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Posted in: Motegi, TEPCO chief pledge action on Fukushima water leak See in context

Fishermen there should be given vocational training in some other fields from now on... (Or maybe should've been given since 2011...)

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Posted in: Storm forces cancelation of Sumida fireworks for first time in 35 years See in context

I think it's absolutely fine for mother nature to show who's boss every now and again.

Yeah I agree. Lol Now that the weather becomes more and more unpredictable, big outdoor event organizers must have a plan B or even plan C.

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

I don't understand why people here keep arguing on whether the acid is OK/normal/dangerous/harmful or not. It says the teacher made them drink the acid as 'punishment' but not a part of the experiment where you're asked to 'taste' what it's like - that itself, I think, is wrong!. What if the teacher makes the student drink his own pee?? it's definitely not fatal. Does it mean the teacher is ok?? I totally don't think so...

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

I think it's not right to force student to drink ANYTHING! let alone acid.... -.-"

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

this is gross.... >< think about how we always tell our kids to be good and listen to what the teachers say...

I think all teachers should be required to take psychological tests regularly to ensure they're mentally sound.

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Posted in: Smartphone app Smash Message allows you to vent your feelings See in context

why would I want to smash the message if I'm happy??! lol

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Posted in: Cartoon bird warns Fukushima children of radiation See in context

I guess it's just not an easy decision for the parents (those who've chosen to stay) - new jobs, new home, new school... the non-immediate effect of the radiation delays ppl's alertness... how sad...

it's ridiculous to tell your kid to stay away from puddles when it rains. yeah mom, u show me.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for killing mother, baby daughter in 1999 seeks retrial See in context

Psychiatric report? I think you have to be pretty insane to be able to strangle people to death... no report needed really. As for death penalty.... hmmm.... I would 100% buy it if the death of the criminal can bring back the lives of the victims. If not, i doubt if it's the best punishment/rehabilitation for the criminal...

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Posted in: Documentary profiles children in post-March 11 Japan See in context

I guess locations hit by tsunami can still be rebuilt but what about the kids in the radioactive areas? :(

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Posted in: Island plans by Ishihara may stoke fresh China tensions See in context

I remember that at the memorial ceremony held at Hiroshima in August, there were two school kids giving a speech on 'PEACE'. When can we learn from the past?? I'm a HK Chinese married to a Japanese. I am truly sad to see Japanese people being beaten up in China because of some Islands... Please stop creating conflicts, u government people!!!><

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