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Posted in: Hatoyama says Japan will stay nuclear-free if DPJ wins election See in context

This is a really easy vote-winning policy, as the vast majority of Japanese are so anti-war and anti-nuclear.

It is only really a small handful of people who have a more questioning intellect, or are old enough to remember what war is like, to understand the threat from NK and to go against the grain and push for stronger defence policy.

Having said that, generally I like the DPJ policies and look forward to them gaining power.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi unveils Y4.59 mil electric car See in context

There was talk of AEON supermarkets and conbinis offering superfast chargers (60-120mins) that charge you to 80% capacity while you shop. I guess they would install them in major service areas on the highway too, though perhaps the target market is city-only types (same target as Nissan Cube, which looks like it will be the base model for Nissans denki car in europe).

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