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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

I dislike misinformation the US President said ithe democrats attacks on his response to Cov-19 were another of thier hoaxes.

The difference between the US and Japan, Japan is not the most travelled to country in the world. All Japan had to really worry about was China and to smaller extent because there were not that many Korean vistors. The US's first wave was China travelers coming back to the US, to a extent that was contained. Then it became Korean travelling to the US and then Japanese travellers. What inflamed the fire it was when the epicentre moved to Europe & Middle East. First case in Washington Jan 20 & few days later California were Asians travel. The first cases in New York, March 1 few days later Florida were people traveled Iran and Europe. First cases in New Jersey were a person traveled to India. First cases in Texas were Egyptian travellers. Japan has placed 14 days quarantine on all traveliers coming into Japan in US that would be a much more impossible task.

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