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How about Japan moving into the correct time zone full stop. Should be GMT +11. Period.

Yes, yes and yes!

As pointed out by @smithinjapan, these early mornings hours of daylight are just a waste...

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Kids are fine, they all probably got COVID multiple times so no need.

Focus on important diseases instead of making easy money on useless drugs.

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Thank you for correcting the figures though it is still 93% of the 65% muslim so still a majority of girls and women in Malaysia that are mutilated because some old bearded guy said it's mandatory in Islam.

Also, the fatwa is binding, it becomes a law, so yes it is a government law.

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Not surprising from a country where 93% of girls are genitally mutilated and where the government passed a law in 2009 to make FGM mandatory.


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Also even if some companies would actually implement a 4 day work week at 8h/day and 100% of the salary (which is not the case as pointed out in previous comments), parents would be in trouble as daycare is only granted to both parents working full time (meaning 5 days at 8 hours/day). So that means, rules for daycare should also be changed. Ideally school hours and days should also be adapted if the purpose is to spend more time with your kids...

Anyway, as some comments said above, let's have Japan first enforce the official working hours and holidays that employees are allowed to take before thinking about further improvement.

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The difference lies in the type of aircraft. India allowed commercial aircrafts while JASDF are using military aircraft.

I don't know if it is a misunderstanding. To me, it seems obvious that it was always going to be military aircraft since JASDF was in charge. But maybe not all details are written and also maybe it was a way for India to pretend to accept while knowing all along they would not agree.

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I can provide sources buy they are in French because it is my mother tongue.

What I am saying are well known facts in France.

I have no clue what your US sources but if you can post them, I can check and confirm.

Also Mélenchon just announced a candidate for next elections in 2 months, and this candidate has been condemned for racism already and has also published also anti semitic and anti police Tweet's. Very easy to check. His name is Tahar Bouhafs.

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Of course, people can voice whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt others

Well, this is exactly the problem, women are hurt, this is why sane people like Antiquesaving explain what the problem is with trans. His explanations are very clear and as usual the only 2 answers we get is : "bigot" and "this is so unfair as not all trans people are bad".

Well, not all men are bad either but still we have single sex spaces and separate categories in sports for safety, privacy or fairness.

If caring for safety, fairness and privacy is now being a bigot or a TERF, then be it.

Gender is not a spectrum and people cannot change sex.

Trans people can play sports in their own 3rd, separate category or in their own sex category. Same for single sex spaces. This is a fair solution that ensures privacy and safety of all the women.

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Posted in: France braces for Le Pen-Macron election showdown See in context

@Desert Tortoise:

Mélenchon also wants to give every young person 1,000Euros per month WITHOUT CONDITIONS and legalize cannabis. This is why he is popular with the young....

He also got most of the Muslim votes since he is close to Islamists and indigenist groups, has anti-Semitic views.

He also wants to authorize self ID for trans meaning anyone will be able to "change sex" just by saying so and will have all their legal documents matching their desired sex.

He is at least at the same level of arrogance as Macron, always blaming police and journalists, going out with ladies much younger than him and making fun of people who have an accent.

He is also a complotist and very close to Russia.

Never. Ever. Mélenchon.

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Posted in: Japan considers 4th vaccine shots for elderly, chronically ill patients See in context

Expected, the government already bought them, so they need to use them.

They will probably first increase the testing again to have more cases, do another round of emergency and then propose the 4th dose.

Probably after Golden Week, to avoid damaging more the travel industry.

Or they can just use pets for the doses left. Pets still didn't have any dose, when are they starting the campaign?

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Yes headscarf is political and religious. Of course, it can also be cultural but that is a consequence of Islam. Can you tell me of a country where there is a culture of headscarf without Islam?

I do not want to impose anything, just respect the concept of equality which is a key principle in France.

This is also what current president Macron said, that headscarves are not synonymous of equality and should never be encouraged.

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You haven't read what I posted. I am talking about changes to swimming pools (they want to wear burqini and have pools opened only for women), soccer fields (they want to play with headscarves) and recently in school with girls not wanting to attend swimming lessons.

The list can be extended to pretty much every aspect of life in France. There were already issues with daycare teachers wanting to wear headscarves there or other private companies.

Again, this is not a headdress, this is a religious cloth that means that women are inferior to men and can be divided in being a good woman (because dressed with modesty) or a bad one (because no headscarf). This goes against French principle of equality.

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I explained how headscarves go against equality and promote patriarchy and Islam in a laïc country where equality is one of the key principles. I am sorry you cannot understand my point. Again, check #LetUsTalk campaign and see what Muslim women think about headscarves.

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That is fine, you can post about all the examples you want, the point is that in France, we only have issues with headscarves, so Muslims. Other religions/faiths do not request changes to public spaces and do not promote unequality through their positions.

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Posted in: French presidential campaign spotlights Muslim headscarves See in context


No, Mormons and Jehovah witnesses don't request to change public venues to fit their needs.

As I explained, only Muslims want swimming pools to be opened for women only and wear burqini, only them want to play soccer with the headscarf and so on.

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Ok, so If I follow your logic, because only SOME Muslim women are for unequality, we should allow headscarves?

The number does not matter, the problem is the meaning behind headscarves.

And also, the few studies done in France on this topic confirm that headscarf is a political and religious statement.

I do not have anti-Muslim bias, I only have an equality bias.

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Posted in: French presidential campaign spotlights Muslim headscarves See in context


The government should interfere because headscarf is not only a cloth, it is a political and religious statement.

That may be fine in religious countries but France is laïc.

The article is also wrong at saying that the separatism law was against Islam. It is meant to be for all religions but Islam is the only one where people want to put their faith and the laws associated with it before French laws. Other religions do not proselytize, they do not ask to have swimming pools available only for them, they do not have their church people coming from abroad promoting an extreme (Muslim Brotherhood) ideology, they do not have people asking sports federation to change rules to accommodate their beliefs.

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BigYen, your argument is skewed as headscarves impacts on everybody and these women have been indoctrinated since they are born, so yes obviously they want to wear it, it does not make it right.

I suggest you all look into the #LetUsTalk campaign so you can see what Muslim women think about headscarves and the impact on their lives. Or read Masih Alinejad's book the Wind in My Hair.

That is the meaning of headscarves.

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I am appalled by the comments here that say headscarves are not a big deal. They represent the inferiority of women and they polarize women by putting them into 2 groups: the pure ones wearing it and the tainted ones who are not wearing it. Like all religions, it is patriarchal and says that if you are a good woman, you should cover yourself not to tempt men. So if men harass, rape or bother you, it will be the woman's fault for not wearing the correct clothes.

How can you say this is not a big deal? But I should say I'm not surprised as most of these comments are coming from men....

Also France's devise is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Headscarf promotes unequality so it should definitely not be allowed.

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥1.45 tril on 4th vaccine shots, other anti-virus measures See in context

I like how they are "studying with various experts before making a decision" on the 4th shot but have already ordered 145 millions doses....

Let me guess, the experts will say that....drumrolls...suspense...more drumrolls....more suspense....everybody will get it.

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What are you talking about? We've been wearing masks at daycares since 2020 according to city guidelines.

Exactly! Same here. Implemented in spring 2020 for kids as of 3 years old. And they can do it and have no problem keeping it on.

Daycares also implemented partitions, use of disposable wipes instead of handkerchief, mouth gargling and they are cleaning everything, including toys very frequently. They also open windows before and after class, stopped having kids brush their teeth and kids clean their hands more thoroughly and more than before Covid.

I don't like kids wearing masks but I'm just pointing here the idiocy of this message when it's already been implemented alongside many other mitigation measures.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

Women do not only pee in the toilets. They have periods, leading to sometimes accidents, pains.

Younger girls and sometimes women are also embarrassed to change their pads during periods.

Women can also feel physically sick because of periods, pregnancy, menopause.

These are some reasons why women need their privacy and be able to sometimes wash more than their hands in THEIR toilets.

I am not mentioning here obvious safety reasons for both women and younger girls that you know will be safe in a women only space.

This thread gives some great examples:

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Posted in: Nearly all Japan's school boards scrap gender field on applications See in context

@Bob Fosse,

It is not sci-fi, I wish it was but as I said just look up the transgenders sexuel offense rate, look up autogynephilia and look at cities or schools who implemented unisex toilets, you will see all I said is reality.

Yes, removing the gender on the form is not this (yet), but this is the first step before all of that I described happen as it is already happening in other countries. Look it up before calling it fiction.

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Posted in: Nearly all Japan's school boards scrap gender field on applications See in context

@girl in Tokyo, you don't seem to understand the issue despite the fact that you are impacted, as a girl

It's incredible how nasty people can get about something that doesn't affect them in the slightest.

This is how it will impact all women and girls :

People will simply use the restroom they feel most comfortable using.

So men will be able to use women toilets, lockers and sports competition just because they "identify" as a woman?

What about women's privacy? Added risk of agression? What about girls, especially younger ones?

They will be more exposed to men's violence, will lose all their competitions and they will also stop using restrooms at school and will suffer from health issues because of that

How can you pretend to be feminist and defend women when transgenderism is all about men trampling women's rights?

Look at the rate of sexual offense among transgenders in the UK, you will see they are way more likely than men to commit a sexual offence. Yet, because they identify as a woman, they are being transferred into women prison where they commit more sexual offense.

Look also into autogynephilia, that is a fetish where men are aroused by wearing women clothes and pretending to be women.

If you want to defend women, you cannot side with fantasy, women is a fact, sex matters.

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Posted in: Tokyo finds Omicron case in U.S. arrival isolating at home See in context

She is Japanese so cannot be deported and the guarrantine is just a recommendation. If she was a foreigner it would mean 3 days in a government designated facility.

No, this is wrong, the quarantine is for ALL and depend from your departure point, not your nationality.

And the quarantine is NOT a recommendation, it is mandatory and you are checked upon every day, sometimes several times per day and you are also tracked through an app.

Some municipalities also provide food if you are home alone so you don't have to go out (same if you are sick with Covid home alone).

You can read all the details here on the arrival measures, including quarantine:

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@Chris J. T.

> ”Way past the postpartum dysphoria”?

> Have you birthed a child? What do you mean by “she forgot about the birth experience.” It sounds sexist and misogynistic.

> Maybe you should concern yourself with asking the questions that matter that could make a real difference such as, where is the father or where can these young women can go to get the proper help and assistance they need

> Take a second to think.

Well said @Aneed Moorehead!

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 he presents as a man but feels he exudes both female and male energies. He calls himself gender-gifted.

Ii call himself someone with mental problems. Hello, biology 101: there is men and women. That's it. And no, you cannot enter women space such as lockers, bathrooms and sports because you exude, feel, think it believe you are a woman.

Dress however you please.

Call yourself whatever you like.

Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you.

Live your best life in peace and security.

But do no erase facts.

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Men have parental leave in this country. They can just use it, so they'll spend more time with their wife and baby.

Yes I know employees can not even take all their holidays in this country because of boss/peer pressure but if they start standing up for their rights, they will win.

The question is: do they want it, or are they happy doing long hours and nomikai away from their family?

Same for women: do they also want this change to happen?

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Posted in: Women to sue Qatar over invasive body searches at airport See in context

Words matter here. Let's use the correct ones. It was not a gynaecological exam, nor a sexual assault. It was rape. These women were raped.

Qatar is a sick country and I advise women to never use a qatari airline (or any other middle East ones) if they want to be safe.

And to anyone: please don't give these crazy countries by visiting them, there are plenty or nicer other places where you can also drink, have sex while being not married and criticize the country without being thrown in jail.

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Posted in: Fears pandemic will worsen birth rate, exacerbating Japan's aging crisis See in context

What? The government DOES cover childbirth here.

The government does cover partially childbirth and pregnancy related fees but only a portion of it with coupons for the medical check-ups and through payment of a lump sum for the birth. This is because pregnancy is not a sickness so it is not covered by the health insurance (except for C-sections or medical issues during pregnancy/birth).

You'll have to pay whatever the coupons/lump sum do not cover.

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