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Posted in: 2 SDF planes leave for Middle East on intel-gathering mission See in context

Good luck.

It is mandatory to defend their commercial ships, even if the Constitution denies. They can't just set back and watch how some countries destroy their important ships during critical situations. It's an act of self-defense and is really effective to improve their ability to carry out long-distance operations.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who wants to amend part of Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution, argues that the Constitution was created during the U.S. occupation after World War II, and that some parts of it do not fit into the realities of the modern world. Do you agree with that view? See in context

Totally agreed with PM Abe.

The article 9 needs to be changed, so the PM's term must be extended. Majority of the Japanese want that, and even the U.S.

Japan and U.S are now allies, there will be no concern of starting a war because unlike WW2, negotiations will have better results due to the improved mutual understanding between the two countries.

Japan is surrounded by China, North Korea and Russia who want to run an assualt on them at any moment.

During WW2, not only Japan was doing evilness, everyone was evil and thirsty for power. So, it means there should be an ending point to the criticism over war-time events.

We live in a modern era, we face a country of love, pride and Reiwa (Harmony), meaning that Nippon would do good things to the international community, just as they did until now for 70 years.

Speak and think consciously, holding the constitutional law (article 9) would be a term of "Colonization", but removing it will not be a "Freedom of Vengeance".

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