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Samit Basu comments

Posted in: Rapidus last opportunity to put Japan back on global chip map, chairman says See in context

Rapidus is dead on arrival.

Foundry industry requires not just the fab, but an army of design houses who actually produces designs compatible with target fab in accordance with OEM's requirements.

This is why Samsung is struggling to compete against TSMC, because while Samsung's 3nm fab process is clearly superior to that of TSMC's 3nm, Korea has 1/10th the design house capacity of Taiwan to produce design library and designs for OEMs.

And if Korea has 1/10th the design support capacity of Taiwan, then Japan has 1/10th the design support capacity of Korea.

Thus Rapidus doesn't stand a chance in this cut throat industry, Japan's only hope is to resettle as many Taiwanese engineers as possible in Japan when China conquers Taiwan in 2027.

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Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

I 100% agree with China and Russia on this.

The only safe way to dispose Fukushima radioactive water is evaporation.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Why would a Chinese citizen work at Japanese konbini in 2024?

Chinese wages is about the same as Japanese wages in 2024 for low-skilled jobs, actually higher in high-skilled jobs.

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Posted in: Ex-interpreter for MLB star Shohei Ohtani pleads not guilty to bank and tax fraud See in context

I thought he was pleading guilty. If not, good luck trying to beat the charges.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context


Here’s How BYD Rocked Toyota’s Manufacturing World

Once a leader in manufacturing efficiency, Toyota learned a lot from Chinese automaker BYD.

According to a Toyota Times interview with the Japanese company’s newly established BEV Factory’s president, Takero Kato, he was shocked during a business trip to China.

“For the first time, I came face to face with the competitiveness of Chinese components,” Kato said. “In China, they were not simply learning and applying technologies, but also rapidly transforming manufacturing.”

“Laying eyes on equipment that I had never seen in Japan and their state-of-the-art manufacturing, I was struck by a sense of crisis – ’We’re in trouble!’ At the same time, I began to think that I would like to spend the rest of my career in China,” he added.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context


Harassment is harassment.

What's a harassment in the West is not necessarily a harassment to Japanese men, that's the problem.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context

Japan will never change on misogyny, just restore conscription and bring back the military.

No, SDF isn't a real military, it's an armed police.

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Posted in: Japan city councilor quits over harassment of Australian mayor's daughter See in context

Sadly, this is all too common and not unusual in Japan.

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Posted in: Should married couples in Japan be allowed to have different family names? Survey investigates See in context

Having same surname wasn't a big deal when women left employment upon marriage to be full-time housewives.

But that's incompatible with modern economy where educated women seek a full career.

Thus women must be allowed to keep surnames upon which she may have built her career on.

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Posted in: Toyota posts record ¥4.94 tril net profit See in context

Having failed at EV transition, Toyota will look back to the good old days 10 years from now.

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Posted in: LDP eyes usage reports for funds given to lawmakers See in context

Of course lawmakers spent the funding on dining and wining as expected of typical Japanese politicians, no?

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Posted in: Sony Pictures, private equity firm interested in buying Paramount for $26 billion, source says See in context

Not sure if Paramount is worth $26 billion.

But if Sony takes over Paramount, this means a flood of more Top Gun, Transformers, Mission Impossible reboot, and Star Trek to make the money back.

Look what happened to Marvel and Star Wars after Disney bought them out.

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Posted in: Star K-pop producer causes online stir after lashing out at industry bosses See in context

Some facts that came out of this controversy

1) Min is famous as the executive producer of SNSD(Aka Girls' Generation), widely considered to be the greatest K-pop female idol in history in Korea. Min was to SNSD what Akimoto Yasushi was to AKB48.

2) Min was recruited by HIVE with a $2 million/year salary + $200 million stock option. As to how she could be worth a $200 million stock option, she created SNSD and that makes her worth $200 million. SM was never able to create another female idol team comparable to SNSD since, proving Min's worth.

3) Min's current team, NewJeans, generated $90 million/year in revenue since launching a year ago and the members received 25% of revenue, or $4.5 million/member for first year.

4) Assuming Miyawaki Sakura is getting a similar compensation, she understated her income by saying she made 10 times during first year in Korea what she made at the peak of her AKB career in Japan, she made 20 times her AKB peak days.

5) However, Min didn't like Sakura san for some reason(It's not the language or anything, Sakura san speaks fluent Korean) and bad mouthed her, not selecting Sakura san for NewJeans even when HIVE CEO Bang who personally recruited Miyawaki pushed her, forcing HIVE to create its own team Le Sserafim instead, thereby starting this NewJeans(Min) vs Le Sseragfim(HIVE owner Bang) rivalry.

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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Japanese government should do what Koreans do and apply exactly same crash safety standard on Kei cars as regular cars.

Korean Kei cars are sold in the US and EU because they meet all US federal and EU crash safety standards.

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Posted in: Car giants vie for EV crown at Auto China show See in context

In a related news, Mazda launched the new EV version of Mazda 6 sedan called EZ-6 at Auto China show.

EZ-6 is a restyled Changan Deepal SL03.

Mazda isn't alone in borrowing Chinese EV platform to build its own models, as Toyota is burrowing BYD's platforms to launch a dozen models. Only Honda is borrowing GM/LG's Ultrium platform.

But the EV market outside of China is consolidating to be a Tesla vs Hyundai war.


Hyundai Motor Group U.S. EV Sales Outpaced Ford And GM In Q1 2024

The South Korean manufacturer was the top automotive group in terms of all-electric car sales after Tesla.

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Posted in: 'City Hunter' manga hero drops sexism for new live-action film See in context

Will it follow City Hunter or AngelHeart continuity?

In City Hunter, Ryo Saeba cannot stop being a womanizer. In AngelHeart, older and more mature Ryo indeed moves away from womanizing and becomes a father figure.

Looking at the age of lead actor, it could follow AngelHeart continuity but who knows.

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Posted in: Taiwan says it will discuss with U.S. how to use new funding See in context


Doubtful they could prevent it, if the equipment and troops are already there.

They absolutely can deny the US. This is about dragging the Philippines and Japan into war against their sovereign rights. Merely providing bases to launch intervention is an act of war, this is why Poland was so sensitive about transferring Mig-29 jets to Ukraine from their soil, and demanded that the Mig-29s be picked up from Germany instead.

Since Okinawa and the Philippines will be unavailable to the US, available assets to the US are limited to nuclear attack submarines, 3 CBGs, and bombers based in Guam, that's all.

The US can't stop the PLA invasion by 1 million troops with meager assets like that.

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Posted in: Taiwan says it will discuss with U.S. how to use new funding See in context

@Desert Tortoise

planning to fight from small islands close to Taiwan

There are no small islands near Taiwan available to the US military.

Mark my words, Japan and the Philippines will not allow the US to launch military intervention from their territory.

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Posted in: Taiwan says it will discuss with U.S. how to use new funding See in context


United States, Japan, China, and South Korea would be involved.

Korea, no.

Japan, no. Heck, Japan won't even let the US launch intervention from Okinawa. Why? Providing base of operation is same as directly participating in the conflict, which makes Japan a legal enemy combatant for China under the international law and make all strikes on Japan legal, including SDF bases, Defense Ministry, and Prime Minister's Office in Tokyo.

Since Japan will sit out of the Taiwan War, all US has left are a dozen nuclear attack submarines, 3 CBGs max, and bombers flying out of Guam, that's it. Taiwan is obviously indefensible for the US due to lack of operational bases near by.

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Posted in: Astronomers discover largest black hole in Milky Way: study See in context


There are indeed galaxies with two supermassive black holes as the result of galactic mergers, but not Milky Way. If there are more than one supermassive black hole, then you will feel the effect of its gravity.

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Posted in: Samsung returns to top of smartphone market: industry tracker See in context

Unlike Japanese who were overtaken by Koreans, Koreans are refusing to be overtaken by rivals in the US and China.

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Posted in: Astronomers discover largest black hole in Milky Way: study See in context

Duh, the largest black hole in the Milky Way is the supermassive black hole at the center of Galaxy, not this. That black hole is what's holding the Milky Way together in one piece. Without it the Milky way would have spun out of existence.

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Posted in: On eve of Kishida's visit to North Carolina, Fujifilm announces more jobs there See in context


FYI, Fujifilm moved the production of its massive hit X100VI camera from Japan to China to cope with the massive demand.

X100V made in Japan was basically an unobtanium because Fujifilm's Japanese production capacity was so small and used X100V sold for twice the MSRP.

To cope with expected market demands, Fujifilm had to move the production of X100VI to China, not because China was cheaper than Japan, but because more labor was available.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter negotiating guilty plea: New York Times See in context


What is there to negotiate?

In US justice system, the accused can negotiate with the prosecutor on the term of sentencing in exchange for a guilty plea. This saves time and expense of having to go through a full trial and appeals.

The judge doesn't have to accept the agreed sentencing(It's merely a prosecutorial recommendation), but they usually do.

For example, an accused facing death penalty may agree to plea guilty in exchange for life in prison without the possibility of a parole, because a death penalty conviction can cost millions of dollars and decades of appeals before it can be carried out.

Even the innocents may take a guilty plea and seek to clear their names after being released from prison.

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Posted in: South Korea opposition wins landslide parliamentary vote in resounding blow to Yoon See in context


Any future change of government that represents the disastrous North Korean appeasing Moon Jae-in era will be a blow for the entire region.

It's only a matter of when(2025 or 2027), not if.

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Posted in: South Korea opposition wins landslide parliamentary vote in resounding blow to Yoon See in context

A lot of Korean voters are upset by this outcome as they expected the Democratic party to break through 200 seat threshold, but the last minute pleading by the ruling party leaders motivated elderly voters with come to the voting booth in drove at an 80% voting rate. The younger voters are cursing the elderly voters to be drop dead.

The absolute majority is 200 seats, and the Democratic party and its allies won 191 seats, short of 9 seats needed to pass an article of impeachment.

They have to recruit 9 "traitors" within the ruling party to pass an impeachment.

The reasoning the Democratic party is using to recruit 9 traitors is that they will almost 100% win the next presidency, be it 2025 or 2027.

If the Democratic party kicks Yoon out and takes presidency by Spring 2025, then it would be the next Democratic president's mid-term election, which would favor the Conservatives.

If both parties let Yoon hang around until 2027, then the next parliamentary election will take place within 1 year honeymoon period of the next Democratic presidency, which would again put the Conservatives in same difficult election positions.

There are enough enemies of Yoon within the ruling party to pull this off according to Democratic strategists.

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Posted in: Australia downplays Japan's role in AUKUS; says no plans to add members to defense pact See in context

Just as Japan doesn't want Saudi Arabia to join GCAP, Australia doesn't want Japan to join AUKUS for the same reason; the project will be delayed if additional partners are added, and neither can afford to wait. Japan's fighters and Australia's submarines are falling apart and must be replaced ASAP.

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Posted in: Biden, Kishida likely to discuss Texas bullet train project, sources say See in context

The only reason Texas was picked for Shinkansen was because there was plenty of land available to build new tracks, as Shinkansen requires exclusive tracks and can't share tracks with AMTRAK trains and freight trains, since US passenger trains must account for collision with freight train as well as dump trucks at gated rail crossings.

But that was when the estimated cost was $3~4 billion. If the cost is $30 billion now, it's not gonna happen.

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Posted in: Biden, Kishida likely to discuss Texas bullet train project, sources say See in context


Why not the Boston to Washington, DC corridor instead? More potential passengers.

Land is unavailable, and any bullet train that runs on Northeast corridor must be able to share tracks with freight trains and other legacy locomotives with 1,000 ton compressed static load, 10 times the requirement of Shinkansen.

In other word, Shinkansen is like a Kei car in the land of Hummers and Escalades; it can't pass the crash test.

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Posted in: Kishida, ahead of U.S. trip, seeks stronger military ties with Washington and other partners See in context

Japan, working to acquire what it calls a “counterstrike” capability, has purchased 400 U.S. Tomahawk long-range cruise missiles

Japan got ripped off, paying $2.35 billion for 400 Tomahawk missiles.

Poland paid $3.5 billion for 821 AGM-158B-2 air-to-surface missiles and 745 AIM-120C-8 air-to-air missiles.


US Approves $3.5 Billion In Missile Sales To Poland

The State Department notified Congress that it was approving sales to Poland that include 821 AGM-158B-2 air-to-surface missiles and 745 AIM-120C-8 air-to-air missiles.

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