. See in context

Moody's should bite the bullet too and realise nobody takes them seriously any more.

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Posted in: Japanese women claim last Olympic hockey berth See in context

Congratulations. I don't know much about woman's hockey teams. But i would love to see Japan vs South Korea match.

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Posted in: Pepsi brings back Michael Jackson on its cans See in context

A dead pop star and a brand heading downwards. Way to go, great strategy. CEO must be real smart ; )

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Posted in: Joey Carbone keeps the hits coming See in context

He's right about J-pop.

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Posted in: Woman injured after bolt falls from rollercoaster in Yamanashi See in context

It's like something out of Final Destination. luckily she wasn't killed.

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Posted in: Solitary deaths among middle-aged single males living alone increase See in context

It's funny how come most of my friends who married early look 20 years older than i do. I think the best advice is don't marry until you done and achieved most of the things you want to do, cause once your married you won't have a chance.

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Posted in: Living in a country as a minority See in context

These comparisons are getting boring. Being a minority in western societies like Canada isn't a big deal. People may be curious to know where your from, after that once they get to know you , your just like everyone else. Try living in a third world country they will stare at you like a animal and you stick out like a sore thumb. But all in all people are friendly mostly everywhere.

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Posted in: Obama jabs at Romney at White House Correspondents' dinner See in context

It's not hard to make fun of these two. Obama and Romney are already a big joke.

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Posted in: Obama, Romney tweak strategies See in context

Who cares? Obama & Romney are just two sides of the same coin.

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Posted in: AKB48 cafe opens in Osaka See in context

wow i gotta check it out. Still waiting for a SKE48 café though ;)

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

I don't care if ppl smoke. I don't want Tokyo turning in some nanny state.

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Posted in: Dodgers reach deal with Magic Johnson group See in context

Bad investment. Baseball is a dying sport.

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 See in context

wow gonna miss her! since あっちゃん made her announcement, the " GIVE ME FIVE" song makes sense now. I'm going to listen now just for her ;)

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Posted in: Yamanote line in Tokyo features AKB48 train See in context

Anything that AKB48 has taken over is alright with me!! Although I prefer SKE48.( ・ω・)

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Posted in: China's 60th anniversary stirs pride, also unease See in context

Happy 60th, China! Majority of the world supports you.

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Posted in: Nagano torch relay See in context

The guard on the far left is trying to pick pocket him.

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Posted in: 'Speed Racer' premiere to be held on world's largest screen at Tokyo Dome See in context

Is Chim-chim (Senpei) in it?

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