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Sam Huntington comments

Posted in: Japan's child poverty rate hits record high See in context

Child poverty is not a government problem; it is a parent problem. Maybe it is time people stopped relying on government for everything and started making things happen for themselves.

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Posted in: Japan vows to tackle corporate spying after Toshiba breach See in context

I write this with the full understanding that many may not agree. How did we reach a point when Japanese people would sell out their own country? It began after the war when Americans wanted to punish the Japanese for their national pride, and government officials who wanted to curry favor with the Americans coopted this program. So today, many years later, many Japanese no longer feel loyalty to their country; they no longer feel pride or patriotism. It has been part of the brainwashing for more than 70 years now. So do not be surprised to learn that a Japanese engineer will sell out his country. The Japanese people have been selling out their country for a long time. This is the feeling I get whenever I hear of the Japanese government apologizing for something that happened a long time ago.

Thank you.

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Posted in: Former Toshiba engineer arrested over corporate espionage See in context

Ah, but when Toshiba handed over to a Russian agent classified information regarding US submarine stealth propulsion, that was okay. Right?

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Posted in: Japan concerned about lack of transparency in China's defense policy See in context

I believe it is important for diplomats to keep an open dialogue with other of the world’s representatives; I do not think that this dialogue should be a public exercise, however. Lack of transparency is a term associated with small-minded people who somehow think that we are living in Never-Never-Land where everyone must play fair. We are not living in such a place, and no one plays fair. The world today is every bit as dangerous as it was 70 or 90 years ago. If people understand that, they will exercise greater care electing people who are capable leaders and statesmen, rather than low-value politicians. Wake up, world; wake up.

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Posted in: Man killed, 3 others stabbed in same street within 10 minutes in Chiba See in context

As tragic as this situation is, it is the kind of behavior one expects in human society, and the higher the population, the higher the frequency of such crimes. Japanese should be thankful that they are living in one of the safest nations in the world. Japan is not crime free, but far safer than almost any other society.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $200 million in aid for Palestinians See in context

Here's an idea: Japan take care of your own people. The Palestinians are not the responsibility of Japanese taxpayers.

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Posted in: Gov't considers revision of 'comfort women' apology See in context

GOJ ... please stop apologizing for things that happened 73 or more years ago. China and Korea only keep bringing these things up in discussion because they enjoy watching you squirm. Time to stop your groveling at the feet who have no moral advantages.

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Posted in: Post-tsunami deaths due to stress, illness outnumber disaster toll in Fukushima See in context

The National Police Agency confirmed 15,884 deaths, 6,147 injuries, and 2,636 people missing across twenty prefectures. Someone needs to get the facts straight. Maybe the article is too early for the topic, as I understand that numerous others are now sick due to exposure to radiation ... including members of the US military to provided aid.

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

I'm not sure why 500 or so delusional (and paid) protestors are getting so much attention. The rocky outcrop are not worth the bad will communicated to both sides of this issue. I expect more from the Japanese government than this ...

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context

These arguments have been going on now for close to 70 years. The US has been a good partnership for Japan, and I find that opposition to a US presence on Okinawa is very short sighted.

The Ministry of Defense well understands that presently, the US taxpayer is paying for a very large portion of Japan’s self-defense budget. Gov. Nakaiama is proceeding along the right path, and it is the right thing to do for the Okinawan people. Do those who oppose base relocation wish to pay a tremendously higher tax in order to increase the Japanese military forces? If the Americans leave, they will be replaced by Japanese air forces … and it will be the Okinawan people who pay for this increased defense structure. The people of Okinawa are not at all “unfairly burdened.” It is empty rhetoric, and it is dishonest.

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Posted in: U.S. denies rift with EU over Ukraine policy See in context

Whatever goes around, comes back around. Beyond the issue of bugging diplomats phone conversations, US foreign policy is a disaster, and the reason for this is that American diplomats are one step above the moron stage in human development.

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan against China See in context

I would rather see Japan as a co-equal to the US rather than a dependency. No country in the Far East would be a better check against Chinese or North Korean bullying. Moreover, I would like to see Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam form a mutual defense pact. The reason for this is simple: the US is no longer a dependable ally.

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Posted in: How the mini-skirt conquered the world See in context

Is it not hypocritical of women to wear short skirts, and then complain about men who ogle at them or take pictures of their legs?

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Posted in: 1,415 sue builders of Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

If people are looking for a perfect world, they are delusional. There is nothing that man can build that will withstand the energy produced by an earthquake of significant magnitude, or the power of a tsunami. If it can be shown that the construction was deficient, and this deficiency resulted in overheating of reactors, then by all means hold these builders accountable. Otherwise, the lawsuit is a waste of time and resources.

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