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Posted in: Aso praises Kamikawa but says she is ‘not very beautiful,’ and calls her ‘Kamimura’ See in context

And this clown was once the Prime Minister of Japan....

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Posted in: S Korea says N Korea has fired several cruise missiles See in context

This is said to a salvo launching test of cruise missiles from a submarine.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context

Nachi-Fujikoshi has been added to the list of Japanese companies ordered to pay damages to forced laborers by Korea's supreme court.

South Korea's top court upholds wartime labor rulings against Japan firm

KYODO NEWS KYODO NEWS - 2 hours ago - 12:40 | World, All, Japan

South Korea's Supreme Court on Thursday rejected appeals by Japanese machinery maker Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. and upheld decisions by lower courts ordering the company to pay damages to South Koreans for wartime labor.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context

For those not understanding why ZERO Korean corporations contributed to Yoon's compensation fund, this is due to their fear of the opposition Democratic party and their history of prosecuting and throwing big business CEOs like Samsung CEO Lee Jae Yong and Lotte CEO Shin Dong Bin in prison when they take back power.

Samsung CEO and Lotte CEO contributed to President Park's puppet master run sports charity funds after being blackmailed.

When the Democratic party took back presidency(aka President Moon), they went after all big business CEOs who contributed to such special purpose funds and threw them in prison.

So after seeing Samsung and Lotte's billionaire CEOs thrown in prison, who has the balls to defy the Democratic party's warnings and contribute to Yoon's fund? ZERO. So the fund has no money to compensate the forced laborers who wants to be compensated, and Yoon's plan fails. Case closed.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context


Really? Please explain:

Posted on : 2023-12-22 17:45 KST Modified on : 2023-12-22 17:45 KST

When the government announced its third-party compensation plan, it pledged to set up a private-sector fund with donations from various companies, but so far the only participating company is POSCO, which was a beneficiary of economic cooperation funds provided by Japan after it normalized relations with Korea.

Unless the fund is expanded, the government may find itself in the absurd position of not even being able to carry out its third-party compensation plan. 

POSCO contributed $4 million years ago before Yoon's plan. Since then no Korean corporation contributed(due to the fear of the Democratic party's threats), some $80,000 were raised by contributions from the US Chamber of Commerce, a couple of wealthy individuals, and that's it.

Like the article says, there is not enough money left in the fund to even pay forced laborers.

Yoon's biggest mistake was having too much faith in Japan, that Japan was interested in resolving the issue and match the Korean contribution.

Source and link Please.

The Japanese government has called on Nippon Steel not to comply with the South Korean ruling.

The Japanese government, for its part, has told Nippon Steel not to comply with the South Korean top court's ruling.

Read the treaty.

Indeed, nowhere in the treaty text the word "damages" is found. In other word, damages are not covered by the 1965 treaty.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context

What Japanese here do not understand is that Yoon's "solution" was never legally binding. If the plaintiffs refused Yoon's "solution", then that's that and their right to seize and liquidate Japanese defendant's assets cannot be infringed by anyone, such protection is explicitly written in Korea's civil law and was upheld in court five times citing this explicit spelled out protection provision in the civil law.

Yoon's foundation thought otherwise based on a bad legal advice from a law firm that was defending Mitsubishi and spent $400,000 trying to prove that Yoon's "solution" can be forced, but the courts said no. Yoon's foundation has since replaced the law firm with a more reputable one, but they have run out of legal funds and has SOSed the foreign ministry for emergency legal funding. Supposedly the foreign ministry can fund the legal bills but not the compensation money.

But what's worse is that the foreign ministry cannot fund the compensation money, and no Korean corporation has given a dime to Yoon's fund because of the threats from the Democratic party, which threatened to go after any corporation that gave a dime to Yoon's fund when they take back the presidency and the Korean corporations fear the Democratic party and Lee Jae Myong more than Yoon right now because it's obvious Yoon's going to be impeached soon.

So Yoon's fund has run out of money and can't even compensate forced laborers even if they asked for it. The only available assets is the seized Japanese assets.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context


This is a test for President Yoon

There is no test since there is nothing Yoon can do about it due to Korea's clear separation of power. The court has repeatedly ruled FIVE TIMES the forced laborer's right to be compensated by liquidating the Japanese defendant's assets cannot be infringed by anyone. Korea isn't like Japan. Korea has a strong and clear separation of power and a very strong civil society.

@Gene Hennigh

Give them the money. It's less per year than a construction worker gets.

Japanese companies wanted to settle, but was prevented from doing so by Abe/Kishida. They said so in court filings.

It's far cheaper to just settle than to drag it out in court for years and pay huge legal fees. While human rights lawyers working for the forced laborers work for free, law firms defending Japanese defendants and Yoon's foundation do not.


Japan should take retaliatory measures by seizing Korean assets under its jurisdiction. 

No can do. You need Japanese plaintiffs criminally wronged by Korean companies to seize assets under Japanese law, but such plaintiffs do not exist.

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Posted in: 'Barbenheimer' sitting pretty as Oscar nominations to be unveiled See in context

Barbie was nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor(Ryan Gosling didn't get the nomination for Best Actor for some reason), but NOT Best Actress and Best Director.

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Posted in: Japan goalkeeper racially abused online after Asian Cup errors See in context


I am indeed HALF Japanese, as I am also American.

Then you are an American in the eyes of Japanese, a gaijin.

In the US, you are a Japanese American.

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Posted in: Japan's convenience store sales rise 4.1% to record high in 2023 See in context


The local supermarket offers more selection, and is cheaper.

If you are trying to get a fresh bento for lunch, your local supermarket isn't the option. For dinner, maybe. But not for lunch.

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Posted in: Japan goalkeeper racially abused online after Asian Cup errors See in context


There’s no penalty for racial abuse in Japan as there is no law to deal with it.

Thank God FIFA and AFC got rules against hate speech and racism to compel Japan to change its ways or else....

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Posted in: ICAN chief urges Japan to recognize nuclear ban, and not fear U.S. reaction See in context

ICAN doesn't understand that the LDP legislators want Japanese nukes of its own in secret.

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Posted in: Japan's convenience store sales rise 4.1% to record high in 2023 See in context

This is due to two factors, Japanese workers choosing to eat lunch at Konvini to save money in the face of rising inflation but stagnant wages and foreign tourists using them.

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Posted in: N Korea says it tested underwater nuclear attack drone in response to rivals' naval drills See in context

"The North’s military said it conducted the test in the country’s eastern waters"

Meaning it was launched toward Japan as usual.

In case you haven't noticed, all of North Korea's missile tests fly toward Japan.

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Posted in: Japan signs agreement to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

And you still think the ROK's stockpile of 10,000 missiles is excessive? You need it to fight a nuclear armed enemy. 400 Tomahawks is a drop in a bucket in Japan's needs.

N Korea conducts 'underwater nuclear weapons system' test - state media

North Korea says it has tested an "underwater nuclear weapons system" in response to joint military drills by the US, South Korea and Japan, according to state media reports.

The test of the "Haeil-5-23", a name North Korea has given to its nuclear-capable underwater attack drones, took place in waters off its east coast.

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Posted in: Japan signs agreement to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

@Desert Tortoise

South Korea doesn't have 10,000 cruise missiles. You are confusing their much less costly battlefield rockets and ballistic missiles, which are quite numerous, with cruise missiles.

The ROK ammunition stockpile.

1) Ballistic & Cruise missiles : 10,000

2) MLRS Rockets : 1 million rounds

3) Artillery Shells : 10 million rounds, 6 million 155mm + 4 million 105mm.

I will give you an example.

Currently Hyunmoo V is set for the initial production run of 300, 200 for the army and 100 for the navy. This is the humongous super duper monster missile with a 9-ton warhead.

The ROK Army fields several times that number for each one of smaller sized ballistic missile types.

Then there are cruise missiles also numbering several thousands.

In all, the ROK military OFFICIALLY says they have more missiles than North Korea. Unofficially, it's around 10,000 missiles. They need more missiles than North Korea to turn Pyongyang(Or Tokyo) into sea of fire without nukes.

As for the stockpile of 10 million rounds, the very fact that the ROK was able to give more 155mm rounds(about 1 million) to Ukraine than all of Europe combined without affecting the combat readiness is a testimony of the massive stockpile of the ROK military.

South Korean officials recently claimed that the Hyunmoo-V (현무-V) underwent test launches earlier this year and that its development is completed. Starting from the end of this year, Hanwha Aerospace will commence mass production, with a maximum capacity of 70 units per year. The ROK military plans to field up to 200 missiles with the Missile Command Headquarters. Additionally, they are planning to equip the upcoming Joint Strike Ship, which is currently undergoing conceptual design by Hanwha Ocean, with the Hyunmoo-V missile.

“More Than the Entire EU Combined.” Which Country Became the Largest Supplier of Artillery Shells to Ukraine?

*Posted *December 8, 2023

Contrary to some earlier predictions, South Korea has transferred more artillery shells to Ukraine than all the EU countries combined.

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Posted in: Japan signs agreement to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

@Mr Kipling

For boy toys that will never be used. 

In an actual war, that will be used in an hour or something.

Japan needs to stockpile 10,000 rounds of ballistic and cruise missiles like Korea does.

Unfortunately, Korea can afford 10,000 missiles because it builds all of them, while Japan has to import them from abroad due to Japan's inability to develop and manufacture highly advanced weapons.

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Posted in: Korean Air plane bumps parked Cathay Pacific aircraft when towing tractor slips at Hokkaido airport See in context

In this case, Korean Air was not at fault because the pushback tractor slipped and pushed the Korean Air jet into the Cathay Pacific jet parked in next gate. It's in the article. It's Japanese ground crew's fault, but it was an accident.

came in contact with the Cathay aircraft “during a pushback” when a third-party “ground handler vehicle slipped due to heavy snow.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim calls for change in status of South; warns of war See in context


So would America really put boots on the ground to help defend Seoul?

Yes, for the sake of thousands of wives and children of US servicemen already in Korea.

I know Japan wouldn't.

JSDF is not welcome in Korea. The ROK army will open fire at arriving JSDF troops, this has been the ROK policy since 1951.

For the purpose of evacuating Japanese nationals, only Japanese civilians airlines and ferries are allowed, no JASDF planes and JMSDF warships.


Why don't you or the media ever acknowledge North Korea has a defense agreement with China and Russia

China, Yes. Russia, No. Putin actually offered to pay North Korea $13 billion to let them connect gas pipes and connect the railway with the ROK through North Korea, but Kim refused.

However, China has cut a secret deal with the ROK, where China has agreed to stay out of war in North Korea for certain benefits, such as guaranteeing no new US bases above DMZ and sealing of border to prevent the refugee flow.

From Kim's perspective, China is untrustworthy and the only security guarantee he can trust is the nukes.

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

There are qualified black employees at my company, it is just that they happen to be immigrants from Africa and Jamaica, not native US-born African Americans.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested solid-fuel missile tipped with hypersonic weapon See in context


many experts believe China's actually providing NK missiles, only to be 're-labeled' as NK for 'export'.

Absolutely not. All North Korean missiles exported are North Korean in origin.

Anyhow, Japan's existing and planned near-term missile defense systems, particularly Aegis Ashore, cannot stop this North Korean hypersonic glider, since Aegis Ashore's minimum interception altitude is 120 km while this hypersonic glider flew below 50 km altitude for the entire duration of flight.

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Posted in: Minamino double helps Japan to comeback 4-2 win against Vietnam in Asian Cup See in context

This is the weakest Japanese national squad in years. Seems like most players want to lose on purpose and return to their teams ASAP as they were called while the European league is in the middle of season.

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Posted in: N Korea launches ballistic missile toward sea See in context

According to report, this appeared to be a hypersonic gliding missile test launched a top a ballistic missile that cannot be intercepted by Japan's existing SAMs. The ROK is developing SAMs specific to hypersonic missile interception, but the US doesn't have one so Japan can't buy one from the US and buying from the ROK is out of question for Japan.

Japan too is developing a similar missile, but is about 5 years behind North Korea in schedule. The ROK is test launching a hypersonic(Mach 6) air-breathing missile this year.

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Posted in: South Korea's parliament passes bill to ban dog meat trade See in context


President Yoon is the greatest leader SK have ever had, but sadly he is being massacred by the Korean media.

And guess who's gonna be furious at Yoon, the elderly conservative dog meat fans, or the younger liberal dog loving crowds?

This was really a bad time to pass this law as it pisses off Yoon's support base 100 days before the general election, the elderly voters above 65.

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Posted in: South Korea's parliament passes bill to ban dog meat trade See in context


That's a whole lot of good boys and girls who are going to have a chance at a better life, or at least avoid a miserable one.

Actually it's not the case.

The "meat dog" breeds in Korea are Tosa breeds. No one's going to keep Tosa as pets, Tosa will simply go extinct in Korea.

Korean breed dogs were already protected as "endangered species" for decades, but Japanese breed dogs were open-season as they received no protection for being Japanese breeds.

Tosa (dog)

The Tosa Inu (土佐犬, also called the Tosa-Ken and Japanese Mastiff) is a breed of dog of Japanese origin that is considered rare. It was originally bred in Tosa, Shikoku (present-day Kōchi), as a fighting dog and is the only breed still used (legally) in Japanese dog fighting.[1] Ownership is restricted in some countries as a dangerous breed.

In South Korea, it is one of the main dog meat breeds, along with Nureongi dogs.[2]

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Posted in: Disney debuts deaf Native superhero as 'woke' debate swirls See in context

It's not just Disney doing it.

Sony's first Spiderman Live-Action spin-off streaming series is Silk, a Korean spiderwoman. People expected Miles Morales series to go first but Sony decided to go with Silk for live-action for some reason, keeping Miles Morales as a strictly animated series for now.

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Posted in: Competitive pay at TSMC plant may ripple across Japan, beat inflation See in context

TSMC's "competitive" pay is half that of Samsung or SMIC.

This is why TSMC engineers dream of moving to Samsung and SMIC when they gain enough experience.

And this is why TSMC's having trouble recruiting workers at its Arizona fab due to low wages(Twice that of Taiwan wage is still low by US standard), while Samsung doesn't have issues recruiting workers at its Texas fab.


Backlash against TSMC in Arizona, in part, originates from the cost-cutting, low salaries, and lack of safety that characterizes Taiwanese manufacturing.

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Posted in: Japan protests reported South Korean drill at disputed islets See in context


Japan is sitting on article 5 of the US-JPN Mutual Defense Treaty. 

Article 5 doesn't apply when Japan is the one starting a military conflict as would be the case in the Liancourt Rocks and the Southern Kurils.

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Posted in: Japan protests reported South Korean drill at disputed islets See in context


Settle it with a proper war

You don't know what you are asking for.

The ROK is sitting on 6,000 ballistic missiles. There would be nothing left of Japan's Prime Minister's office, Defense Ministry HQ, and JMSDF naval bases with 48 hours once the war commenced.

Korea has a mountain of ammunitions to fight Korean War 2. In fact Korea supplied more ammunitions to Ukraine than all of Europe combined.

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Posted in: China likely turned neutral on Japan-Russia territorial row by 1992, documents show See in context

This is wrong.

China officially recognizes Russian sovereignty of the Southern Kurils and pays a fishing tax to Russia to fish there, just like how Japanese fishermen recognized Korean sovereignty of the Liancourt Rocks and paid a fishing tax to the Korean government to fish there upto 1910.

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