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If a really young child won't hold your hand in a dangerous place, such as a car park, along a busy road or even on a train platform, you make them hold your hand strap them into a carry them, squirming if need be....or use a harness. You don't let them walk behind you where you cannot see what is happening in that one second you glance away. Or in front of you where they can suddenly speed off to god knows where. You make sure they are in your grasp so you as the parent, the adult can adapt to any danger that may show itself.

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Poor, poor little boy. What must his final few minutes have been like? I look at my daughter who is the same age and my heart just breaks. Agree with others who have commented that the whole custody issue here drastically needs overhauling. I know so many japanese parents who have been cut out of their childs life and are broken hearted and damaged by it. The Family Court needs to accept thatcultural normson divorce and child custody have become outdated next to the needs,wants and rights of parents today. (I wont even start on international marriages and custody.)One would hope that if both parents had custodial rights and were involved in the childs upbringing, it would act as a safety net if one parent is having problems. Not to mention it is far more emotionally stable and beneficial for the children concerned. Just because you are able to pop a baby out, doesnt mean you are the one who should automatically get custody.

Tougher sentences and getting a reduced sentence because it`s your first murder (previous poster mentioned) is just ridiculous. Unfortunately, I have to agree with others on the stance that Japan is severely lacking when it comes to the rights of children.

RIP little one.

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Depression can be a serious illness. Depending on the depth and severity of depression it can be devastating to the person concerned and family, friends around. I truly only believe that someone who has managed to live through a serious bout of this insidious illness could possibly understand how dark and terrifying it is. The afflicted have no control over the severity of the illness. It doesn't come with a plan that you sign up to be ill only to a certain stage ( the stage just before you kill yourself or others) and then recover. I don't condone what this gentleman did but to do what he did smacks of pure desperation and hopelessness.

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There are people out there still trying to come to terms with the terrible reality that their whole family was wiped out last year. Livelihoods, hometowns, their everyday world wiped off the planet in a couple of hours. Thousands of jobs gone in the agricultural and fishing industries. People displaced from the places they love. Probably for ever for some. An ongoing situation at Daiichi. Problems with food safety. Parents worried...rightly or wrongly...about their children`s health and future.....and there he is. Sat in his penthouse mansion somewhere, totally indifferent to what his fellow countyrmen and women are going through. I am so sorry Mr Shintaro Ishihara but there are thousands of souls out there dealing with a lot more life threatening conflicts than the Olympics and thanking the world just yet.

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That poor little boy. Someone must have heard him crying in hunger. Seen him. Just makes me sad on so many levels.

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Wow! Well,we were way below that average then by millions! We didn't spend more than was necessary, still don't. With three kids the money is spent before it's earnt at times!

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It is never okay to leave young kids alone unsupervised. Parents all over the world get stressed out and tired from looking after their kids from time to time. Parents in Japan do not have the monopoly on that however, Indid notice a whole 'taihen' approach towards being a mum amongst quite a lot of my Japanese parent buddies.

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At youchien, kids are walked to and from the premises then they start school and suddenly the same kids in the space of a few weeks are now mature enough to walk alone down busy roads and god only knows what else. I too, have on a daily basis seen first graders/ second graders responsible for their younger siblings. I personally do not think that is okay. Even if your child has had the whole safety lecture drummed into them and seems mature for their age, emotionally and physically they are not prepared to deal with the unexpected. That is a parents job. I just don't understand parents who gamble like that. I am giving my oldest aged 8 more freedom. But it is a gradual thing and well within my comfort zone of what I deem to be safe. Sometimes in Japan, I felt like the kids were just thrown to their fate. I also felt that some parents were just lazy and putting their own needs above their kids.

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'Inconveniencing a lot of people'. Kind of sums up Japan in a way for me. So we will never know how that lovely little girl passed away. Poor little baby.

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I think it depends a lot on the individual woman. I had the twins at 36 and my third after 40. Ive met a lot of younger ladies who arent as healthy as I am. Smoking,drinking, etc. I also personally think that it is harder to rebound back after the second or third birth as you are now dealing with a newborn AND siblings. Always cracked me up that mothers pregnant with their second or third child are preceived as okay and not needing help as they`ve already gone through it with the first one! They need a lot of support too.

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All the best for the future, Peter. Thank you for sharing.

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Safety standards for nuclear plants have been there forever. The problem is the humans who are supposed to adhere to these safety standards, follow advise from professionals in the nuclear field and use profit to ensure that the plants are safe rather than lining their own pockets.

As Nicky and tmarie noted, it`s just business as usual with no deadlines and lax monitoring of safety standards as per usual. A great big cloud of hot air to try and assauge the public.

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I really despair for the average japanese person just trying to have a life here. After everything that has happened obviously nothing has been learnt by those at the top. All I can do is shake my head.We are leaving Japan in two weeks. I actually was quite happy to stay but my husband, who incidentally is japanese, wants to leave here and start his business elsewhere. He knows that utopia doesn`t exist anywhere on this planet but he feels that the japanese government will never think about their people and seem to be unable to implement or decide on any new policies. I just feel so sad about it all really. I feel so sad for him.

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@ mistriac. No, I don't care if I go against the whole 'don't rock the boat shouganai' thing here but I am also not going to allow my kids to be bullied for something so ridiculous as not eating school lunches! In the past, when I've witnessed another child making inappropriate comments to my kids and the parent is present and did nothing, I brought the matter up with said parent. Unfortunately, I am very aware that at times, whilst I might not care what other people think it could, wrongly in my opinion, backfire on my kids.

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Tmarie- A few parents were outspoken too but sadly, not enough. A lot of them were more worried about their kids being bullied for taking in bentoes. I don't care what people think about me when it comes down to the health of my three gorgeous kids.

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Japan-GalChan!! Totally agree with you. I did mention that I might just be joining my duo for lunch if that scenario unfolded and tackling any comments with the childs parents later. Boy,was I in mama bear mode!

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I know all over the world, governments,politicians and companies are corrupt to some level but here, they seem to think it`s their god given right to swindle,con and steal off those actually working their little behinds off. Sod the younger generation who are really going to have it tough in following years.

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Well said Nicky and Zichi!

So this is implemented over a year later. A year after we have consumed only god knows how much contaminated food. In my humble opinion, zero level is the only safe level for infants and children. Last June, hubby and I were embroiled in discussions with the shogakko over the issue of produce from that region being served daily in school lunches. We were poo pooed away with a Well,the government hasnt told us it isnt safe yet stock reply. And Well, if you insist in your kids eating a packed lunch during school dinners, they could end up being picked on by other kids. A mere three weeks later,the government banned beef which had been served in our area in school lunches. Way too little,too late. Money reigns supreme here over the next generation`s wellbeing or future.

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I like a bit of Ken, I do. Would like to see this.

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Seavey- I personally know of one case where a UK citizen returned back to her country with her then 13 month old babe as her Japanese husband had threatened her with a knife. The husband contacted the authorities who contacted the relevant beaurocreacy in the UK. She was told to return to Japan with the baby to resolve the issue or her child would be put under the care of Social Services and returned to Japan. Now that smacks of hypocrisy considering Japan has a reputation for deaf ears when the situation is reversed. No compunction whatsoever in calling on the very same law that is flaunted when it comes to a Japanese national.

As for cultural bias, well...there is a growing movement in this country akin to the western version of 'Justice For Fathers'. Change is wanted from within Japan. I know Japanese parents, mostly fathers and a few mothers whose lived have been ripped apart by their spouses basically cutting them out of their children's lives. Yes, people can 'lose their heads' when it comes to divorce but that is where a family court is supposed to arbitrate and counsel if the parents cannot act rationally when it comes to putting their children's needs above all the acrimony, revenge and spite.

And it must be remembered that the article is talking about cases where the chil or children were living not in Japan but abroad. The children's lives were centered in those countries and the Japanese spouse decided not to 'play by the rules' and runs back to Japan with the child without even a backward glance. And Japan promotes this by harboring these individuals. Marriages go wrong for numerous reasons. Some beyond our control but what is most important are the children. As long as a parent isn't abusive towards their child, there isn't any reason why one parent should be cut out of that child's life. If the spouse is a jerk or whoever you want to word it, as long as that said parent is loving, supportive and a great mum or dad with a positive influence on that child's life, they should be afforded their basic human right to have regular contact with their child.

As for 'whiners'. Wow...try walking a mile in some folk's shoes. Your lack of empathy to see that at times, pleading to your ex's sense of decency just doesn't work. There is no greater pain or torture than losing a child. I don't know your personal circumstances but if you are happily married or experienced a reconciliation or amicable divorce well, there by the grace of God go you. I sincerely hope, and seriously no sarcasm here at all, that you never ever find yourself in the hellish situation that others have found themselves.

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My heart goes out to those of you caught up in this nightmarish hell. I sat crying reading some of your stories as I cannot imagine being without my three diamonds. I personally feel that Japan shouldn't be allowed to be part of the G7 or the UN while condoning such heinious acts.

I never forget reading about a Canadian man I believe, whose wife passed away in Canada and while he was attending to the funeral arrangements of his Japanese wife, the Japanese grandparents who were over visiting, got on a plane and kidnapped the twin grandchildren back to Japan. And Japan did NOTHING to help that man. His two kids were taken by the grandparents and Japan thought that was okay. Sickening beyond belief.

Hubby and I have a great relationship but I am more than aware that life can take a cruel turn and I could end up in a very bad place. Especially as my Inlaws do not like me.

A few years ago, I went to the city office to obtain a copy of the juminhyo as the twins were starting youchien. I was horrified to see that my name wasn't listed anywhere on the form. Essentially, my kids are motherless. I got onto the case with the member of staff who was dealing with me and she very calmly replied 'Well, of course you can't go on it! You aren't Japanese! You are on the list for foreigners.' She said it so matter of factly. It was almost like 'Well, you aren't human. Of course you cannot go on that list.' That's how Japanese bureaucracy views foreigners here.

For those parents out there who are being so incredibly brave and strong after 'losing' a precious child......Your strength blows my mind and please keep in there. I do truly believe that Japan will have to change. And infact, even the Japanese left behind parents are pushing for a change sighing Japan too. The world is becoming a much smaller place and certain countries are losing patience with Japan trying to have it's cake and eat it.

I hope you are all reunited with your beautiful children in the future. Please take care.

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gaijinTechie- Thank you. If I were living anywhere near that plant, especially with kids, this latest news would most certainly raise my already beleaguered stress levels.

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Ermmmmm.....okay.What does this mean? Is it safe for the folk leaving around outside the evacuation zone?

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It is an escalating problem which the government doesn't seem to be in any rush to try to tackle. I am not even sure a parent is prosecuted here for neglect if they leave young kids home alone and the kids die in a fire or fall off a balcony or something.

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TSRnow. No way was I saying 'yeah, it was twins, what do you expect!' It is an absolute blessing to have twins or higher multiples. And actually, I do have to point out how much different the dynamics are when dealing with twins as opposed to a single birth. I have three children and little Miss No3 didn't sleep well for at least 6 months so yes, I do appreciate that one baby can cause many a sleepless night too. I am not putting anyone down but rather the knee jerk reactions on here. We are not talking about a woman who has systematically abused her babies.... well, not from the information in the article sounds like she was overwhelmed and snapped. Yes, all mothers or fathers can snap for that second with calamitous results. Research has shown that mums of multiples can take longer to bond with their babies and have a higher risk of PPD etc. That's the point I was making as this newstory is about a twin mum. Instead of all the knee jerk reactions akin to 'hang her high' which really bear no fruit at all, society as a whole should be looking at why this kind of abuse happens and what can be done to make things better.

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I in no way condone any form of child abuse at all. I'd like to know how many of you on here have twins? With a singleton babe, the parents do get to sleep a little bit. It can take twins up to 3 months to get on a simultaneous schedule, some even longer. I spent six months basically with hardly any sleep. You feed and bathe one, put that one down in it's crib, and just as you close your eyes for that much needed 5 minutes, the other one wakes up! I was a walking zombie for the first 6 months.

When I left the hospital, the staff asked me what family support I had and I explained zero. 'Oh but you have your husband!' the nurse jolted out and ticked off the box that I had enough family support. Yeah, I had my husband....who was working nearly 10 hours a day! I was basically left, a first time mummy and to twins, to fend for myself, totally alone. I managed to get through it but not without a hundred or so screaming and sobbing fits on the balcony. I always felt so blessed to have them and it kept me in check.

I really do not condone any form of child abuse at all but sometimes, the surrounding factors or lack of them should also be taken into account. I was pampered like a queen for a week after their birth but felt I was then thrown out to the wolves. Also, these poor babies were 2 weeks old. The incidence of PPD is significantly higher with a multiples mother. I think the hospitals and clinics need to take a much more aggressive stance on checking the mental health of new mothers. Back in the UK, when my sister-in-law gave birth, there was a whole host of midwives and nurses coming round to check on how she was doing. Where I lived when the twins were born, it was zero.

Poor little babies. I'd take you in a heartbeat.

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Yes, today is a day to spend with those you love, remember all the people who lost their lives today and those who lost souls precious to them.

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Lovely words. I too, feel that the everyday folk in Japan affected by the tragic disaster have given the world a lesson in being resilient, stoic and strong in the face of adversity. The Japanese Government however.....

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Ermmmm.....I had to read this article 3 times to get my head round it! I am so relieved to know that there are think tanks out there doing this kind of research. Now I know why I have this irrational fear of the garden a couple of days or so every month. Here was me thinking I was going bonkers. I mean, a cure for cancer, the common cold, even research on the hazards of consuming radioactive food the rest of your life can wait when groundbreaking research such as this is being analyzed!

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Last March has been a big wake up call to many. I've been hearing for years about the 'Big One' but last year, experienced the quake and it gave a horrifying new perspective on it all. In Tokyo, we were all so lucky and it has made us all so much aware of what the reality of a major quake hitting here could be like. I'd like to think we are more prepared now than ever.

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