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Sam Feng comments

Posted in: Medvedev says Japan's 'militarization' complicates Asia-Pacific See in context

On one hand, Japan should solely militarize for whatever they think China will do. And China if they do invade, and likely Japan will help Taiwan, and US... On the other, we have idiots who forgot the Nanking Massacre (but two wrongs doesn't make a right), Japan's more nationalistic and argument to be a "victim", so thereby they'll fight their own brothers, and be more bloodlust in their fight against "China", "Communism", "democracy". Humanity has always fought wars on the basis of their ideological dogma. It is the irony that the past, individuals that had led the Axis did this too. Now, it's the US that is holding Japan hostage, and Japan respects might, (Stockholm syndrome).. not to say that Japan has benefited it's modernization due to the West and it's culture and languages from China, but let us say that right now, people are very idiotic. I'm not sorry for what I'm going to say, because people have been letting their anger out for these so called "free and loving" systems that really are the basis of our wars. I do also denounce China for its constant tugging, but again-might we remind ourselves of Hawaii's lost sovereignty, and it's current crisis. The West has no right to talk about Taiwan as if it's truly defending it, but of course- people need a Hollywood ish right and wrong side, so the leaders can easily manipulate them. As long as the majority are influenced under the ideologies, working under it's spell, there can be no hope for peace. Even that so called victory after war, for "democracy" and "liberalisation", it's country in rubbles, will be taken over by the Victor claiming to be right, US, or Taiwan... or if the whole of the Chinese population rises up and overthrows their own government and elect of their own with no external meddling, nothing at this stage can avert war. It will inevitably happen. And also, the people are at fault here for choosing sides. Not just the leaders solely.

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