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Posted in: Get better sleep with these 5 tips from experts See in context

Clearly written by someone with no kids

Experts suggest leaving career work and daily responsibilities alone about an hour before bed. Don’t check email, pay bills, do chores or scroll endlessly through social media. Instead, create a routine where you relax with a book, indulge in a hobby or spend time with loved ones.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Australian capitals to demand gender violence justice See in context

As usual here, some men trying to compare violence against women Vs violence against men.

This is not the point. Check the stats, the facts on every country, women are the vast majority of the victims of violence by a current of former partner. And most of the perpetrators are men.

Don't be offended men. It does not men all men are violent, it means current of former male partners are the majority of the perpetrators and women the majority of the victims.

This is a fact and this is something that should not happen.

Men are more violent than women due to biological reasons, namely testosterone.

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Posted in: Swiss chocolatiers bank on the Easter bunny as cocoa costs soar See in context

Lindt saying they won't compromise on quality when they already make things that barely have any cocoa is hilarious....

Most of their chocolates are filled with sugar and most of them milk.

They have very few chocolate bars or chocolate only products...

The best chocolate is the Belgian one, there is no argument to be had here!

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Posted in: Princess Aiko graduates from Gakushuin University See in context

Can't they make a proper picture with her hair correctly made up?

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Posted in: Japan society on transgender issues to drop 'disorder' from name See in context

Glad to see most of the posters here have common sense and are concerned about children, women and same sex attracted people.

Let's keep protecting them and keep stating the obvious facts:

Gay and lesbians are same sex attracted. They should not converted into loving/being attracted to a "same-gender" person.

Children should be protected against chemical castration and puberty blockers.

Women are entitled to same-sex spaces, not "same-gender" spaces and these categories have been designed for safety, privacy and dignity.

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Posted in: Trans-skeptical U.S. book finds new Japanese publisher See in context

Girls cannot:

Drink alcohol


Get a tattoo or piercing


But doing surgery that is going to permanently mutilate and sterilize them is ok.

The book explains what has been happening in the West, mostly to girls but yes also to some boys.

We are talking about breast removal (aka top surgery) and phalloplasty and metoidioplasty (aka down surgery). Very sad and gruesome, look it up online.

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Posted in: On Valentine's Day, LGBTQ+ activists in Japan call for right for same-sex couples to marry See in context

A woman is an adult human female.

LGB rights have nothing to do (or should have nothing to do) with the TQ crowd trying to invade women spaces.

Let LGB people marry who they want and keep men outside of women spaces.

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Posted in: Japan court approves transgender man's request for legal recognition without needing surgery See in context

For people saying "transgender rights" and asking why bathroom always comes into discussion, here is something: Do you know why bathrooms and other public places where women are vulnerable (lockers, fitting rooms, toilets...)are segregated ?

This is to ensure safety for women.

You can look up all the statistics: unisex places have way more incidents that segregated places.

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Posted in: Japan court approves transgender man's request for legal recognition without needing surgery See in context

This is the dictionary definition of a man: an adult human male.

This is the woman definition: an adult human female.

Hope that helps.

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

It seems she also has Russian citizenship but I guess this would not go well in the current context.


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Posted in: 56 French stars defend actor Gerard Depardieu despite sexual misconduct allegations See in context

There is a spelling mistake: the name is Carole Bouquet (no s). All of the signatories are from Depardieu's generation and are all rich and famous so they have no idea what it is like to be a "normal" younger woman.

Good to know which people to boycott. It is appalling that anyone is supporting the comments Depardieu made. I can't write them here as they are too vile but you can easily find them online. No one in their right mind would defend what he said.

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Depardieu sparks #MeToo moment in French cinema See in context


Why don't you put yourself in the women's shoes for once?

Can't you imagine that:

She might fear retaliation for refusing him

She might fear he starts pushing/stalking/abusing

She might fear he misinterpret her actions if she has to interact with him at work

She might fear he starts talking about it to colleagues

Work is work and no-one should ask someone out during office hours or official events. It can create confusion, fear or a tense situation.

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Posted in: Drinking during holidays and special occasions could affect how you parent your kids See in context

I can't believe people are spending time and money to get to this very obvious conclusion.

I propose next: how the lack of sleep can affect parenting.

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Posted in: S Korean scholar acquitted of defaming sex slavery victims during Japan colonial rule See in context

Anyone who thinks that women would be OK with having sex with more than 1 guy, everyday, during the war is clearly deluded.

Yes they were forced because anyway, what other choice would there be for them? Having meals and a roof would be what everyone wants during war time.

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Posted in: Japan's top court rules law requiring reproductive organ removal for gender change unconstitutional See in context

The problem is about people "changing gender". This should not be allowed in any case. People's sex cannot be changed and gender are just stereotypes not always true associated with 1 sex.

No male should go into women's toilets, changing rooms, competitions or awards or any single sex facilities.

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Posted in: How does KitKat Japan’s Adult Sweetness flavor stack up to other fan favorites? See in context

Too much sugar, too much fat and too much plastic.

You can make your own bars easily and more healthily and with no plastic.


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Posted in: Japan sees unprecedented pace of increase in bear attack victims See in context

"Bear bells' do not work. They are just very annoying for anyone walking nearby you. Can we please dispell this myth?

Bear bells may be a popular item to put on your backpack, but they don’t effectively warn a bear you’re in the area. Bears won’t hear the bells until you’re too close. Yelling, clapping, and talking are more effective ways of alerting a bear to your presence.

Source: https://www.nps.gov/articles/hiking-in-bear-country.htm#:~:text=Bear%20bells%20may%20be%20a,walks%20down%20a%20dirt%20road.

Article on bear safety:


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Posted in: Qatar Airways executive says invasive gynecological examinations of passengers won't be repeated See in context


The airline didn’t force the women to do anything at ‘gunpoint.’

> There are quite q few here laboring under a major false impression

Maybe you have not read what happened, despite the fact that a kind reader added a link to the human watch article explaining the story. So let me copy/paste it for you:

The media reports say these women were given no information and did not have an opportunity to provide informed consent. Forced gynecological examinations can amount to sexual assault. Media also reported that authorities removed and examined additional women from the airport and other flights

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Posted in: Qatar Airways executive says invasive gynecological examinations of passengers won't be repeated See in context

The point is that no one should be sexually assaulted in the name of doing some checks. This is the police's job to perform an enquiry and take appropriate actions, and sexually assaulting someone is not an appropriate action.

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Posted in: Qatar Airways executive says invasive gynecological examinations of passengers won't be repeated See in context

Let's use clear working here:

The women were not subjected to an "invasive gynecological invasion", they were subjected to a rape.

And the reaction of the airline saying that the additional slots would have brought an additional 3B USD is despicable. Money does not win over justice, at least in Australia. Great job by Australia but I wish the international response would have been stronger. I always warn all the women I know not to fly to any Middle East country, sending the link to this story as a lot of people, especially women are still unaware of it.

Be careful ladies!

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Posted in: Target to close 9 stores including 3 in San Francisco, citing theft that threatens workers, shoppers See in context

Funny how the article tries to pin down the culprit as the ones being "anti LGBTQ" when all the stores closing are in Democrat states.

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Posted in: UK's new online safety law adds to crackdown on Big Tech companies See in context

glorifying eating disorders

Ok so we should not glorify eating disorders for children especially, which is great but glorifying body mutilation in the name of transgender ideology is fine....

And what is the definition of hate speech? Because some people have been accused of hate speech because they simply stated the truth.

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

Most of these Minato ward kids have already been abroad many times, we are talking about a minority ward full of embassies and where only rich people (Japanese or foreigners) can live.

But as someone said above, they need to spend the tax money so whatever.

It would be good if ALL the kids could have access to the same education and school trips.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being left in car for 9 1/2 hours; grandmother arrested See in context

Drivers should put their bag on the backseat so they are forced to turn around and look there.

Not sure what is the rule for all nurseries but ours definitely calls us if our kids are not there and we have not warned them ahead.

Some alarm could definitely be implemented if car seat is connected. With all connected appliances already existing, I am sure this is something easy to implement.

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Posted in: ‘That ’70s Show' actor Danny Masterson gets 30 years to life in prison for rapes of 2 women See in context

To the mean here saying that "30 years is too much" and that rape circumstances have "mixed signals" and that judges should think of the rapist's family and friends, let me tell you this: ask any women you know that you care about around you what she thinks and think about it if a rapist was sent back in the society and rape a woman you care about.

What is more important? Protecting and preventing any future victims or the feelings of the rapist and his family?

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Posted in: Orient ties up with banks on service to help purchases of empty houses See in context


No. If there is no will then the estate goes to the eldest male. Usually, if there is a will the estate is divided someway between the heirs.

That is not correct. It is divided equally between all children (or grandchildren if children are dead) and if their is a living spouse, the living spouse gets half and children get the other half divided equally between them.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils relief package for fishery sector See in context

Poorly invested money. They should know by now that people will not eat contaminated food from this area. They can do as my PR as they want and dance naked and try to bribe people, it will not change.

Government should use this money to provide training and propose new jobs for these people.

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Posted in: Osaka police officers fire guns at knife-wielding man See in context

Wikipedia on warning shots by police:

Police officers may use warning shots from their sidearm in specific circumstances to de-escalate dangerous situations. Such a shot is typically only used late in the use of force continuum and analogous to the appliance of outright lethal force, as firing warning shots bring certain inherent risks.[7] A key consideration for the officer to make before firing a warning shot is that a shot fired horizontal or at the ground may ricochet off hard surfaces in unpredictable ways, whilst a shot in the air may travel far away and strike in an unpredictable place; both may cause danger to property and bystanders. In addition to these risks, a warning shot may have an escalating effect rather than a de-escalating one: if the target perceives the shot not as a warning but a deliberate but failed attempt on their life, they may return with force.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman in bicycle parking area See in context

The attack was probably only a few seconds, not sure anyone would have enough time to fetch the spray/sauce and put it on the pervert before it goes away.

You would have to always remember to carry it in a quickly accessible way and not lose your wits when it happens.

The best is to rehearse the move to be ready.

For all women, read this great book: the gift of fear by Gavin De Becker. It gives advice and explain how instinct work and to always trust it.

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Posted in: Japan OKs 1st domestically-made COVID vaccine See in context


Is it as ineffective as the other so called vaccines

No, I believe it is MORE ineffective on Japanese people as the other ones!

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