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Sam Watters comments

Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

 I would gladly take Japanese citizenship if I could keep my US passport. Japan is shooting itself in the foot over and over.

@Redemption. Actually there is a method to keep both!

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

This is the same racist bs people used to say to my half-Japanese children on the train. It’s still bs. Way to further Japan’s globalization, David.

@John. I wonder if David is just the messenger here…? I have had Japanese citizenship for over 17 years and still I am consistently told, by other Japanese, that while I have Japanese citizenship am not a true Japanese. I’m not passing judgment as both sides have legitimate arguments and it doesn’t bother me as I do not let others define me but accusing David of hindering Japan’s globalization is bit over the top. Japan is very open to globalization…when globalization suits Japan.

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Posted in: Beppu City takes flak for displaying Ohtani-donated gloves, instead of giving them to kids See in context

There have been other cases where municipalities displayed the gloves at their offices until they were ready to send them to schools.

Outside of putting them in a box and writing an address on the box, I can’t think of what else needed to be done. But then these are bureaucrats so…

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for Kyoto Animation arson attack See in context

The Kyoto District Court on Thursday sentenced to death the perpetrator of a 2019 arson attack on an animation studio that killed 36 people

A just and fair verdict. Sometimes compassion for the criminal torture for the victims and society in general. This is such a case.

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Posted in: Yoshiki auctions off beloved crystal piano to support Noto Peninsula earthquake victims See in context

Classy move. Classy musician.

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Posted in: Record 87% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward China: survey See in context

A record 86.7 percent of Japanese "do not feel friendly" toward China

I’m surprised the number is that low.

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Posted in: Feedstuff will run out in another week or two. I feel bitter about being unable to be responsible for their lives. See in context

I’m sure there must be a way to get feedstuff to the Noto peninsula. Couldn’t it even be airdropped in a worst-case scenario? Brought by ferry? It seems some creative problem solving is needed here.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim calls for change in status of South; warns of war See in context

Why don't you or the media ever acknowledge North Korea has a defense agreement with China and Russia and Iran are supportive

I think it would be more accurate to say that China uses Kim and NK as a buffer between it and the West and that Russia will gladly trade with NK but neither country will risk military conflict over the useless rock that is North Korea nor its worthless ruler.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim calls for change in status of South; warns of war See in context

Try as I might, I just can’t be intimidated by this fat, little midget.

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Posted in: Vote counting starts in Taiwan's critical elections watched closely by China See in context

Congratulations to the Democratic Progressive Party!

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting father with sake bottle See in context

All kinds of violence in Hokkaido in this young new year. What is going on with the water over there?

Really bad economy, shrinking wages, increased duties at the office, pressure to care for elderly parents and a government that is disconnected and shielded from these harsh realities. The average person can only take so much…

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Posted in: Man arrested after fatally hitting mother, child with car in Tokyo See in context

The driver must have ran completely over the mother or child or been traveling at a very high rate of speed. Either way, terrible way to die…

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Posted in: N Korea fires two missiles into sea in resumption of weapons testing See in context

 “Any attempt by the hostile forces to use armed force against (North Korea) will face a preemptive and deadly counteraction.”

Best response: -yawn-

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Posted in: Japanese ruling party lawmakers questioned over fundraising scandal See in context

Seriously, someone needs to be booted out of government and jailed. This nonsense is bad enough when the economy is good but beyond unforgivable when people are fighting to just survive. As for prosecutors questioning lawmakers on a voluntary basis, try stealing a rice-ball from a convenience store and see how voluntary your participation in the legal process will be.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics official pleads not guilty to taking bribes in exchange for Games contracts See in context

Though the Olympics are funded partly by private money, they also rely heavily on taxpayer funding. In the case of Tokyo, at least 50% was public money. Tokyo says it officially spent $13 billion on the Tokyo Games, but a government audit says it might be twice that much.

Therein lies all of the problems. Certain members of Japan are allowed to use public money for investment and then allowed to keep whatever gains are made and pass on any losses to the public. They are also excerpt from any meaningful consequences.

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Posted in: Kishida's gamble to oust powerful LDP faction may plague gov't See in context

Kishida is a lost cause but I must admit it took some brass to oust Abe’s minions from the ranks of ministers. If Kishida—and Japan—are serious about “restoring trust in the government,” then every one who took a kickback should be thrown out of government and possible arrested. I won’t hold my breath.

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Posted in: Philippines, China trade blame for collision in disputed waters See in context

“China and fill-in-the-blank-with-any-number-of-countries trade for dispute in fill-in-the-blank-with-any-number-of-regions.” It’s always China. China, the geographical equivalent of a hemorrhoid.

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Posted in: Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club See in context

What do those "pros" make in the CFL? Eight hundred bucks a week and a free tank of fuel isn't really taking it seriously.

The lowest salary for CFL players is $60,000 (about ¥7,000,000) per year with an average annual salary of $100,000 (about ¥13,000,000).

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Posted in: Japan cracking down on illegal taxis as tourism boom drives demand See in context

Read: LDP wants a big cut off all profits. Entrepreneurship is a threat to the LDP.

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Posted in: China resolutely opposed to ex-Japan PM Aso's Taiwan remarks See in context

Aso is right. We may not like the messenger but the message is spot on.

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Posted in: Will the year-end party season make a comeback from COVID? See in context

These parties are expensive and boring in my experience. I do not drink so I shell out a lot of money so the boozehounds can drink all they want. My reward is to listen to stories I heard during Monday through Thursday. Some people like these parties and please enjoy if it’s your thing but I did not them during the pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

You guys are hilarious. They want to live in their holy land and they are pretty determined to do so. Economics or safety have nothing to do with it, apparently.

@TaiwanIsNotChina. You are probably correct about the desire of the Israelis to live in their holy land. As an agnostic on my best days and an atheist on my worst ones, I do not understand all this talk about holy lands and God’s will. I do know the world would be hard pressed to find a people as universally oppressed and slaughtered as the Jews. As one poster pointed out, the fighting will never end, namely because the other said wants the destruction of Israel at all costs. The idea of moving Israel to the US was just that: an idea. And why not? Lots of religious followers live far away from their lands and carry on. Perhaps the promise of peace and economic prosperity and being able to worship without fear of a terrorist attack may be worth the consideration of moving to America. Again, just an idea…

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

 I asked to my Jewish friend who is an American what about Israel move to America and become one state of USA? 

I think that would be an excellent idea. I would even be open to the possibility of taking a section of US territory and giving to Israel and allowing the Israelis to form their own government. It would certainly be a better situation than what the Israelis now suffer through.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

Japan will provide $65 million in additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians out of concern over the conflict in Gaza

Personally I’d like to see a little more concern for the citizens of Japan, but that’s just me.

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Posted in: Man arrested over alleged sexual assault of woman at home gym See in context

Right, because we wimmens just love falsely accusing men of rape after getting into a disagreement.

It does happen. I can give you a list of prominent cases if you would like to see it. One pro baseball player is currently in Japan because a woman falsely accused him of sexual and then bragged about it on social media.

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Posted in: The board of audit understands that there were times when such purchases were inevitable. See in context

I wonder if the same board would be sympathetic to a person who miscalculated their taxes. I know the IRS in the US would not…

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Posted in: Train gropers who fall to temptation intentionally targeted by extortion squads See in context

On the rare occasions that I ride Tokyo trains (I live in Hokkaido), I hold the hand rails with both hands. I am terrified of bumping into someone inadvertently and being accused of being called a chikan.

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Honest question: what does “outing” mean? Does it mean posting this information on a website or announcing it in a meeting? Telling other people? Again, an honest question.

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Posted in: Palestinians in Gaza struggle to follow Israeli evacuation order and face dire water shortage See in context

For the innocent people to be able to not be punished for the actions of others of course. It's not that hard a concept.

Unfortunately and dispicably, Hamas is using these innocent people as human shields.

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Posted in: Hosting Asian Games will 'wipe away' Japanese doubts, says top official See in context

Bribery and bid-rigging allegations in the aftermath of the Tokyo Games have implicated major companies and seen several business figures convicted.

What the west calls “bribery” and “bid-rigging” is seen as just doing business in Japan and it will never change.

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