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Posted in: Record 35,000 foreign students need Japanese language training See in context

Parents should not come to a country (for work or for whatever reasons) and push the kids to a local school and expect the school to provide special care! My son's elementary school has a couple of kids from China who do not understand Japanese and the parents are always avoiding contacts by the school because they themselves cannot speak the language!

I myself can speak Chinese and the headmaster called me once for help. He put the Chinese kid (who's in Grade 5) on the phone and the kid cried, saying that he couldn't understand a word the teacher was saying. That he would like to become friends with his classmates and play with them but he simply couldn't communicate with them!

We all have to learn to speak English if we want to get into a public school in an English-speaking country. I don't know why the local schools here admit these kids in the first place!

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Posted in: Japan begins FY 2017 'research whaling' in northwest Pacific See in context

Japan's so-called research whaling

I'm against whale hunting but I thought news articles were supposed to be neutral? Is there any proof that the whales being hunt are not for research use?

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

Apologizing for sth you didnt do is hard enough. being asked repeatedly to do that will only make the apology less and less sincere to those who demand that.... -.-"What do these ppl want?!

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Posted in: Woman phones fiance, asks him to call police, before going missing See in context

Too ayashii...I agree w Amanda.

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Posted in: Thousands languishing in children's homes in Japan: Human Rights Watch See in context

It is simply not a common practice here to adopt children. People would rather spend millions in funinchiryo... How sad.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest against China's seizure of Mitsui O.S.K ship See in context

Its ok to sue someone for not paying back but this sounds more like kidnapping to me- gimme back my money or i'll, or i'll...

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Posted in: Lost codes spark airport scramble on eve of Obama's arrival See in context

Lucky that no passersby just picked it up and threw it away. there would be panic if they couldnt find it.@.@"Japanese like things on paper- juminhyo, inkan shomei... Just to name a few.

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Posted in: 16,000 police mobilized to protect Obama See in context

Probably not neccessary but should be enough to show Japan is trying their best at ensuring the US leader will have a safe visit.

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Posted in: No objects from search linked yet to Flight 370 See in context

Theres a rumor in chinesw circulating recently suggesting that the plan actually returned fo malaysia. During the 5 hour blank since the loss of contact until the public announcement, contact was made by the hijackers to the govt, threatening to rel

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Posted in: Malaysia says jet crashed in sea; China wants evidence See in context

'according to this new data'......-.-" Yeah what new data? After you have turned down all the search results by other countries? This certainly isnt a good enough answer/explanation for those who have families on board. They must be hidin something.... However slim the chance is, i hope the passengers are still alive somewhere.:(

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea move to restart formal talks See in context

When can people learn to forgive and forget?I guess it will never happen in world politics....

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Posted in: Malaysian plane probe focuses on cockpit crew See in context

The malaysian govt asked for help yet they kept saying NAHHH THATS NOT IT to the foundings by the helping countries. I saw a TV program a few days ago. There was this analyst who suggested that the plane might have been hijacked and perhaps negotiation with the malay govt was going on and hence the weird behavior by the govt. and perhaps thats why the passengers were not texting their relatives.I just hope they are all alive at least. Keep praying guys.

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Posted in: Babysitter arrested over death of 2-year-old boy See in context

I think the man she met was from that babysitting service company, no?Yeah but still... How could you hand over you own kids to a total stranger?! Unbelievable. Sorry for the little soul....:(

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Posted in: Gov't considering to create a new public holiday See in context

Absolutely a good idea!!!!

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Posted in: Ueno zoo gives pandas privacy as mating season starts See in context

Cant help but finding it funny that it made news fufufu

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Posted in: Man dies after being covered in 13 tons of molten metal See in context


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Posted in: Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka voted top Asian cities for expats See in context

Would like to know how Tokyo's doing worldwide!

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Posted in: Hopes rise for missing 2 Japanese divers off Bali See in context

Hope the rescue team can find them sooooon!!!!! Best news of the day!!!

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Posted in: 5 Japanese divers found alive; 2 still missing off Bali See in context

Great news!!!!! (My husband is scheduled to go to Bali on Thursday....) Hope the remaining two can be found asap!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese woman with unusual name celebrates 100th birthday See in context

And so what is her name in romaji?!

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Posted in: 11 dead, 1,253 injured after snow See in context

Yeah more injuries will come now that the roads r all icy. The kids from a nearby high school were shovelling snow to clear the roads in the neighborhood yesterday. Passersby, including myself, were all very thankful to them!Pls be safe everyone!

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Posted in: Ghost composer questions whether Samuragochi is really deaf See in context

Ditto Nenad!!

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima decontamination likely to be finished by 2017 See in context

Isnt 100 billion yen enough to simply help the people to relocate? I am sure it sucks to leave the hometown for good but the people there will only be disappointed again when the govt later says sorry guys we simply cant make it by 2017. Just as wanderlust san said above, rain and wind, which are totally unpredictable, could hinder the decontamination largely. So perhaps other than giving false hope to the people there again and again, how about provding other options for them. Im sorry right now i can only think of moving the people though...:( They just found an island melted with the mainland right?

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Posted in: Elderly couple die after being hit by truck on crossing See in context

I agree with you TrevorPeace1. Drivers tend to be too familiar with their routes that they become careless. Hope there will be no more of this over the holodays.

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Posted in: China's first lunar rover lands on moon See in context

Well if the country has so much money to spend maybe the world could stop sending money to help the poor there?

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Posted in: Airlines seek new rules to handle unruly travellers See in context

Triumvere- i agree with you!Just as checking in to a hotel.

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Posted in: Girls fawn over Nagano police station’s new pretty-boy mascot characters See in context

Law breakers won't give a shxt about them... Agree with zenkan- using real charismatic policemen sounds far more realistic and practical.

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

High heels.

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Posted in: Architect says 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium too big See in context

Ditto ogtob. :)

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Posted in: Triumphant Tokyo delegation returns to big welcome See in context

Yeah I saw on TV too about the Olympic village on a few TV channels already. They never mention how much it will cost but only the benefits it will bring. I'm happy that Tokyo won but if there's so much land and resources, perhaps the ppl living in prefab homes or close to the nuclear plant should have been relocated to the capital? O well if that happens everyone will want to be relocated.... how about the families with kids come first?

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