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"How about hiring a professional (ex military/police) to just be at the school. Comparative salary with teacher I would have thought. Give he/she an office. He can get to know the students. Gather intel from teachers and students on potential loons. Patrol the corridors etc...

Give every teacher an alarm they can activate if something kicks off.

I'm available."

I think this is an excellent idea. The vets could use the job (and more than deserve the pay) and nut jobs would stop targeting school for shooting sprees because there would be resistance.

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These young people don’t want to get married and who can blame them? There is not one advantage to getting married and a thousands pitfalls for doing so.

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@Aly. I agree with 99% of what you post but I think you are incorrect about you assertion that the US is trying to weaken Canada and Mexico. Rather the US is trying to protect its workers—-which is every country’s right and responsibility. NAFTA hurt America far more than it helped.

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Posted in: Canada, U.S. exchange barbs over NAFTA talks as stresses rise See in context

You are partially correct (no sarcasm). More cars and other goods were purchased in the US as a result of NAFTA but they were produced in Mexico which hurt the manufacturing sector which is why many feel NAFTA is considered a disaster.

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Stay the course, Mr. President. NAFTA was a disaster when former president Clinton (whom I supported) implemented. Do not back down one inch or centimeter.

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I agree; lay off, Konno. This smile stuff is all for cameras—-it’s called the Olympic Truce—- and one the Games are over it will be back to missile launches and threats.

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NAFTA was a major source of economic destruction to our manufacturing sector when it was implemented by Clinton (whom I supported) in the 90’s. I don’t see it being brought back to the US.

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Democrats just committed suicide. Read comments on a Yahoo rather than on this site which is populated with Socialists and you’ll see how popular Trump is. A few mealy-mouthed Republicans will get booted out of office but the American people are furious at the Democrats for putting the welfare (both literally and figuratively) of illegal aliens ahead of US citizens. Yahoo —-a liberal entity that hates Trump—-just ran a survey that puts a Trump approval rating 40% and Congress at 15%.

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@smithinjapan. Well, said.

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The Democrats have repeatedly been offered a deal on DACA: freeze immigration and create border security and DACA continues. The Democrats have balked as they want DACA and no changes in immigration policy and/or enforcement. The shut down, if one occurs, will be the fault of the Democrats. The assertion by one poster that Republicans "control all branches of government" is laughable and shows how little he or she knows about the US government. A super-majority would be necessary to ram legislation down the throats of the country and the Republicans do not have one. The Democrats can filibuster anything they do not like and often do. This is not necessarily a bad thing: the founders of the country did not want any one group to possess an unchallengeable monopoly of power.

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Posted in: Hakuho, Kisenosato tumble for 2nd straight day at New Year basho See in context

Kisenosato should just retire. He’s an embarrassment as a Yokozuna.

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The “record profits” that this article is trumpeting are the result of currency manipulation and political ties. In no way, shape or form has the economy improved for the average person. Rising prices would be suicide for the majority of companies.

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I was one of the proctors for this wretched test since it’s beginning until last year. It is a terrible process. Can not wait to see it abolished. Everything bad about Japan (conformity, process without purpose, etc.) packages into 48 hours.

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@Nishikat. Trump has been in office for about 14 months. The wall will be built in time. In the meantime Trump’s policies are having an impact, much to the chagrine of the Left.

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@Simon. Sure,man. Whatever.

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It was a very vocal minority that got Trump elected. Some of them were blowing off about how if he lost they would be camped out in Washington with their guns.


So what?  He won.  The rules were the same for both candidates.  The rules are set that way so west and east coast don't rule the country.  The only reason you are sore about this is because your horse lost the race---a race that she cheated on, by the way!

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Folks from the south have to be careful when driving in Hokkaido in the winter; lots of ice and snow they have never experienced.

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Well, the tried to get Trump with sexual assault allegations, then they tried the Russians-stole-the-election angle and now there’s a “book” telling us all kinds of evil things about a Trump. The Left will stop at nothing. Just beware the Law of Unintended Consequences. The #Me, Too movement which pushes women to recall “sexual harassment” incidents from the last century has succeeded in making it very difficult for women to get hired. The Left ( a very vocal minority) just assumes that the majority of the country will just go along with their nonsense but in reality could be pushing the country towards more conflict——and it’s conflict the Left will lose.

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Two solutions can be immediately implemented that will reduce the number of pervert-related incidents: one care for women only and one car for men only.

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@Yubaru. Ave is notable exception to the “no third rich generation” rule!

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Posted in: No. of births in Japan to hit record low in 2017 See in context

JT should keep this article and just change the date every 365 days from today as each year is going to bring another record low of marriages and births. It’s called the “zoo effect” which means animals in captivity will not reproduce if the living conditions are bad and Japan’s current situation is not good at all and won’t be for some time.

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Posted in: U.S. public health 'word ban' sparks outrage See in context

Embarrassingly inaccurate description of what is happening at the CDC. Please, people, do some independent research and don’t treat everything that comes from this website as gospel truth.

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"Carrying out military training in regions surrounding North Korea will only heighten hysteria and make the situation unstable," Gerasimov said at the beginning of a meeting with Japanese Minister of Defense Itsunori Onodera. Well, when missiles are flying over Hokkaido the situation is already unstable and can hardly be called hysteria. So, if you (Russia) want to keep the situation stable then get a leash on the NK puppy before the dog catcher puts it to sleep.

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Great idea. More comfortable and tennis shoes breath a little more than formal shoes which means they stink less and will cut down on athlete's foot.

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Posted in: Family of girl abducted by N Korea calls on gov't to ramp up efforts See in context


“Ok, so you have no more sympathy for the Yokota’s because you feel they as citizens should have done more, like, for example, hire mercenaries?” You are half-correct. I think as PARENTS they should have done more, especially the father. I know Japanese are more passive than Americans as a rule but when we’re talking about your children they should come over culture constraints. Whether the parents are citizens or not is meaningless.

“I suppose that’s a fantastic idea. NK is an ideal place to send hired mercenaries.” That’s What mercenaries do, they go into bad places.

“History shows us that when citizens are caught up in a political crisis, such as a kidnapping between nations in conflict, the dad and mom should send their army to rescue them.” I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not so I will assume you are not being sarcastic. Can you cite an example of a country sending In the army to returned kidnapped people? And even if you can, do you really think Japan would do so after decades of doing almost nothing?

“Anyways I guess yeah I didn’t need to call you out as a foreigner, sorry about that.”Not at all! I like passionate debate! No offense taken! (I thumbed you up by the way because not only were you passionate you were courteous as well and that is rare on comment boards.

“However if your kidz were kidnapped and after many years people started to say they were tired of hearing about it...well wouldn’t that be the worst thing?” Well, I would’ve either gotten my son back or died trying long before holding press conferences.

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"But if you had a family member abducted, kidnapped, tortured and indoctrinated, raped and impregnated, and then finally killed....let me get this straight Sam Watters...YOU are out of sympathy? Are you not a guest in my country? Why does it matter whether or not YOU are out of sympathy. Have some empathy man, one day you will need it from others too."

Wow. Where to begin...

"YOU are out of sympathy." Yep. Mr. Yokota should have done more including gone over to NK himself or hired mercenaries or any number of methods of ACTIVELY getting his child back. It's what you do when YOUR CHILD is threatened. Now of course some people will talk about the dangers of going it alone and how experts know better and blah, blah, blah. But when it is YOUR CHILD, you don't weigh the pros and cons like you do when you are buying a car or choosing which onsen to visit. When it is YOUR CHILD you do whatever is necessary to get him or her back. You may lose your job, you may lose your money, hell, you may even lose your life but that is what you do when YOUR CHILD is in danger. At least that's what real parents do.

"Are you not a guest in my country?" Whoa, Dude. Slow down! My answer will assume that you are Japanese or at least have Japanese citizenship (I do, by the way). Anyway, no I am not a guest; I pay taxes, have contributed to society and have taken citizenship. Guests do not pay their own way like I and many others have.

"Why does it matter whether or not YOU are out of sympathy?" It doesn't. It's a comment board. My opinion obviously matters to you, though, or you wouldn't have commented. I would, however, like to know how much tax money is being wasted on this issue because that does affect me and others.

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Posted in: Family of girl abducted by N Korea calls on gov't to ramp up efforts See in context

I am out of sympathy for these people. It should have been clear that after...oh...ten years or so... that if you wanted your daughter back you were going to have to do more than hold press conferences. Would love to know how much tax money the Yokoto’s recieve to be poster family for this issue.

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"Unfortunately you're probably right that the money will be wasted. But is that an argument against having departure tax or an argument against wasting money? If there was some way to guarantee that the money would be well spent, would you still be against it in principle?"

@M3M3M3.  Yes.  I am against any new taxes in principle.  Government has got to learn to live on less money like the rest of the population.

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@M3M3M3. There is nothing complicated about this tax: it is fleecing a captive audience. The people in charge will blow through the money and be out of office before the inevitable economic collapse.

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Posted in: Japan eyes imposing departure tax ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

So much for omotenashi or whatever that phrase was.....

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