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Sam Watters comments

Posted in: A century ago, anti-immigrant backlash almost closed America’s doors See in context

I am a good immigrant. I came to this country 33 years ago. I did not sneak across the border, I entered through a legal point of entry (an airport in my case). I ate the foods and accepted the accommodations that were available. I did not demand that the Japanese diet be altered to suit my palate or religious beliefs. I learned to live within the rules of Japanese culture. I did not demand that Japanese society conform to my beliefs or preferences. I learned to obey Japanese laws, even ones that seem nonsensical to me. I have never hit nor spit on a police officer. I found and maintained employment, paid my taxes and volunteered in my community. I have never gone on welfare nor expected the Japanese government to provide me with benefits that Japanese citizens would never receive. I have always appreciated this country and have never once chanted “death to Japan” nor hoped for its destruction. Finally, one day I applied for citizenship. I got in line, paid the fees, passed the requirements and waited my turn. In other words, I acted a great deal like the immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island in the 1920’s and nothing like illegal aliens who crash the border, commit crimes, demand extra resources in exchange for protests and violence. Immigrants who do it the right way are always welcome in the US, illegal aliens who do not are not.

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Posted in: China starts second day of war games around Taiwan to test ability to 'seize power' See in context

Watching the CCP react to anything they don’t like reminds me of the days when i was 9 years old and told that recess was cancelled because of rain.

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Posted in: 500 melons stolen from greenhouse in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Insurance scam….?

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Posted in: Kyoto government worker assaults coworker for spoiling popular manga series See in context

Just last week I had to explain “spoiler alert” to my students…

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Posted in: Australia accuses China of unsafe behavior after fighter jet released flares in a helicopter's path See in context

One day China is going to learn the difference between “meek” and “weak.” It will be a painful lesson and a well-deserved one.

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Posted in: Meryl Streep to receive honorary Palme d'Or at Cannes See in context

Congratulations! She’s a great actress.

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Posted in: Philippines accuses China of damaging its vessel at hotly contested shoal See in context

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2016 said China's expansive claim had no legal basis, a decision Beijing has rejected.

I think China is being rejected.

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Posted in: Japanese city loses residents’ personal data, which was on paper being transported on a windy day See in context

Civil servants…not surprised.

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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

@gaijintraveller. Thanks for the info!

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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Looks like a K-car. They are great for gas mileage but terrible in accidents. Prayers to the families.

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Posted in: Chinese general takes harsh line on Taiwan, other disputes at international naval gathering See in context

Zhang said China's territorial sovereignty “brooks no infringement and its core interests cannot be challenged. We do not provoke trouble, but we will never flinch in face of provocation. The Chinese military will resolutely defend the reunification and interest of the motherland."

I think China and North Korea have the same speech writer.

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Posted in: Chinese swimmers failed doping tests ahead of Tokyo Olympics: New York Times See in context

There are cans of diet soda that are more “natural” than some Chinese Olympic athletes. Yeah, they cheat…

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Posted in: Philippines says decision to strengthen ties with Japan, U.S. a 'sovereign choice' See in context

The Philippines' decision to ramp up ties with Japan and the United States at a recent summit was a "sovereign choice" for the country, its foreign ministry said on Thursday in response to China's comments opposing the trilateral meeting.

In addition to the accurate sovereign-choice reasoning, it is generally a good idea to the opposite of what the CCP wants.

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Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

China's military said on Wednesday it sent fighter jets to monitor and warn a U.S. Navy patrol aircraft that flew over the sensitive Taiwan Strait,

And the US pilots either laughed or yawned.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for molesting 1-year-old girl in Kyoto park See in context

Poorly written article that leads to a wide range of speculation. What exactly does “lower body” mean? If we are talking about the pubic area then use that phrase or something similar. Either use clear language or don’t report it.

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Posted in: Sapporo sees earliest 25 C day of any year since records began See in context

For a little bit of context here, which I think is needed.

Sapporo had an elongated Winter with snow storms deep into March.

Temperatures didn't raised as usual, which kept Sapporo with a good amount of snow in April, which is rare.

"The temperature in Sapporo hit 26 degrees... and is still rising"

Yes! This past March was one of the coldest and snowiest I have experienced in 33 years in Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Disney wins proxy fight, turning back activists See in context

Disney is an example of “go woke, go broke.” Unfortunately for Disney, Iger was reportedly at the center of the Disneys shift to politics over entertainment so I’m not sure how much Disney will recover. Hopefully, Iger and his crew got the message.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

If want to see what is wrong with Japan as a whole, look immediately to the governor’s left. I don’t know how much intelligence it takes to hold a clipboard and look concerned but I do know it takes a whole bunch of taxes (money that comes from you and me) to pay for these people who add little to no value to our lives. Give me farmers and creators anytime!

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' finally premieres in Japan to mixed reactions and high emotions See in context

Hiroyuki Shinju, a lawyer, noted Japan and Germany also carried out wartime atrocities, even as the nuclear threat grows around the world.

Kudos to Shinju for acknowledging this.

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Posted in: Philippines says it will not yield to submission in dispute with 'patronizing' China See in context

Stand your groups, Philippines. Slowly-but-surely the world is standing up to China.

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Posted in: Rally number 1,641 in Seoul See in context

Victimhood is quite profitable these days.

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Posted in: Adult siblings fall out over infirm or deceased parents: Who nurses them? Who inherits the property? See in context

I’m forever grateful that my father wrote a will before he died. The will prevented any ambiguity regarding care or division of assets and made a horrible time in our lives just a little bit easier.

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Posted in: Local governments supporting elderly by promoting cashless payment systems See in context

As usual , I guess someone did not read the article before he posted.

Looks like someone did not read the comment before he/she posted. Many elderly may not have a smartphone to begin with. Many of those who do likely cannot operate a smart phone very well nor go to the city hall or various shops for training due to a number of factors, one of which is degenerative cognitive function.

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Posted in: Chinese professor at Japanese university missing after visiting homeland See in context

Those lucky enough to get out of China should think twice before ever going back. A former Chinese student of mine returned to China after living in Hokkaido for a number of years and has never been heard from since.

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Posted in: LDP amends party rules to toughen penalties for fund violations See in context

Expulsion from party. Loss of all benefits and privileges. Handed over to prosecutors. THOSE are tough penalties. When the LDP announces those, it will likely have Japan’s trust. Until that time, don’t waste our time.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim 'drives' new tank during mock battle See in context

If only we could show comic strips on this website! Just imagine the fun we could have with Kim!

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Posted in: China demands Japan start Fukushima treated water compensation system See in context

World demands China start Wuhan Covid-19 compensation system.

You nailed it!

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

Some people will like the movie, some will hate it but all should have the opportunity to watch it.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs bill to introduce joint custody after divorce See in context

Immense sympathy. I can’t imagine what type of soul would down-vote your post/story.

Thank you.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs bill to introduce joint custody after divorce See in context

Read the first statement carefully:

The Japanese government on Friday approved a bill to allow joint custody after divorce 

The Japanese government also allows and even encourages businesses to raises wages and look how that turned out. This bill is likely little more than window dressing to stave off criticism. I recently went through a divorce that took three years to settle. In order to maintain the relationship with my child, I had to lose my house, ¥25,000,000 in savings, pay another ¥15,000,000 until said child becomes an adult and pay all court costs that amounted to over ¥3,000,000. Despite this, I still have to see my child on the sly but am grateful that our relationship is intact. During this process, I often to spoke to police officers, lawyers and even a judge who were sympathetic to my situation and they all said the same thing: in a custody battle between a foreigner (especially a man) and an ethnic Japanese citizen (the “ethnic” point is important because I do have Japanese citizenship) the foreigner’s chances of winning a court order and having it enforced exist in theory alone. I hope this bill passes and I hope it is enforced but I am not optimistic.

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