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Hahahahaha! My sides!!!, my sides!!!

Oh! Maybe I can be the next Laughist! :-D

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What's going to happen to all these "adults" who are unable to take care of themselves when their mollycoddling parents have passed away? Will it be left to the government to distribute leaflets instructing people who to blow their own noses? How will they know when to cross the road if there's no-one to tell them? Surely the freeters will all starve to death, won't they?

If they got rid of the pointless entrance exams, and focussed on teaching relevant things, like, oh, I don't know, history, geography, science, social studies, perhaps these "adults" would be able to look after themselves? I only went to school for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week (I know! The horror!! But so does everyone in most countries around the world...I guess...) and my parents were just parents, not body-guard-alarm-clock-matchmaking-cooking-cleaning-Borg, and I know that I'm 1000 times better socially adjusted than almost every Japanese I've met. (possible exaggeration...merely used for effect!)


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Teaching teenaged girls that sex shouldn't be used as a commodity would be a good idea I think.

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